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The World Ends with You, known in Japan as It's a Wonderful World (すばらしきこのせかい, or Subarashiki Kono Sekai), is an action RPG for the Nintendo DS handheld video game console. The game is set within the "modern world" of Shibuya, Tokyo as Neku Sakuraba awakens to find himself in a struggle for his existence within a mysterious game constructed by a group known as the Reapers. Under a seven-day time limit, Neku must complete missions assigned to him along with an eclectic group of people playing the Reaper's Game.


Neku Sakuraba[edit]

  • (Joshua: Hmm, no microphones here...) Thank you Captain Obvious.
  • I just met you. I don't like you. And I don't give a rat's ass if you think I'm rude!
  • I'm sorry, Shiki. They made you my entry fee when I came back.
  • You could stop your bi-
  • Are you high?! I'm not taking my pants off in front of you-- in the middle of the street! (Shiki: Oh, grow up. What, are you going commando? You're invisible! No one's watching.) YOU'RE watching! (Shiki: Now! Pants! Off!) Doooooon't!!!
  • Don't screw with me, Joshua!
  • I feel epic...
  • ...Why ... What the HELL!?!?
  • Yoshiya Kiryu... Private dick extraordinare.
  • ([Level 1 Fusion with Shiki]Shiki: Ready to die?) Then die!
  • ([Level 2 Fusion with Shiki]Shiki: Neku, c'mon!) Right behind you!
  • ([Level 3 Fusion with Shiki]Shiki: Go Mister Mew!) Get 'im, Piggy!
  • ([Level 1 Fusion with Beat]Beat: Pick it up, Phones!) I'm there!
  • ([Level 2 Fusion with Beat]Beat: The beat is on!) Bring it!
  • ([Level 3 Fusion with Beat]Beat: Let's start it up!) No! Let's end it!
  • ([Level 1 Fusion with Joshua]Joshua: Follow my lead!) Screw that!
  • ([Level 2 Fusion with Joshua]Joshua: Work for you?) What do you think?
  • ([Level 3 Fusion with Joshua]) Another world awaits. (Joshua: And you're going!)
  • Urgh...Seven days with you? Kill me now.
  • You've missed a lot these last two weeks, Shiki. And I mean a LOT.
  • No one sees me. No one bothers me. No one expects anything of me. It's like a dream. Once I survive seven days...does the dream end?
  • Alright, now today is gonna totally kick ass! ... Or... is it? Oh no... I can feel my inner-emo stirring... Must... fight... emo... urges... I know! I just need to think about the light of my life--my beacon of hope... My purpose! Tin Pin Slammer is my purpose!
  • Aah! Bad man! Mustn’t make eye contact… Ohh, please don’t hurt me!
  • Is it true steroids can shrink your... nevermind.
  • Why would you want to be a crayon?
  • You've got a ramen doctor at your secret ramen base?
  • Apparently he didn't just name us after crayons, he's been eating them, too.
  • Shiki's out. They made her my entry fee. Joshua too- took the bullet for me. Rhyme's gone. Noise got her. And Beat left to join the Reapers. One Player after another... gone... I'm the only one of us left--the only hope we have.
  • I am not a... a spicy tuna roll!
  • You mean... you use that piggy as a weapon?
  • "Mr. Mew"? How old is she? Three?
  • (To Shiki about her inferiority complex) Well... I like you the way you are.
  • (In response to learning that Mr. Mew is Shiki's psych) Couldn't you pick something more powerful? Like a knife, or a... a lead pipe or something?
  • The pig moves on its own? What if it's possessed - waiting to pork-chop us in the back of the head?
  • And this is where this all goes to hell.
  • (Saying goodbye to Shiki, after she requests they meet up in the RG) Heh. It's a date.
  • Full of fail, as usual.
  • (Answering Mr. Hanekoma's call) Hello, dead kid speaking.
  • Tears? who are you and what have you done with Beat?
  • I suppose you're an ass... All the time.
  • You mean as in 'I see dead people' kind of seeing?
  • Then I wish I had more I could tell you to zip it.
  • Don’t go the distance for other people. Do it for yourself.
  • (In response to calling a girl a Reaper had a crush on a "tramp") Damn, Josh. Remind me never to tick you off.
  • Uh, dude... she's making fun of you.
  • Neku: Eek! Holy crap, it's a dude! With... wings!? (Higashizawa: C'mon, now. Dilly-dally, shilly shally.) Neku: Dilly... what? What the heck does that mean? And more importantly, who thought that costume was OK? Guy's got a ram on his crotch. What is this, Freak Fashion Friday? Tin Pin, yours is a mysterious world...
  • Har har. You're killing me, Josh. Oh, wait...
  • ... Do what you want. I work alone.
  • I can't take one more minute of your nagging. I don't need a bunch of strangers bringing me down.
  • That meathead! Has he lost his mind?!
  • You... UGH! I can't believe you!
  • Because you like... beans. Who gets into coffee because they like BEANS? That's just... No.
  • Don't be an ass. She's my friend. And you act like I'd mind saving her.
  • CAT doesn't just make art. CAT IS art.
  • [to Joshua] No way! I told you yesterday- first, we do the mission. Then you can play around. Besides, the mission could show up any sec-
  • I can't even leave Shibuya. How am I supposed to expand my world?
  • Even if I could, I wouldn't want to see inside other people. They can keep their gardens a secret, thanks.
  • Who needs friends! They just laugh and talk like idiots, and pretend to agree with you... So you end up caring about them... exposing yourself... getting HURT... Screw it! We're better off without them! You want people getting in your way? Dragging you down? I don't. And I never said we were friends. You did!
  • I remember, Mr. H. Your art kept me going. Every piece seemed to shout, "Enjoy life!" And outside my headphones, the rest of the world heard it, too. It was fun just standing here, looking... When I found out you were CAT, man, I just shook. I mean, I knew you were different the second I met you. The things you said... Somehow, they just clicked. I thought I finally met a guy I could respect. And now look... But I won't falter anymore. You taught me better than that.
  • Then he died... protecting me? Why would he do that? ... I did this. I blamed him. He's gone because of me. I accused him of shooting me, but he was innocent! I made him feel like he owed me something. I didn't... I didn't trust him. My partner. I didn't even apologize. I'm the worst... I never told Joshua I'm sorry.
  • I'll never help you! Maybe living in your Shibuya WOULD be easier. Maybe. Except one problem- it wouldn't be Shibuya! I was never good with people. I covered my ears and blocked them out. But you know what? If I don't clash, I don't change. The world ends at my borders, and the best moments slip away. Shibuya's full of people waiting for those moments, when we clash together and find something new. Here in the UG, I clashed. I changed. And now I know- Shibuya should stay just as it is!

Voiced quotes[edit]

  • (<x5 Light Puck) I got this!
  • (x5 Light Puck) Any last words?!
  • (Game Over) I'm...I'm fading...
  • Outta my face!! You're blocking my view. Shut up! Stop talking. Just go the hell away!!!
  • All the world needs is me. I've got my you can keep yours, alright?
  • I don't get people. Never have, never will.
  • (ending lines) Same streets, same crowds too. Yeah, Shibuya hasn’t changed a bit. But still, I don’t think I can forgive you yet. You don’t see it, but... those few weeks were very hard for me. Learning to trust people, having that trust broken... Finding out the town I pegged as small, and stifling, and empty... wasn’t any of those things. I’m glad I met you guys. You made me... pick up on things I probably would’ve just gone on ignoring. "Trust your partner." And I do. I can’t forgive you...but I trust you. You took care of things, right? Otherwise, Shibuya would be gone... and my world with it. Hey, did I mention? I’ve got friends now! We’re getting together for the first time in a week! See you there...?
  • (After defeating Noise, S-rank victory) That´s how it's done.
  • (After defeating Noise, E-rank victory) We'll get it next time.
  • (After defeating Noise) That was nothin'.
  • (After defeating Noise) So, who's next?
  • (After defeating Noise, HP critical) At least we won, right?
  • (Fully charged 'Massive Hit' psych) Get outta my face!
  • (Using certain psychs) ENOUGH!
  • (Great food) That's good.
  • (Good food) Not bad.
  • (Okay food) It's edible.
  • (Bad food) Ugh, pass...
  • (Hated food) Gross!
  • Why...WHAT THE HELL?!

Shiki Misaki[edit]

  • Sometimes all people need is a good listener.
  • Let me in! Tell me what you're thinking!
  • (To Neku) But your clothes... They're um... ..... Not, like, bad, but...
  • ARGH! Just LOOKING at you makes me cringe!... It's coming loose. That button on your shorts!... OFF! Take your shorts off! I'll fix the button.
  • (In reaction to Neku's heartless response to Rhyme's erasure) That’s inhuman... You’re inhuman, Neku. No better than those Reapers!
  • Now! Pants! Off!
  • Neku...That's the first time you used my name...
  • AHH! You scared the living crap out of me!
  • I'm scared...scared of getting a second chance!
  • Once you see the real me, will we still be friends?
  • Please...Don't kill me...
  • Go Mr. Mew!
  • Why don't you back off!?
  • It's been huge, huh? These last seven days. Neku, you're a great partner.
  • He's not a pig! He's a cat! Mr. Mew the cat!
  • It's nothing. I've just never seen you act so... nice.
  • (After getting a Star Rank) Losing's not an option!
  • (After getting an E Rank) I wasn't feeling it...
  • Talk about seamless!
  • Don't be silly. I'm not going anywhere without you.
  • Yes! Jealous! I was jealous! takes only a great friend to make you jealous!
  • No! I thought we all got to come back to life!?
  • I'll enter the game again. Let Neku-
  • I'll be waiting for you-- every day, in front of Hachiko...till you come back.
  • It's so dark in here...and creepy...and stinky.
  • You both look so serious.
  • Sure, you may butt heads now and then, but life is more fun that way.
  • You don’t lie to MAKE friends. I agree, that wouldn’t be right. But sometimes, you need to tell a fib because you ARE friends. Not all secrets are bad secrets.
  • There was nothing special about me at all. I hated myself. I wanted to change, to be somebody else. To be Eri.
  • I hated who I was. All I wanted was to like myself. To be cute, and smart, and Eri. At first... I didn’t get it either. I was so excited to be Eri that I even acted like her, all bubbly and cute. But it was just an act. Inside, nothing changed. I’m still the same person I’ve always been. Then I realized. I’ll never be Eri. Deep down, I never wanted to be. I was just jealous. The Reaper was right. What I value most is ME!
  • The truth is, I’m scared! I keep trying to sound brave, saying we need to win the Game, but I’m scared of getting a second chance! What if it’s like the Reaper said? I don’t want to come back to life it means being jealous of Eri all the time. I don’t want to be that person.
  • Food's food.

Joshua (Yoshiya Kiryu)[edit]

  • Mother and Father call me Joshua. I guess you can call me Joshua, too... Since you're my dear, dear partner.
  • But Neku, I thought you couldn't afford to lose. Give up on yourself, and you give up on the world.
  • Did you think you were special? Every Player had to give up something. Everybody makes sacrifices.
  • Only by allowing strangers in, can we find new ways to be ourselves.
  • Look out! That psych’s a Lv. i Flare!
  • I suppose it's inevitable... Sometimes... Hee hee...
  • [Neku: Another world awaits] ...And you're going! [Lv. 3 Fusion]
  • Life's little crossroads are often as simple as the pull of a trigger.
  • It was me. All of it. I'm Shibuya's Composer.
  • Dibs on the rainbow.
  • Hee hee. Predictable...
  • That was a nice distraction.
  • Have fun, Neku!
  • Don't make this worse for yourself...
  • Good work, Neku!
  • (When Joshua's HP reaches Critical) Neku, Do Something!
  • Neku, do you need a break?
  • (Less than x5 Light Puck) This is nothing.
  • (x5 Light Puck) Now we're talking...
  • Because he was in Molco chatting up some tramp.
  • Say, Neku... How did you die?
  • (When Neku asks if Joshua killed him) So what if I did?
  • Neku... your face is priceless.
  • Let's have one last Game- to determine who will be Composer. You win, you decide what happens to Shibuya. I win, I decide. Of course, I've already decided.
  • I'm just waiting for my lift home back to my world. The Neku in my world is involved in the Game right now, and I don't fancy bothering him...
  • No no no, I call Pink. Pink is love, and a humanitarian like me loves people.
  • Actually, I should be gold. The color of wisdom.
  • Let's spend some quality time together.
  • I don't see how this is my fault. You're the one who refuses to call me Pink.
  • (In the Shibuya River, when he and Neku are accused of being gay) Shut up and walk, dear.
  • Don't be depressed, Yellow. Blue's already got the emo thing covered.
  • I think Green is having a stroke.
  • Black-and-Blue, you're demoted to plain Blue. (Turns to Rhyme) Welcome to the Spirits, Black.
  • She's hyperventilating. GIRLS...
  • The spirit of Shibuya runs through these walls.
  • It's not hard to get people, Neku--it's impossible.
  • (when you get Game Over) How could you... Neku...
  • Yes, but you got your clippings from fashion magazines, not comic books.
  • And here's me, playing the world's tiniest violin.
  • (When you feed Joshua one of his favorite foods) Mmm, I'm in paradise.
  • Everyone has their own little internal world - a secret garden only they can enter. Each world follows its own internal logic - individuality. And the logic of one world means nothing in another. Understanding other people isn't hard.....It's Impossible.
  • (When you feed Joshua certain foods) Whatever doesn't kill me...
  • You watch my behind, and I'll watch yours

Beat... (Daisukenojō Bitō)[edit]

  • Two cards on the ground, pick up one in the air, lay on the skull, and BAM! I'm there! [When explaining his Fusion Star system]
  • Let's step it up! [Lv 5 Light Puck]
  • Wow, Phones! That was spesticular! (During 4 Days left - 3rd symbol box = Completed)
  • Hey! Very imprecious, Phones! (During 4 Days left - 2nd symbol box = Completed)
  • BWAAAAH! Phones, you've doomed us man! Who's gonna play Reaper Creeper now? [When the player chooses not to play Reaper Creeper during 5 Days Left]
  • 'Sup man, what now? [When both players are idle, and the player touches Beat's ...]
  • My name is Daisukeno...Aw screw it, jus' call me Beat. [During Another Day]
  • Pick it up, Phones! [Lv 1 Fusion]
  • The beat is on! [Lv 2 Fusion]
  • Let's start it up! [Lv 3 Fusion]
  • [Neku: My hero]. Tha's right. Wait, you're makin' fun a' me! *shocked*
  • Come back when you grow a pair.
  • Listen up Phones! Cause I ain't asking twice! Please... Help me... You gotta help me save Rhyme...
  • You ain't my partner anymore' friend...
  • Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo! NO! Men don't run! Men fight! [After the battle, when the player has hit "Let's Bounce"]
  • I'm not treading on thin ice! Shibuya's not cold enough for ice!
  • [After Neku says Beat's combo system is confusing] Well...un-fuse it! I can't figure it out, so you gotta!
  • But...I ain't strong enough to stop a car, man.
  • Move move move move move move move muh-WOOOVE!!!
  • Hell yeah! That was tight! [when the player has achieved a * ranking after battle]
  • Yo, man.... we in trouble. [when Beat's HP has become Critical]
  • I'm diggin' it!
  • Rhyme... Rhyme, RHYME! I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. I’ll never let you go again! Jus’ you wait. I’m gonna give you that second chance, I swear!
  • Oh yeah? Then wha’s wid the “unforeseen circumstances”? Sounds like you can’t predict jack, yo. ‘Sides you missin’ something’ hella crucial. Next Composer gonna be ME, yo!
  • When I was alive, I took everythin’ at my own pace. Yeah. I wasn’t crazy about nothin’. Tha’s why my folks always bitched at me. “You gotta get into a good school! You gotta think about your future!” All they wanted was results, man. Like I really give a crap, you know? They kept expectin’ stuff I ain’t got, then made me feel like trash when I didn’t give it. They’d say, “Why can’t you be like your sister?” I hated it. So I quit tryin’ altogether. Give up on myself, so my folks would, too. And the funny thing is, they did. Not Rhyme, though. Yo, I could rob a bank and she’d still be there for me. She always had the right words. “I know you have a dream,” she’d say. “You just haven’t dreamed it yet.” But it got old; bein’ pitied by my lil’ sister. So I started to push her away, right up to the day we died.
  • Oh yeah? Well... He who stays an' fights away lives today another fight!
  • [when you get Game Over]) RHYME!!!!
  • [when you get Game Over] AAAAAAAGH!
  • [when the player has taken too many enemy kills] Quit hoggin'!
  • You're not my partner anymore man, you're... my friend. So trus' that yo!
  • It's a party in my mouth! [When you attach a food sticker on Beat]
  • Ugh, barf! [When you attach certain food stickers on Beat that he does not like]
  • Ugh, take it away! [When you attach certain food stickers on Beat that he does not like]
  • That hit the spot! [When you attach certain food stickers on Beat that he likes]
  • I ain't done yet! [Victory quote]
  • Damn, no more of that [When both partner/player has ended the battle with their HP near critical]
  • DUMBASS! [When attacking]

Yōdai Higashizawa[edit]

  • Time for a taste test!
  • The plates have been licked...dessert is imminent.
  • The proof is in the pudding. The pudding...of their doom.
  • Mr Kitaniji.....(death quote)
  • Welcome to my kitchen!
  • Prepare to be spicy tuna rolled!
  • I will turn this fracas... into a fricassee

Uzuki Yashiro[edit]

  • Don't bother struggling!
  • Going somewhere?
  • That is so whatever!
  • And now for the promotion!
  • Who made today's mission for ages 3 and up!?
  • I've got a new mission: "Defeat the pissed-off Reaper!"
  • That man seriously frosts my cookies!
  • I'm off to listen to bands you kids have never heard of, and when they go major I'll be there to complain about how much they've sold out!
  • I love this town just as much as you. So I’ve decided. I can’t leave Shibuya like this. I have to change it. All Reapers deserve to enjoy their work. To feel rewarded!
  • Keep my hair out of this!

Sho Minamimoto[edit]

  • I can think of a decillion better ways to spend our time... than by having MEETINGS.
  • How long does it take to crack a Z-class code, you factoring hectopascals!
  • This is my Game. And I only allow two things. Flawless calculations... and beauty!
  • You brain-dead binomials are pathetic!
  • No comments from the peanut gallery.
  • Zetta slow!
  • So Zetta slow!
  • Heh. Every inch of my work is flawlessly calculated. Look at the perfectly understated silhouette. How can you not see the beauty!?
  • You fractals have no future! QED. Class is dismissed!
  • Why, hello! This mic is zetta sexy! Perfect for my opus!
  • 3 is the point of the 1. 4 the 1-5-9 are 2. 6-5, 3-5! 8-9, 7-9! 32384 62643 38327! And... perfect.
  • Heh heh heh... Zetta fun times.
  • The world’s made up of numbers! I’ve been reverse-engineering my desired solution all along! And here it is!
  • But I was refactored, through the refinery sigil, into... this! This body, this power... all through the magic of Taboo psycho-animation!
  • Sine!
  • Cosine!
  • Tangent!
  • You're out of your vector!
  • Prepare to be iterated!
  • Infinity!
  • n factorial!
  • This is subtracting from my arts and crafts time.
  • You zetta sons of digits! [When the player has dropped his HP into Critical]
  • You're so zetta slow!
  • S.O.H.C.A.H.T.O.A.
  • The world is garbage!
  • Where's your beauty?!
  • Inverse Matrix!
  • Hey, who gives a digit?
  • Drown in the sea of imaginary numbers!
  • Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally!
  • Some Old Horses Can Always Hear Their Owner Approach.
  • Slabs of Ham, Celery and Horseradish, Tons of Asparagus.
  • What the factor took so long?
  • Attention, you ramen-raiding radians!
  • Attention, all tasteless tetrahedra!
  • Attention, all yoctograms!
  • (It's X 2) DIE!
  • You stupid hectopascals!
  • 3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749445923078164 062862089986280348253421170679821480865132823066470938446095 5058223172535940812848111!!!
  • You planning to erase them, or EAT them?
  • Cooperation is garbage.
  • CRUNCH! I'll add it to the heap!
  • PINS!
  • Any tree can drop an apple. I'll drop the freaking moon!
  • Any sound can shake the air. My voice shakes the heart!
  • Die, radian!
  • FOIL! First, Outer, Inner, Last!
  • Stupid zeroes!
  • Do the math!
  • Aww, zetta shucks!
  • That zettabytes.
  • The world's made up of numbers. Do the math and you'll find your desired solution.
  • You zetta morons!

Mitsuki Konishi[edit]

  • Tick, tock, Minamimoto. You’re 9 minutes and 42 seconds late.
  • Sho Minamimoto...A true genius. Youngest Reaper officer in history. Tactics, intel, willpower, decisiveness, performance... His numbers are just short of Mr. Kitaniji’s. Except for cooperation. A whopping zero... I’ll admit he has talent, but his quirks are beyond control. What is he after? My analysis suggests--
  • Mr. Kitaniji, far be it from me to question you, but...the boy’s been on duty for all of eight days. He hasn’t earned a single point. Why trouble the Composer when he’s doomed anyway?
  • Something’s wrong. Why such alarm over one artless rebel?
  • Oh, don’t act like a child.
  • Since I can't reverse evolution and speak your language, I'll keep this brief.
  • We call this Reaper Sport 2: “Hide-and-Seek.” I picked something at your age level.
  • “Run”? Oh, Mr. Kariya, you need to fix that erroneous assumption. I intend to ATTACK--from the last place they’ll ever suspect.
  • Unforeseen circumstances plans are proceeding without a hitch. You’ve yielded far more data than even I projected.
  • You vexatious monkey! You’re right. No analysis could ever plumb the depths of your fatuity.
  • All of this...on account of that stupid chimp! If only I’d destroyed him!
  • Arrrgh! Enough of your chimp-speak!

Voiced quotes[edit]

  • Fools.
  • I'm over here
  • Here, chimp!
  • Vexatious worm!
  • Claim it if you can.
  • (Neku knocks a non-Taboo noise into the white void while battling her) Why thank you...
  • It's not...possible!! (death quote)
  • Just as I projected! (If you die by her)

Megumi Kitaniji[edit]

  • I have a feeling that tomorrow’s Game will be very entertaining.
  • (response to Minamimoto's comment on Higashizawa) Yes, crack your jokes.
  • (response to Konishi's comment on his name) Konishi. Salt. Wounds. Stop.
  • You know, enough with this "proxy" business. Too formal.
  • Hello, and congratulations. You all are victors. How did you find our Game? Enjoyable?
  • Any and all specifics are decided by the Composer. That is His exclusive and incontrovertible right.
  • Out of the question. As I mentioned a moment ago. This was decided by the Composer Himself. Your wishes don’t mean a damn.
  • (after Neku decides to re-enter) Excellent. No doubt you’ll make it an exciting one.
  • Memories are the single greatest determinant of a person’s identity. A worthy entry fee, wouldn’t you say?
  • What could I possibly stand to gain from depriving you of that memory? Hmm?
  • (about Minamimoto) He’s not a social animal. Give the man space.
  • ...Heh. Sakuraba, of course! Just when I thought I had Him figured out!
  • Kudos. Victorious yet again. You play the Game well.
  • (about Joshua) He took the brunt of Minamimoto’s attack. Both boy and lion vanished. Nuked to oblivion, no doubt.
  • I can see you’re taking this hard. But you needn’t blame yourself. Technically, he never entered the Game. He didn’t actually exist in the UG. How could he disappear...if he was never here in the first place?
  • Ha ha! Konishi, talking back? Has hell frozen over?
  • Welcome, Players. Ex-Players, that is. Your Game has ended. Now you are simply Dead.
  • Oh, is that why you’re here? And why would you kids want to meet the Composer?
  • The Composer’s utmost concern is mankind’s happiness. He exists to shepherd the human race toward the right future, and thus all His Acts are motivated by boundless love. You think egotists like yourselves have the right to lay your eyes--let alone a finger--on a being so far above you? You’re not even on the same plane!
  • Ha ha ha ha! I’m amazed! Here you stand on the final stage--and still don’t know who’s playing what!
  • Oh, Neku...Don't you like music?
  • Music requires many things. Melody, performers, instruments... But the key element in the most divine music is a Conductor, to hold it all together. The world is very much the same. Under one Conductor, one ideal the world of men marches toward bliss.
  • Didn’t you feel it in Shibuya? Rage. Hate. Misery. Envy. Fear. Self-deprecation. A cacophony of countless selfish wants. As that noise swells, it turns into crime, warfare... All the world’s ills can be traced to individuality!
  • Save your energy. A partnerless Player has little to no power.
  • Welcome to the new Shibuya.
  • I owe you no more explanations! Only destruction!
  • I’m this close... Once I erase these three, Shibuya will be saved...
  • Wait, Sir! Shibuya is still full of so many possibilities!
  • Heh. Take me on, and it may be the last game you ever play.

Voiced quotes[edit]

  • Com...poser!! (death quote (Anguis Cantus))
  • The void awaits..
  • A noble try...
  • Let the light save you!
  • I must not fail.
  • Now, Shibuya will be saved. (if Neku dies against Draco Cantus)
  • Try harder! (if damage is under 150)
  • Game, Set, Match! (If neku dies against Megumi Kitanji (first battle with Megumi Kitanji with posesssed Shiki)
  • Must... not... fail...
  • Submit!
  • Time, be still!
  • Now, Player, we play for keeps. (when you get his HP to all green)
  • Such...Such power... (death quote)

Sanae Hanekoma[edit]

  • The world ends with you. If you want to enjoy life, expand your world. You gotta push your horizons out as far as they'll go.
  • Enjoy the moment with all your might...whether it’s gloomy, whether it’s bright!
  • Ah-ah-ah, sister. You gotta play by the rules. Making "erase your partner" a mission is a clear violation.
  • There's only one way to stay alive in Shibuya. Trust your partner.
  • Knowing it in your head doesn't mean much if you don't act on it.
  • Enjoy every moment with all ya got.
  • (Neku: It's Neku. Not Phones.) Right. Neku. I got it now, Phones!

Voiced Quotes[edit]

  • Hehehehehe.. Enjoy the moment!
  • Open up your world! (if Neku dies against Panthera Cantus)
  • The world ends at your horizons!
  • Don't let limits slow you! (every 30 seconds at the battle)
  • You know, this is gonna have repercussions upstairs. But hey, at least things are back to normal, right?
  • What? You seem down!
  • Hey, it's their world. They get to decide what to do with it.
  • Haha, some folks just don't take no for an answer.


  • Watch out Shibuya! When I'm on. I am ON!!!
  • Hey, I love Tin Pin just as much as ram-crotch here.

People Possessed by the Red Skull Pin[edit]

  • To right the countless wrongs of our day, we shine this light of true redemption, that this place may become as paradise. What a wonderful world such would be...

Rhyme (Raimu Bitō)[edit]

  • Someday my dream will find me.
  • Two heads are better than one, so four has got to be better than two !
  • Beat! Stop it! They're not reapers!
  • We don't have time for mistakes either. Haste makes waste!
  • Come on, work with us. A problem shared is a problem halved!
  • (Voiced at the end of the game to Neku) Over here!

Side Mission: Another Day[edit]


[when the player goes and does something else during in a middle of a mission] Wassup! We busy. Go do it on your own free time.


  • Must... fight... emo... urges...
  • (Stardust Ramen? What does that taste like?) I, um... I'm looking for Doctor Pin.
  • Tin Pin Slammer is my purpose!! I will become the greatest slammer that ever lived! To Molco! I must hurry! They're holding a slam-off there this very day.
  • (He looks ready to nab my wallet. Don't look him in the eye!)
  • Not my phones! HANDS OFF THE PHONES!!!
  • Who knew the ramen guy had so much backstory?
  • My parents say TV warps the brain.


  • Blue and Pink?! I mean, they go together but I didn't think they went like THAT.
  • I'm coming too. If anything happens I wanna be there to see- I mean stop it.
  • Let the White Angels bless you!
  • OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OH. EM. GEE. I-it's the puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-puh-pri-PRINCE!!!

Ramen Don[edit]

Yellow (Beat)[edit]

  • Yo, is it true they sell curry here? A secret base ain't nothin' widdout curry, yo!
  • Hey Red, where's the curry you promised?
  • Brotha' ain't a Liar. Brotha's a ramen man. A ramen man who knows how to make curry!

Dr. Pin (Sho)[edit]

  • Silence! Do you wanna eat asphalt?!

Black & Blue (Neku)[edit]

  • Yellow, Red... Are we reading off the crayon box? Green? Why?
  • Ahhh! Bad man! Mustn't make eye contact... Ohh, please don't hurt me!
  • (Joshua: He seems more of a black and blue.) What am I, a bruise?!

Green (Shiki)[edit]

  • I can make any hue look good!
  • It's the P-P-P-Puh Puh Puh Puh Puh Puh Puhhhhhh... REEEEEENCE! Omi-omi-omi- oho ho ho ho ohh! emm! gee!
  • (to the Prince concerning Neku) If he pleases you sir, he's yours to play with anytime!

Red (Shooter)[edit]

  • Okay, everybody eyes on me! Divided, we were no better than Pinpricks. But together, we can reach our Pinnacle! (GET IT?)
  • Stop your tummy-rumbling Yellow. We're still doing introductions!
  • Oh, black 'n' blue. You're like a bruise on the tomato of my heart.

Pink (Joshua)[edit]

  • I call dibs on pink, because pink is love and a humanitarian like me loves people.
  • Dibs on the rainbow.
  • I think Green's having a stroke.
  • Shut up and walk, dear.

Miyashita Park[edit]


Rhyme... You really do love me... *cries*


Welcome to the realm of intentional comedy.

Udagawa Back Streets[edit]


He's...He's not HUMAN!


(In response to Shooter wanting to play Tin Pin until he wins) Or until I die of old age. Whichever comes first.


Large man? Oh, right. How could I forget the "booth babe?"

Man,life is sweet!

You tell him, giggles.

Shibuya's Citizens[edit]

  • Aieee, so nervous... I hope the movies was a good idea. What if she doesn't like the movies? Or what if she doesn't like guys who can't make up their minds? ("Confidence")
  • MY HAIR IS GONE! ... Oh wait. My extensions came out, that's it. ("Shock")
  • AMERICA no tomodachi ni nihon no SAMURAI SWORD wo motte kaeru to yakusoku shita no ta... Dote de utterun darou? Eigo ga tsuujinai kara ko matteru ne. {I promised my friends in America I'd bring them a Japenese Samurai sword....but how do I get it? Nobody understands my english.} ("English?")
  • So he comes up to me and says, "You're venom, baby, and I've contracted your poison." What is that!? A compliment? A put-down? I don't know what to feel! ("WTF?")
  • I can't get her out of my mind... How am I supposed to concentrate on work when I've got it this bad? Oh! Maybe it'd be easier if I just broke up with her!
  • Uhh, I'm not good with crowds... Crowds bring out those symbols- the weebers! I can see them everywhere! There! Clinging to that guy's back- WEEBERS!!! Weebie weebie weebie...
  • Oh ho ho... Incredible, isn't it? See the restorative powers of royal jelly? No one realizes that I'm really 58!
  • Oh snap! I dropped my laptop! Is the data OK!?
  • Look at all these fancy skyscrapers... Someday, I'm gonna be rich and famous and live in one! And every night, I'll lounge in a smoking jacket and carry a brandy snifter... Hurr hurr hurr!
  • I'm so happy! The guy I like said something nice about me. "Kids and pets must love you." Hee hee! Wait a sec, what about GUYS!?
  • Now that I'm comfortable with being the only grown man in the sweet shops, nothing can stop me! Today... I think I'll try that taiyaki parfait.
  • This is the first year I've had a boyfriend for Christmas. Finally, I can fulfill my fantasy: to have my own personal Santa! If he dressed up in the suit... and maybe let me sit on his lap...
  • I'm glad my friends care enough to ask me if I'm getting enough sleep, or if I'm feeling sick... but I'm totally fine! What, is my face puffy or something?
  • Waaaaaaah! C-C-C-C-COCKROACH!!!
  • Ahh, it's so nice to be taken out by a guy who isn't trying to prove anything. But then again, if the guys who ARE interested mistake us for a couple...
  • All right, I can have another 90 calories today. Should I go for ramen? Ice cream? Ooh, if I'm getting ice cream, I should hit that dessert buffet- 90 minutes, all you can eat!
  • Another mail? Get it through your head, man: I don't like you! Besides, I already promised another guy I'd go see fireworks with him. Speaking of which- I'd better hurry home and fire up that dating sim!
  • Dang it, forgot my wallet! Well, no worries. As long as I've got my train pass, I just swipe it and- WHAT!? Did I drop it somewhere? How the heck am I supposed to get home?

Shop Keepers[edit]

  • Thank you good day
  • Bienvenido
  • Muchas Gracias
  • (... window shopper)
  • (... I thought so)
  • (...Just browsing?)
  • (...Ugh! I detest loiterers.)
  • (...Is this kid here to shop or not?)
  • Good day (Hardly surprising. We don't carry much in a child's budget.)
  • Thank you very much. (Wow...)
  • Hai, Irrashai
  • You an only child? Yeah, it shows. (Cosmic Corner)

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