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The World's Greatest Athlete is a 1973 American film released by Walt Disney Productions. It starred John Amos, Roscoe Lee Browne, Tim Conway, Dayle Haddon, and Jan-Michael Vincent. It is one of the few wide-release Hollywood sports films to look at the world of track and field, as the "World's Greatest Athlete", Nanu, played by Vincent, tries to make history by winning every event at the NCAA Track & Field Championship.

Directed by Robert Scheerer. Produced by Bill Walsh. Written by Dee Caruso and Gerald Gardner.
From the Jungle to the Gym...He's the Greatest! (taglines)


[Nanu is smitten on meeting Jane]
Nanu: Me Nanu. You Jane.
Milo Jackson: Now that doesn't sound quite right...

Gazenga: My country is currently investing to attract more Doctors.
Interviewer: In research facilities?
Gazenga: No, Golf Courses.

Jane Douglas: [tutoring Nanu in biology, Jane has him hold her hand] Your brain signaled the muscles in your hand to contract in order to hold my hand. Is that clear?
Nanu: Nanu understand.
Jane Douglas: Now when... [pause] You can stop holding my hand.
Nanu: Nanu's brain is still signaling.

Gazenga: The Innocent Man will live, the Guilty one will die.
[Both the accused drink the potion in turn. The one on the left retches and dies. Then the other one retches and dies too]
Coach Sam Archer: I guess they were both guilty...


  • From the Jungle to the Gym...He's the Greatest!
  • He's a winner...he's a swinger...he's DYNAMITE!


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