The Valley of Gwangi

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The Valley of Gwangi is a 1969 film about a group of cowboys who find a population of dinosaurs living in a valley.

Directed by Jim O'Connolly. Written by William Bast.
Cowboys Battle Monsters in the Lost World of Forbidden Valley.  (taglines)


Tia Zorina: He who takes from Gwangi the evil one is cursed.
Carlos: Only by an old woman's tongue.
Tia Zorina: I tell you, if he does not go back to the forbidden valley we shall all suffer a terrible fate. My eyes are blind but I can still see the signs.
Carlos: Keep your superstitions to yourself, old woman.
Tia Zorina: Fool! One day he will learn to obey the law of Gwangi, or like his brother he will perish!

Tuck: (grabbing the Eohippus behind shrubbery) I've got him!
T.J. Breckenridge: Get your hands off him, he's mine!
Tuck: Okay, T.J.
(the Eohippus escapes)
T.J.: (more angry at herself) Tuck Kirby, I could shoot you!
(Tuck merely smiles in irony)

Professor Bromley: In the name of world science I beg you...I implore you to think again.
Tuck: Later, professor, we've got a show to put on.
Professor Bromley: A show! A show! But it's disgraceful to think of putting this fabulous creature on display in a cheap circus.
T.J.: We can do what we like with Gwangi. He's our property.
Professor Bromley: He belongs to us all, to mankind, to scientific research.
Tuck: Easy, professor.
T.J.: You can do your research in the time we give you. You can follow us on our world tour.
Professor: You must be mad...raving mad. World tour? We'll see what The Royal Society has to say about this.

Tia Zorina: It is as I foretold. Gwangi has killed Carlos just as he killed his brother, Miguel.
Tuck: Well, how d'ya know that?
Tia Zorina: In a dream I saw it...the great jaws snapping, the riderless horse. He was doomed, and so will you be doomed all of you unless the evil one is set free!
Professor: Balderdash, my good woman, balderdash! He's no more evil than an alligator. The only thing evil about him are his jaws. Spells? He can cast no spells.


  • Cowboys Battle Monsters in the Lost World of Forbidden Valley.


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