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The White Stripes at the 2007 O2 Wireless festival in London

The White Stripes are a Grammy Award-winning American rock music duo from Detroit, composed of songwriter Jack White on guitar, piano, lead vocals, and Meg White on drums, percussion and vocals.

Song lyrics[edit]

The White Stripes (1999)[edit]

  • Until her eyes crossed over
    Until her mind crossed over
    Until her soul fell next to me
    • Sugar Never Tasted So Good
  • And if I'm wasting my time
    Then nothing could be better
    Than hanging on the line
    And waiting for an honest word forever
    • Wasting My Time
  • Just a rusty-coloured rain that drives a man insane
    • Broken Bricks
  • And then my idols walk next to me
    I look up at them, they fade away
    It's a destruction of a mystery
    The more i listen to what they say
    So does that mean that there's no more doin'
    And there's no more thinkin'
    And there's no more feeling
    'Cause there's no right opinion
    So can you tell me what I'm supposed to do?
    • Do

De Stijl (2000)[edit]

  • Come and tell me what you're thinking
    'Cause just when the boat is sinking
    A little light is blinking
    And I will come and rescue you
    • Apple Blossom
  • I guess I'm just another runaway
    • I'm Bound to Pack It Up
  • And I don't wanna break the rules
    'Cause I've broken them all before
    But every time I see you
    I wonder why
    I don't break a couple rules so that you'll notice me
    • Sister, Do You Know My Name?
  • You try to tell her what to do
    And all she does is stare at you
    Her stare is louder than your voice
    Because truth doesn't make a noise
    • Truth Doesn't Make a Noise
  • My mind's already out of here
    • A Boy's Best Friend

White Blood Cells (2001)[edit]

  • Soft hair and a velvet tongue
    I wanna give you what you give to me
    And every breath that is in your lungs
    Is a tiny little gift to me
  • It might sound silly
    For me to think childish thoughts like these
    But i'm so tired of acting tough
    And I'm gonna do what I please

    Let's get married
    In a big cathedral by a priest
    'Cause if I'm the man that you love the most
    You could say "I do" at least

  • I never said that I wouldn't
    Throw my jacket in the mud for you
    But my father gave it to me so maybe I should carry you
    Then you said "You almost dropped me" so then I did
    And I got mud on my shoes
    • I'm Finding It Harder to Be a Gentleman
  • Fell in love with a girl
    Fell in love once and almost completely
    She's in love with the world
    But sometimes these feelings can be so misleading
  • My left brain knows that all love is fleeting
  • It can't be love for there is no true love
  • Well, I'm sorry but I'm not interested in gold mines, oil wells, shipping, or real estate
    What would I liked to have been?  Everything you hate
  • There is a man—a certain man
    And for the poor you may be sure that he'll do all he can
    Who is this one?  Who's favourite son?
    Just by his action has the traction magnets on the run
    Who likes to smoke, enjoys a joke,
    And wouldn't get a bit upset if he were really broke
    With wealth and fame, he's still the same
    I'll bet you five you're not alive if you don't know his name
  • I'm coming through the door, but they're expecting more
    Of an interesting man, sometimes I think I can;
    But how much can I fake?  I'll speak until I break;
    With every word I say, offend in every way
    • Offend in Every Way
  • All you little kids seem to think you know just where it's at
    Oh, I think I smell a rat
    • I Think I Smell a Rat
    • See also: Patrick Henry (who said "I smelt a rat")
  • What a season
    To be beautiful
    Without a reason
    • Now Mary
  • No harm will come of this
    One little midnight kiss
    • I Can Learn

Elephant (2003)[edit]

  • Listen, master, can I ask you a question?
    Is it the fingers or the brain that you're teaching this lesson?
    • Black Math
  • I saw you standing in the corner
    On the edge of a burning light
  • You make me feel a little older
    Like a full grown woman might
    But when you're gone I grow colder
    Come to me again in the cold, cold night
  • I need the fuel to make my fire bright
    • In the Cold, Cold Night
  • I'm afraid to even open my eyes
    • I Want to Be the Boy to Warm Your Mother's Heart
  • It's quite possible that I'm your third man, girl
    But it's a fact that I'm the seventh son
  • I wanna hold your little hand if I can be so bold
    And be your right-hand man 'til your hands get old
    And then when all the feeling's gone
    Just decide if you want to keep holding on
    I want to hold your little hand if I can be so bold
    If I can be so bold
    If I can be so bold
    • Hypnotize
  • Life is so boring
    It's really got me snoring
  • Well, don't you remember?
    You told me in December
    That a boy is not a man until he makes a stand
    Will, I'm not a genius,
    But maybe you'll remember this:
    I never said I ever wanted to be a man
    • The Air Near My Fingers
  • Well strip the bark right off a tree and just hand it this way
    Don't even need a drink of water to make the headache go away
    Give me a sugar pill and watch me just rattle down the street
    Acetaminophen—you see the medicine—oh, girl
    You have no faith in medicine
    • Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine
  • I've got your phone number written in the back of my bible
  • Love really bores me
    • Well It's True That We Love One Another

Get Behind Me Satan (2005)[edit]

  • The nurse should not be the one who puts salt in your wounds
    But it's always with trust that the poison is fed with a spoon
    • The Nurse
  • I blew it
    And if I knew what to do, then I'd do it
    But the point that I have, I'll get to it
    That forever for her is over for me
    "Forever"—just the word that she said that means never
    To be with another together
    And with the weight of a feather it tore into me
    • Forever for Her (Is Over for Me)
  • My friends are all dying
    And death can't be lying
    It's the truth and it don't make a noise
    • White Moon
  • I am as ugly as I seem
    Worse than all your dreams
  • Can you believe some things are not
    Appealing as a spot
    On the ceiling of my childhood bedroom?
  • You wanna take away from me
    Things that are mine and it's not your right
    It's odd that you wouldn't expect a fight
    Can it be that I don't want what you want?
    • As Ugly as I Seem
  • I go down to the river
    Filled with regret
    I go down and I wonder
    If there was any reason left
    I left just before my lungs could get wet
    I'm lonely, but I ain't that lonely yet
    • I'm Lonely (But I Ain't That Lonely Yet)

Icky Thump (2007)[edit]

  • Icky thump with the lump in my throat
    Grabbed my coat and I was freaking, I was ready to go
    Yeah, I swear, beside the hair she had one white eye
    One blank stare, lookin' up, lyin' there
  • Well, Americans, what?
    Nothing better to do?
    Why don't you kick yourself out?
    You're an immigrant, too!
  • One sound can hold back a thousand hands when the pipe plays a tune forlorn
    • Prickly Thorn, but Sweetly Worn
  • I travel backwards in ecstacy
    • St. Andrew (This Battle Is in the Air)
  • Now my mind is filled with rubber tires and forest fires and whether I'm a liar and lots of other situations where I don't know what to do, at which time God screams to me, "There's nothing left for me to tell you"
    • Little Cream Soda
  • Well, in every complicated situation there's a human relation
    Making sense of it all takes a whole lot of concentration
    Well, you can blame the baby for her pregnant ma
    And if there's one of these unavoidable laws
    It's just that you can't just take the effect and make it the cause
    • Effect and Cause


  • The White Stripes were part of a wave of retro-minded young bands who gave rock music a much-needed jolt in the first few years of the 21st century, but they're less nostalgic bashers than a brilliant conceptual creation: a divorced Detroit couple who masqueraded as brother and sister, named themselves after their band (or vice versa), wore alternating white-and-red outfits, and rewired the blues for the new generation.

Band quotes[edit]

  • Downtown Detroit has more vacant buildings over 10 storeys than any city in the world. Tons of skyscrapers with nothing in them. [The flag] is the idea of rooting for the underdog, because Detroit has such a bad reputation.
    • Meg White, on why they included a Detroit flag in their stage set
    • Cameron, Keith (March 28, 2003), "The sweetheart deal". The Guardian. Retrieved December 15, 2014.
  • That would break up the thing of vocals, guitar and drums. Somebody else there would bring this fourth component. If you're going to have four components, you might as well have 20, y'know?
    • Jack White, on why they never considered having a bass player
    • Cameron, Keith (March 28, 2003), "The sweetheart deal". The Guardian. Retrieved December 15, 2014.

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