The Wings of Honnêamise

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Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise is a 1987 Japanese animated movie about a fictional country's efforts to launch the first manned spaceflight.

Directed by Hiroyuki Yamaga.

Shirotsugh Lhadatt[edit]

  • How am I suppose to say if it's for the better or the worst, I grew up all ordinary, middle-class countryside home, there was trees and streams near home but being in the middle I never suffered the hardship of the poor, I couldn't grasp the frustration that much, I guess its an advantage. But when I was young I knew what I wanted, only the Navy had jets. Fast jets. They flew very high and very fast. I needed to feel those wings. Had I been a pilot, can I touch the wing? Maybe I would, but they couldn't accept me. My school graduated me but my grades told a different story. I need to achieve the greater heights, but I blew it...and I landed back in the middle - into the middle of the Space Force.
  • [During his orbital run] Can anyone hear me? I'm the first man in space. If you look up, well, maybe you'll see it. Or at least please listen. We've left the oceans and climbed above the mountains. I'm flying. We've found the untouched realm of God. You have to look now it's your only chance. Nothing is here yet, not even air or water to ruin. Soon the next man will follow to touch it, and another, and in all the rush we may again destroy it. Maybe our killing comes from the madness of being confined? Please listen! There's no more reason to kill because we don't have any more borders now! Can anyone hear me? If you can hear me, then pray. The humblest of all things, the most noble. Pray for each step you take. Make a path that's safe so those who follow shall never stumble. Dear God, please give us Your mercy. Mercy for we are lost. Forgive the irresponsible, the trivial men who beg You from the dark for the forgiveness of Your light.


[Riquinni and Shiro talk about his job at her house]
Riquinni Nonderaiko: I think this must be the greatest day of my life. Do you think you can tell me more about the stars? I mean, being in the military, you probably don't have enough time.
Shirotsugh Lhadatt: I got time.
Nonderaiko: I dreamt one that our children will fly off into space and actually found peace.
Lhadatt: It could happen, if only the borders were gone. So what else have you dreamt of?
Nonderaiko: Is it true there are soldiers who don't kill people?
Lhadatt: Of course not, the Space Force doesn't kill people. Our job is to the highest heights! Imagine a world where man can find a new freedom, we have to...I'm gonna be the one to find it!

[General Khaidenn talks about the space program and is seeking candidates]
General Khaidenn:...and my proposal to the Nobles' House only needs the volunteer's signature. I've stood beside you, with you through each and every casualty. Yes, and they are martyrs to our cause. But this is the time to bury all of our sorrows. Do you understand? I'm looking for a goddamn astronaut! [long pause]
Shirotsugh Lhadatt: [stands up] Lhadatt sir, I volunteer! [crewmembers are shocked]

[Shirotsugh Lhadatt and Maty head to the launch site. Lhadatt is practicing his speech]
Shirotsugh Lhadatt: Aw hell, I give up. "And what I see now is - " [sees military vehicles around the road] tanks everywhere!
Maty: Open your eyes, you damn idiot, they're fakes!
Lhadatt: Fakes? [sings] All around us there's nothing but fakes ... Whoa! [sees launch pad] Soar with me to the biggest fake of all!

[As the Republic forces attempt to capture the space complex, the team is considering stopping the launch]
Shirotsugh Lhadatt: Can you repeat? I couldn't hear you.
Control Center Tech: We've got to scrub the launch. The enemy's attacking earlier than we thought.
Lhadatt: Scrub the launch?! What, and just run away? We can't give up. You can't pull the plug now!
Control Center Tech: We got to! They might shoot you down.
General Khaidenn: Enough of this! Come down from there at once! [Lhadatt's capsule powers down] We have to do this. I hate it as much as you do. I thought we could really do it this time. We can't do anything about this. Just forget it. Risking your lives? Well, it's just not worth it.
Lhadatt: I don't believe this! What are you going to do? Just QUIT!? If we stop here then we are a bunch of fools! That's plain stupid! Quit before the fight even starts? Where's the glory in that? What we've done is incredible. I'll still do it even if it means I die in the process! Here's your chance to be in the history books instead of just reading them. There may never be another chance like this again. Anyone who isn't with me can leave! I WILL DO THIS! I am goddamn ready to do this! All sections talk to me!
Ground Tech 1: And voltage good!
Ground Tech 2: Oil pressure full!
Ground Tech 3: All pumps are activated!
Control Center Tech 2: Fuel is good.
Maty: Sir, the launch pad's as ready as it's ever gonna be.
Khaidenn: [long pause] Moment of truth... Return to countdown! [control center crew cheers]

[Shiro continues running down the launch checklist]
Shirotsugh Lhadatt: Stabilizing gyro. Give me a reading!
Control Center Tech: Inertial guidance system reads as follows - North two-point-eight degrees, three-six minutes. Mark two-zero, three-two seconds.


  • Leo Morimoto/David A. Thomas - Shirotsugh Lhadatt
  • Mitsuki Yayoi/Heidi Lenhart - Riquinni Nonderaiko
  • Aya Murata/Wendee Lee- Manna Nonderaiko
  • Kazuyuki Sogabe/Bryan Cranston - Maty Tohn
  • Minoru Uchida/Steve Bulen - General Khaidenn

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