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The Wild is a 2006 American computer animated family film, directed by Steve "Spaz" Williams, produced by Clint Goldman and assistant produced by Jim Burton. It was a C.O.R.E. Feature Animation production distributed by Walt Disney Pictures on April 14, 2006, in the United States.

A whole new breed of tourist.(taglines)


  • Please just go back to the boat. I gotta find my son.
  • Ryan! Are you staying with me?
  • You are a squirrel and she is...
  • Next year, I should just coach.
  • Over my dead body!
  • Ryan! I can't fight them!
  • What's he gonna think of me when he finds out?
  • Benny, we need to have that truck followed.


  • Dad, thanks for the technical help, but if you really wanted me to roar like you, you'd take me to the wild.
  • [to his father] I just want you to know I'm sorry you didn't have a father like the one I have.
  • The green boxes.


  • Well, that settles it, then. My mother definitely drank pool water when she was pregnant with me.
  • I don't know. But if you don't tell him, you're gonna lose him, Sammy.
  • Don't worry about a thing, big guy. I got all taken care of.
  • I know this city, like the back of my paw.
  • [hearing Samson's roar] Oh, YEAH, BABY!!


  • I am Kazar. Leader. Prophet. Choreographer. And with your help, carnivore!
  • For centuries, we've watched our brethren perish at the claw of the lion. Today, we put our hooves down! No longer will we dwell at the bottom of the food chain!
  • Great Him, it's another miracle! You've delivered us a real lion! [to Blag] Blag, your luck has turned.
  • Prey has become predator! And predator has become prey! And the hoof finally trumps the claw!
  • Touching. But then last words usually are...Finish them.
  • [Last words] Top of the food chain, Ma! Top of the food cha--[He trips and gets his legs tangled in the stuffed koala's pull string. The "I Like You" doll keeps saying "I'm so cuddly, I like you.", and the whole rock sculpture shaped like a koala's face resembling Nigel's comes down.] Uh-oh.


  • Nigel: As that famous koala once said, "We will fight them... with... peaches.
  • Bridget: I'm from New York City, for Pete's sake.
  • Larry: The secret play, hey everybody guess what were gonna use the secret play.
  • Samson's father: I should have known. If you'd been born in the wild, you'd know how to roar.


Bridget: Benny, please tell me we're not in a dangerous jungle with an 8-inch squirrel protecting us?
Benny: Actually, I'm nine inches. But other than that, yes.
Bridget: So that means...
Nigel: We are going to die! [screaming]
[Larry, Bridget and Nigel begin freaking out and running around in circles.]

[talking about a sewer system]
Samson: Appears to be a human bathing area.
Nigel: You mean humans don't lick themselves clean? Disgusting!

Benny: Hey, watch where you goin', you, big, big...!
[the music begins Lovin' You by Minnie Riperton playing]
Benny: Bridget.
Bridget: Don't stare at my spots, Benny, my eyes are up here.
[the music stops when Benny hears a crash]

Blag: [to Kazar] And for the record, I've always hated your choreography. It's so... '80s.

Camo: [invisible] Don't listen to the rat. Don't listen to the rat.
Benny: Hey, who're you callin' a rat?!
Cloak: [invisible] You, of course.
Camo: Shh! You'll give away our position!
Cloak: [turns visible] Ow! I'll have you written up for that!
Camo: [turns visible and hits Cloak] You blockhammer! Men, scatter!
[a group of chameleons turn visible and run away]
Benny: Not so fast! [grabs Cloak and Camo] Look who I got, Sammy! It's your "lion instincts"!
Samson: Who are you guys?
Camo: Our names aren't important.
Cloak: I'm Cloak, he's Camo. We're covert agents. [gets hit by Camo] Ow!
Samson: Why have you been leading me around everywhere?
Camo: I'm afraid that's classified.
Cloak: Top secret.
Camo: Hush-hush.
Cloak: 'Cause the wildebeests have gone mad.
Camo: [hits Cloak] Cloak!
Cloak: What?! It's not like I told them our plan was to use them to defeat Kazar's-- [Camo hits him again] Ow!
Samson: Listen, just tell me, did they take my son in there?
Camo: That's need-to-know.
Cloak: They did. And they think the koala's a god.
Camo: [hits Cloak once more] You're the worst covert agent ever!
Cloak: Oh, yeah?! Then why can I do this?! [jumps onto Benny] Men! [more chameleons jump onto Benny]
Benny: Hey! No! Stop! Sammy!
Camo: Idiot! That maneuver's confidential!
Cloak: No, it's secret. This one's confidential. [changes Benny into different patterns] And this one's restrictive.
Camo: Hey!
Cloak: Super secret.
Camo: Ceast!
Cloak: Top secret.
Camo: Desist!
Camo: Enough! No more!
Cloak: Oh, show them the super-top-secret-no-more? Gotcha! No!
[Benny turns invisible]
Samson: [smiling] I've got an idea. [a lightbulb with Benny's head appears above his head]

Samson: Those boxes are bad news. Stay away.

[repeated line]
Talking Koala Bear Doll: I'm so cuddly, I like you.

Benny: [after being confronted by a pack of wildebeest] Don't panic, I'm in charge here.
Bridget: That's why we're panicking!

[first lines]
Samson: So there I was, face to face with the biggest, meanest leopard on the Savannah and...
Ryan: You roared so loud, his spots flew off. Dad, I've heard that story 1,000,000,000 times.

Scab and Scraw: [finding Ryan on a tree branch] Ooh, a lion cub.
Scab: We must tell Kazar.

[cut to Benny, with the dung beetles]
Benny: Mm, what? Wha... wha...? Whoa. Wait! What, what? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hey, hey, hey! Ow, ow, ow! Hey! Ow! Get off me! [to the dung beetles] What is goin' on here?!
Dung Beetle 1: Stinky does not speak.
Dung Beetle 2: It rolls like a little ball.
Benny: Wait, wait. You guys think I'm a...?
Dung Beetle 1: [to Benny] Achtung, Stinky!
Dung Beetle 2: Less talk, more roll.
Dung Beetle 1: Ja.
All: Roll! Roll!
Benny: What the...? [grunting] Hey!
Dung Beetle 1: Rolling the dung is good for tight buns! [chuckling, rolling away]
Benny: I'll give you something to roll about! [spins around to the ground, shuddering] It's a good thing Bridget didn't see that!

[Benny walks up to Hamir]
Hamir: Oh, Benny, I am needing until Friday before I pay you back.
Benny: No, no, it's Ryan. He's in one of those green boxes, and they took it away. We got to find him.
Hamir: That is not good, not good at all. [pigeons are dancing behind him trying to tell him something] Ah! I know, I know! I am telling him you crazy pigeons! [sighs]

Kazar: Step, kick, pivot, kick, walk, walk, walk! Aaaahhh! Why do we even bother rehearsing? [snorts at Blag] Mmmmm. Mmm-mm. A good chorus line is so hard to put together.

Blag: Kazar, I think you'll be very pleased with what I brought you.
Kazar: What's this? Where's the other lion?
Blag: Right. Well, I was gonna tell you. There was this cliff and, uh– [Kazar huffs angrily at Blag] Why are you looking at me like that?
Kazar: That's twice you've been out of step today, Blag! [As Kazar speaks, Blag slips off the edge, but holds on] You klutz. You know we can't ascend to the top of the food chain, until we eat a lion! Well, at least there'll be enough for my ascension.
Blag: What about the rest of us?
Kazar: Step-kick, pivot-kick! [Kazar kicks Blag's face, then Blag falls down in front of Ryan, Bridget, and Larry] Ha-ha!
Blag: [twists his hoof] Ouch! I twisted a hoof!
Kazar: You work, and you work. Then they break your heart.
Blag: [off-screen] There goes my career!
Kazar: Prepare the sacrifices!

Nigel: If you don't give us ice creams pretty quick, you're gonna walk the plank, sir.

Nigel: I am not a doll.
Monkey 1: Cushy Tushy!
Nigel: Aaahhh! Leave my butt alone!

Stan: You done running your mouth yet, Carmine? Huh, are you? Huh, huh, huh? [turns to Samson and his friends] I apologize, he never got over being flushed down the toilet. [hits Carmine twice again] Huh?
Carmine: Yeah.

Nigel: Ooh. Does anyone have any eucalyptus wipes?

Larry: Oh, oh, I know. He's sulking because he lives in his father's shadow, and he roars like a school girl.
Samson: Thanks, Larry.
Larry: You betcha.

Hyrax: Aaahh! Doesn't anyone ever knock anymore?
Samson: Hey, where's my son? Did he come through here?
Hyrax: Yeah, now that I think about it, he did come through here. [turns to toilet] Hello? Come out of there, baby lion, your dad's here! Well, what do you know, it's a whole pride of lions down here!

Samson: Whatever you just did, but the opposite!
Larry: But I don't know my opposites!

Samon: I'm improvised. Now jump!
Bridget: Down there?
Samson: Yes!
Bridget: Whoa!
Nigel: Waaah!
Samson: We're leaving, Larry! Whoa!
Larry: Whoa-ah. Ugh! Uh, oh.


  • A whole new breed of tourist.
  • Hitting the streets 2006
  • Start spreading the newspaper.
  • Hitting the streets April 14
  • The Circle Of Life, meets the big apple.

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Quotes about The Wild[edit]

  • Ultimately done in by the persistent stench of been-there-seen-that.
    • Justin Change, "Review: The Wild", Variety, 12 April 2006
  • The most wildly derivative animated movie in ages.
    • Claudia Puig, "Wild':'Madagascar' meets 'Lion King' meets 'Nemo'". USA Today, USA Today, 13 April 2006

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