The Woman in Green

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The Woman in Green is a 1945 film about Sherlock Holmes investigating a series of murderd women.

Directed by Roy William Neill. Written by Bertram Millhauser.
Temptress of Pleasure - or Mistress of Murder?  (taglines)


Sherlock Holmes: And now, Professor Moriarity, what can I do for you?
Professor Moriarty: Everything that I have to say to you has already crossed your mind.
Sherlock Holmes: And my answer has no doubt crossed yours.
Professor Moriarty: That's final?
Sherlock Holmes: What do you think?

Dr. John H. Watson: An evil man, Holmes, but... what a horrible death!
Sherlock Holmes: Better than he deserved.
Dr. John H. Watson: What are you thinking of?
Sherlock Holmes: I'm thinking of all the women who can come and go in safety in the streets of London tonight. The stars watch in the heavens, and in our own little way, we too, old friend, are privileged to watch over our city.


  • Temptress of Pleasure - or Mistress of Murder?
  • From Her LIPS - Poison That Bred MURDER!


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