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The Wild Thornberrys Movie is a 2002 American animated feature film based on the television series of the same name. It was produced by Nickelodeon Movies and Klasky Csupo and distributed by Paramount Pictures, and was released on December 20, 2002.


Eliza: [climbing up the rope ladder of the helicopter to rescue Tally] Give him back! [the male poacher figure shines a light on her] He's just a baby!
Nigel: [through radio] Deborah, we need you to bring the Comvee straight away!
Debbie: [on radio] I wish I could, Dad, but I'm grounded, remember?
Marianne: Debbie, now!

[After Tally is kidnapped by the poachers…]
Eliza: We can't just sit here. Mom, we have to find those poachers.
Marianne: Eliza, you were almost killed. You have to let Jomo take care of them.
Eliza: But, Mom, I have to save Tally!
Marianne: Who?
Eliza: That's what I call the cheetah cub.
Grandma Cordelia: She names man-eating wild animals?
Debbie: Names 'em, plays with 'em, talks in monkey to 'em.
Marianne: Debbie, enough.
Jomo: Could you identify this man, Eliza?
Eliza: No. He shined a light in my eyes. But I saw his knife! The handle, it was carved in the shape of a falcon. That'll help find him, won't it?
Jomo: There are many knives, many poachers.
Eliza: But I have to find Tally!
Jomo: Eliza, you must leave this to us. Promise me you will never go off alone at night.
Eliza: [sadly] I promise.
Jomo: Good girl. Nigel, I will call if I hear anything. Good night, all.
Nigel: Thank you, Jomo.
Marianne: [sternly] Eliza, I don't want you going out in the Savannah at night.
Debbie: Yeah, right. She and the monkey are always sneaking off.
Grandma Cordelia: What?!
Eliza: Debbie!
Debbie: Hey, I've covered long enough! Do you know that she once fed one of my protein bars to a Komodo dragon? And back in wherever land that was, she rode a Siberian tiger. Oh, oh. And ask her about the time that she was dancing with a bunch of crazy dingoes.
Marianne: What?
Debbie: Oh, that is not even the half of it, Mom.
Nigel: Eliza!
Eliza: [annoyed] Thanks a lot, Deb.
Marianne: Nigel, I don't know what to do.
Grandma Cordelia: Well, I do. It is perfectly obvious that Elizabeth has no regard for her own safety. We have discussed this for years. She needs to be in a structured environment. One such as a boarding school back in London.
Debbie: Oh, hold on! She messes up, and she gets to go to boarding school?
Nigel: Mumsy, that's rather drastic.
Grandma Cordelia: Nigel, need I remind you that it was in the confines of boarding school that you received your education, not here in the wild? Surely you don't think it's civilized for a girl to play with cheetahs and chimpanzees?
Debbie: HELLO?! [makes monkey chittering sounds] What about me?! Do I look civilized?!
Grandma Cordelia: Frankly, no. But I'm afraid it's much too late for you.
Eliza: Mom, Dad, I can't leave! Tally never would've been out on the plains if it wasn't for me. It's all my fault.
Marianne: Eliza, how can it be your fault?
Eliza: But I have to go back out there!
Marianne: No! We make these rules for a reason, Eliza. And if I have to send you away to be safe, I will.
Eliza: Dad? Please.
Nigel: Poppet, your intentions are noble, but you're just too young. I'm sorry.

Marianne: [flipping through the family photo album] We agreed when we took this job that we wouldn't split up the family. [closes the photo album] We'd keep the children with us on the road.
Nigel: I remember, dearest.
Marianne: Oh, Nigel, are we doing the right thing?
Nigel: You heard Eliza. She blames herself for this unfortunate incident. She'll never stop until she finds that cub. She's quite fearless, you know.
Marianne: She takes after her father.

Grandma Cordelia: Elizabeth, it's time for take-off! Kiss your natural wilderness girlhood goodbye!

Sarah: Seems my roommate is making friends… My friends!
Victoria: Sarah, Eliza swam with the whales.
Sarah: Isn't that lovely?

Sarah: That's my monogram! Who are you, and why are you wearing my new blazer?! [takes her hat of Darwin's head; shocked with horror] There's an ape in my uniform! Ugh! Give it back! Give it back!
Eliza: Darwin, NO!
[Darwin throws a roll at Sarah, hitting her in the forehead; Sarah growls angrily and picks up a plate of food to throw at him, but misses and hits Victoria instead]
Victoria: [joyfully] Food fight, everyone!
[All the girls start throwing food back and forth while Sarah chases after Darwin]
Mrs. Fairgood: [ringing her bell to stop the fighting] Girls! Girls! Food is for eating! Food is for… [gets food thrown in her face]

Darwin: Where's the bathroom?
Thunder: You're standing on it!

Victoria: However did you smuggle a chimp in your suitcase?
Eliza: Darwin decided to… Oh, uh, I mean, it was easy. Hiding him from Sarah, that's a different story.
Jane: Ooh! Miss Sarah Wellington thinks she's the bee's knees.
Victoria: Why would ever come here where it's so boring?
Eliza: I got into trouble. I snuck out at night, and there were poachers hunting some animals.
Jane: [gasps] Poachers?!
Schoolgirl: With guns?
Victoria: What happened? Go on, Eliza.
Eliza: There were these three cheetah cubs I knew. Like kittens, only wild. Well, we were running when we heard shots. [the other girls gasp in shock] And a man dropped out of a helicopter on a ladder, and grabbed the one I named Tally. I tried to save him, but they cut the ladder and… I fell. Tally was gone.
Victoria: Poor Tally.
Eliza: I think he's alive. I just feel it.

Sarah: [as she gets into bed] I still can't believe you harbored a wild animal in my room and I never… [gasps; opens her bed sheets, revealing peas] There are peas in my bed!
[Eliza sheepishly turns off the light and they both go to sleep]

Shaman Mnyambo: I gave you this gift for a reason, Eliza.
Eliza: Shaman Mnyambo?
Shaman Mnyambo: You must not waste time. You must go to your destiny. Go.
Eliza: What do you mean? Where am I supposed to go? Shaman?
Shaman Mnyambo: Tally is alive. Go save him, Eliza. Go. Go!
Eliza: [wakes up from her dream; panting] Shaman Mnyambo's right. I have to go.

Darwin: Well, it's certainly better than riding in the baggage hold, but I still don understand what…
Eliza: [quietly] Shh! I'll tell you after the plane takes off. I can't risk anyone finding us now.
Darwin: Fine.
Eliza: SHH! And stop fidgeting!
Darwin: I can't help it. I've got hay in my skirt.

Eliza: [pounding on the door to get the train diver's attention] A rhino's been shot! You have to let me off this train!

[Grandma Cordelia and Colonel Radcliffe arrive in Africa and tell Debbie about the news of Eliza running away from boarding school]
Grandma Cordelia: Debbie, dreadful news. Your sister has run away from Lady Beatrice's.
Colonel Radcliffe: Undercover of night, with Darwin.
Debbie: Excuse me? Uh, did you say the monkey got to go to London?!
Marianne: [on radio] Debbie, are you there? Over.
Debbie: Mom, guess who's here.
Grandma Cordelia: [takes the radio out of her hands; whispering quietly] There's no need to alarm your parents.
Colonel Radcliffe: What your Grandmama means is, there's no need to have Marianne blame her a minute earlier than necessary. [chuckles] Sorry.
Grandma Cordelia: [still whispering] Eliza was seen boarding a train heading to the Congo. We'll take her back to London the minute she arrives.
Marianne: Debbie, who's there?
Debbie: Uh, some really cute bush babies.
Marianne: Debbie, did I just hear you call a wild animal "cute?"
Nigel: That's called sarcasm, dearest. [laughs]

Debbie: Well, if it isn't the boarding school dropout and her sidekick, Chimp-o.
Eliza: Save it, Deb. I need to talk to Mom and Dad.
Debbie: Well, they're not here. You can talk to me, and pretend that I'm listening.
Eliza: Well, where are they?
Debbie: Off in the jungle filming some solar thing.
Eliza: But the eclipse isn't until tomorrow.
Debbie: [scoffs] Whatever.
Eliza: Fine, I'll call them on the radio.
Debbie: Uh-uh-uh. Don't go in there.
Eliza: [peeks inside the Comvee and sees her grandparents sleeping] What are they doing here?!
Debbie: Taking you back to England, not that you deserve to go.
Eliza: Well, I'm not going back. I came back to find Tally and that's what I'm going to do. Just need Dad's help.
Debbie: [groaning angrily] What is wrong with you?! You finally get a chance to escape our rolling jail, and instead, you come back like some freaky homing pigeon. You ruined the family name and wrecked my chance of ever getting out of this place. I don't know about you, but I am not going to slow-dance at my prom with some purple-butt baboon!
Eliza: Debbie, leave me alone! I'm going to find Mom and Dad and you're not going to stop me!
Debbie: Oh, yes I am!

Marianne: Both of my daughters are missing?!
Grandma Cordelia: But the good news is, the chimpanzee turned up in England! But never mind that now. Debbie left a note. "Don't freak." That's Deborah talking, not I. [continues reading] "Took the Congo-Com to find Donnie who followed Eliza. She's going to some valley. Later, Debbie."
Marianne: My children are in the jungle alone?

Eliza: [glancing at the numerous monitors inside Bree and Sloan's RV] What is all this? [falls backwards over something] Whoa! [looks at what appears to be ivory; on the wall is an animal's skin]
Darwin: I don't like this place. We've got Donnie, now let's go.
Eliza: [hears yowling sounds coming from the shutter behind her] What's that? [moves closer to the shutter, then gasps] Something's in there. [opens the shutter and peers into what appears to be a cage; Tally is in there] Tally?
Tally: Huh?
Eliza: Don't worry. I'll get you out of there. [unlocks the cage; Tally immediately jumps into her arms]
Tally: Eliza!
Eliza: Oh, Tally! [happily embraces him] Oh, Tally. I knew I'd find you!
Tally: Eliza, we have to get out of here!
Eliza: What do you mean? [the RV door opens]
Sloan: Hello, Eliza. [stands in the doorway with an ominously malicious smile]
Eliza: Sloan. [As Tally makes swiping movements at him] This cheetah cub… Where did you get him?
Sloan: I picked him up… on the Savannah.
Eliza: You… bought him?
Sloan: [chuckles] No. I picked him up… right off the ground.
Bree: [walks in from behind Sloan] I told Sloan he shouldn't CUT that rope ladder.
[Sloan grins evilly]
Eliza: [gasps; enraged in shock] It was you!
Sloan: Yes. [removes his knife from its holster on his boot] Thank you so much for returning my knife to me.

Darwin: What's going on? I don't like the way that man is looking at us!
Tally: Eliza, I saw them with firesticks, and then there was a loud sound.
Eliza: Explosives? Oh, we've got to get out of here!
Tally: I'll help!
Eliza: Go, Tally, go! That's it!
Darwin: Yes, that's it. Get the cheetah involved again! If we hadn't got out looking for them that night, we wouldn't be in this mess.
Eliza: Don't you blame Tally.
Darwin: Oh, I'm not. Tally didn't sneak out without permission, Tally didn't run away from boarding school, Tally didn't trust those awful people who clearly don't like animals!
Eliza: I thought they were like me!
Darwin: When are you going to see that no one's like you? What more do you need? The shaman gave you a gift. Use it!
Eliza: Darwin, please!
Darwin: You know what I think? You don't know WHAT to do with your powers!
Eliza: [agitated] Darwin! For once in your life, just be QUIET!

Eliza: [charges out of the RV] Let her go!
Sloan: Certainly. If you tell me who is your source of information!
Eliza: I told you! There's no one! I just guessed of all that stuff...the fence, and the explosives and the...
Sloan: I never mentioned explosives! You're lying!
Debbie: What's he talking about?!
[Eliza watches in horror as Sloan drags Debbie to the edge of a steep cliff]
Bree: Just get rid of her, Sloan!
Eliza: Please...she doesn't know about any of this!
Eliza: I can't tell you!
Debbie: [as Sloan is about to throw her over the cliff walls] ELIZA!
Eliza: STOP! WAIT!! I'll tell you! I know these things, because… I can talk to animals.

[After Eliza exposed her talking-to-animals secret to the Blackburns, thus, causing her powers be taken away in order to save Debbie…]
Debbie: I knew it! That's why you're always sneaking out all the time with Darwin! Oh, I have a few things to say to that monkey. Tell him that I don't appreciate it when he leaves pizza crusts under the seat cushions. Go ahead, tell him!
Eliza: Debbie, I broke the rule. I told about my powers, so I lost them.
Debbie: Oh my gosh. You did that for me?
Eliza: [nods yes] I can't talk to Darwin anymore. And the last thing I said to him was really mean. Now, I-I can't even tell him I'm sorry.
[Darwin chitters in alarm as he sees that they're heading towards a waterfall]
Debbie: Eliza, I may not speak monkey, but I think he's trying to tell us about that waterfall!

Eliza: [sees the elephants heading towards the electric fence] It's a trap! They're all going to die and I can't even warn them!
Debbie: But can't you, like, make elephant noises or something?
Eliza: Debbie, I can't talk to them! How can I help them? You don't understand. Shaman Mnyambo told me in a dream that he gave me my gift for a reason. It doesn't matter now. I lost it.
Debbie: Okay, enough with the "poor me, I lost my magic powers" bit. Are you just going to sit there?
Eliza: What am I supposed to do? I'm just an ordinary girl now.
Debbie: You? Eliza, ever since you were little kid, you dragged home birds with broken wings and creepy toads and stuff. You didn't have special powers then. You just… cared. Trust me, you were never ordinary.
[They hear Bree and Sloan's helicopter hovering and hide]
Sloan: Bree, take us into the valley, I want to watch this. Everyone, take your places! This always happened within seven minutes, do you understand?
[Meanwhile, the Thornberry parents and grandparents are still searching]
Marianne: Do you see the girls or Donnie?
Colonel Radcliffe: No. But, Nigel, what do you make of that? [gives Nigel the binoculars]
Nigel: [sees poachers setting up explosives on the cliff] Poachers! They're setting up explosives. The barbarians are going to frighten the elephants and make them stampede, right into that electric fence! Marianne, take us down there!

Sloan: You will regret this!
Eliza: I don't care! What you're doing is AWFUL!
Sloan: And what you're doing is stupid! Shame you won't be here to help me carry out the ivory. [throws Eliza into the river below, screaming]

[After Shaman Mnyambo rescues Eliza from the river…]
Eliza: Shaman Mnyambo, I'm sorry. I messed everything up. I couldn't make them understand. If I hadn't broken the rule, I could have saved them.

Debbie: I don't know how I'm gonna keep that secret of yours?
Eliza: Well, you have to. I kinda agreed to a condition when I got my powers back. You can never tell anyone my secret, because if you do…
Debbie: Yeah?
Eliza: You'll turn into a baboon. [runs off]
Debbie: [beat] A BABOON?!
Nigel: [filming his nature show, surrounded by baboons] The peacefulness of this congregation belies the true nature of…
Debbie: I am not going to spend the rest of my life with a big purple BUTT!


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