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The Wild is a 2006 American computer animated family film, directed by Steve "Spaz" Williams, produced by Clint Goldman and assistant produced by Jim Burton. It was a C.O.R.E. Feature Animation production distributed by Walt Disney Pictures on April 14, 2006, in the United States.

A whole new breed of tourist.(taglines)


  • Please just go back to the boat. I gotta find my son.
  • Ryan! Are you staying with me?
  • You are a squirrel and she is...


  • Well, that settles it, then. My mother definitely drank pool water when she was pregnant with me.


  • How do we steer? Who knows how to steer? None of us. We're animals. GREAT!
  • [to Nigel] You need a good sports bra.


  • Dad, thanks for the technical help, but if you really wanted me to roar like you, you'd take me to the wild.
  • [to his father] I just want you to know I'm sorry you didn't have a father like the one I have.


  • [wearing a popcorn dispenser] I've got popcorn up my bum. Does I look trashy in this?
  • It's fine - it's just leaves, and vines, and AAAAH what's this? Oh, that's my foot.
  • [as a pack of dogs run away] Go on, you mutts! Stupid dogs, we could've taken you. [the pack of dogs return] Take you to a... to a disco.
  • [to a wildebeest] Terribly sorry to bother you, but, um, do you speak koala? Sprechen Sie koala?
  • Permission to go down with the ship, sir? Hang on, stuff that - everyone off the ship!
  • As that famous koala once said, "We will fight them... with... peaches."
  • Here I come! Hey! [lands hard on the fence] Who put that bar there?
  • Do we not have the Party Hats of Death? I've got mine!


  • But then last words usually are...Finish them.
  • Leader. Prophet. Choreographer.


  • [sarcastically] Run for your lives, everyone, it's a lion with big moral issues. [walks into a tree] Ouch! And I had enough of you too! Thanks a lot for wrecking my day!


Bridget: Benny, please tell me we're not in a dangerous jungle with an 8-inch squirrel protecting us?
Benny: Actually, I'm nine inches. But other than that, yes.
Bridget: So that means...
[Larry, Bridget and Nigel begin freaking out and running around in circles.]

[talking about a sewer system]
Samson: Appears to be a human bathing area.
Nigel: You mean humans don't lick themselves clean? Disgusting!

Blag: [to Kazar] And for the record, I've always hated your choreography. It's so... '80s.

Samson: Who are you?
Camo: Our names aren't important.
Cloak: I'm Cloak, he's Camo.

Samson: Those boxes are bad news. Stay away.

[repeated line]
Talking Koala Bear Doll: I'm so cuddly, I like you.

Benny: [after being confronted by a pack of wildebeest] Don't panic, I'm in charge here.
Bridget: That's why we're panicking!

[first lines]
Samson: So there I was, face to face with the biggest, meanest leopard on the Savannah and...
Ryan: You roared so loud, his spots flew off. Dad, I've heard that story a billion times.

[Benny walks up to Hamir]
Hamir: Oh, Benny, I am needing until Friday before I pay you back.
Benny: No, no, it's Ryan. He's in one of those green boxes, and they took it away. We got to find him.
Hamir: That is not good, not good at all. [pigeons are dancing behind him trying to tell him something] Ah! I know, I know! I am telling him you crazy pigeons! [sighs]

Kazar: Step, kick, pivot, kick, walk, walk, walk! Aaaahhh! Why do we even bother rehearsing? [snorts at Blag] Mmmmm. Mmm-mm. A good chorus line is so hard to put together.

Nigel: If you don't give us ice creams pretty quick, you're gonna walk the plank, sir.

Nigel: I am not a doll.
Monkey #1: Cushy Tushy!
Nigel: Aaahhh! Leave my butt alone!

Stan: You done running your mouth yet, Carmine? Huh? Are you? Huh? Huh? Huh? [turns to Samson and his friends] I apologize, he never got over being flushed down the toilet. [hits Carmine 2 more times] Huh?
Carmine: Yeah.

Nigel: Ooh. Does anyone have any eucalyptus wipes?

Larry: Oh, oh, I know; he's sulking because he lives in his father's shadow, and he roars like a school girl.
Samson: Thanks, Larry.
Larry: You betcha.

Hyrax: Aaahh! Doesn't anyone ever knock anymore?
Samson: Hey, where's my son? Did he come through here?
Hyrax: Yeah, now that I think about it, he did come through here. [turns to toilet] Hello? Come out of there, baby lion, your dad's here! Well, what do you know, it's a whole pride of lions down here!

Samson: Do what you did just then - but the opposite!
Larry: But I don't know my opposites!


  • A whole new breed of tourist.
  • Hitting the streets 2006
  • Start spreading the newspaper.
  • Hitting the streets April 14
  • The Circle Of Life, meets the big apple.

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About The Wild (film)[edit]

  • Ultimately done in by the persistent stench of been-there-seen-that
    • Chang, Justin (April 12, 2006). "Review: The Wild". Variety. Retrieved October 9, 2013.
  • The most wildly derivative animated movie in ages.
    • Puig, Claudia (April 13, 2006). "'Wild': 'Madagascar' meets 'Lion King' meets 'Nemo'". USA Today. Retrieved October 9, 2013.
  • For the adult who may very well have to experience this film, and who may have experienced Madagascar, The Wild is better. The animation is better, the jokes intended for your children are better, the jokes intended for you and not your children are much better, the songs are better, and it's more fun.
    • Tim Cogshell [1]
  • "Don't be mistaking this for a Madagascar rip-off, when it was that sloppy DreamWorks turd that only managed to make it to theaters first because of corporate espionage"
    • Mike Sage [2]

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