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Think Fast is American TV game show on Nickelodeon. The show is hosted by Skip Lackey. The gold and the blue battle in events. Each event they win they would take a look the Think Fast Brain Bender for $200 if they answer the question. The team with the most scores wins and goes to the locker room.

Henry J: We are here inside the Think Fast Locker Room, Where you can find matching pairs to win cash and prizes. But avoid the ever smelling Red Herring, Right here on...
Locker Room Character: ....Think Fast!
Henry J: Today, on the gold team, It's (insert two contestants names). And on the blue team, It's (insert two contestants names). They are here to play Think Fast, Where with no doubts and money counts. And now, Here is the host of Think Fast: Skip, Lackey!
Skip Lackey: Welcome to Think Fast. Audience, How are we doing?

Skip Lackey: You won the first event, You have a chance to look at the brain bender.

Skip Lackey: Since, This was our last event, And nobody got the Brain Bender, We are going to the Sudden Death Brain Bender.

Skip Lackey: Okay, You have to watch out because inside one of these lockers is the dreaded Red Herring! Now, The Red Herring is a character or thing that has no match at all. If the next match is that character or thing, You have to yank the handle bar and continue with more matches. So, let's show the viewers at home what the red-herring is?
[We see the picture on what the Red Herring character or thing is]

Skip Lackey: This is Skip Lackey, Saying If you don't have time to Think Twice, Think Fast!
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