The Young Rajah

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The Young Rajah is a 1922 film about a young man raised in the American South who discovers he is an Indian prince whose throne was taken by usurpers.

Directed by Phillip Rosen; based on novel by John Ames Mitchell; adapted for screen by June Mathis.


  • That which is built by mortal hands time lays waste - but that which is written on a man's forehead by the gods cannot be erased.
  • The yoke is where the gods place it.


  • Girl watching the crew race: Mr. Judd has such wonderful muscles and such magnetic and soulful eyes!


Molly Cabot: Tell me, why did you look so startled when you saw me in the conservatory?
Amos Judd: Because I had seen you before - in my dreams. Do you believe in predestination, Miss Cabot?

Amos Judd: You will be in the front of the Unitarian church and you will bump into a small boy with a kite. Then the minister will come out and shake hands with you.
John Cabot: Young man, you have read my mind! I did intend calling on the minister tomorrow - now I shall take good care not to!
Amos Judd: I've tried to do that, but, something has always forced me to fulfill my prophesies.

Molly Cabot: The Bible, the Talmud and the Koran! In which do you believe?
Amos Judd: There are many roads - all lead to God.

Amos Judd: My mother's picture is in the locket.
Molly Cabot: Oh - then she was a European? But you are a real son of India! I can see you now in robe and turban, with dozens of dancing slave girls ready to do your bidding.
Amos Judd: There is only one woman whom I would wish to do my bidding.

John Cabot: I thought there was another young man you liked better than Horace.
Molly Cabot: Daddy, I couldn't marry a man that was not of my own people, no matter how much I-I loved him.


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