The Unholy Three (1925 film)

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The Unholy Three is a 1925 film about a sideshow ventriloquist, a midget, and a strongman who form a conspiracy known as "The Unholy Three" to commit a series of robberies.

Directed by Tod Browning. Written by Waldemar Young, based on a novel by Clarence Aaron "Tod" Robbins.

Professor Echo[edit]

  • [to a sideshow crowd] That's all there is to life, friends - a little laughter... a little tear...
  • [to Hercules, about the ape] He's the only thing stronger than you, and I may need him.
  • You - filth! Do you not realize that you killed a man? This is why I always said we never carry a gun!


Professor Echo: You're makin' a play for that guy!
Rosie O'Grady: Since when do you own me?
Tweedledee: If you tip that boob off to who we are, I'll lay some lilies under your chin!

Professor Echo: [Talking to Hercules and Tweedledee] You see, my plan is so ridiculous... so simple... that it scares you. But... if you come with me, we'll clean up millions.
Hercules: It's spooky! It sounds... unholy!
Professor Echo: That's it! We'll be the Unholy Three!

Hercules: That guy bossin' me... me and my strength!
Tweedledee: He's too jealous to leave her with that boob. Come on... we'll turn this trick alone!

Professor Echo: Get rid of him! We're gonna pull that Arlington job tonight.
Rosie O'Grady: Oh, I'm mad at Granny! She won't stay in bed!
Hector MacDonald: Perhaps she wants to help us trim the tree.
Rosie O'Grady: Yes, she'd love to do some trimming.


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