The Werewolf (1956 film)

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The Werewolf is a 1956 film about two scientists who turn a man into a werewolf.

Directed by Fred F. Sears. Written by Robert E. Kent.
Scientists turn men into beasts!  (taglines)

Sheriff Jack Haines[edit]

  • Doctors try to save people. The Law doesn't always have a choice.


Dr. Emery Forrest: But to take a stranger, a man injured in an accident, and give him a full inoculation of that serum.
Dr. Morgan Chambers: Yes, I'd almost forgotten about him. So much could fail if he should remember and tell someone what he knows about us. There's nothing else left but to-...
Dr. Emery Forrest: You're not going to kill him!
Dr. Morgan Chambers: You think he still wants to live after what he's become? It would be an act of charity.


  • You see it happen!
  • The horror of all mankind terrifies the screen!
  • Scientists turn men into beasts!
  • It happens before your horrified eyes!


  • Steven Ritch — Duncan Marsh
  • Don Megowan — Sheriff Jack Haines
  • Joyce Holden — Amy Standish
  • Eleanore Tanin — Helen Marsh
  • Kim Charney — Chris Marsh
  • Harry Lauter — Deputy Ben Clovey
  • Larry J. Blake — Hank Durgis
  • Ken Christy — Dr. Jonas Gilchrist

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