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The Upside Down Show (2006) is an Australian/American children's television series produced by Sesame Workshop and Blink Films. It originally aired on Sandblast Productions and Noggin. The series ran for one season.


Movie Theater [1.1][edit]

David: You hear that?
Shane: It smells lovely.
David: And lights, with a photograph.
Shane: Maybe we should knock.
[They both knock on the door]
Voice: Tickets please.
Shane: Tickets?
David and Shane: Movie theater! [scream]
Voice: Shane and David arrive at the movie theater for the very first time, they see the big widescreen.
Shane: Could you press the Dark button on your remote?
Shane: Come on, David. Let's make more movies.
David: Okay.
Shane: Yeah.

End Credits[edit]

  • The Upside Down Show and assoc.

Barbershop [1.2][edit]

David: Just press the Play button.
Shane: That's the upside down button! Who wants to sing the song upside down?
David: No thank you.
Shane: Okay, could you press the right side up button?
Voice: Can you press please the Dry Blow button on your remote?
David: Hang on tight! Push!

Art Museum [1.3][edit]

The Voice: Shane, David, you don't have a refrigerator.
David: What are we going to do with all that cheese?
Shane: Never mind that, we've got to get this picture up. We could hang it on the wall!
Shane and David: To the wall!

End Credits[edit]

  • Manager Nickelodeon Preschool: Randolph Sturrup
  • Art Gallery of New South Wales: "Woman In Bath" ([[w:

Pet Shop [1.4][edit]

Shane: What?! Take it back.
David: Whoa, Shane, no! Could you press Play on your remote, please?
Shane: But, whatever you do, don't press the Rotate button.
David: Just press Play.
Shane: Please.
David: Now, press Rewind.
Parrot: Now, press Rewind. Have a nice day. They seem like nice guys. [ caws ]
Shane: Can you press the Rewind button on your remote?
Voice: Off the couch! Off the chair! Come in.

Remote Buttons[edit]

  1. Pause
  2. Rewind
  3. Play
  4. Rotate
  5. Fast Forward

Camping [1.5][edit]

Shane: What's going on now?
David: Oh no! Why are we standing like this?
Shane: I don't know.
David: What is that sound? Do you know what that sound is?
Shane: It's a horn!

Picnic [1.6][edit]

Shane: Could you press the Outside button on your remote?
David: Just press Play.
Shane: On your remote.

Airport [1.7][edit]

Puppet: Great, you can be my backup singers.
David and Shane: ♪ Backup singers, backup singers, backup singers... ♪
Shane: That's too far back.
David and Shane: ♪ Forward singers, forward singers, yeah. ♪
Shane: You know what that means?
David: What does it mean?
Mrs. Foil: Jumbo jets, donkeys and tigers!
Shane: Can you press Climb the Wall button on your remote?
David: You're far away!

Beach [1.8][edit]

David: Okay. Just hit Play.
Shane: But, whatever you do
David: Sorry, Spaghetti. Could you please press the Right Side Up button?
Boys: Thank you.

Marching Band [1.9][edit]

David: Could you please press the Accelerate button on your remote?
Puppet: I'm stuck to the ceiling guys.
David: Shane?
Shane: Yeah?
David: Have you been smearing honey on the ceiling again?
Shane: Maybe.
David: I know could you press the unstuck button on your remote?
All: Whoa!
David: No, that's the upside down button!
Puppet: Oh.
Shane: Could you press the right side up button please?
Shane and David: Thank yooooooooooou!

Birthday Party [1.10][edit]

All: Surprise!
David: [ whispering ] Press Play.

Farm [1.11][edit]

David: That's the largest cowbell I've ever seen. I don't want to meet the cow that belongs to that!
[He and Shane are running towards the screen by getting panic attack.]
Mrs. Foil: No, no, no, no, no, no! This is not a cowbell. This is a great big bell. This is the Great Big Bell Room!
Shane: Well, how you do ring this bell?
Shane & David: Oh, it's all in the wrist. No, I mean, the bell is all in the wrist. Look and listen See?
[She pulls a rope to make the big bell ring.]
Shane & David: Oh!
David: (He's blubbering.) I'd like to try that.
Mrs. Foil: Be my guest.
David: Could you please press the Dry Land button on your remote?

Ice Cream Truck [1.12][edit]

Shane: This way, David. Come on.
David: Georia, could you drop the barbell, please?
Shane: OW!!!

Mini Golf [1.13][edit]

David: Just press Play.
Shane: On your remote.
David: This is your home! It's your home! You too good for your home?


The Umbilical Brothers

  • Shane Dundas - Shane
  • David Collins - David
  • Amanda Bishop - Mrs. Foil
  • Mat McCoy - Puppet
  • Virgina Goodfellow
  • Matilda Beer
  • Alice Osborne
  • Adam Smillie
  • Nikita Naidu
  • Fortune Mirando
  • Lily Bader
  • Emma de Vries
  • Anabelle Beasley
  • Kai Hardge
  • Sara Tait
  • Tiarnie Coupland
  • Talia Suh
  • Jade Barbar
  • Lachlan Gower
  • Zechariah Addae

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