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The Watcher is 2000 thriller in which a burned out FBI agent takes early retirement and flees to Chicago, only to discover a serial killer has followed him.

Directed by Joe Charbanic. Written by Darcy Meyers, David Elliot, and Clay Ayers.
Don't go home alone.taglines

Joel Campbell

  • What are the odds that he's watching us right now?
  • [frustrated that victim never saw her bulletin picture on TV] Ellie Buckner. Single, 24, parents live in Florida. So far no known boy friend. She has a cat named Frank. Apparently he doesn't watch the news.

David Allen Griffin

  • [to Dr. Polly Beilman] Do you think... some of your patients might pay to come see you because... you're very pretty?
  • Why did you turn away from me? Why was it so hard for you to accept? 'Cause you know I did it for you. You came so close to me that night. I remember clearly what I felt when I heard your footsteps falling behind me. Pride. I thought it would keep us together forever. For me it was our finest moment. I can still see the flames.
  • I love her she's decomposing, I love her she's decomposing

Lt. Hollis

  • Well, damned if you haven't found the worst restaurant in the whole goddamn city.


Lt. Hollis: Hello, I am Lt. Hollis and welcome to my crime scene, can I help you with anything or are you just looking?
Joel Campbell: I'm Joel Campbell , I'm just on my way home...
Lt. Hollis: Did you happen to see that police tape marked do not cross on your way up...
Joel Campbell: If you're done with that I'll just take it and go...
Lt. Hollis: You don't happen to know this lady do you...
Joel Campbell: No, never. Why what's happened... she dead?
Lt. Hollis: I have made no reference to homicide... why would you hasten to such a conclusion?
Joel Campbell: Well you've got half the block taped off and about a dozen cops in their fucking up your crime scene... doesn't seem like somebody boosting stereos to me...

Joel Campbell: His last alias was David Allen Griffin. I worked the case for three and a half years in Los Angeles. We attributed at least 11 homicides to him.
Lt. Hollis: What's he doing in Chicago?
Joel Campbell: I assume he's still strangling young women with piano wire.

Joel Campbell: It's never quite that easy. You go through the door, and they're never just sitting there waiting for you with a welcoming smile on their face. Best you can do is hope they fuck up and do what you can to be there when they do.
Dr. Polly Beilman: And then blame yourself for the killings?
Joel Campbell: Oh, no. I blame the asshole who did them.

David Allen Griffin: Tell me again.
Joel Campbell: I said thank you David.


  • Don't go home alone.
  • Someone wants to play.


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