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The Zula Patrol is an American animated television series produced by The Hatchery and distributed by American Public Television to PBS Kids and Smile in the United States.

Season 1[edit]

Blue Moon [1.07a][edit]

Wigg: The moon's not made out of cheese. That's just a silly story.
Wizzy: Oh, yeah? Well what is it made of?
Wigg: Hey, everybody knows that. It's a man! Haven't you ever heard of the man in the moon?
Wizzy: Man in the moon?! Get real! That's the silly story.
Wigg: We'll ask Multo. You'll see.

Chili Cook-Off [1.09a][edit]

Wizzy: To cool it down faster, wouldn't it be quicker in the freezer?
Multo: GOODNESS, NO! If my galactic goo would've reached its freezing point, there's no telling what might happen! Zeeter, how about a game of chess while we wait for the goo to cool?
Zeeter: YOU'RE ON!

Weather Vain [1.21b][edit]

Bula: Tell me. [Zeeter looks foolish] What did you think about my show, Zeeter?
Zeeter: Me? It was fine, Bula. Really.
Bula: No, go on, tell me what you really think. I can handle it.
Zeeter: Bula, you were perfectly alright!
Bula: I'm not exciting, right? I have no personality on camera, right?!
Zeeter: Well...

Bula: Zeeter, I'm sorry I got you into this. You don't have to do it anymore.
Zeeter: Look. I didn't want this job, but since I have it, I'm gonna show you that I can do it better than anybody!

[Bula looks worried while Zeeter sulks and gets a realization.]

Mutlo: OH MY GOD! This is impossible! It's every kind of weather known to science all at the same time! What's going on?!
Iris Bloodshot: What happened to fair and warm? I want my fair and warm back?! Where's Zeeter with the forecast! I better call the Zula Patrol!
Bula: Hello? What? Stop yelling at me! The weather? Multo, could you get that phone?

[Multiple phones keep ringing]

Bula: The ringing's gonna keep us up all night unless someone stops it!
Multo: Noone was this content on weather except... [in anger] Zeeter. She was in charge of telling everyone about the weather?!
Bula: What a slacker. We better find her! ZEETER, you get in here!
Multo: Zeeter!
Zeeter: No, this is all my fault! I've got to FIX this thing!
Bula: There you are.
Zeeter: Ummm... this is NOT what it looks like. You see...
Bula: Zeeter, the phones are ringing off the hook! Everybody wants to know what's wrong with the weather! What the...

[They notice Multo's fried machine]

Multo: Uhh, Zeeter, what are you doing?!

Multo: It worked!
Bula: Multo, I'm really sorry I messed with your machine. And anyway, the problem wasn't the weather, I just wasn't saying enough about weather to keep everyone interested. Because when you understand weather, it's really cool... [beat] ...AND HOT AND WINDY AND RAINY, AND!

[They all laugh]

Narrator: Well, I'd say the Zula Patrol really "weathered" that storm!

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