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"[...]the EU was founded to wage war and reduce free trade."

Thierry Baudet (born 28 January 1983) is a Dutch politician, jurist, historian, journalist, author, columnist, critic, and activist, who founded and leads the political party Forum for Democracy.


  • English translation
[...] the EU was founded to wage war and reduce free trade. Since the thought behind it was that the Soviet Union had to be countered and that this could only be done with a command economy behind the facade of a fake national democracy. So the EU has nothing to do with peace and prosperity.
Dutch original
[...] de EU is opgericht om oorlog te voeren en om vrijhandel in te perken. De gedachte was immers dat de sovjetunie bestreden moest worden - en dat dat alleen kon door een geleide planeconomie achter de facades van een nationale schijndemocratie. De EU heeft dus niets met vrede en welvaart te maken.
  • 8 September 2017 at 1:41 on Facebook
  • English translation
To what end do the party cartel and the job carousel put our patience to the test, whilst the flagship of the renaissance fleet lies ready?
Latin original
Quo usque tandem factionem cartellum et officiorum magina, patientia nostra abutitur dum navis praetoria resurrectionis ad profiscendum parata est?

Correct Latin

Quo usque tandem factionum cartellum et officiorum machina patientia nostra abutuntur dum navis praetoria resurrectionis ad proficiscendum parata est?
  • Maiden speech in Dutch Parliament on March 28, 2017

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