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The Wannabes is a television situation comedy, created by Doreen Spicer-Dannelly (of Disney's Jump In! and The Proud Family), which follows the lives of classical performing arts high school students who want to be pop stars.

Season 1


The Wannabes Are Gonna Be [1.1]

Mariah: (sings) All you can do is dance one, two, three. But don't even think you can out-sing me.
Shaylen: I can dance to any beat at least I don't have two left feet.
Shaylen and Mariah: What!
Andrew: (raps) Haha that's pretty funny, that is cute for the stage. But I've been doing that since I was three years of age.
Alan: Stop hating on these words that I'm sayin', think you better than us, nah you must be playin'

Mariah and Shaylen: laughs(sings in a harmony) Watch how we rhymed and harmonize, don;t even try to come back with something better this time.
Shaylen: Boy you think we're competition, but we've always been hot. You're just a new addition to the lyrics we got.
Mariah and Shaylen:See my posse on like you've never seen before, all my girls got my back and boys you're just a bore. Yeah!

Sarah: I promise to get an honest job with good benefits. So I won't be like the losers here.
Shaylen: Uhh, did she just call us losers. Oh no she didn't!
Mariah: Easy girl, she's just a kid.


  • Mariah Parks - Mariah Pettigrew
  • Andrew Bowen Stern - Andrew Stark
  • Sarah Gabrielle LeMaire - Sarah Moody
  • Drew Reinartz - Drew Robinson
  • Shaylen Carroll - Shaylen Carlson
  • Alan Shaw - Alan Taskin
  • Steven J. Scott - Mr. Moody
  • David LaDuca - Mr. Pesckow
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