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Third Watch (1999–2005) is an American NBC Television show about police officers and firefighters/paramedics in New York city. Main casts are either members of 55th Precinct (police side) or Engine 55 (fire side).

Season 1[edit]

Welcome to Camelot [1.1][edit]

Sully: How do you do it everyday?
Yokas: I just think of him as one of my kids. Puts it in whole new perspective.
Sully: Most kids grow up.

Bosco: Is that your jag out there?
Drunk Woman: What?
Bosco: Is that your jag out there?

Anywhere But Here [1.2][edit]

Doc: You ever think about quitting?
Sully: About 25 times a day.
Doc: Why wouldn't you?
Sully: The day is not over yet.

Patterns [1.3][edit]

Officers: Get out the car! Now!
Bosco: (to officers) Weapons down! Weapons down!
Bosco: Hey Rick? Big Rick? Shift is over, bud.
Bosco: You can turn over the squad now. You don't have to drive around anymore.
Bosco: Lets go back to the station, have some donuts, swap some stories, that's what cops do. You are a cop, right?
Bosco: You did a good job, partner.

Hell Is What You Make Of It [1.4][edit]

Sully: If you give everyone a beating who deserves it your arms are gonna be mighty tired by the end of the night.

Responsible Parties [1.5][edit]

Davis: What do you do?
Sully: What do you mean "what do I do"?
Davis: To, like uh kick back, have like uh, sully fun, what do you do? I sort of picture you sitting at home in your boxer shorts watching old movies on black and white TV.
Sully: This is what you do, conjure up images of me in my underwear?
Davis: I'm not saying its pretty.
Sully: You are way off, you know.
Davis: About what?
Sully: I got a color television.

Sunny, Like sunshine [1.6][edit]

Carlos: It's a milk run.
Doc: No lights, no siren.
Carlos: I promise I'll bring it back with a full tank of gas Dad.

(Calros hit a man crossing street)

Carlos: Oh!
Doc: What the hell was that?!
Carlos: Oh my god....

(Another ambulance arrives)

Paramedic: What have we got?
Doc: We, hit him by a bus.
Carlos: I didn't see him...
Paramedic: Damn, bro.

Bobby: Do you know her name?
Girl: Sunny, you know, like Sunshine.

Impulse [1.7][edit]

Bosco: Justice delayed is justice denied.
Yokas: Justice? What? Beating on a defenseless prisoner? I don't know if that's what our founding fathers had in mind.
Bosco: Oh, so now we only dispense street justice when you think it is appropriate.
Yokas: What's that supposed to mean?

History of the World [1.8][edit]

  • Carlos: Put shoes on 'em, stockings....
Doc: Takes the stockings off, too.
Carlos: Is that you talking?

Modern Designs for Better Living [1.9][edit]

Bosco: 21st century and this city still has buildings with no elevators.
Yokas: Well, a little stair climbing will keep you warm.
Bosco: So will the car heater. And you know what? It's conveniently located in our car!

Kim: We may walk upright, buy CDs off the internet, but when it comes down to it, deep under, we are animals. Instincts. We can't get away from instincts.
Bobby: National Geographic?
Kim: Discovery Channel.

Demolition Derby [1.10][edit]

Yokas: Okay, let's talk about my sex life. Last night my husband was too drunk to get it up, and it's kinda bugging me, you know?
Bosco: Wow, wow, wow! That is a little more information than I needed to hear. Now I have a picture.
Yokas: No kidding.

Priest: Excuse me, we are closed.
Kim: A church closes?

Alone in a Crowd [1.11][edit]

Sully: That's the problem, see? That's exactly how you lose your mind on this job. There's so much tragedy. Feeling is the first thing that goes. After that, losing the rest is easy. Compassion, empathy, sympathy…It's funny, you can become a much better cop by becoming less of a human being.
[When nobody is answering the door]
Davis: You want me to kick it in?
Sully: I tell you what, Tarzan. Why don't we keep that as a backup plan, but let's see if the super has keys first.
Davis: Yeah, that could work too.

Journey to Himalayas [1.12][edit]

Sam: When I was a kid, fireman's all I wanted to be.
Jimmy: Yeah, I wanted to be a running back. What the hell are you doing here?
Kim: Game get a little rough?
Coach Capri: That's why they call it hockey.
Kim: If that's a joke, I don't get it.
Bosco: I'm starting to change my mind about the Himalayas. I think it would be a pretty good place to go. No pollution, no BS with the legal system. Just ice, mountains, the South Pole.
Yokas: The South Pole?
Bosco: What?
Yokas: Nothing.
Bosco: It's probably only nice until you get used to the place. After that, I'm sure you run into some crackhead Eskimo using kids or something.
Yokas: Eskimos? In the Himalayas?

This Band of Brothers [1.13][edit]

Bobby (to Matty): You're gonna get out of my car. You're gonna walk across that street and when you get there if you turn right, you walk into that precinct, I'll spend every dime I got to get you the best lawyer I can find. If you end up doing time I will be there every week to make sure you got everything you need and the day you get out I'll be parked out front waiting to bring you home. If you don't, Matty, if you cross that street and you go left, I'm through with you. I don't ever want to see you again. I don't want you to call or come by, ever. You'll be dead to me. I won't have a brother. That's it. That's the deal.
Carlos (about Morales): I told you I was interested.
Doc: So what? What, now we're in the eighth grade and you called dibs?
Carlos: "Dibs"!? What the hell is dibs?
Davis: I was scared Sully. I was too scared.
Sully: We all were.
Davis: Not Bosco. He was fearless, running around like a madman.
Sully: He is a madman and he's stupid to boot. There's some guys that think they're invincible and they believe that right up until the moment they get shot. And then they all end up with this stupid-ass look on their faces like there's been some kind of terrible mistake.
Yokas (to Bosco): We're supposed to be different from them.
Bosco: We didn't try to hold up a check cashing store with automatic weapons and kill everybody we ran into this afternoon.
Yokas: No, but you let a man die when you could have tried to save him. And you're right. Under similar circumstances, he would have done the same exact thing to you. So, congratulations, Bosco. Today, you and that animal were exactly alike.

32 Bullets and a Broken Hearts [1.14][edit]

Carlos (to Doc): God, you would drive monks crazy.
Yokas (to Fred): I'm surprised you could even find the car, let alone get the key in the ignition. You're under arrest.
Yokas: Now I got to figure out a way to tell my kids that their mother had to arrest their father.
Davis: God really does answer prayers.
Sully: Yeah, I was just thinking, wouldn't it be great if two girls young enough to be my daughters had car trouble.

Officer Involved [1.15][edit]

Davis (to Sully): I just…I thought he was gonna kill you, man. I thought he was gonna…
Sully: I know you did.
Davis: Damn.
Sully: Now you gotta go tell them that.
Sully (to Davis): Forget about the outcome! You saved my life!
Davis: I don't think I'm cut out for this job. I just…
Sully: Then quit! Go to law school. Do something with your life. Hell, join the circus. I don't really give a damn. But unless you go down to that station, tonight and set this right, you're gonna go to jail.
Yokas: Is there anything more depressing than searching basements and garbage cans for missing kids?
Bosco: Yeah, finding one.

Nature of Nurture [1.16][edit]

Ohio [1.17][edit]

Carlos: "This one nun, she was alright, she used to say, "Carlos, you think you are an orphan, you are not. You've got a father. God is your father and he is looking after you." And then, you know, I'd say "Well, he's not doing a very good job." Do I believe it, that god's watching? Looking down on the kid, that he sees all the stuff that we see, you know? If he does, where is he? Huh? Why doesn't he stop it?" Doc: "You don't get it." Carlos: "What is it that I don't get?" Doc: "We're on our own, man. I mean, he gave us freedom." Carlos: "Oh, right. That's a great idea to give us the freedom to get a little smack going so we can fold our kid up like an aacordian; just see how it feels." Doc: "Believe it or don't believe it. It's up to you. But you oughtta ask yourself, when you die and you meet God...." Carlos interrupts: "What will I say to him? I'll say, "How dare you!" Yeah, how dare you make a world where kids suffer and die? You let this stuff happen, And we're supposed to love you and light candles and spring for a dollar every time a guy comes around in church with a basket?" Doc scoffs. Carlos: "Hey, hey, I know. He's testing us. That's what they tell you in church. If there was an election, for God, I would not vote for the one we've got now. No, not until he rode with us in the bus, just one day. Kim: "Don't sit too close, Bobby. Ground might open up." Bobby: Yeah, or the lightning." Kim: "At least then we'd know there is something out there." Carlos: "Doc, we ride together. How can you believe in God after seeing what we see?" Doc: "I think you've got it all wrong. I mean, the question is, how can you believe in man?"

Men [1.18][edit]

Spring Forward, Fall Back [1.19][edit]

Bosco: When I have kids, I'm going to have vehicle locators surgically implanted right in their asses.
Faith: What, like a baby Lojack?
Bosco: Yeah, why not? Your kids are definitely worth more than your Buick.
Faith (as she enters an abandoned building): Do you think a scared little two-year-old girl would want to come in here? I mean, I don't want to come in here, and I've got a gun.
Sully: Willy Townsend stole a communion chalice from a church. He stole it from a man that was tryin' to help him. Then Father Goodwin refuses to give the bastard up. Instead, he goes to find Willy to tell him he's forgiven and give him another chance. And then what does Willy do to this man? Maybe the only person on the face of this Earth that gives a damn about him? He breaks a three dollar bottle of Thunderbird over his head, and then proceeds to stab this gentle, loving man over and over again with what's left of the broken bottle. Father Goodwin is supposed to believe in the redemptive power of God's love, to forgive Willy. That's his place in this world. You and me? Our job is to see to it that Willie never hurts anybody else again. Ever.
Doc: You know, every time I think I couldn't possibly have a lower opinion of you, something else pops up and I like you even less.
Carlos: You really are a smug bastard, you know that?
Doc: I got to say, I'm ashamed to know you.

A Thousand Points of Light [1.20][edit]

Just Another Night At the Opera [1.21][edit]

Young Men and Fire [1.22][edit]

Season 2[edit]

The Lost [2.01][edit]

Faith [2.02][edit]

Four Days [2.03][edit]

Jimmy's Mountain [2.04][edit]

Kim's Hope Chest [2.05][edit]

The Tys That Bind [2.06][edit]

After Hours [2.07][edit]

Know Thyself [2.08][edit]

Run of the Mill [2.09][edit]

History [2.10][edit]

A Hero's Rest [2.11][edit]

True Love [2.12][edit]

Duty [2.13][edit]

A Rock and a Hard Place [2.14][edit]

Requiem for a Bantamweight [2.15][edit]

Unfinished Business [2.16][edit]

The Self-Importance of Being Carlos [2.17][edit]

Honor [2.18][edit]

Walking Wounded [2.19][edit]

Davis: You guys didn't hear about Kim?
Faith: What do you mean? What about Kim?
Davis: She overdosed.
Bosco: No way.
Faith: Kim was usin' heroin?
Sully: No, she did it on purpose. She tried to kill herself. Her son found her.
Faith: That poor little boy found her?
Davis: Yeah, she's gonna be okay, though.
Bosco: We should call the guys at 55. See if there's anything that we can do for Kim.

Jimmy: [about Kim] I don't want Joey anywhere near her right now.
Catherine: If you're gonna be angry, Jimmy, do your son a favor and don't let him see it.
Jimmy: How could she do this to him? He just lost Bobby, who was like a second father.
Catherine: He only needed a second father because you haven't been there.
Jimmy: What the hell do you know what I've been there for?
Catherine: Who baby sits? You were staying on her couch, and you never saw anything was wrong.
Jimmy: You see her everyday. Did you? You know, I wasn't supposed to have Joey until Saturday, but I'll trade a few day shifts and I'll pick him up at school tomorrow.
Catherine: No. You should keep to the regular schedule.
Jimmy: Yeah, well, I'll decide what he needs.
Catherine: You know, he doesn't need you riding in on your white horse to save him. He's not a fire. You want to be the hero, but as soon as the crisis is over, when things get boring, that's when you lose interest. It's easy being a hero, what's hard is the day to day. And you know what? That's most of his life. Look, if you want what's best for your son, just stick to Saturday. He'll be fine.

Taylor: How's Joey?
Jimmy: Kim thinks the world stops because she doesn't wanna be in it anymore. It' doesn't.
Taylor: Jimmy... You know Kim loves Joey. Imagine how much pain you'd have to be in to do something like that.
Jimmy: There's not enough pain in the world.

Catherine: Jimmy, what are you doin'?
Jimmy: Pickin' up my son and takin' him home.
Catherine: He's better off with me and you know that.
Jimmy: Catherine, when this all blows over and he wants to come stay a night or two, I'll let you know. Catherine, I appreciate you always being there for him. I know you love him. And I know I haven't always been the father that Joey needs. But I want to be and he is my son. He belongs with his father right now.

Man Enough [2.20][edit]

Exposing Faith [2.21][edit]

…and Zeus Wept [2.22][edit]

Season 3[edit]

In Their Own Words [3.01][edit]

September Tenth [3.02][edit]

After Time [3.03][edit]

The Relay [3.04][edit]

Jimmy (to Kim): There you are. You look good today. Before I forget. (hands Kim an envelope)
Kim: What's this? (opens up envelope and reads the papers in it) What?
Jimmy: It wasn't an easy decision for me.
Kim: Custody? You want custody?
Jimmy: Keep your voice down.
Kim: My voice? What is that your plan? To do this in front of your friends so I don't make a scene?
Jimmy: It's nothing I planned. First time I saw you all day.
Kim: Sole custody?!
Jimmy: If something were to happen to me, what would happen to Joey?
Kim: He would have his mother.
Jimmy: You're still working things out.
Kim: Oh, don't patronize me.
Jimmy: You tried to kill yourself.
Kim: It was an accident. If you think that justifies taking away my son you're out of your mind. (throws the papers in his face)
Jimmy: There's other copies.
Kim: Yeah, well, you can shove those, too.

Adam 55-3 [3.05][edit]

Doc (voiceover): I had dreams, you know? Although hard to remember now, they were always vague at best. I can't say that I really did anything to make them happen though... So after high school and four years at City College in business administration, I got a job selling stereos. Two years of that, I started selling office supplies. But let's be honest, I was bored. Hell, I was bored to death. Even went to an Air Force recruiter, wanted to see what it took to be a pilot. Turns out, it'd take better eye sight. So, I'm walking down the street and I see these medics pulling some poor old lady out from under a bus. They were yelling and covered in blood, and for some reason I thought it looked like fun. For some reason it reminded me of when my grandmother was sick and these paramedics saved her life. And I'm thinkin', you know what, maybe I should check that out. And it has been fun. I got lucky, I found something I was really good at, and lots of people never do. So, 16 years later, here I am... still doing it. You start something, you're just learning and before you know it, you've been there almost half your life. It's who you are, but it doesn't mean that doesn't mean that this is all I ever wanted to be. It doesn't mean that I still don't have dreams.

He Said, She Said [3.06][edit]

District Attorney: You stopped them?
Bosco: Swerved across a double yellow.
District Attorney: So what was their interaction like?
Bosco: Ordinary, considering she was getting friendly with his johnson.
District Attorney: Friendly?
Bosco: Very.
District Attorney: And she didn't appear to be in distress.
Bosco: [looking at Faith] Absolutely not.
District Attorney: Great, my own cops will be the defendant's best witnesses, there's no case.

Faith: This is bad.
Bosco: What makes this different, Faith?! Women cry rape if they're bumped too hard in the subway. How's anybody supposed to take it seriously?
Faith: Because we're supposed to figure out the difference! That's our job! What if we left a kid in a car with a rapist?
Bosco: That did not happen, Faith. You hearin' me? I did not do that.
Faith: Not you, we. We.
Bosco: Didn't happen. Didn't happen.

AJ: Man, this girl is known. Whores all over the projects then goes to church with her mom. You know what I'm talkin' about? She's like an expert at deception, man. You cannot believe a word. She's trippin'.
Faith: So you were entrapped in extramarital sex with a girl who was recently a minor?
AJ: You never wanted a little somethin' something on the side, Officer?
Faith: [to Bosco] Enjoy yourself with Mr. Smooth Talker here. I'm gonna go upstairs and see how the statements are goin'. [walks off]
AJ: You know what she needs, don't you?
Bosco: Yep. Yoga.

Faith: Why don't we talk about what happened tonight?
Shaquana: I told you what happened. AJ raped me.
Faith: So, what? When we stopped you, you don't say anything? 'Cause I gotta say, you had the chance. ... Look, is all this happening because your embarrassed to tell your mom that you had sex with him? Shaquana... It is time to tell the truth. It really wasn't rape, was it? ... Was it?
Shaquana: You can't make me lie. He raped me.
Faith: Okay, so after we stopped you...
Shaquana: Not after, it started before. He put his stinkin' thing in my... in my... and then you stopped us.
Faith: Well, then why didn't you scream? Why didn't you say anything to us?
Shaquana: I don't know. I was freakin', it was like I couldn't talk, my brain wasn't workin' right. I was watching myself do this stuff but I couldn't feel anything. Then I heard this voice say 'Not God, but Officer something' and I thought... But I couldn't get why he was laughin' at me. I just couldn't get it.

Bosco: I can't be that guy.
Faith: Bosco...
Bosco: I can't be that guy. I can't be the guy who helped the girl get raped.
Faith: We didn't know.
Bosco: But I can't. I can't.
Faith: We didn't know.
Bosco: I can't be the guy. See? I can't be the guy. I can't. (walks away, clearly upset)

Childhood Memories [3.07][edit]

Faith: The police department thinks that Officer Boscorelli killed Allen Johnson, but he didn't do it, did he?
Mrs. Golden: What do you want?
Faith: This has gotten out of hand, Mrs. Golden.
Mrs. Golden: It was outta hand when he raped my little girl.
Faith: I know that, but it has got to stop somewhere.
Mrs. Golden: You could've helped her.
Faith: You'll never know how much I wish that I could have that moment back. I have a daughter, too. And I probably would've done the same thing. We have an eyewitness who saw you shoot him, and put the gun in your bag and walk away. It's still in there, isn't it? It's very important that you tell me what happened, because it may be the only chance I have at helping you.
Mrs. Golden: You're gonna help me?
Faith: I owe it to you. To both of you.
Mrs. Golden: … He came to the door, said he wanted to work out a deal. He would help me with a complaint against you. Said we could sue the city and make a fortune. All I had to do was drop the rape. He thought that I would let him get away with what I did to her for money, thought that, that was all I wanted. … He won't rape anyone else's daughter.

Det. Hall: What's this?
Faith: I uh, cleared your murder for you.
Det. Hall: Allen Johnson?
Faith: Yeah, the rape victim's mother is your perp. That's a full written confession.
Det. Newcastle: Where's the gun?
Faith: It's already vouchered. You can tell Sergeant Christopher that he can back off Bosco now.
Det. Newcastle: Yeah, he can back off us, too.
Det. Hall: Wait a second. She told you where the gun was? Just gave it up to you?
Faith: Well, I asked her and she told me.
Det. Hall: You asked?
Faith: Yeah, that's how I got the confession. I asked her a bunch of questions and then, after a little while she answered.
Gusler: Yeah, she went right after her, it was amazing.
Det. Newcastle: Did you mirandize her?
Det. Hall: You did advise her of her rights?
Faith: Did I?
Gusler: Excuse me?
Det. Hall: Did Officer Yokas advise the suspect of her rights before questioning her? [Gusler looks between Det. Hall and Faith]
Faith: [sighs] You might as well just tell the truth. I mean, you're on probation, you lie about something like this and it could be the end of your career before it even starts.
Gusler: Uh… Uh… actually, um, trust is… No, I don't think she mirandized her.
Det. Hall: You don't think she did?
Gusler: She didn't.
Faith: Look, she's right across the hall, maybe you can get it out of her again.
Det. Hall: We better, for your sake. Or this all goes out the window.
Faith: [sighs] Oh, God. I hate the system.

Act Brave [3.08][edit]

Sex, Lies & Videotape [3.09][edit]

Transformed [3.10][edit]

Old Dog, New Tricks [3.11][edit]

The Long Guns [3.12][edit]

Cold Front [3.13][edit]

Superheroes: Part 1 [3.14][edit]

Superheroes: Part 2 [3.15][edit]

Thicker Than Water [3.16][edit]

Falling [3.17][edit]

The Unforgiven [3.18][edit]

The Greater Good [3.19][edit]

Unleashed [3.20][edit]

Proctor: I'll be right back with your Tetanus shot.
Bosco: Oh, come on Proctor, those are a killer.
Proctor: Hey, don't try to take away one of the only joys I have left in my job. Can I help you?
Susan: Uh, yeah I was looking for Officer Boscorelli.
Proctor: Don't let him run away. He's afraid of needles.
Susan: You alright?
Bosco: Ah, a couple stitches.
Susan: I just wanted to thank you. … You always take your job so personally?
Bosco: I don't it personally.
Susan: You know, it's okay, I do, too.
Bosco: You know, sometimes, when it's kid, I… I just can't help it.
Proctor (walks back in with his shot): Okay, where's it gonna be, Bosco? Top or bottom?
Bosco: Hold on, do I really need this thing?
Susan: Yeah, you do. I'm a doctor, remember?
Bosco: Dr. Lewis. You're welcome.

Faith (to Gerald, the kidnapper after Bosco beats him up): You have the right to remain silent. And unless you want me to leave you alone in the car with my partner, I would suggest that you use it.

Susan (to Faith): I've been sitting here thinking uh… what else I've could've done. What else I should've done. I knew Chloe was struggling. I saw the signs before she and Joe moved to St. Louis. But I couldn't accept it. It was too damn hard to imagine going through all that again. So, I pretended that it wasn't there. Pretty pathetic, huh? She's my older sister, you know. She was so great to me growing up. She took me everywhere. She taught me how to ride a bike, how to hit a curveball. I adored her. She was the best. What the hell happened to that sister? Who do I see about getting her back?

Walsh (to Jimmy): One thing hasn't changed. You still can't sing worth a damn.

Susan (about Bosco): He's wound a little tight.
Faith: Yeah, sometimes. I got two kids. One of them ever went missing, Bosco's the guy I'd want looking for them.
Susan: She is a good mother.
Faith: Your sister?
Susan: She is. Drug addiction's a disease. It's recognized as a disease by the American Psychiatric Association.
Faith: What about Pedophilia? Isn't that recognized as a disease? You want a child molester raising a kid?
Susan: You can't equate pedophilia with drug addiction.
Faith: You know what, Dr. Lewis? I'm not really interested in why somebody hurts a kid. I don't care. All I wanna do is stop it from happening.
Susan: Chloe didn't hurt Suzy.
Faith: No, she lost her.

Jimmy (to Joey): Guess what we're doing tonight?
Joey: What?
Jimmy: Look at that. We're cleaning this house, all right?
Joey: But Dad, why don't we just get a maid?
Jimmy: A maid? What? You think I got a million dollars?

Bosco (to a prisoner): You're pissing me off. Walk faster or I'll put my foot up your ass.

Susan: Chloe, you need to get back into rehab.
Chloe: What? It was some crazy guy. A crazy guy kidnapped her.
Susan: Yeah, from outside a drug house.
Chloe: It was a slip. It's not gonna happen again.
Susan: Well, Joe said that you've had more than one slip.
Chloe: Oh, so you're gonna listen to that son of a bitch.
Susan: You need to get into a residential program.
Chloe: He has a girlfriend, the bastard tell you that, huh?
Susan: I will take Suzy to Chicago until you get out.
Chloe: I'm fine!
Susan: Chloe, addiction is a disease. You are sick.
Chloe: Oh, my god! I am not sick! This was not my fault! I'm fine! We're both fine! Hey, doctor, guess what? We don't need you. Go home. Just go home. (walks off)
Faith (walks up): She's a piece of work, huh? She's lucky to have you. They both are.
Susan: Thank you for finding her.
Faith: It's our job.

Two Hundred and Thirty-Three Days [3.21][edit]

Kim (to Taylor): You know, I never met your dad, but from what I hear, he was a hell of a guy.

Faith: The criminal justice system is really screwed up.
Bosco: You just figured that out?
Faith: I mean, a judge says a few wrong words and this bastard's back out on the street.
Bosco: We could shoot him. Dump 'em in the river. Nobody would miss him.
Faith: Some days I really feel like we're wasting our time out here.
Bosco: Some days.
Faith: I mean O.J slaughters two people and he's playin' golf in Florida.
Bosco: Found innocent by a jury of his peers. (about Frisker) So, what's the plan? We gonna follow him around for a little while, hope he does something stupid?
Faith: Oh, he's gonna do something stupid. This idiot crawled up out of the primordial ooze of the shallow end of the gene pool. Lawyers-- they all think it's a game. You know, everything in the abstract. Some judge upstate reviewing jury instructions? I mean, it's just words on a page, you know? He didn't have to walk into that apartment and see the scared look on that old woman's face duct taped to her bed.
Uncle Mike: Should just leave that big, ugly assed hole so people remember.

Davis (as Sully is asking around about Tatiana outside of a club): You look like a cop. A cop or a pervert.

Beth (at the funeral): I have prayed for this day, and I have dreaded this day. I didn't want him left there. And I thank God.

Carlos (to Taylor): Well, it's good that they found him, right?
Taylor: Everyone else seems to think so. I'm not so sure. You know, I was hoping it would end this whole limbo thing, but I don't know. I knew my dad dead. But somehow it just.

Blackout [3.22][edit]

Sully (to Davis): We're only the law as long as people let us. Enough people wanna commit a crime, there's nothing we can do. There's not enough of us in the world.

Fred: You know this band-aid is gonna hurt like hell comin' off.
Faith: Whatever happened to that big, tough linebacker I used to date in high school?
Fred: In football, no one's rippin' the hair out of your arm.
Faith: Yeah, try getting your bikini line waxed.

Swersky (to Bosco): I meant what I said at roll call today, Boscorelli. Do not agitate anyone out there today, I need you to sensitive to the situation. It's hot. We don't have any power.
Bosco: Roger that.
Swersky: You find your partner?
Bosco: No answer. She's probably caught in traffic or something.
Swersky: Hang around here until you do.
Bosco: Why? Have the desk call me when she gets in.
Swersky: Sensitive!
Bosco: I will be incredibly sympathetic to the plight of the poor citizens of the 55th.

Fred (to Faith): See, this is exactly why I hate going to the doctor.
Faith: Oh, come on, why? 'Cause you get stuck in the elevator?
Fred: Well, if we didn't come here.
Faith: Ugh. (about her cell) I'm not getting a signal on this. They're not gonna know we're gonna be late getting to the house.
Fred: I told you that thing was a waste of money.
Faith:: All right, what is this gonna be, like "I told you so Faith" day?
Fred: Well, I did. You can't get a signal on your phone. The emergency phone's busted, the emergency button doesn't work. What the hell kind of place is this?
Faith: Apparently one with few emergencies.

Season 4[edit]

Lights Up [4.01][edit]

Emily (to Bosco): What happened?
Bosco: Em, I need you to come with me. You and Charlie.
Emily: Is my mom hurt?
Bosco: No, your mom's fine.
Emily: Alright, then what?
Bosco: Your dad is sick.
Emily: My dad?
Bosco: Yeah, we need to go to the hospital.
Emily: What's wrong with him?
Bosco: He's sick, Em.
Emily: How sick?
Bosco: Look, we have to go right now.
Emily: Okay, um, let me wake Charlie up. Seeing you will scare him. Does my dad need anything? Any clothes, anything?
Bosco: You mom said just to bring you guys down there.

Davis: I think they're gone.
Sully: They might be gone.
Davis: Well, it's now or never, let's go get 'em.
Sully: Wait. What do we got here, huh? A hooker and her date? What was she doing pulling tricks in the middle of a riot? And she doesn't even know his name.
Davis: What difference does that make?
Sully: Because I'm not getting us killed over some whore.
Davis: I'm getting them outta here.

Davis: I don't need a lecture, Sul.
Sully: What did you say?
Davis: Well, that's what you're pulling me over here for, right? Give me a big 'ol lesson on the real world, how it works? I know how it works, man. I know what's goin' on. I don't really care what they do. I just want them to call it what it is. They want to hide her from the guy's wife. They don't wanna put her in a more private room.
Sully: They're not gonna call it what it is. That's not how they do things, and it's not gonna change. So, why don't you just smile and let them do what they're gonna do? Unless, you can see an upside to sticking your face out in front of it, and pissing people off. People who control your career.
Davis: This sucks, man. You know? Sucks.

Carlos: Are you out of your mind?
Doc: Look, they need help.
Carlos: It's right in the middle of everything.
Doc: If you don't wanna go, don't.
Carlos: I'm just saying that we should have a plan before we rush into the middle of.... (Doc just keeps walking) You're not even listening to me!

Emily: The sun's coming up.
Faith: Already?
Emily: We're not going to school today, right?
Faith: No, you're not going to school today. (Emily sits down) How you doin' over there, kiddo?
Emily: I'm okay.
Faith: That was nice before how you made Charlie feel better.
Emily: He's just a kid.
Faith: Yeah, he is.
Faith: Did you really think that you were gonna go to school today?
Emily: Not really.

Doc: I want to talk this out.
Carlos: Oh, now you wanna talk? You didn't wanna talk when I wanted to stay and help that out man. You didn't want to talk before running into a middle of a riot.
Doc: We had an assignment.
Carlos: We had 30 assignments waiting, but I guess they weren't important enough for you.
Doc: Is that right?
Carlos: You pick and choose what we're gonna do, who we're supposed to care about. What's that?
Doc: Come on, there were cops calling for help!
Carlos: And I would've gone! I just wanted to be asked, man. You didn't even give me a chance!
Doc: Because I'm the one who makes those decisions.
Carlos: Just like you decided that I was gonna take that guy's money?
Doc: So, that's what this is really about?
Carlos: No, no, it's about you. You don't want to talk to me. You want to talk at me. And I'm over it. I'm over you.
Doc: You think I give a damn what you're over? Huh?
Carlos: No, you don't. And that's your problem.
Doc: No, that's your problem because I am your superior and my word is final and you can't deal with that!
Carlos: Oh, whatever.
Doc: I was doing this job when you were learning to walk, okay, so you could be as pissed as you want to be, but you damn well better respect that!
Carlos: You're proud of that? All that means is you were never good enough to move up. (Doc shoves Carlos) You wanna hit me again? Go ahead, take it all out on me. You selfish son of a bitch.
Doc: You're calling me selfish?
Carlos: I'm calling you selfish!
Doc: You, of all people. You know what, I'm not the one who gave away his kid because I thought it would be a pain in my ass.
Carlos: You know what? You're nothing but a sad, miserable, old man who's got nothing but a little bit of power and a crappy little job.
Doc: I'm not miserable.
Carlos: Really?
Doc: Yeah.
Carlos: Well, hooray for you. Can I go now, sir?

Sully (to Davis): You ready to go?
Davis: No, I'm good. I think I'm gonna be here when Nancy comes around. Maybe I can get her to tell me what really happened.
Sully: This is not the kind of thing you want to get too involved in.
Davis: Thanks, Dad. I'm good, all right? You go ahead, I'll get a ride with somebody. I'm a hero. I'm a hero cop, I'll get a ride with somebody.

Bosco (to Latrell): That kid lived.
Latrell: Good.
Bosco: You did a good job with him.
Latrell: Whatever, man.
Bosco: You ever though about being a medic out here? For the city?
Latrell: I'm on the list. At least I was until this narcotics arrest.
Bosco (turns around): I need Griffith kicked loose.
Cop: Yeah?
Bosco: I lost the evidence.
Cop: Go get it signed off by the boss and he's all yours.
Bosco: Right. (turns back to Latrell) When I call for a bus, you better put me at the top of the list.

The Chosen Few [4.02][edit]

Reyes (to Bosco): I have no idea what I'm gonna need in there, but when I need it, I'll need it fast. And you're the one who has to get it for me. You screw it up and some of my men die tonight. You have the potential to be a good cop. You hear what I said? Potential. But you got some serious problems. You're a little bit fearless. And not having any fear out here just means you're stupid, and stupid gets people killed. I am not here to mother you or to coddle you or to fix things every time you step on your johnson. I am your boss. I am not Faith Yokas.

Sully: I don't know, Ty. She's fooled me before but this last thing, I just can't wrap my brain around.
Davis: Well, what did you say to Madjanski? Did you defend her?
Sully: Defend her? I didn't even tell him that I knew her. I mean, what am I gonna say, "my wife may be a whore, but she's no murderer"? Madjanski says that she was with him just two weeks ago.
Davis: Well, we know that she was at that club.

Cruz (about Reyes): You can tell that pig boss of yours that I am sick of cleaning up after her, okay? This ain't her house and I ain't her maid.

Faith (to Faith): I'm not saying that I don't believe you. If you tell me that you saw Jesus. I believe you. … What did he say to you?
Fred: He said a lot, not a whole lot in words, you know, I felt him. I could feel him reach his arms under mine, and he lifted me up. He lifted me up Faith, straight up, and he carried me on his back from the darkness to the light.
Faith: Okay, but just so you know, there's a good chance that that was me. I was holding you in the elevator. I was the one who pried open the door and I lifted you out under your arms, and I carried you through that building. I carried you through that dark building, out into the street just as the lights were coming back on. (laughs)
Fred: I really didn't expect you to believe me. And I don't need you to believe me, either. I know what I saw. I know what I felt. I know it was in my soul, and nothing can take that away.

Madjanski (to Sully): You wanna tell me what the hell you were doing running Natasha Gurin's fingerprints?
Sully: None of your damn business.
Madjanski: Look, I'm organized crime. The Russian mob is my domain.
Sully: Russian mob?
Madjanski: Sullivan, look, I know you got a hard-on for Chevchenko. Getting caught up in his crossfire, your hero partner taking a bullet, and now today you just happen to be watching over my floater? You think I'm stupid?
Sully: What the hell does this girl have to do with all of that?
Madjanski: Don't play me. Where'd you get the prints?
Sully: A buddy of mine took her out, okay? He asked me to check on her.
Madjanski: Your buddy took her out?
Sully: That's what I said.
Madjanski: Is he a Russian businessman by any chance? 'Cause if he is, and he's still breathin' then he's a lot luckier than that heap that washed up today. I got ten Russian businessmen in the past two years. They get lured in by some hot broad and the next thing you know, there's a million dollar price tag on their heads. Russian families shell out, and these guy's turn up dead anyway. And I'm pretty sure this Natasha's one of these decoy broads. I got pictures of her in Chevchenko's company less than two weeks ago. I am just starting to get close to this bastard and if you screw this up for me, I will have your ass.
Sully: What are you threatening me?
Madjanski: I want your buddies name by tomorrow. Otherwise we'll get bosses involved. You take that anyway you want.

To Protect… [4.03][edit]

Faith: I was 14 and I fought with my mother but I never wished that she was dead.
Bosco: I think you're overreacting.
Faith: Yeah, well she better cool it or I'm gonna overreact my foot up her rump.

Bosco: Why would Miguel lie to say he cut school today?
Yokas: Because whatever he really did was worse.

Bosco (to Miguel): You're 11?
Miguel: Yeah, and I'm almost 12.
Bosco: I'm sure I'll be seeing you again. Real soon.

Crash and Burn [4.04][edit]

Judgement Day (Part One) [4.05][edit]

Judgement Day (Part Two) [4.06][edit]

Firestarter [4.07][edit]

Ladies' Day [4.08][edit]

Emily: We don't believe in ATMs.
Bank Guard: What's to believe in?

(When Bosco is dressed up as a paramedic)
Bosco: How do I look?
Davis: I wouldn't let you work on me.

(When Carlos gives Bosco his uniform)
Carlos: Jeez, it's freezing.
Davis: Well, you're in your underwear, Carlos.
Bosco: It's for a good cause.
Carlos: Thank God I wore underwear today.

Emily (voiceover): I kind of know some of what my mom's days are like now, what kind of people she's around. I wish I didn't. I know something else too. I know that my mother would actually step in front of a gun for me, because she did. How do you ever tell someone how much that means?

Crime and Punishment (Part One) [4.09][edit]

Yokas: When you have a boss it's not about whether or not you're right or wrong, it's about making them right.

Yokas (about Sully): His, uh, attitude is a bit much.
Davis: Yeah, that's Sully.
Yokas: No, it's more like, uh, Sully cubed.

Miguel (about Bosco): I thought you had to be smart to be a cop.
Cruz: There's an exception to every rule.

Bosco: How's Emily doing?
Yokas: She's all right. I gave her a couple of days off from school.
Bosco: What do you write on the note for that? "Please excuse my daughter's absence. I accidentally got bank robber brains on her."

Margo (about Sully's mom): You just want to visit for a minute?
Sully: No, I want to bring her out here and tango with her and take her to the Met.

Crime and Punishment (Part Two) [4.10][edit]

Cruz: I'm having a bad day, Dell and when that happens, you have a worse day.

Bosco: I thought I knew what I was doing out here, but I guess I don't.
Cruz: Smartest thing I heard you say.

Nancy (to Davis): You're not like the rest of the cops.
Davis: Why? 'Cause I read a book?
Nancy: Because you still haven't stopped believing that the good guys always win and the bad guys always lose. It's sweet. Really.

Chief Hancock: You are a real pain in the ass, Davis.
Davis: From you, sir, that's kind of a compliment.

Yokas: I don't think anything is worth terrorizing children over.
Bosco: These people shot a 12-year-old kid in the back of an ambulance.

Cruz (about Vernon): Here's what he's gonna do. He's gonna take his beating, he's gonna collect his million dollar settlement the city gives him, while they take your entire future away.
Bosco: I can live with that.

Second Chances [4.11][edit]

Carlos: My first day I was a half an hour early.
Kim: Yeah, and the fire guys made you stand right over there for the 30 minutes until we got here.
Carlos: No, no. It was more like over there.

Yokas: In extreme situations, Emily, you have to use your gun.
Emily: Like Cameron?
Yokas: Like who?
Emily: The bank robber.
Yokas: Yeah, I know who he is. I didn't know that you referred to him by his first name.

Yokas: I think a daughter asking her mother how many people she's killed is unnatural.

Daryl: Look, I am a very sick man.
Yokas: And a bad actor.

Daryl: She pushed me.
Doc: Yeah, yeah.
Yokas: He hit his head fleeing a burglary.
Bosco: While he was robbing an old lady who was actually nice to him.
Daryl: Yeah and now my head hurts and I think I might have brain trauma.
Doc: You have any pain anywhere else?
Yokas: He's gonna if he keeps blaming me!

Yokas (to Daryl): Do you realize that we are authorized to shoot a fleeing prisoner?
Daryl: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. I lost my senses.
Yokas: It doesn't even matter what they were originally arrested for!
Daryl: I'd put my hands up see, but…but I can't. I surrender.
Bosco: If you make another request for medical treatment, you'll be eating Jell-O out of a straw for two weeks.

Doc: Call me "Doc."
Yvette: Guess you can call me "dumb-ass rookie."

Castles of Sand [4.12][edit]

Prosecutor (about Carlos): This is a serious offense against a minor. He grabbed her breast while he was treating her.
Carlos: No, that's not... I was putting a sling on her arm.
Defense Attorney (to Carlos): Shut up.
Carlos: Okay, who are you again?

Gail the Union Rep. (to Carlos): Have you ever dated a patient? More specifically, did you have sex with a patient under your care and impregnate her?
Carlos: We had a consensual kind of relationship.
Gail: When she complained to the department did you state that this young woman was "nuttier than a damn fruitcake" and that when she came to at the accident scene, the day you met and subsequently had sex with her, that she thought you were her guardian angel sent from heaven. So this consensual relationship was, by your own statements, with a mentally disturbed woman?

Bosco (to Yokas): A domestic?
Yokas: Ah, definitely not one of my favorite things.
Bosco (to Claire about the lamp that had flew out of the window and hit the car): This doesn't match anything in my place.

Carlos (to Doc): Didn't I tell you? Everyone who works with her gets screwed somehow.
Kim: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Carlos: If this is about us not working out, I'm sorry.
Kim: "Us"?
Carlos: Let's not pretend that we didn't have a romantic history. If that's why you're not backing here then I'm sorry, you've got some problems.
Kim: You're delusional, Carlos. You can't even pass a woman without making some juvenile creepy comment. If you "accidentally" ever touched any part of my body, I'd want to be boiled.

Carlos: No, I'm not going to let some crazy bitch ruin my life.
Kim: You talking about me or that girl?
Carlos: Take your pick.

D.K.: I'm no one's tart du jour, baby.

Snow Blind [4.13][edit]

Carlos: [to Davis]: How many of our brethren you think aren't answering their phones?
Davis: I'm gonna say most of them.
Carlos: Wait a minute, why are we again?
Davis: Because unlike them we are responsible city employees who are idiots and didn't know there was a storm coming.

Bosco (as he reads a driver's license of an overdosed teen): Eric Beckman, you dumbass.

Yokas (to Eric Beckman about Emily after she also suffers an overdose) You better pray that she's all right, because if she's not, I swear to God I will kill you myself.

Collateral Damage (Part One) [4.14][edit]

Fred: Chapels are comforting.
Yokas: Fred, it's just a closet. The hospital decided to call it a chapel. If that makes you feel comforted, you knock yourself out.

Fred (about Emily): I remember her telling me how to tie her shoes when she was like 4. She wanted the bunny ears.
Yokas: I still tie my shoes like that.
Fred: You two are so much alike.
Yokas: Like oil and water.

Bosco (to Lettie): You're like a child touching fire and everyone keeps you from burning yourself.

Bosco (as they go to arrrest someone, but they're already gone): How could they have known we were coming? We were being so inconspicuous and all.

Bosco (to Cruz): Well, in case you're not keeping score, we haven't arrested anybody yet.

Collateral Damage (Part Two) [4.15][edit]

(In Yokas's flashback to when she first met Bosco)
Bosco (to Yokas): Mother?
Yokas: Excuse me?
Bosco: You look like a mother.
Yokas: Yeah, actually I have two ki... (Bosco walks away) You look like an ass.

(When the woman who gave birth at the fire asks Bosco his name)
Woman: I'm sorry, I'm just not naming my son Maurice.
Bosco: I don't blame you.

Lt. Johnson: You're giving me gray hairs, Jimmy.

10-13 [4.16][edit]

Yokas (to Bosco): You're still smirking.
Bosco: I am?
Yokas: Yeah, it's your "getting some" smirk.

Yokas: When you're responding to a 10-13 you know it's only going to take a few seconds to get there. But when you're the one that's calling for help it feels like forever.

Doc: Any Funkadelic fan is a friend of mine.

Yokas (to Cruz): You make me sick.
Cruz: I am the Anti-Crime sergeant. We lock people up. That is our job.
Yokas: Yeah. Yeah, I've seen you do your job up close. It's very impressive.

Davis (to Sully): I was always pretty happy riding with you. Learning from you, but, uh, I don't know you anymore, man. I tried to help you. I tried to get you to let me in, and you bit me for it, and it's cool. I understand. I understand…I know you've been through the worst kind of hell, but you can't just... Sul, I can't help you if you won't let me. But at the same time, I'm not just gonna stand around and just watch you go down. I can't do it. I can't. I tried. I'm sorry, I can't. So, um, I got to move on. And it's not about being more than the bag. It's not. It's about getting away from you.

Yokas (to Bosco): Nobody should say anything about your little Anti-Crime girlfriend! (pauses) Oh, my God.
Bosco: What? What?
Yokas: Oh, my God. She's the girlfriend.
Bosco: No.
Yokas: You're lying.
Bosco: I wouldn't lie.
Yokas: You already lied.

Letting Go [4.17][edit]

Carlos: What is this woman, a track star? How'd she get away so fast?

Davis (to Kim): I got the wind knocked out of me, that's all.
Kim: Falling four flights will do that to you, superboy.

Proctor (to Davis): Try not to fall off anymore buildings on your way out of here.
Davis: Yes ma'am.

Carlos: Drive-thru plumbing supply store. I don't know if that idea's gonna catch on.

DK: Can this day get anymore exciting?
[a car crashes into a building]
Jimmy: Apparently it can.

Last Call [4.18][edit]

Sully (to Davis): Your old man, he said I was pushing this guy into a corner he couldn't get out of and it wasn't smart. But seeing as how he was supporting two families and stealing every dollar he could get his hands on, I didn't think he was a good person to take advice from!

Sully: I'm not worth this.
Davis: Why not? You tell me why not.
Sully: The bullet that killed your father was meant for me.

Davis (to Sully): You are not responsible for me. I knew damn good and well what I was doing when I walked into that restaurant. And what, because of you I got shot? Please, I'm smarter than that.
Sully: It was me.
Davis: No, it was me! And Tatiana died when they killed her son. Had nothing to do with you. Her life caught up with her. And my dad…was a grown man, and he was standing next to you in that park for the same reason I'm standing here right now.

Everybody Lies [4.19][edit]

(When Aaron Noble is bleeding from a stab wound)
Kim: How's your breathing?
Aaron Noble: Pretty good, pretty good, yours?
Kim: You lose consciousness at all?
Aaron Noble: Well, once in the 60s. But, ah well, it was the 60s.

Kim (to Aaron): Why would you leave if you were hurt?
Aaron Noble: I don't know. I get frequent bleeder miles at another hospital.
Kim: Great, more jokes.

Kim (to Doc): How come we never get the overturned armored car jobs?
Doc: Because we're lucky.
Kim: Yeah, it would be hard not to accidentally let a few bucks fall into our med bag.
Doc: That's why we're lucky.

Yokas (to Swersky) We got it, sir.
Bosco (to Swersky, sarcastically) We got it sir. (to Yokas) Kiss up.
Yokas: Shut up!

Faith: You're a little boy, Bosco. You're a selfish little boy. I used to feel sorry for you, but now I just want you the hell away from me.
Bosco: Well, why not? That's the way you handle people. Keep them at a distance as soon as they become a problem.

Bosco: Oh, this world would be such a better place without people.

In Confidence [4.20][edit]

Noble: I was doing research, for a book.
Bosco: Oh my gosh. You know what? Please accept our apologies. Sarge! Sarge stop searching the car. He was only doing research for a book.
Cruz: Oh, didn't somebody already write "Dumb and Dumber?"

Carlos: I hate working with Levine. She's always talking about her dead husband.
Kim: All right, no jokes about her dead husband.
Carlos: It's kind of hard not to when she carries his ashes around her neck.
Kim: I thought that was potpourri.

Yokas: If Special K didn't work, maybe they'll try X or Heroin and then Eric will start dealing to all the little kids. And then a crew will start coming to Emily because they'll know that she has the hook-up. Then Eric OD's at some unsupervised party, but now Emily's getting a cut. And she just switched from Loehman's to Saks and there's no way that she's going back. So when little Suzy Smith shows up in the emergency room and I get called, Suzy pins Emily for selling her the dope. And then she and Eric end up in Juvie. Only upon their release this one gets knocked up by this mope. And then he decides, to keep her from turning a few tricks every now and again, the two of them will start selling drugs out the back of some seedy club bathroom. And meanwhile, I'm at home, a widow because your father's heart exploded from the stress wondering why I just didn't lock up this skel in the first place!

Yokas (to Emily): Did you buy the drugs with him?
Emily: I already answered this question. No, I did not.
Yokas: Then he is a liar, Emily. And that is not love. That is somebody who doesn't even like you.

Closing In [4.21][edit]

Monroe: That's just Cruz. It's when she's not bitchy that I get worried. She's insecure, overcompensates, and never lets anyone forget that she's in charge.
Yokas: Yeah, that's her in a nutshell.
Monroe: Yeah, but she's weak. And the weak always get what's coming.

Bosco: Destroying city property, littering, riding without a helmet. It's a one-man crime wave.

Cruz (to Noble): According to this, you and him got a little cozy not too long ago.
Noble: It's "you and he" and we didn't get cozy.

The Price of Nobility [4.22][edit]

Doc (to Alex): I'm not putting up with an attitude all day. When we get to the scene, you do your job, period. So you got two blocks to get it out of your system.

Cruz: [to Bosco while on a car chase] Don't tell me that was him.
Bosco: I think it was him.
Cruz: I said not to tell me that.

Cruz (while on the phone with Aaron Noble): Hey Noble, guess what I'm doing?
Noble: I'm really not in the mood for this now.
Cruz: I'm in a car chase. And you know what? I hate chases, Noble!

Bosco (after seeing that nobody's driving the car): What should I do?
Cruz: I sure as hell don't know!

Lt. Johnson: Attention ladies!
Taylor: Easy boss, these are no ladies.
Lt. Johnson: My apologies to you actual ladies.

Taylor: I don't really like riding on the ambulance anymore.
Old Man: If you don't mind, we're glad you are.
Taylor: Don't tell anyone, but right now I am too.

Carlos: [to Doc after Alex is killed by the explosion] Doc, you don't...
Doc: What?
Carlos: Doc, she's uh...
Doc: Did you give her CPR?
Carlos: Doc, she...
Doc: Did you clear her airway?
Carlos: She's gone.
Doc: What are her vitals?
Carlos: She's gone.
Doc: What are her vitals?!
Carlos: I'm sorry.
Doc: Breathing, bleeding, airway?
Carlos: There was nothing to be done.

Bosco: You don't look so good, writer boy.
Noble: I learned something about being an informant.
Bosco: Yeah?
Noble: It's probably not a good idea for one to give up all their own personal connections.

Mrs. Taylor (to Davis): Officer, could you turn off the lights and siren? I don't care if it takes a little bit longer to get there.
Davis: Yes, ma'am.

Bosco (to Cruz about Noble): Let this jagoff take the fall he earned!

Doc: You know how this day's going to be remembered? Alex died, and I got a promotion.

Season 5[edit]

The Truth and Other Lies [5.01][edit]

Fred (about Yokas): How the hell'd this happen? She was working the desk, in the station. I talked to her twice. She was bringing ice cream home.
Sully: I don't know how it happened, Fred.
Fred: How could you not know? Aren't you cops?

Bosco (to Swersky): Get them out of here, Lieutenant.
Dade: What?
Bosco: I'll only talk to you alone.

Bosco: I tried to go along. To play the game But I couldn't do it. I couldn't let a guy go away for a murder he didn't do. Cruz let Noble keep the gun he shot the guy with so Yokas was helping me get it back from Noble's apartment. Cruz figured out what we were doing. I got there just after she did and she squared off with Yokas. Then Noble comes's a big circle jerk. I see Noble, behind Cruz, pull a gun from his jacket pocket. So I shot him once. I think I hit him in the chest.
Swersky: He died a little while ago.

Swersky (to Bosco): How did Cruz and Yokas end up shot?
Bosco: Cruz shot her.
Swersky: Sergeant Cruz shot Yokas?
Bosco: I told you...she'll do anything.
Swersky: Damn.
Bosco: So I shot Cruz.
Swersky: You?!
Bosco: I'll take whatever I got coming. Faith was only there trying to help me boss. She didn't do anything. It was me. I went along with Cruz from the beginning. Can I go see her now?
Swersky: You're not going anywhere.
Bosco: Look, I'll make all the written statements you want. I just need to look at her. To say I'm sorry.
Swersky: You're sorry? I have to explain this to the Commissioner's office!
Bosco: Just for a minute.
Swersky: You admitted to shooting a police sergeant and participating in the arrest of an innocent man, Bosco. You better worry about yourself here.

Jackie Gianni (to Carlos): Can you confirm that Aaron Noble was killed tonight by the police?
Carlos: What?
Jackie Gianni: I have sources that say the police shooting at the Melrose Hotel was in Aaron Noble's apartment and that he died here a little while ago.
Carlos: Aaron Noble the writer?

Swersky (to Sully): Can't you for once do something without questioning it?
Sully: I just wanted...
Swersky: Damn it, Sullivan! How 'bout we pretend you're the cop and I'm your platoon commander!

Sully (about Cruz): Man, I knew she was a bitch, but I didn't think she'd do anything like that.
Bosco: I was sleeping with her and I was fooled. How's that for stupid?
Sully: You don't seem too rattled considering the can of crap you just stepped in.
Bosco: As long as Faith is all right, I really don't care what happens to me.

Cruz (to Roy Lane about Yokas): Bitch shot me in the head Roy. Only thing that saved me is she's a bad shot.
Roy Lane: Look, your deal with her is your deal. I gotta make sure she's on the same page with this.
Cruz: Screw her.

Jimmy: Mrs. Johnson, if there's anything that we could do...
Ruth Johnson: Can you tell me why?
Jimmy: Excuse me?
Ruth Johnson: "You wanna do something for me, Jimmy?
Jimmy: Yeah, if I can.
Ruth Johnson: Then tell me why this happened to my husband. Because it sure isn't the money. He works three extra jobs just so we can keep our kids in a decent school. The people honked their stupid horns and waved for one week two years ago and then went back to ignoring all of you! The city's heroes! But you're not heroes! None of you! You're husbands and wives and sons and daughters! And, God help me, I don't understand why! Why you would want to do a job that leaves a wife to explain to her children why that monster in there is all that's left of their father! Can you do that? Any of you?! Because if you can't, then just, just leave me the hell alone.

Sully (to Roy Lane): Are you gonna pull me over in the middle of the night like some skel and tell me to mind my own damn business? I'll tell you what, Roy Lane, F.B.I., why don't you kiss my ass?

My Opening Farewell [5.02][edit]

Carlos: Alex Taylor was a...she was a...she was a pain the ass. I never met anyone as stubborn as her, you couldn't tell her anything. Just this morning Doc told me that him and Lieutenant Johnson told her to get off that car like ten times, ten times and she wouldn't do it. I remember hearing...but I remember hearing her answer when they told her to get off. She said that...the woman that she was with...was afraid. Not that she was hurt badly or dying but just, afraid. Can you imagine, risking your life so that another person isn't scared? I don't think I'll ever be capable of that kind of sacrifice but, I'm going to spend whatever time I have left trying to live up to that. Mrs Taylor, I was with your daughter at the end. I held her hand. There was only one thing on her mind. You. She wanted me to tell you that it didn't hurt. That's all she wanted was for you to know. Her last thoughts were not of herself. She wanted to go out on her own terms. She wanted to leave a message and no one was going to stop her from doing that. Like I said she was the most stubborn person I ever met. Tell my mother it didn't hurt. Maybe not for you Alex. Maybe not for you.

Lockdown [5.03][edit]

Sully: Cooking always interested me. Emeril can kiss my ass!

Bosco: I have enough actual bad things going on right now. I'll leave the possibilities to someone else.

Dr. Hickman: We may be looking at Yersinia Pestis.
Kim: What the hell is that?
Dr. Hickman: The plague.

In Lieu of Johnson [5.04][edit]

Sully: That's what I'm talking about, Davis. You go to law school you never got to chase another idiot down the street or look like and idiot chasing somebody.

Monroe: You know, why don't you let some of what Davis has rub off on you?
Bosco: You know what? Davis can keep his sunshine all to himself.

Goodbye to All That [5.05][edit]

Sully: I ain't about to piss him off by not showing up for his annual slap-and-tickle.
Davis: Slap-and-tickle?
Sully: Slap-and-tickle. What'd I say?
Davis: Slap-and-tickle.

Cruz: He's moving his car. Life's good for you, Cha-Cha? Life's good for everybody? Good.

Kim (to Doc): Oh, you want to show me your power? Okay Doc, you're powerful, all right? You're up there with the Gods. Just stay away from the rest of us.

Sully (to Davis): Yesterday, my car goes up in a ball of flames, today I gotta play nursemaid to Judge Perfect!
Davis: Maybe we should get you a nurse's outfit. Little hat...
Sully: Whole thing sucks.
Davis: Are you familiar with the theory that you attract what you send out? Negative energy comes right back at you?
Sully: Listen, Kojak, you're gonna go all happy-crappy New Age on me, you can get out and walk your ass to the detail.
Davis: Yeah, you know what? That's much more positive.

Monroe (to Cruz): If you take that shower we're never gonna be able to prosecute that guy. Get dressed, we're gonna go to the hospital. We're gonna get a rape kit done.

Surrender [5.06][edit]

Judge Barbara: I was just wondering what it cost the city for eight police officers guarding one judge full time?
Sully: If we can't protect somebody like a judge we haven't got much of a city anyway.

Monroe (to Cruz): I know that was hard. This was not your fault, you have nothing to be ashamed of.
Cruz: Stop treating me like I'm just another vic. I'm anything but.

Faith: And then my partner Bosco, he was like Mr. Cool when he got the assignment, he flew right up to anti-crime, you know. He leaves me to bounce around with whoever no body else wants to be with and then when everything goes wrong, who does he come back to? Me, I gotta fix everything. My partner, he dumps me and this upstairs, loud mouth, high riding, corrupt cop turns my partner into a criminal.

Payback [5.07][edit]

Dr. Chow (to Cruz): Do we have a deal?
Cruz: Yes.
Burns: No.
Cruz: What are you, 15 years old? I'm trying to get a serial rapist and you're holding it up for a prostitution charge?
Burns: Oh, it's not just the prostitution. It's insurance fraud, Medicare....
Cruz: Where are all the real ADAs, huh?

Carlos: Doc, this wasn't Eugene's fault.
Doc: Listen, if there's anything that implicates him, I'm writing him up!
Carlos: Well, I guess you gotta spend your time doing something.

Burns (to Cruz): I may be young, but Clarence Darrow couldn't convince a jury this was rape.
Cruz: But it was!
Burns: And they took payment for it, never reported it, no rape kit, no physical evidence. I'm gonna DP this case until you can get more evidence.

Swersky: Cut him loose.
Monroe: No! Hang on. What do we tell the girls?
Burns: To get a new profession.
Cruz: This happened to me!
Burns: What?
Cruz: This happened to me, too...He raped me when I was undercover.

Cruz: I bet they're adding a "breasts and badges don't mix" chapter to that patrol guide.

Cruz: I should've fought harder.
Monroe: None of this was your fault. None of it. You gotta know that.

Fury [5.08][edit]

Carlos: Trust me. Kim doesn't need coffee to make her irritable.
Davis (to Sully): I've got a multiple choice for you. Did you and Judge Halsted: A. Kiss and say goodnight. B. Have breakfast together...
Sully: Or C. None your damn business.
Doc: I don't lie.
Kim: What?
Doc: You were saying that, uh, I was lying to all y'all. But I don't lie.
Kim: What are you talking about?
Doc: I'm back because I want to be back.
Kim: No, you're back because you crossed the line with Eugene.
Doc: No. I told the truth. Eugene killed Taylor.
Kim: Doc, you got to talk to someone. A professional.
Doc: About what?
Kim: You purposely ran over someone today!
Doc: He was shooting at Sully and Davis!
Kim: So, what are you a cop now?
Doc: Do you want to be the supervisor that bad?
Kim: I am the supervisor. I don't care why you came back, and I don't care if you want to make believe this has nothing to do with Eugene and I don't care if you're lying so much that you actually believe it yourself. But let me make one thing clear. My status is not gonna change and if you don't like the way things are here, you ask to be transferred.
Doc: Transferred?
Kim: Mm-hmm.
Doc: Out of my house?
Kim: Yeah.

A Ticket Grows in Brooklyn [5.09][edit]

Guy: Oh, come on Officer, that's pretty close. Cut me a break, man. That's close.
Bosco: Look, the law does not say "pretty close." It doesn't say "somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 feet from a hydrant."
Monroe (to Bosco): You really don't have any connection to your heritage?
Bosco: Sure I do. I love pizza. I like spaghetti. I like "Goodfellas" and two out of the three "Godfathers." Past that, I'm about as as Italian as you are.
Carlos: These people didn't see me into a good home and send me birthday presents every year, Doc. They dumped me on the Red Cross' doorstep. The Red Cross, you know, it may be good for a lot of things, but I'm pretty sure that they're not gonna be a blood match for Kylie.
Doc: So you've never checked the records to see if there was anything there?
Carlos: Never cared enough.
Doc: Well, do you care enough now?

The Spirit [5.10][edit]

Audrey (to Sully): Your problem is you forgot. All grown-ups forget.
Sully: Forget what?
Audrey: Do you remember when you believed in Santa Claus? How Christmas Eve was the best ever? A man you didn't know was coming thousands of miles to give you a toy.
Sully: It's not real though.
Audrey: It is to kids. And if everyone could always remember what that feels like...
Carlos: Man, it's gotta suck to spend Christmas in the hospital, huh?
Doc: Better than the morgue.
Carlos: Wow. You've developed this knack for stating the obvious.
Monroe: Bosco, you don't understand the pressure of having to have the right toy, the right clothes...
Bosco: Oh, come on. I've watched Yokas go through this every year for the past ten years. I thought Talking Elmo was gonna kill her.

A Call for Help [5.11][edit]

Bosco: Anonymous caller. What the hell is that?
Monroe: Why are we always driving in the wrong direction when we get a job?
Bosco: If it bothers you enough to call, at least have the balls to say it was you.
Monroe: You know, maybe we should just start driving in reverse. At least we'd be facing the right direction.

Bosco: Watch this guy.
Monroe: I see him... [wails siren]
Bosco: [over PA] Move to the right, you moron.
Monroe: Bosco, you can't be going on the PA calling people morons!
Bosco: He is a [over PA] MORON.
Tommy (to Bosco): So it's a good job? Being a cop?
Bosco: Some days.
Tommy: So, uh, you like it then?
Bosco: Except when people ask me a bunch of stupid questions.
Bosco (to Tommy): I need you to show me where the fight happened.
Tommy: If I could just go home.
Bosco: You're not going anywhere, all right, until I see the spot. Capice?
Monroe: Oh please, don't start speaking Italian to the guy, because he's having a hard enough time keeping up!
Cruz (to Bosco): You got a bus on the way, right?
Bosco: Yeah, but I may kill him before it gets here.
Bosco (on the radio): 5-5 David. We got a call back number on this complainant? Call and ask if he'll talk to us again.
Dispatcher: 10-4 David. Standby.
Bosco: Standby my ass.
Kim: What did we learn the first day of paramedic training? "Cops are all jerks."
Davis: You guys all right?
Kim: Yeah. Yeah.
Davis: You sure? You're good?
Kim: Yeah.
Sully: You know what they taught us the first day of cop school? "Take a look around before you insult somebody."
Dispatcher: (over the radio) Complainant still does not wish to be contacted.
Cruz: Oh, well then, beautiful! Then why don't we just leave, huh?! Why don't we just let you figure this out all by yourselves, huh?! I mean, it bothers you enough to call, al least have the balls to say that it was you!
Monroe: (laughs)
Cruz: What?
Monroe: Bosco said the exact same thing.
Cruz: Thanks, Sasha.
Bosco (to Tommy): How many times? 'Cause that looks like at least 50 times to me.
Tommy: It was a lot.
Bosco: And then you cut his throat? And in all that time, all that stabbing, he never stopped fighting back? Huh? How about when you cut him from from the corner of his mouth all the way back to his ear?! Or when you cut his eyes out?! He stop fighting back then?! And when you got behind him to cut his throat--- which you must've done or you'd be covered in his blood. You couldn't have just run away? Huh?
Tommy: He was so big, see...
Bosco: How'd you cut your hand, Tommy?
Tommy: I told you, Jeremy....
Bosco: No, he didn't.
Tommy: Yes...
Bosco: He would have cut you on the palm. Nobody gets a defensive wound on the back of their hand. You did hold him up against the wall, right? Right? You pushed him back against it while he was begging for his life and then you cut yourself on one of the upswings while you were stabbing your friend in the face!
Tommy: Bosco, hey, can I ask you a question? You think this is gonna affect my chances of becoming an attorney?
Bosco: You know what? This probably won't affect your chances of being an attorney one damn bit.

Black and Blue [5.12][edit]

Sully: "Request police photo I.D. card. Check I.D. number against badge number. Call local precinct with badge number." How to make a crappy job that much crappier.
Monroe: You know Cruz, I became a cop because so many kids in my community thought that the police were something to be afraid of. I took this job to change that.
Davis: We found a woman, she was beaten, robbed and raped in her car.
Cruz: Do you think there's any connection?
Sully: I hope not.
Cruz: Why?
Sully: Because she said it was police officers that did it to her.
Bosco: When's your 46?
Phil: What?
Bosco: Your next 46. When is it?
Phil: Oh, it's uh.... (reaches for his gun)
Bosco: (firing) Wrong answer. Your 46 is your vacation.
Cruz: Yeah, you'll be spending yours upstate.
Kim: I want to tell everyone.
Jimmy: What?
Kim: I want everyone to know.
Jimmy: What are you talking about?
Kim: About us. I want them to know.

Sleeping Dogs Lie [5.13][edit]

Bosco: Monroe, sometimes the right thing to do isn't the right thing to do.
Monroe: Mm-hmm, Bosco. And most of the time, it is.
Kim: I can't marry you, Jimmy.
Jimmy: I've changed.
Kim: I know. You already have a wife and I'm not willing to share you with the job anymore.
Kim: I'm gonna miss you.
Jimmy: No, you aren't.
Kim: I'm not?
Jimmy: Oh, you think just 'cause you gave me the ring back I'm giving up? I'm way tougher than that, Kimmy. Way tougher...I'll see you soon.

Blessed and Bewildered [5.14][edit]

Kim: You're throwing us out?
Captain Steeper: I'm rectifying a situation. You shouldn't have been here in the first place.
Kim: Captain Steeper wants us to stay out of the house.
Carlos: What?
Levine: For how long?
Kim: Permanently.
Carlos: He can't do that.
Kim: Yes, he can.
Carlos: No way.
Kim: Look, we can use the lockers to change before the shift and change to go home.
Carlos: Oh, well, that's big of him.
Nardo: If you can't beat me, join me.
Bosco: Oh, I can beat you.
Nardo: No, you can't.
Bosco: You go near my mother again I won't be wearing this uniform next time you see me, capice?
Yokas: Bosco, I want you to ask Swersky to put us back together.
Bosco: You do?
Yokas: If I'm coming back, I'm coming back all the way.
Bosco: I thought you wanted me out of your life.
Yokas: All the way.

No More, Forever [5.15][edit]

Kim (to Doc): Why are you in your blues?
Doc: Hey, Kimmy, I'm not going on the street today. Excuse me.
Kim: Wait, listen, Doc I need to talk with you, just... (Doc pulls out a gun and shoots Steeper in the stomach)
Doc: Like I said, I'm not going on the street today.

Kim (when Steeper is shot): Let me help him.
Doc: 15 minutes.
Kim: What?
Doc: 15 minutes.
Steeper: Please!
DK: What are you talking about?
Doc: Hey, hey, when he closes this house the people in this community will have to wait at least 15 minutes for medical or fire response. See, I did the math, calculated the response times. Isn't that how you do it, Jack?

Doc: He doesn't listen, Kim, so we gotta put it in terms he can understand.
Kim: All right, well, we're all listening, okay? We're all here. We're all listening. So why don't we just...just calm down, okay?
Doc: No. I'm... I'm calm.
Kim: All right.
Doc: I told you I wasn't gonna let this house close.
Kim: By letting a man die?
Doc: No, no, he doesn't have to die. All he has to do is see what 15 minutes feels like when you need help!

Sully: This is Doc we're talking about? Doc Parker?
Levine: Yes, Doc Parker!
Sully: Crazy.
Levine: (voice breaking) Well, he really hasn't been all right lately.
Sully: Where in the hell is he gonna get a gun?
Levine: Oh, guns are hard to get all of a sudden?

Sully: Shouldn't we just knock on the door first?
Cruz: We don't wanna tip him to anything.
Davis: We're talking about a guy we know here.
Cruz: We're talking about a guy with a gun. We gonna hang here and head over there later with a mop and bucket?
Davis: And your way of handling it no one gets hurt, right?

Carlos (to Doc): Do you understand what you've done?
Doc: Yeah, yeah. I'm keeping them from closing the house, just like I told you I would.
Carlos: You shot a man.
Doc: Yeah, I had to.
Carlos: Had to? That' might need real help.

Doc: It's gotta be eight more minutes, and I thought you'd understand.
Carlos: Here's what I do understand: I'm not letting this man die on the floor of my firehouse.
Doc: Hey, you better sit back down, Carlos.
Carlos: If he dies, you're a murderer.
Doc: Sit down!
Carlos: You wanna shoot me? Shoot me.

Sully: (seeing Steeper on the floor of the firehouse) Oh my God. Doc did that?
Kim: Not the Doc we know.

Steeper: (in the ambulance on the way to the hospital) I went to funerals...hundreds...the families...I didn't know them. I never was in the field.
Kim: I'm losing his pulse.
Carlos: We're almost there.
Steeper: I only knew how to work the numbers...but the numbers never balanced that day...
Kim: It's okay, Cap.
Steeper: They never balanced...

Doc: I don't think they're gonna close it now.
Sully: What? This house?
Doc: Yeah.
Sully: No way. No way they're gonna close this house. You saved it.

Family Ties (Part One) [5.16][edit]

Bosco: You know what really pisses me off? That I was stupid enough to fall for the whole damn "I changed" thing. Nobody changes. People don't change, do they, Dad? We can go out, we can go have all those steak dinners we want, but it don't make us a family. I'm my own family.

Dr. Breene: Kim Zambrano actually returned to work from her own mental collapse on September 11th. She pushed aside her own pain and answered the city's call for help. This is a theme, which, as you know, runs through most of the city's emergency employees. Carlos Nieto acted selflessly during the hostage incident at the firehouse and certainly saved Captain Steeper's life. However, as do many of the survivors of 9/11, he clearly doesn't feel heroic. Despite their hesitance to speak openly with me, if they do not locate an avenue for such a discussion, they will never adequately recover from this trauma.

Yokas (to Steven): You ran two stop signs.
Steven: What?
Yokas: Oh, see bicycles are subject to the same traffic laws that cars are subject to.
Steven: Seriously?
Yokas: You got a driver's license?
Steven: Driver's license?
Yokas: You're annoying me. You're answering every question with a question.

Levine: Doc is a teacher. He did this for us, so we could learn lessons. I'm grateful.
Dr. Breene: What lessons have you learned?
Levine: Uh… I'm still working on that.

Cruz: Looks like the dolphin's got some beef with the monkeys.

Carlos (to Breene): What the hell does 9/11 have to do with it?
Dr. Breene: Doc's statements made to the police officer that brought him out suggest it may be the root of his breakdown.
Carlos: No… Doc's the one that we all talked to. He was the only real strong one. Doc Parker's the reason why I dropped out of med school, okay? Figured if being a paramedic was good enough for someone like him…

Dr. Breene: Paramedic Parker's breakdown left an immeasurable hole in the fabric of life in that firehouse. Mr. Parker seems to have become a sort of surrogate father for these employees and apparently helped them through difficulties encountered during and after 9/11. This role as father almost certainly contributed to his feeling that it was left to him to rectify what he saw as the closing of the 5-5 and therefore the destruction of his family.

Rose (to Bosco & Mikey): We're gonna sit like normal people and eat lasagna. Is that too much to ask? You're brothers for God's sake.

Family Ties (Part Two) [5.17][edit]

Dade: (gasping for breath after he is shot) Please don't let me die.

Cruz (to Yokas): Did your partner tell you about his brother having you lock up his competition?
Yokas: No, but he told me that you interviewed our perp without permission.
Cruz: Yeah. I'll talk to whoever I need to talk to.
Yokas: I don't want you to talk to anybody that I have anything to do with.

Bosco: Did you see my brother?
Cruz: It was his car. The driver of his car.
Bosco: Did you see him?
Cruz: I saw him.
Yokas: You're lying.
Cruz: You don't want to mess with me right now!
Yokas: You're lying. You never saw...
Cruz: It was a... This guy killed a cop! Somebody that I care about!

Swersky: I want an alarm out for the car and for this Mike Boscorelli. Do you know what he looks like?
Yokas: Yes, sir.
Swersky: Then do it.
Bosco: As a cop killer?
Swersky: For questioning.
Bosco: In the death of a cop. You know what that means.
Swersky: I don't have a choice, Bosco. And I'm not sure it would change if I did.

Bosco (to Rose): A cop was killed tonight. An Anti-Crime cop from my precinct. Yeah. And they think Mikey did it.
Rose: No.
Bosco: Just tell him, Ma. He has to turn himself in to me. To me.

Bosco (to Yokas about Mikey): I gotta find him…before the department does. Before Cruz does.
Yokas: I know. Can I do anything to help?
Bosco: You don't have to be involved.
Yokas: Yeah, I know that too.

Mikey (to Bosco): I wouldn't shoot a cop, Mo. Come on, you know me.
Bosco: Do I?
Mikey: Oh, you don't believe me? Okay, go to hell.
Bosco: I'm taking you in.
Mikey: Oh, great. Oh, that's how you're gonna help me?
Bosco: Listen to me. You're wanted. Do you understand that? You're wanted as a cop killer. Do you want Mom to have to go to your funeral? Do you want her to have to pick out the box you're gonna be buried in?

Breene (to Carlos) : Mr. Parker is an extreme example of what can happen if you don't have a release. Someone to talk to. But sometimes it's enough for someone just to listen.
Carlos: Listen? I had a cop in my bus last night. He died. While I was talking to him, he just died, and I don't know why. Medically, I just don't understand it. I need Monte Parker here so I can ask him to explain it to me. Because he'd probably know. That's what he was to me. He's the only person I talk to.

Mikey (to Bosco): Look, tell me you believe that I didn't do this.
Bosco: Listen to me. The Police Department believes you killed a cop. They don't give a damn if you never make it to trial.
Mikey: What do you believe?
Bosco: Doesn't matter.
Mikey: It does matter. We're brothers. We're family.
Bosco: Family? You both say it, but you have no idea what it means.

Bosco: My brother's going to jail, Maritza. He knows that. He's a dope dealer. And he's involved in shooting a cop. Put the guns away. Glen? All I'm asking for, Cruz, is that you let him show us where the guy who pulled the trigger is. That's it. That's what Dade would want. Right? Right? Come on, Cruz. This is my brother.

Purgatory [5.18][edit]

Yokas: What the hell is wrong with you?
Hart: Always a class act, Maritza.
Cruz: Like you don't know, bitch.
Hart: Yeah.
Cruz: Oh, go on. Go back to your fireboys. They know you over there? J.D. Hart, people! In the flesh! Officer Hartless of the 5-1, South Bronx. You know the name. Hartless the Rat. Bitch of the Bronx.
Hart: When are you gonna give it up, Cruz?
Cruz: When you own up to what you did.
Hart: I told the truth, Maritza.
Cruz: Your version of the truth.
Hart: The only one I know. I wasn't gonna lie for anybody.
Cruz: Not even for Johnny Boy, huh?
Hart: If Johnny couldn't live with what he did, that was his problem.
Cruz: He couldn't live with what you did to him. He couldn't live with the disgrace. He was too proud to go to jail.
Hart: Oh well, he wasn't too proud to steal money though, was he?
[A fight breaks out between FDNY and NYPD]
Walsh: Swersky. Keep Cruz away from my people.
Swersky: Talk to your boy there, Walsh.
Walsh: I intend to.

Spanking the Monkey [5.19][edit]

Lester (to Swersky): Good morning. I'd like to see one of your officers, Maurice Boscorelli.
Swersky: What'd he do now?

Cruz (about Mikey's deal): It's about time your brother got smart.
Bosco: You call this smart?!
Cruz: Works for me. Works for his attorney.
Bosco: Well, it doesn't work for his brother.

Bosco (to Lester): Where did you come from? I mean, where did my father find you?
Lester: We have mutual acquaintances.
Bosco: Oh, that's great, 'cause I was getting a little worried there about your credentials.

Cruz (to Bosco about Mikey's deal): You don't tell me what's what, Boscorelli.
Bosco: Make alternate arrangements. He's not doing it.
Cruz: Yeah, we'll see about that.
Bosco: He's not doing it!
Cruz: What the hell you gonna do about it?
Bosco: Leave him the hell alone, you hear me?!
Cruz: I don't think so.
Bosco: You don't think so? I don't know how many times I can tell you this. Listen to me and listen real close. If you hurt my brother, I'm gonna kill you. And that's a promise.

Bosco (to Mikey): Cruz comes to you with a deal, you run!

Mikey (to Bosco): It's not just the deal, all right? I wanna do right.
Bosco: You wanna do right?
Mikey: Yeah. These are bad guys, Mo.
Bosco: The city doesn't have a witness protection program.
Mikey: Well, I didn't ask for one.
Bosco: So you'll be looking over your shoulder for the rest of your life.
Mikey: I do that now.

Kim (to Hart): Is this a rave?
Hart: You know about raves?
Kim: Yeah. Modern Maturity had an article.

Kim: Carlos! Get over here!
Carlos: Kim? You go to raves?
Kim: Look, it's not what you think.

Hart (to Carlos about Kim): Is she okay?
Carlos: What the hell was she doing there?
Hart: She went in with me.
Carlos: To a rave?
Hart: She gonna be all right?
Carlos: You better hope so.
Hart: Hey, hey, dude, I didn't do this on purpose.
Carlos: You touch me again, I'll kick your ass, dude.

Kim (to Hart): What was that?
Hart: Someone threw a Molotov Cocktail into the place.
Kim: No, you're part of it, aren't you?
Hart: What?
Kim: Bouncer knows you, no cover charge, security guard talks to you, kids all know you.
Hart: It's just a dance.
Kim: Oh, God, Hart. They chain the fire exits closed.
Hart: I didn't know that.
Kim: How much money you making off this?
Hart: It's not like that.
Kim: Oh, so you're not making any money?
Hart: Yeah, I did when I left the Police Department. I had to do something. But my friends keep all the money now.
Kim: You're a fireman for God's sake.
Hart: I started this before that.
Kim: I'm gonna report you.
Hart: I didn't know.

Cruz: I made that deal for Dade. I didn't make it so this bastard could help out Narcotics.
Wynn: Aren't we all on the same side here, Maritza?
Cruz: That was my informant.
Wynn: There's no "I" in "team."

Yokas (to Cruz): Hey! I told you to stay the hell away from my prisoner. You do something like this again and I swear to God I'll go to IAB. You just broke that guy's nose in there and they would be real interested in that downtown. And I make a hell of a witness.
Cruz: So, you'd call the Rat Squad?
Yokas: In a heartbeat.
Cruz: Oh, well, I guess we better let everyone know on the streets what kind of cop we got here, huh?
Yokas: Just as long as you never forget it.

Yokas (to Bosco): So let's go to IAB.
Bosco: No.
Yokas: Why? We'll tell them what Cruz did to our prisoner last night. She'll be too busy fending off an investigation, she won't have time to bother Mikey.
Bosco: It's not the way we play this and you know it.
Yokas: She's gonna make this collar any way she can. If that means putting Mikey out, she's gonna do that.
Bosco: Well, then we'll have to beat her to it.

Yokas (to Wynn): Who's this?
Wynn: That's Joey Mann. The son. He's the guy on the ground. He works out of a used record store on Lex that keeps him close to the rave scene. I'm trying to get a line on him. He's crazy. But he also never makes a mistake.
Yokas: Well he did last night.

Wynn: Locking up Joey Mann for a capital crime has got to bring his old man out of hiding. :
Bosco: You're gonna take care of Mike, right?
Wynn: Yep. I might just marry him.

Bosco (to Cruz after Joey's car crashes under a truck): Well, he's dead.
Cruz: You sure?
Bosco: Definitely. Nice going.

Bosco: So the boss is putting Cruz in for a commendation.
Yokas: What?
Bosco: Yep. Bunch of parents from that school are talking about how she saved their children in that crosswalk, with no regard for herself.
Yokas: Now you know that she had no idea that they were even there. That she was just trying to beat us to the collar.
Bosco: I know.

Wynn (to Bosco & Yokas): You both need to be careful. Donald Mann is a dangerous guy. He's gonna want to know who's responsible for his son's death. We'll be looking for him, but you guys keep your eyes open.

In Plain View [5.20][edit]

Monroe (to Davis): What are you doing here?
Davis: First day back I thought you might want a ride.
Monroe: That's very sweet. You didn't have to do that.
Davis: What else am I gonna do with this other cup of coffee?

Jelly (to Sully): You know this guy?
Sully: Yeah. That's Rocky. Nice guy. Regular working stiff.
Jelly: He's a stiff now.

Bosco (to Yokas): Sullivan, he's got some set on him.
Yokas: Look, you'd be saying the same thing if it wasn't your brother.
Bosco: It is my brother.
Yokas: Look, Bosco, I'm not about to get into some stupid back-and-forth with you right now.
Bosco: Who pissed in your oatmeal?

Bosco: I swear to God, if Mikey messes up one more time I'm gonna kill him with my bare hands.

Monroe: You sure you guys aren't stepping on Jelly's toes?
Davis: I don't step on toes, Monroe. I'm a lover, not a fighter.

Yokas: Bosco, there's something horrible going on in this house. It's a…it's a mess. And you know that notebook that, uh, that Rebecca's always writing in? She has dozens of them and uh, she just writes the same thing over and over again. She writes "I will drink ten glasses of water a day."
Bosco: He's beating them bad, Faith. I mean, Jan's… Jan's whole body… he's beating them bad.

Lester (after he is arrested): This is outrageous!
Yokas: You ain't seen nothin' yet.
Lester: Oh, you're doing this because of what I did in court?
Bosco: What?
Lester: 'Cause I embarrassed you?
Bosco: Are you kidding me?
Lester: Hey, look, I was just doing my job. I was being a zealous advocate for your brother.
Yokas: And I'm being one for your family.

Sully: You know what the first thing I thought was when we walked into that diner and saw Rocky lying there with a hole in his chest? "Where the hell am I gonna get my coffee now?" I mean, I don't know if he had a wife, kid. I never asked him. All I could think about was my damn breakfast. I mean, I knew this guy, Davis. You know? I talked to him almost every day. We worked on crossword puzzles together. I mean, that guy was the closest thing I had to a friend outside the job. I didn't feel one ounce of pity for him. Not a single human emotion. All I could think about was how damned inconvenient it was gonna be trying to find another restaurant. Uh…I've lost something, Davis. Something important. Something I'm afraid I'm not gonna be able to get back.
Davis: That's not true, Sully. You're just worked up.
Sully: You gotta score well on those LSATs. Get your ass in Law School before it's too late for you, too.

Lester: This is not a smart thing you're doing, Officer Boscorelli.
Bosco: You're the one who made the mistake.

Higher Calling [5.21][edit]

Bosco: Most of these guys know Mikey just got collared. All right, what, they start falling too?
Cruz: They're not that smart.
Bosco: Not that smart? Smart enough to know when they get to Riker's and they look around to see who among them is missing.

Bosco: The only thing I'm thinking about is my brother, okay?
Wynn: Well, if I were you then I would be worried less about Cruz and more about your brother's lawyer, who's down in lockup.
Bosco: What about him?
Wynn: They say he's their lawyer, too. And they're asking to see him.

Davis: So you're going, right?
Sully: Come on.
Davis: Come on what?
Sully: Well, you know, taking the LSATs is one thing. Actually going to Law School is another.
Davis: No, no, you gotta go.
Sully: Why? Davis: It's destiny. You gotta go.
Sully: Destiny, huh?

Lloyd: Oh, I'm so stupid, stupid, stupid…
Davis: Yeah, you are.
Sully: You gotta be the worst purse-snatcher on the planet.

Kim: Carlos Nieto. Grace Foster.
Carlos: Hey, how you doing?
Grace: You know the 6-8?
Carlos: Yeah, that's Bed-Stuy, right?
Grace: The 6-8 is a warzone. GSW's, knife wounds, hammer wounds, OD's. We had to hose down the inside of the bus three times a tour.
Carlos: Wow.
Grace: It was non-stop medic heaven and I kicked its ass for three years and how does the city repay me? With a transfer to this undermanned country club.
Carlos: Country club?
Grace: So while I'm figuring out how to get back out there, how about you do us both a favor?
Carlos: Sure.
Grace: One, I got a face. Two, don't even think about trying to be friends. And three, don't ever let me hear you refer to me as a newbie. Got that?

Jelly: Somebody didn't like this guy.
Davis: What, the no arms, no legs, no head give that away?

Jan (to Yokas): Imagine, just for a minute, okay, that you and your husband have a child, all right, and she's really clumsy. She's falling down all the time. And this one time she's in the next room eating and she falls, only you think she's choking on the vegetables, so you call the police. And they say you hit her. You and your husband, who wasn't even there. Can you imagine?
Yokas: No. But I can't imagine having those bruises all over my body, either.

Yokas: In the morning before Lester went to court. And you didn't call 9-1-1 until the afternoon? What the hell were you thinking, Jan? You're walking around your apartment, you're pretending like your daughter is laying unconscious on the floor!?
Jan: You don't understand.
Yokas: You're damn right I don't understand!

Sully (to Bosco): You know that DOA we had earlier?
Bosco: What about it?
Davis: We got an ID and, uh…
Bosco: And? Sully: It's your brother.
Bosco: What, he's connected somehow?
Davis: No, Bosco, it's him.
Sully: It's Michael.
Bosco: Give me that. This is wrong. This…it's wrong. You guys are wrong. I'll call him.
Swersky: Bosco…
Sully: Bosco, it's Michael.
Bosco: I just talked to him yesterday.
Sully: I'm sorry, man.
Bosco: Come on… No. You're wrong. You're wrong.

Bosco (to Lester): You killed my brother!
Lester: I didn't know your brother was dead!
Bosco: And for what?! For what?! For money?! For leverage?! For... for what!?

Carlos (to Grace): Look. I respect how much you loved your old detail. But we aren't any country club.
Grace: Yeah. Okay.
Carlos: Don't walk away from me. Come here. You know what? None of us were born the day that you got here. You don't know anything about us. You have no idea how many calls we take. How many lives we've saved, and lost, how many bullets we've ducked, no matter how minor you manage to make it all sound. I don't care whether you came from Bed-Stuy or Baghdad. You're not gonna minimize my experience here just because it's not yours. So you either learn to respect us the way that we respect you, or just keep your mouth shut until you've clawed your way back to that warzone where you'd rather be. You got that?
Grace: {to Kim} Guy's got stones.

Cruz (to Bosco): I'm sorry.
Bosco: You're what? You're sorry? You? I told you what would happen. I told you to slow down. But you didn't care about Mikey. You didn't care what would happen to him. None of you care!
Cruz: I honestly don't think that those guys suspected him.
Bosco: Really? Honestly? And how the hell would you know?
Cruz: I don't know.
Bosco: No, you don't. But you should. You're no better than a criminal yourself. You don't get to cry! You don't get to cry!

Donald Mann: You did well.
Lloyd: Thank you, Mr. Mann.
Mann: And you actually saw the cop learn of his brother's death?
Lloyd: Witnessed the whole thing with my own eyes. He even saw the body. What was left of it.
Donald Mann: And he suffered... Boscorelli?
Lloyd: He still is, sir. If you saw the way he went after this lawyer guy. Trust me sir, he was crying.
Mann: Good. He's going to cry a lot more before he dies.

Monsters [5.22][edit]

Yokas (to Fred): I'm not doing this because I'm trying to prove to the city that they were wrong about me, or because I'm worried about Cruz knocking me out of the box. I'm doing this because I can help people. Defenseless people like that little girl. True victims. And I can make it better for them. I mean, what would you expect me to do, turn my back on them?
Fred: Like you did us?

Mann: Besides Boscorelli, Yokas and Cruz of the 55th, Sergeant Wynn and Dombroski of Narcotics. I want them all dead before they put my Joey in the ground tomorrow.

Jelly (to Swersky): Something wrong?
Swersky: Is that a new suit?
Jelly: Yeah.
Swersky: You're wearing a new suit?
Jelly: So?
Swersky: Looks expensive.
Jelly: You don't think I can afford a suit?
Swersky: No, I didn't think you had the taste.

Cruz (when Yoshi decides to skip the raid to go to the wake): You're gonna leave your partner hanging?
Yoshi: My partner?
Cruz: Glenn's back.
Yoshi: He is?
Cruz: Yeah, he's getting his gear.
Yoshi: He wasn't supposed to be back until next week.
Cruz: Yeah, well, uh, I guess he's dedicated to the mission, unlike some people I know.
Yoshi: Maybe you should just call this one off, huh? Go to the wake, too.
Cruz: First of all, most of the third watch is gonna be there. Somebody's gotta stay back and watch the shop. Second, I don't call off a raid like this for anyone. Or anything. Third, I wasn't invited.

Carlos: I was thinking that it would probably help you to switch it up some.
Grace: Is that so?
Carlos: Vary the experience.
Levine: Watching Carlos scream at other drivers all night can really help your résumé.
Carlos: They're idiots.

Mann (about his son): He had a nightmare when he was five. A monster was chasing him. I said there was no such thing. He fell asleep in my arms. I held him there, looking down at his face. I fell in love with him that night.
Butler: Well, that's a happy memory.
Mann: But the night I fell in love with my son, I lied to him.
Butler: Sir?
Mann: There are monsters.

Grace: God, when does anything ever happen around here?
Kim: Oh, haven't you been doing this long enough to know you don't say things like that?

Grace: I am gonna jump out of my skin.
Kim: Oh, I'm sorry, Grace. You want me to run someone over so you can go out and patch them up?

Grace (to Kim): You ever pull that stick out of your ass?
Kim: Excuse me?
Grace: Just curious.

Carlos: "Watching Carlos yell at other drivers is good for your résumé"?
Levine: Oh, come on.
Carlos: Ha ha. What? What? Are you jealous or something? Huh?
Levine: You have to be kidding me.

Levine (to Carlos): You know what? You're right. That's what keeps Grace from jumping all over you.
Carlos: So stop it, all right?
Levine: No way is it that stupid haircut or the disgusting way you lick your lips when you're talking to her, or the way you never look higher than her chest or lower than her ass, or just your general creepiness you get whenever you're around any woman. That slimy look you get in your eyes like we're all just hunks of meat in a deli display case and you haven't eaten in years. That is all very attractive. In fact, I'm sure that you're the man Grace Foster's been looking for all her life.
Carlos: I don't have a stupid haircut.

Sully: What the hell happened?
Davis: It was a car.
Sully: A car?
Monroe: Yeah, a car came through the building.
Sully: I got hit by a car inside?

Grace (about performing the procedure on Rose, Bosco's mother): She was dying!
Dr. Fields: So, perform a surgical procedure?
Grace: Look, she wasn't breathing, there was a bomb. I had to make a snap decision.
Dr. Fields: Here's my decision: I'm gonna make sure you never work on the street again. You got that? Never.

Levine: I've never known Kim to be afraid of anything.
Kim: I wasn't afraid.
Carlos: Well, if you were, it's okay…
Kim: I'm pregnant!
Levine: Congratulations.

Butler (to Mann): Sir, uh, there's a... a problem. The bomb at the piers, we got both of the Narcotics cops, Wynn and Dombrowski. Apparently there aren't even bodies left.
Mann: That doesn't sound like much of a problem.
Butler: No, sir. Mann: What is the problem?
Butler: The other cops: Cruz, at the raid. I understand she survived. And the funeral home, our, uh, agent. Either the bomb didn't go off or the driver never hit the button.

Davis: I was just talking to Jelly. Laura Wynn was killed. Explosion down on the docks.
Bosco: This is war.
Cruz: Son of a bitch. Hurt my whole team trying to get to me…except Yoshi.
Davis: Yoshi's all right?
Cruz: Yoshi didn't get hurt at the wake?
Davis: I don't remember seeing Yoshi at the wake.
Yokas: Yeah, me neither.
Cruz: Yoshi wasn't...
Bosco: Oh, who cares about Yoshi!? What are we gonna do about this son of a bitch Mann? That's what I wanna know.
Cruz: We're gonna be smart. We're gonna find out all the information that Laura had on him. We're gonna start locking people up one by one until someone gives him to us. You don't go to war with the New York City Police Department.
Yokas: Hey guys… {masked gunmen surround the room and gunfire is heard as the screen fades to white}

Season 6[edit]

More Monsters [6.01][edit]

Dr. Hickman (to Sully): How are we feeling?
Sully: "We"? What, somebody run over you, too?
Monroe: Play nice, Sully.
Dr. Hickman: We'll get x-rays, but you're probably just gonna need some stitches.
Sully: Oh, is that all?
Davis: Buck up, tough guy.
Sully: I hate stitches.
Monroe: It's better than bleeding to death.

Dr. Fields (to Grace): There are protocols, procedures in your purview, and those that aren't.
Grace: Sometimes you gotta go outside those protocols.
Dr. Fields: That's not for you to decide. I have patients to see.
Grace: You don't know what it's like in the field.
Dr. Fields: I don't care what it's like.

Jelly: Someone killed Sergeant Wynn and Dombrowski from Narcotics.
Davis: With a bomb?
Jelly: Sure as hell wasn't natural causes.

Cruz (after one of the gunmen is looking for her): I'm Cruz.

Gunman: What's your name, cop?
Jelly: Go to hell.

Cruz: You okay, Jelly?
Jelly: Besides the load in my drawers, I'll make it.

Levine (to Kim): I think it's over out there.
Kim: I can't do this anymore.
Levine: Can I take a look at your cuts now?
Kim: I can't…
Levine: There might be pieces of glass or something in there.
Kim: I don't want this life anymore…
Levine: Let me see them. Kim, you saved our lives.
Kim: {crying} I don't want this anymore.

Jelly: I gotta clean my damn gun now. You know how much I hate to clean my gun. And look at my new suit.
Yokas: Jelly, they just took my partner upstairs with four bullets in him. Get over yourself.

Sully (to Davis): You look like crap.
Davis: Yeah, I couldn't stand all the attention Monroe was giving you, so I picked a fight with this guy.

Dr. Fields (to Grace): Dr. Stanfield called me. He's the surgeon that worked on the patient you brought in earlier. Mrs. Boscorelli.
Grace: Is she all right?
Dr. Fields: She's gonna be fine.
Grace: Something good happened, huh?
Dr. Fields: He complemented me. On the tracheotomy. Said it was perfectly done. Look, next time, call in and talk to me. I can authorize a lot of things for you. It'll keep us both out of trouble. I don't have to be the enemy.
Grace: Right. Next time.
Dr. Fields: Yeah, next time. And thanks. For what you did in the cast room.
Grace: I'd say you're welcome if I remembered it. The whole thing's kind of a blur.

Swersky (to Yokas): Monroe said you were going to see his mother. I can tell her.
Yokas: It should come from me.
Swersky: He's gonna make it, Faith.
Yokas: You didn't see him.
Swersky: He's Bosco.
Yokas: He's not Superman.

Yokas: Rose. Something happened downstairs. Maurice…these men came into the hospital. They were... they were looking to hurt us and um…they shot him. And he's in surgery. {crying} I'm so sorry.

Cruz: Where you been, Yoshi?
Yoshi: Been?
Cruz: Yeah. Where you been?
Yoshi: I told you, I went to the funeral.
Cruz: You never made it to the funeral.
Yoshi: Yeah. I got tied up.
Cruz: The funeral was why you didn't go on the raid with us.
Yoshi: I had something come up.
Cruz: Hmm. What was that?
Yoshi: It's personal.
Cruz: You only showed up here 'cause you thought I was dead.
Yoshi: Sarge, they said that…I didn't know they were gonna hurt anyone.
Cruz: What did you think they were gonna do, Yoshi!
Yoshi: They just wanted the names!
Cruz: Huh, what did you think they were gonna do?!
Yoshi: They just wanted the names! They could've gotten that much from the reports. The accident reports from when his son died. And then when I heard about the raid I tried to change it. I asked you not to go! Sarge, please…I can tell you were he lives. Donald Mann. I was there last night. I know where he is.

Grace: Uh, Kim, I, uh...
Kim: Not now.
Grace: Yeah, but I...
Kim: Not now. Look, for once can you just shut the hell up?

Kim: Carlos. Carlos, listen to me.
Carlos: What?
Kim: I'm not coming back tomorrow.
Carlos: What?
Kim: It's just, I…I've just decided I can't do this anymore. It was okay when I was younger and the adrenaline and the craziness. I want to be a wife…and a mom to this baby, and to Joey, and I can't do that if I don't know whether I'm gonna come home everyday.
Carlos: Kim…
Kim: No, Carlos, please. I've decided and don't try to talk me out of it 'cause it was a hard enough decision as it is and I just want you to know...
Carlos: Kim. I was gonna say that I understand.
Kim: You do?
Carlos: Yeah. I mean, you've given up a lot for this job. You're a great supervisor. And uh, I'm gonna miss you, but I get it. I get it.
Kim: I'm gonna miss you, too.
Carlos: Any chance you'll name that baby after me?
Kim: Absolutely none.

Cruz: Sergeant Cruz, 55th precinct.
Mann: You're Cruz? I thought...
Cruz: Wrong!
Mann: You killed my son.
Cruz: He died in an accident.
Mann: I don't believe in accidents.
Cruz: It doesn't matter what you believe!
Mann: Are you going to accidentally shoot me?
Cruz: Make a move.
Mann: I don't think so.
Cruz: Aren't you a tuff guy?
Mann: I'm a smart guy. I surrender.
Cruz: Just like that?
Mann: For now.

Mann (to Cruz): You must know people like you never beat people like me. A battle or two maybe, but never the whole war. Enjoy the limited life you have left, Sergeant Cruz.
Cruz: Is that a threat, Donald?
Mann: A guarantee. You think because I go to jail for a few hours, it's all over. This won't be over until all three of you...
[Faith comes up behind him, shoots and kills him]

Alone Again, Naturally [6.02][edit]

Yokas (to Cruz): What are you doing?
Cruz: He drew a knife and tried to stab me, so you shot him.
Yokas: I shot him because he killed my partner.
Cruz: He was already in custody.
Yokas: I know.
Cruz: Say it. He drew and tried to stab me.

Cruz (to Yokas): This is prison we're talking about. It's murder. You'll never see your family again.
Yokas: What the hell do you care what happens to me?
Cruz: He started the day trying to put you, me, and Bosco out of commission. Now, you do what you're thinking, and he got two out of three. It's not about you, or me. It's about not letting him win. Now say it! He drew the knife and tried to stab me.

Monroe: I hate walking into a dark apartment.
Davis: I'll get the lights.
Monroe: Knight in shining armor, huh?
Davis: Yeah, I wish. It would've helped when that guy was kicking my ass.
Monroe: You saved my life.
Davis: I could argue it was the other way around.

Captain Finney: So when I heard there was a shooting at the 5-5 tonight, how'd I know you were gonna be involved?
Cruz: You didn't call to see if I was all right?
Captain Finney: I went down to the morgue. I wanted to see this Donald Mann myself.
Cruz: I bet he looks good in a drawer.

Cruz: Are you accusing me of something?
Captain Finney: Not yet, Sergeant.
Cruz: You know where I'll be.
Captain Finney: Yeah, and I know where you're going.

Yokas (to the doctor about Bosco): When will he be able to go back to work?
Doctor: Officer Yokas, your partner's never going back to work. I mean, he'll be lucky if he can walk, talk, or feed himself. I'm sorry.

Miller (to Cruz as she is wearing a tank top): You working prostitution today?
Cruz: What?
Miller: Are you going undercover as a whore?
Cruz: No.
Miller: Then cover yourself up. My team will look professional at all times.
Cruz: Your team?
Miller: I'm Lieutenant Miller, your new boss.

Swersky: Welcome back to all of my mandatory 72-hour vacationers. I trust that you used the time to brush up on your summons skills, because that's what One PP is screaming for now.
Sully: Nobody shoot at me out there, maybe I'll bring 'em one.
Swersky: Let's hope the shooting is done for a long, long time.

Davis: You know what Sully always says in situations like this? "Crap."
Monroe: Crap.

Man: Officer Yokas?
Yokas: Yeah?
Man: Are you Officer Yokas?
Yokas: What do you want?
Man: Your husband is filing for divorce. You've been served.

Dispatcher {over radio}: 5-5 Charlie, return to the station house forthwith. Authority of the Platoon Commander.
Yokas: Fred probably complained.
Sully: Well, you did go to his work.
Yokas: You're right, Sully, things are starting to look up already.

Yokas: Fred is not getting the kids.
Sully: Yeah, my sister swore that she was gonna get full custody of her kids, too. Then the judge cited her hectic schedule and gave the kids to my lousy ex-brother-in-law.
Yokas: Was your ex-brother-in-law a drunk?
Sully: No. But from what I hear Fred used to be a drunk. And you're still a cop. So if I was you I would take this promotion and get myself a good lawyer.

Val: I didn't know what happened until later.
Jelly: You must've been flabbergasted.
Val: For real.

Cruz (to Miller): What the hell was that about?
Miller: What did I tell you this afternoon? You do nothing unless I authorize you to do it.
Cruz: Ignore crime that's happening right in front of me?
Miller: That's right. Unless I tell you to do something about it.
Cruz: Hell no.

Miller (to Cruz): The days of you running cowboy over these streets are over. We're going back to the basics: pros, decoys, pick pockets, guns, and only if I tell you do something about it. And if you got a problem with that, your exit paperwork is in my desk, filled out, ready for you to sign.
Cruz: Don't think you're gonna scare me off this job.
Miller: I don't give you that much thought.

Davis: Don't tell me about corruption. We're trying to make things right. And if getting the really bad people off the street means I gotta fudge the truth a little bit, every once in a while, I can live with that.
Monroe: Do you know how many brothers are in jail because of cops with that same mentality?
Davis: And how many brothers and sisters get hurt or killed everyday by people who should be in jail but they're not because they got around the system? Tell me that.
Monroe: I'm not gonna have your back on this.
Davis: You don't have to.

Captain Finney: What do you got?
Monroe: Nothing.
Captain Finney: When why the hell'd you call me?
Monroe: I think I may need to change precincts. Someone warned Cruz that there may be a plant in the 5-5.
Captain Finney: They say it was you?
Monroe: No, not really. She thinks it may be her new boss.

Captain Finney (to Monroe): Cruz sort of trusts you. We're not gonna get this sort of opportunity again.
Monroe: Yeah, but they suspect.
Captain Finney: Detective Monroe, I need to know what happened up on that roof. Sergeant Cruz murdered Donald Mann. Now there's risks that come with the job. You knew that when you signed up for IAB.
Monroe: What if it happened exactly the way they say it did? Yokas saved Cruz's life.
Captain Finney: I saw the body. Mann had handcuff marks on his wrists. Do you know how hard it is to pull a knife with handcuffs on? This is not about a free cup of coffee. This is about a murder.
Monroe: I get it.
Captain Finney: I want her. Don't call me until you have her.

Last Will and Testament [6.03][edit]

Swersky: Davis, you'll be in 5-5 David with a brand new probationary patrolman fresh from the academy.
Davis: A rookie? Seriously?
Swersky: Oh, after the fine homicide arrest you made the other day, I'm making you a Field Training Officer.

Swersky: The new officer's name is Brendan Finney.
Sully: Finney? He's gonna have a bitch of a time with that name. The only other Finney on the job I know is that filthy rat bastard Captain from IAB.
Swersky: Sully…
Sully: This guy's the dirtiest cop I know. Now he's the one that's investigating all of us.
Swersky: Sullivan! This is Probationary Officer Finney. Captain Finney's son.
Sully: You gotta be kidding me.

Finney (to Davis): Oh, I'd like to drive.
Davis: Oh, I'm sure you would. PPOs don't drive. I will let you do all the paperwork produced by our unit until I feel you've earned the right to drive. How about that?

Finney (to Davis): You really think I give a damn what you people think of my father?

Levine: Grace, what sign are you?
Grace: I don't know.
Levine: Everyone knows what sign they are.
Grace: Okay. How about I don't care?

Carlos: I'm a Virgo.
Levine: I know.
Carlos: The lover.
Levine: Virgo is the virgin.
Carlos: I knew it had something to do with sex.

Sully (to Monroe): CT Finney is scum. And anyone or anything that touched him is scum. You got a problem with that, I can drop you off back at the station.

Sully (about Finney): Do this punk a favor, Davis, and get him out of my face.

Davis (to Finney): I'm your Field Training Officer. That means I evaluate you at the end of each day. So far you've run another RMP off the road, you've pointed a gun at a 10-year-old, and you've completely disrespected a superior officer. I would suggest you adjust your attitude and start listening to me or your career's gonna be over before it starts. I don't give a damn who your daddy is.

Davis: He's on a motorcycle. He could be anyplace. He could be right here in this sector. A sector that you and I are responsible for. Did they not teach you that in the academy?
Finney: I know how this works. I grew up around it.
Davis: Oh, you grew up…You think you're a grown up? I've seen no indication of that.

Cruz (to Miller): You and I? We're probably never gonna be friends, okay? That's cool. You... you're doing your job, I'm doing mine. But I know this precinct. I know these streets. So instead of ordering me around all the time, why don't you just let me do my job? I'm damn good at it.

Finney (to Dr Hansen): When I got to your wife, she was conscious…and she asked me to write this down for you.
Dr. Chris Hansen: What hospital?
Finney: It's her, um… she wanted everything left to you.

Finney (to Dr. Hansen's husband & daughter): She wanted your daughter to know that there was nothing she couldn't do. Nothing she couldn't achieve. That she was special and smart and pretty. She wanted you to know that she wasn't frightened and she loved you both. I'm sorry.

Davis (to Finney): You did, uh, you did good.
Finney: Doesn't feel like it.
Davis: That's rough. That's the hardest thing you're ever gonna have to do.
Finney: They forgot to tell us about that at the academy.
Davis: Oh, everyday you're gonna come across things they never told you. The academy's like a foundation. Out here's where you learn to be a cop.
Finney: Ever feel like you weren't gonna be able to do it?
Davis: The job? Yeah. All the time. Look…when you're out here you can't control the day. That's what I was trying to tell you earlier. You... you don't get to choose what happens to you. And you don't just go running around balls out from one thing to the next. Doesn't work like that. The only real control you have is to be as prepared as you can possibly be. For whatever. Whatever the public needs from you that day. To me, that's what it means to be the police. So that's my little speech.

Carlos (after Levine kisses him): What the hell was that?
Levine: The beginning of a love-work relationship. Don't mess it up

Obsession [6.04][edit]

Emily (to Yokas): Do you have any idea how many times I wanted you to be somewhere for me and you didn't show up? I gotta go.
Yokas: Emily…
Emily: It sucks looking at an empty seat in the audience, doesn't it, mom?

Emily: I just can't deal with this anymore. I don't wanna be in the middle of you and Dad. I don't wanna be trying to figure out where I should be every night and who I'm supposed to side with.
Yokas: I'm not asking you to take sides with anyone, Emily. I was asking you to share an important night in my life.

Capt. Finney (to Monroe): No one made you sign up for the IAB.
Monroe: I thought I was looking for corruption.
Capt. Finney: Sergeant Cruz is corruption. She's a cancer on this department.

Capt. Finney (to Monroe): What would your friends at the 5-5 think if they knew the true nature of your assignment?
Monroe: What?
Capt. Finney: Get Yokas to talk to you about what happened that night, soon, or your jacket's on the internet.

Davis: Let's go, Finney. Let's go.
Finney: I don't need your protection, Davis.
Davis: Fine, kick his ass, Sully. I don't give a damn.

Grace: {singing} Carlos and Holly sitting in a tree…
Carlos: That's real mature!
Grace: K-I-S-S-I-N-G…

Sully: Vouchering property from a suicide is a good learning tool for our young officer here.
Swersky: Sure is. Handle it, Finney.
Finney: This isn't our job.
Swersky: Handle it.
Sully: {to Finney} And I bet you signed up for the glitz and glamour.

Finney: My father told me the only way to get used to stinker smell is stay in it. Your nose is lazy.
Jelly: Yeah? Who's your father, Mr. Science?

Grace (to Carlos): You ever see that guy before?
Carlos: The dead guy?
Grace: No. The cop. The one with the blue eyes.
Carlos: Blue eyes? Are you kidding me?
Grace: Hey, you got a girlfriend. Can't I look for that someone special too?
Carlos: I do not have a girlfriend!

The Hunter, Hunted [6.05][edit]

Miller: People used to believe that if you looked into a dead person's eye, you'd see a snapshot of the last thing they saw. You know how many times I wished that were true?

Finney: Your name is Grace Foster. You've only been at the 5-5 a couple of weeks. You worked in Bed-Stuy and want to go back there. But I'm hoping you won't until I get a chance to know you better.

Carlos (to Levine): We are not dating.
Levine: Okay, true. We haven't gone out on an official date yet.
Carlos: Official, unofficial, it... it... it doesn't matter. We're... we're never gonna date, ever, Levine. I don't even like you.
Levine: You gonna stand in the hallway all night?
Carlos: Are you listening to what I'm saying?
Levine: Yes, and so are my neighbors.

(The note left on the body: "For Lieutenant Miller. "I'm not going away.")
Miller: "For Lieutenant Miller." What the hell does that mean?

Miller (about the killer): He drains the blood completely and dumps 'em. There's never a print, never a fiber, never a hair, and never any DNA.
Swersky: And are all the notes addressed to you?
Miller: There's never been a note before.

Finney (to Grace): I had a bad car accident and that stinker, but, uh, they don't tell you about those in the academy.
Grace: Can you blame them?

Nurse (to Carlos): What happened to you now, Nieto?
Carlos: I really gotta stop getting hit in the head.
Grace: He's also displaying a bit of a repetitive speech problem.

Jeffrey: Lieutenant Miller. You know, I really thought it was gonna be a problem to get her in my van, because it's a residential area and I was just pulling her from right out of her house, but, you know, she really wanted a puppy. She really wanted a puppy, badly. Lieutenant Miller, I am not gonna wait for you forever! Her name is Tara Connelly and right now her blood is draining out, and you have 12 hours. Twelve hours to find her, otherwise she's gonna be just as dead as that girl was last night.

The Greatest Detectives in the World [6.06][edit]

Jeffrey: Miller is the best of the best. "The world's greatest detectives," right?

Jeffrey: Good cop, bad cop. Nicely done.
Yokas: Look, neither one of us feels much like playing good cop, so don't push your luck.

Miller (to Jeffrey): Smile, jag-off. {takes Jeffrey's picture} You're under arrest for the murder of Rebecca Hatfield. Get up. Take everything out of your pockets and remove any jewelry.
Jeffrey: Okay, see, sweetheart, this is called procedure.
Yokas: You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to have an attorney present during any questioning.
Yokas: Do you understand your rights?
Jeffrey: Yes, ma'am.
Yokas: Do you wish to answer any questions?
Jeffrey: Some.
Miller: {picking up Jeffrey's keys} What are these to?
Jeffrey: Oh, geez, see, that's one I don't want to answer.

Dr. Fields (to Carlos): You're gonna be all right.
Carlos: I told you, I'm a pro. I get hit in the head all the time.
Dr. Fields: You do?
Carlos: Umm, yeah?

Carlos: You said I was gonna be okay.
Dr. Fields: Repeated head trauma's serious.
Carlos: I don't get hit all the time. I exaggerate, a lot.

Finney (to Grace): What happened?
Grace: Like you, nothing I want to remember. Good night.
Finney: Grace, wait. Now, look, are you all right?
Grace: It was 15 minutes in a bathroom, Finney. Get over yourself.

Jeffrey: You know, when I got here, I was really angry. But now I'm just very disappointed. I expected a lot more from you people. I was in Dubuque, Iowa. And I saw this documentary on your little Son of Sam and the detective being interviewed was sitting underneath that big banner: "the greatest detectives in the world." And that's why I came here. That's why I came to New York.

Davis: You know, Carlos is in the hospital. Got hit in the head again.
Monroe: Oh, that's been happening a lot lately.

Jeffrey: I didn't want this from you! I came here to be stopped! I wanted Miller to stop me! The best of the best!
Yokas: You don't want to be stopped, Jeffrey! You think this is a game! And in a half an hour, all you will have done is hurt someone who is weaker than you! And if that somehow makes you feel important, then God… God help you.

Miller (to Jeffrey): You and I…are nothing alike, you rat bastard, son of a bitch. After I bring her home alive, I'm gonna make you real sorry you ever came to New York."

Capt. Finney: Sergeant Cruz, you're under arrest for the murder of Donald Mann. Confiscate her weapon. Cuff her.. Now get her out of here.

Leap of Faith [6.07][edit]

Cruz (as she is put in jail): You can't put me in there.
Cop: Captain Finney's orders.

Davis: If they both had their stories straight, the investigation was closed. Then what changed?
(Finney walks in)
Sully: Yeah, I wonder.
Davis: What?
Sully: Rat Junior shows up here and a month later one of us is behind bars. Nah, I'm sure that's just a coincidence.

Yokas: I need to call my lawyer and tell her that I'm not gonna be coming back.
IAB Cop: Look, we're talking about murder, okay? We're talking 25 to life. You better hope that having to postpone your little family court case is the biggest problem you have at the end of this day.

Grace: So, Lieu, what do you know about the new guy?
Walsh: He needs to buy a vowel for his last name.

Carlos (about Stu): I know him.
Walsh: You do?
Carlos: Well, I don't know him, I know of him. Interdepartmental basketball. He's their center. This is great.
Levine: Not for me. I was gonna play center.
Carlos: It's great because it means he's ugly.
Levine: What are you talking about?
Carlos: Well, excuse me, but some of us are sick and tired of the parade of Joe Hunky Fire Dudes who show up just long enough to get all the women all worked up then slither off into the sunset.
DK: As opposed to someone who just bothers 'em and won't go away.

Prisoner (to Cruz): Wherever I've seen you, I didn't like you

Prison Guard: Cruz! Cruz! Come on, come on.
Cruz: Speak up, I think a few people in Guam didn't hear you.
Prison Guard: I need a next of kin.
Cruz: I don't have one.
Prison Guard: Cousin? Aunt?
Cruz: I understand the concept. I don't have one.

Prisoner: If it wasn't her brother, it was somebody else's.
Cruz: Oh, that's brilliant.
Prisoner: Are you calling me stupid?
Cruz: No. Pissing off a cop who's gonna be out of here by five o'clock is... is genius.
Prisoner: Well, at least I know how to do some math, bitch. There's a whole bunch of us and one of you.
Cruz: Fine. I'm scared. I'm gonna be over in the corner trembling, bitch.

Kathy: I'm fine, so… never mind.
Carlos: Well, there's paperwork for "never mind" so you might as well just let us in.

Kathy: I guess I wanted to, you know, see what it was like to do drugs. So I took a bunch of pills then I instantly regretted it, but it was too late. I called you guys because I didn't know how long I had and I hate those stories when the neighbors call the police because they smell a bad odor. So if I died, I wanted to make sure somebody found me right away.

Carlos (to Kathy): So, um, let me get this straight. You thought that you were gonna die from eating too many antacid tablets?
Kathy: That won't kill me?
Carlos: Maybe if you're eating them when you're walking out into traffic...
Levine: Carlos.
Carlos: ...or something. Um, actually, you shouldn't exceed the recommended dose of any medication unless you first consult your physician.
Kathy: Even if I'm just taking them to get high?
Carlos: Especially then. Yeah, you shouldn't abuse medicine for any reason, ever.

Levine (about Carlos): She's obviously suicidal.
Carlos: Oh, come on. If she wanted to kill herself all she had to do was go...
Levine: Would you keep your voice down? She doesn't need instructions.
Carlos: I am not gonna spend the rest of the day at Bellevue because some wack job tried to get high on Rolaids. I'm not.

Rivers (to the judge about Cruz): Your Honor, my client has been a member of the NYPD for ten years. She hasn't missed a day of work except when injured in the line of duty. She's not exactly a flight risk.
Ross: To the contrary, Your Honor. The defendant has a list of civilian complaints lodged against her the size of the Manhattan yellow pages, and she's been the subject of three Internal Affairs investigations. Additionally, she has no living relatives or any other ties to the community. If she has a brain cell, she already has a plane ticket in her pocket.
Rivers: That's blatantly and demonstrably false, Your Honor.
Judge Stark: That she has a brain cell or a plane ticket? Sergeant Cruz, do you, or do you not have ties to the community?
Cruz: Depends on your definition.
Judge Stark: What happened to your face?
Cruz: I… tripped over my ties to the community.

Judge Stark: In the meantime, the defendant will be held at the Riker's Island detention center.
Cruz: You can't be serious.
Judge Stark: Next case.
Rivers: Your Honor, permission to approach?
Judge Stark: Next case, as in the one after this one.
Cruz: That's a death sentence and you know it.
Judge Stark: A death sentence without a trial? Who would do a thing like that? I'm a big fan of due process.

Levine: Carlos, the woman ate a bunch of pills and now there's a gas leak in her building. Do you see?
Carlos: I see you're hell-bent on ruining this day.

Prisoner (about Cruz): Dead bitch walking.

Levine (to Kathy): First you "accidentally" swallow a bunch of antacids.
Kathy: That wasn't an accident. That was a bad decision.
Levine: Okay. But then you "accidentally" turn the gas on, leave it on with all the windows closed. A person might think you're trying to harm yourself.
Kathy: I see what you mean, but really, I'm fine.
Levine: I don't believe you.
Carlos: Oh, and I'm insensitive?

Levine (about Kathy): She turned the burner on "light" mode and then just walked away to lie on the couch. She didn't notice the ticking sound?
Carlos: Maybe she couldn't hear it over all the voices in her head.

Yokas: No Circuit City open-box-special, for starters. And I want a witness.
Capt. Finney: I brought a witness.
Yokas: No, I want a witness that doesn't file you under "Boss" in his Rolodex. In fact, I want two. And I want a deal.
Capt. Finney: You want a deal?
Yokas: Full immunity.
Capt. Finney: And you'll tell me everything?
Yokas: Every detail.

Monroe: Is that a woman on that ledge?
Sully: Oh, hell.

Yokas: The bruises in the photos of Donald Mann's wrists were caused by handcuffs. Sergeant Cruz had handcuffed Donald Mann before I arrived at the scene. She had taken him into custody and was on the way out with him, down to the car to bring him in. To book him. And that's when I shot him.
Capt. Finney: You mean that when she shot him.
Yokas: No. I shot him.

Capt. Finney: You think you're gonna play me?
Yokas: You wanted to know what happened.
Capt. Finney: I want the truth.
Yokas: I told you the truth.
Capt. Finney: I want the truth. You're a liar. I want the truth and I want it now.
Yokas: No you don't. You want Cruz. I am telling you the truth. I shot Donald Mann. I did it because I thought he killed Bosco. I didn't care what happened to me. Cruz was trying to protect me.

Kathy: I'm just so… tired.
Carlos: Take a nap. Look, you gotta hang in there and see how things are gonna turn out, 'cause you could miss out on something great just because you gave up on it before you gave it a chance. (Carlos looks at Levine) Gotta give things a chance.

Sully (to Finney): Listen, Junior Hero. I know you think your ass is special because your old man's a honcho. But your old man is a thug, a thief, and a murderer. And nothing you ever do on this job's gonna change that.

Sully (to Davis): I'm gonna tell you this story one time. I'm gonna tell you the "see spot run" version and when I'm done telling you, we're done with it. It was a long time ago. There were a bunch of dirty cops who were taking payoff money from drug dealers. About a dozen or so of them. Some you never heard of… your father and CT Finney. When it became clear that the house of cards was gonna cave in, the rest of the gang had a brainstorm. They'd pin it on the black guy. 'Cause, you know, 'cause that would be an easy thing to do. Your father saw it coming. Decided to head 'em off at the pass. CT Finney got wind of it. You know the rest.
Davis: What are you saying? What, Captain Finney killed my father?
Sully: Your father was going to IAB the next day. We got a bogus call. Your father ended up dead. A month later, CT Finney's in a nice corner office downtown. You can draw your own conclusions.

Yokas (to Cruz): I can't figure this. Why the hell would you go through all that to protect me?
Cruz: I don't rat out cops.
Yokas: Look, we're not friends. I don't even like you.
Cruz: You know what? I spent the entire day with a bunch of people telling me how much they don't like me. So you wanna fight, let's go. Let's go, let's just get it over with.
Yokas: I told you that night I didn't want you to be involved.
Cruz: I was already involved. He was my prisoner.
Yokas: And I told you that I would face my punishment...
Cruz: This isn't about you! I don't rat on cops. It makes no difference who they are or whether I like them or not. I don't rat on cops.
Yokas: I don't owe you anything, Cruz. I didn't want you to do this.
Cruz: Fair enough.

Broken [6.08][edit]

Davis: You know who Cathal Finney is?
Monroe: Yeah, it's Brendan's Father.
Davis: Yeah, um… Sully thinks he killed my dad.

Swersky: Councilman Daniels' wife has been calling the PC's office off the hook. Husband didn't come home last night.
Sully: What's she want us to do?

Carlos (to Grace): Girls always want the honey when other bees start buzzing around it. Look, if it doesn't work out, I'll break you off some.

Grace: You guys got here fast.
Cruz: We've had an APB out on Councilman all night.
Carlos: He's a jerk.
Grace: Would you stop?
Carlos: He punched me, on my good side.
Cruz: You have a good side?

Finney (to Davis): I thought you and I were partners. You got problems, so do I.
Davis: This ain't Boy Scouts, Fin.

Sully (after hitting the rapist with his car): You dented my car, moron!

Finney (to CT Finney): Yeah, I'm learning a lot from Davis too, you know? I was expecting Denzel in Training Day, but, you know, he's nothing like that.

Davis (to Morris): I don't get it, man. 21 years ago, you were begging for somebody to listen to you. Why are you flipping the script now? What's he got on you? Is he sending your mom checks? Kicking you back cigarette money? What?

Cruz: It's over. Put the gun down.
Daniels: No.
Cruz: Jonathan…don't do this.
Daniels: I'm not doing anything. You are.
Cruz: I'm not gonna shoot you.
Daniels: How can I live with this?!
Cruz: How's your family gonna live without you? Huh?
Daniels: Stop talking. Just do it!
Cruz: You don't wanna die.
Daniels: I'm dead already.
Cruz: I know what it feels like. I know what it feels like to…to wanna wash the filth off you.
Daniels: Pull the trigger.
Cruz: You think it was hard for you to step up? I'm a police sergeant.
Daniels: Do it!
Cruz: I do that, they win. We can't let them win.

Cruz (to Daniels) You went to Yale. You'll get this knocked down. You'll be out in no time and then you'll write a book about it. That's what happens to people like you. I, on the other hand, have to get up every day, by myself, and talk worthless pieces of crap of ledges! Now, I'm not gonna ask you again... get up!

Sully (to Davis): If I had gone up against the department on this, do you think they would've let your mother keep your father's pension? Huh? How was she supposed to take care of you and your sisters? How was she supposed to pay for you to go to Columbia?
Davis: Well, that doesn't make it right.
Sully: This isn't about being right. This is about what is. I keep trying to tell you we're solving problems out here and that's what I did.
Davis: That wasn't enough, Sul.
Sully: All right, you know what? You can think whatever you wanna think. I don't give a damn. But don't you ever question my loyalty to your father again. You don't have that right.

Brian (to Monroe): I gotta be honest with you, Detective. You're going up against people who had no problem killing a cop. They don't care about your family, or Davis'. They will do whatever it takes to protect their money, because that's what this is about. Don't think you're here on the sly. They're already 12 steps ahead of you, so be careful. These guys will take out anyone who stands in their way.

Sins of the Father [6.09][edit]

Yokas (to Bosco): How's your ma? {Bosco makes a talking motion} No kidding. Right? I've been stuck here listening to her by myself a few times. And I gotta tell you, anybody that would do that more than once is a good friend.

Yokas: I forgot…how many personal things I tell you. Guess I forgot how much I talk to you. You know? Because you weren't there for me to talk to. I miss you, Bosco.

Davis (to Sully): I don't know what's worse: you standing by and doing nothing when they murdered my father or blaming the fact that you didn't do anything about it on my family. You're a coward.

Yokas: I have a daughter myself, Mrs. Bukhari, and I'll... I'll make sure that they take good care of her.
Mr. Bukhari: But your daughter's not dead.
Yokas: No, sir.
Mr. Bukhari: So you really can't mention her in this context, can you?

Jelly (to Mr. Bukhari): Did your daughter have any problems? With anyone? Any enemies?
Mr. Bukhari: She's a Muslim living in America. Everybody is her enemy, aren't they?

Swersky (to Sully): You're riding with Finney.
Sully: No, I'm not.
Swersky: Davis is on a personal. Monroe is out of commission. What am I running, a nursery? You got a grudge, sort it out.

Davis (to Captain Finney): I know what you did to my dad.
Capt. Finney: You're sadly mistaken, son.
Davis: I'm not your son. And I'm not mistaken.
Davis: I'm not talking about this without a PBA attorney.
Capt. Finney: Why? You got something to hide?
Davis: {looking at Monroe} Don't we all?
Capt. Finney: Young man, the only thing I want you to understand is that things are never exactly as they seem.
Davis: Except for the fact that I am gonna make you pay for what you did.

Monroe: Ty. Ty. Please just talk to me. Just listen to what I have to say.
Davis: What?! What?! What could you possibly say? What?
Monroe: It's not how it looks.
Davis: Oh, it's not? You're not IAB? You don't work for Cathal Finney?

Mrs. Bukhari (to Yokas): You think you should tell the rest of the world how to live, but you have children murdering each other in your streets.
Yokas: I can't argue that. We have a lot of problems. But I... I think we're still a decent society.
Mrs. Bukhari: And our customs are barbaric?
Yokas: You mean honor killings?
Mrs. Bukhari: That's a part of it.
Yokas: Then yes, ma'am, I... I think the way that your culture treats women is barbaric.
Mrs. Bukhari: But my daughter died here, for the same reason. So then tell me, what difference did your decent society make?

Yokas (to Emily): I missed a lot of things when you were growing up. Things that were important to you.
Emily: I know that if you could have, you would have been there.
Yokas: I haven't been what you needed. I'm sorry for that.
Emily: You're sorry for showing me that a woman can be a good mother and have a career too? And…and for teaching me that no matter what gets in your way, you never give up? And that we can fight and say terrible things to each other and no what we love each other? You're sorry for that? I'm proud to be your daughter. I mean, if it's okay, I wanna live with you.
Yokas: {crying} It's okay.

Rat Bastard [6.10][edit]

Swersky (during roll call): Okay, listen up! I got a few announcements.
Davis: Yeah, I got one too, Lieu. Um…Monroe made detective everybody. Actually, I guess you always were one, right? I got called down to IAB yesterday, had a little chat with Captain Finney, all of a sudden our little community-oriented holier-than-thou Detective Monroe walks in, yelling at Captain Finney about her cover being blown. Her IAB cover.

Sully (to Monroe): Filthy rat bitch.

Monroe (after Davis rats her out): You didn't have to do that.
Davis: You have a good day.

Monroe (to Swersky): With all due respect sir, I'd like to stay.
Swersky: No, you're on a desk until I can get you the hell out of my precinct.

Swersky (to Monroe): No one is gonna ride with you and I am not putting you out there alone.
Finney: I'll ride with her.
Davis: What?
Sully: Now why does that not surprise me?
Monroe: You don't have to do that, Brendan.
Davis: Yeah, Brendan, you're having enough trouble fitting in around here.
Finney: Look, I don't give a damn about fitting in, man.

Stu: Stu Szczelaszczyk.
Carter: Ah, don't ask me to pronounce that. That's, uh…
Stu: My dad took me to see my first Carter Savage film when I was 6.
Carter: Please tell me that you're only 12 now.

Monroe (to Monroe): So why'd you tell Swersky you'd ride with me?
Finney: When I was younger, I was always sticking up for the unpopular kids.

Sully (to Davis): I'm gonna testify against Finney if she can make a case.
Davis: What made you change your mind?
Sully: Same thing that made me keep my mouth shut when I figured out CT Finney killed your old man… You.

Cruz (to Monroe): I almost lost my life at Rikers.
Monroe: Are you crazy?!
Cruz: I will kick your ass!

Cruz (to Monroe): We're not through, bitch!

{A dead rat hangs in Monroe's locker}
Davis (to Monroe): Looks like Christmas came early for you.

Finney (as Monroe goes after Skeeter): Monroe, you got nothing to prove.
Monroe: Just make sure you have my back.
Finney: Monroe, wait. Monroe!

Finney: Come on, Sasha. Step back. Let me cuff this guy. Davis, talk to her, man.
Davis: She can do whatever the hell she wants to do.
Skeeter: Oh? That's what it is? Y'all gonna let her shoot me and y'all gonna cover it up? Huh?
Finney: Sasha, come on. Come on, Sasha. You don't wanna do this. Don't give these guys the satisfaction to see you go down like this. Sasha, look at me. Come on.

Finney (to Davis): Man, what the hell happened to you?
Davis: Sasha Monroe.

Sully: Brian McKinley was murdered?
Yokas: You know him?
Sully: I used to.
Jelly: Found a Plus-P bullet in his brain.
Sully: Police bullet?
Davis: Sharon told me that Raymond Morris was killed last week. Right after I talked to him.
Yokas: Who's Raymond Morris?
Sully: The drug dealer that murdered his father.
Davis: Now this IAB guy's dead. This is CT Finney. He's out of control.

Forever Blue [6.11][edit]

Sharon (to Sully): You could end up in prison, a disgraced ex-cop.
Sully: I disgraced myself the moment I decided to keep my mouth shut. This is my one chance to get my dignity back.

Monroe (to Sully): You wanna work with me?
Sully: I don't like you. But we have something in common.
Monroe: What?
Sully: Ty.

Monroe: I joined IAB because I wanted to. I'm a black woman, so in order for me to get ahead I gotta work ten times harder and be 100% better. They told me I could help the department find the bad apples and in two years I'd have my gold shield. I'm not apologizing for any of that.

Monroe: Hey Sully?
Sully: Yeah?
Monroe: How much 70's music do you have?

Tommy Boy: What the hell have you done, Sully?
Sully: What we all should've done 20 years ago. Told the truth.

Sully: You know, all I ever wanted to be was a good cop.
Monroe: It's not too late.

Sully: How can I convince these guys to come back and tell the truth when I'm not even telling the truth myself?

Danny: How many times have we talked about this, Scotty? Fixing it.
Murray: It can't be fixed. He's dead, stupid.
Danny: We can do what we can, Scotty.

Murray: Why can't you just leave this alone?!
Sully: Ty Davis, Junior is why, man. He's a cop now. A good one. CT's gonna take him out too if we don't stop him.

Davis (to Finney): Yeah, I need to talk to you, man.
Finney: What? You couldn't wait a half an hour? I'm on my way to work right now.
Davis: It's about your father.
Finney: Well, what about my father?
Davis: Something happened today and I want you to hear it from me.

The "L" Word [6.12][edit]

Cruz: You are the man, John Sullivan.
Sully: Is that right?
Cruz: Goodbye King Rat.

Carlos: What is it with women and the "L" word?
Grace: "The "L" Word"?
Carlos: You know…love.
Grace: Okay, look, first of all, it's not all women. I mean, I have never told any guy that I love him. Secondly, I think Levine pretty much loves everyone.

Capt. Finney: This department used to know what loyalty and honor was. We used to have each other's backs.
McInerney: No. No. We were just afraid of each other.

Davis: He's going down, Sully. Don't worry about it.
Sully: No, he's not. He was right. A patrol cop is never gonna be able to bring down a captain of the NYPD. This is what I was trying to tell you, Davis. This is real life. Nothing ever turns out the way you think it's going to. Good guys don't always win, the bad guys don't always lose. It's never simple, it's never easy. This guy's gonna win. He's gonna beat this. And the people that are going down are the grunts. People like you and me. People like your father.

Finney: Damn it, Dad, I don't care about that. I don't give a damn if they're jealous. I don't give a damn if this case isn't prosecutable.
Capt. Finney: What the hell is it, then?
Finney: Is it true?
Capt. Finney: That's gotta be tough to ask that question.
Finney: No varnish, Dad. No technicalities, no legal BS. Just a simple answer, yes or no?

Santiago: Just got the prints back.
Cruz: That was fast.
Santiago: Hey, I'm Dominican, baby. We work fast.
Cruz: I've heard.

Capt. Finney (to Brendan): I want to say I'm proud of you…and I love you.
Finney: Wait, what'd you say?
Capt. Finney: I said I love you.
Davis: What's going on?
Finney: He said "I love you."
Davis: What are you talking about?
Finney: He's never said that before.

Finney (to a deceased Capt. Finney): Finney: You son of a bitch, don't do this!

Carlos (to Levine): For a while today I thought you were in that explosion. I knew you were going there. I heard it come over the radio and I... My stomach flipped, I freaked out. I didn't know what to do. I've never felt that way before, worrying about someone like that.
Levine: What are you saying?
Carlos: Your story about Jerusalem and the bombs. Everyone calling their loved ones…Who did you call, Holly? I got out of the bus and ran the last five blocks. I was afraid. Afraid that I'd lost you. But you didn't call me. You say "I love you" but you didn't call.
Levine: I... I was…
Carlos: It's not about saying the word. It's about actions. It's the best that I can give you right now, and if that's not good enough for you, then I am sorry, but it's all that I can give you.

Cruz (to Rice): So, is it working?
Rice: Hmm?
Cruz: The Task Force. I mean…are we getting them?
Rice: All the buildings that were standing on September 12th are still standing today.
Cruz: Mm hmm, but…
Rice: Guys like this are working hard every day to change that.
Cruz: Yeah, but how do you fight an enemy whose only purpose in life is to die?
Rice: Their purpose is to kill as many of us as possible. Dying is just one of the methods.
Cruz: How do you fight it?
Rice: A little luck, coincidence, preparation. You just gotta be willing to work harder than they do.
Cruz: So it never ends. Just…always.

The Other "L" Word [6.13][edit]

{While outside the firehouse, during the hazmat inspection of the 55th precinct}
Sully (to Swersky): Any news?
Swersky: Did ya get into another fight?
Sully: Between FDNY bitching about their coffee cake and Jelly tryin' to talk them into givin' up their chips, I'd rather be out here.
Swersky: It should be over soon.

Carlos (to Rice): How the hell could you not tell us this guy was contaminated?!
Rice: Well, we didn't know for sure.
Carlos: His teeth were falling out onto the table. You thought it was a cold?
Rice: You know, this is a delicate situation here.
Carlos: So are my testicles! I might wanna have a family one day.
Rice: Yeah, well if we don't stop guys like this, you may never see a "some day."

DK: What fat-ass cop ate the last of the coffee cake?

Newscaster: In other police news, we're getting reports that the 55th precinct has been evacuated at this hour. We have no details yet as to why…
Emily: What does that mean?
Yokas: It means I'm glad I'm not working tonight.

Davis: You guys had to evacuate?
Sully: Cruz and a detective from the JTTF brought in a contaminated prisoner.
Davis: Thought I was having a weird day.
Sully: Yeah?
Davis: Yeah. CT Finney's dead.
Sully: What?!
Davis: Died in his garage. He was working on his car.
Sully: Working on his car?

Sully: Never thought I'd wanna get back into that crappy old building so bad.

Rice: There's a thousand terrorists working real hard in this country everyday, trying to find ways to kill us. I woke up on 9/11 and I knew that for me, fighting them was the only thing worthwhile in law enforcement anymore.

Emma: No cell phones, Nieto. That's staff only. You can use the phone in the medic lounge.
Carlos: It's an important call.
Emma: As soon as I take your blood, you can go to the lounge.
Carlos: How would you like it if your boyfriend was trying to call to explain some misunderstanding, but some heartless nurse wouldn't let him use the phone?
Emma: Don't have boyfriend.
Carlos: Well, maybe it's your attitude.
Grace: Emma! He is not gonna shut up.
Emma: Use the cell phone, Nieto. Make it fast.

Finney (to Davis): I keep getting this feeling that everybody knows.
Davis: Of course they know, Brendan. The man was "working on his car" in a suit. They're professional police officers. It doesn't matter that they know. This is…this is what they do. They all showed up at my house, too. I was seven years old, but I can still see 'em. Whispering to each other, looking at us. They all knew my dad had another family. They knew he was taking money. Sure some of 'em knew the guys that killed him were right there in the room. Nobody says anything. If the story's at all plausible and makes 'em look good, they go with it. It's what they do.

Bosco (to Yokas): Where'd you park?
Yokas: Right out front…That's 5-5 David.
Bosco: How'd you do that?
Yokas: What do you think, I'm not gonna go all out for my partner?
Bosco: Thank you. Thank you, Faith.

Cruz (to Santiago about Rice): You know, he woke up after 9/11 and... and wanted to make sure it never happened again. All I ever thought about was "why is everyone so surprised? Of course bad things happen. I deal with it every single day. I wasn't surprised that those guys could kill thousands of people. That's what we do to each other.

{about Levine}
Carlos: She left me a note on the door.
Grace: What does it say?
Carlos: That I was right and that she's going home.
Grace: "Home"? Where's home?
Carlos: I don't know, Grace. I don't know.

Mrs. Rice (to Cruz): We got a four-year-old at home. I don't know what I'm gonna tell him.
Cruz: Tell him… his father is a hero. And that he's…definitely a lucky man. He's gonna pull through.

Dr. Fields: Sergeant Cruz. Something came up on you blood test last night.
Cruz: I know.
Dr. Fields: Yeah, but this is…
Cruz: I know what the test showed.
Dr. Fields: This is advanced.
Cruz: Very.
Dr. Fields: Are you receiving any treatment?
Cruz: No.
Dr. Fields: Okay, look, some forms of...
Cruz: No, no, not this one, okay? Do I have any sort of privacy rights here?
Dr. Fields: Privacy?
Cruz: Yeah, you can't tell anybody what's on here, right?
Dr. Fields: Well, it's confidential, but…
Cruz: Thanks.

The Kitchen Sink [6.14][edit]

Sully (about Finney): What the hell is he doing back here so soon?
Davis: I dunno. I guess he wanted to be here.
Sully: Is he all here, though?

Grace: Doesn't it seem wrong to be just waiting for someone to get hurt?
Carlos: Isn't that what we always do?

Davis (to Finney): What's going on with you?
Finney: Maybe I don't wanna be around all these cops.
Davis: Maybe you should get another job.

Finney (about the little boy, Ben): He called me, Davis. He asked me to help him. I'm not just going back in service and waiting.

Davis: If this guy really loves his son, maybe he won't hurt him.
Finney: You didn't hear Ben. He was so afraid, Davis.

Yokas (to Jelly): Have you ever heard of a machine called "Abdi-" something?
Jelly: Sounds like a workout thing.

Finney (to Ben): Come on. Let's go see your mom.
Ben: My mom?
Finney: Yeah, she's upstairs with her husband.
Ben: She's not dead?
Finney: No, buddy. She's gonna be all right.

Grace (to Carlos): Stop it, all right.
Carlos: Stop what?
Grace: You've been nasty all day.
Carlos: What, you think this guy's candidate for Father of the Year?
Grace: You know what I'm talking about.
Carlos: She said she loved me.
Grace: Then I'm sure she does.
Carlos: You don't just leave when you love someone.
Grace: Sometimes you do.

Grace: All I know for sure is you have no idea when she's really feeling until you talk to her again.
Carlos: Right. And how am I supposed to do that, Grace?
Grace: Be patient until she comes back. And stop bitching at me.
Carlos: Thought you were tough.
Grace: Give me blood and guts all day. Love? Pass.

Ben: I still love my daddy.
Finney: Of course you do. We want 'em to be perfect, right? But they're not. They're just people.
Ben: Did yours ever do anything bad?
Finney: What?
Ben: You dad.
Finney: Yeah, he did.
Ben: And you still love him?
Finney: Yeah, I do.

Monroe: Ty, I really need to talk to you.
Davis: Good night.
Monroe: It's important.
Davis: What, you're FBI now?
Monroe: No, I'm not a detective anymore. Swersky said I could ride with Sullivan and get my shield the right way.
Davis: Well, if you took a demotion just for me, that's a pay cut for nothing.
Monroe: I did it out of respect for this.
Davis: I appreciate what you did, taking down CT Finney. Doesn't change things.
Monroe: I miss you.
Davis: Well, you should've thought about that before you stabbed me in the back.

Davis: You should've told me who you were, Sasha.
Monroe: Yeah, but you wouldn't of stayed with me.
Davis: How do you know that? How do you know that? You have no idea what I would've done for you.

Finney (to Grace): What would you think about…I don't know…making this a little more permanent?
Grace: Permanent?
Finney: Look, I don't mean married or nothing, just, you know…kinda…kinda like…you know, boyfriend and girlfriend.
Grace: Boyfriend and girlfriend.
Finney: Hey, look, I know I got a lot of family things going on right now. My family's messed up. I don't know how my partner and I are. But the one thing I know for sure is I'm not gonna meet anybody like you again. And I don't wanna mess this up.

Carlos: Kiss him, stupid!
Grace: Damnit, Carlos, go home!
Carlos: Amateurs.
Finney: So kiss him, stupid.

Revelations [6.15][edit]

In the Family Way [6.16][edit]

Kingpin Rising [6.17][edit]

Too Little, Too Late [6.18][edit]

Danielle (to the welfare worker): You called the police!?
Welfare Worker: No, I clicked my heels and they came.
Bosco: Let's go.
Danielle: No, see, you need to be taking her in for impersonating a customer service representative.
Welfare Worker: Stupid bitch.
Bosco: Way to defuse the situation. Fantastic.
Monroe: Coming down here, throwing a fit isn't gonna help the situation.
Danielle: Well, where do I go to throw a fit, huh!? 'Cause something's gotta be done!

Welfare Worker (about Danielle): She needs to fill out a A-174 form combined with a A-297 release and downtown will work it out.
Monroe: That could take weeks.
Welfare Worker: Welcome to the world of welfare.

Monroe: Carlos.
Carlos: What?
Monroe: I'm pregnant. He doesn't know. Don't tell him.
Grace: We won't.

Bosco (to Tania): She pushed your sister in the line of fire.
Tania: You…shot my sister.
Bosco: This was an accident, Tania. I swear.
Tania: I don't believe you.

Swersky: Something bad happened today.
Davis: Something bad? What? What happened?
Swersky: Monroe was shot.
Davis: She gonna be okay?
Swersky: Yeah.
Davis: What, she's in....
Swersky: No, but Davis, she was pregnant.
Davis: She was…
Swersky: She lost the baby.
Davis (softly): What?
Swersky: I'm sorry.

Bosco (to Monroe): Look, I might not like what you did, but I would never do this. You gotta know that. I'm sorry.

Welcome Home [6.19][edit]

How Do You Spell Relief? [6.20][edit]

End of Tour [6.21][edit]

Santiago (to Cruz): Swersky said to make sure you got home safe. That's what I'm gonna do.
Cruz: Well, Swersky's a lieutenant, but I'm the boss you gotta deal with day to day.
Santiago: Yeah, but, uh, you collar some mutt on the "D" train tonight and Swersky will have me directing traffic in the morning.

Davis: Maybe we should go.
Monroe: Him you listen to?
Davis: He's a medical professional. (to Grace) Not that you're not. Because you are. I'm not just listening to him. I'm listening to everybody and...I gotta go to the house and change.

Yokas (to Jonathan): Put your hands behind your back.
Jonathan: Excuse me?
Yokas: Cuff him. You have the right to remain silent, and I suggest that you use it, you son of a bitch.

Jennifer: Detective! Can I just say that was amazing.
Yokas: I don't know. Can I just say that you're an idiot?

Marcel: Shooting that little boy earlier didn't bother you? Or all the innocent people who been killed in your war? I still know what's going on on my streets.
Cruz: This isn't my war and these are definitely not your streets.

Yokas (to Jennifer): You get a little tingle inside when there's a plane crash, don't you? The more fire and death the better. Maybe somebody on board was local so you can do the human interest stuff. Or a good robbery-homicide and stick a microphone in some wife's face and ask her how she feels. The more blood and gore the better?

Goodbye to Camelot [6.22][edit]

Sully: The 55 closed that day. The one I knew anyway. It's being rebuilt ten blocks away. The thing is the new precinct won't be on the corner of King and Arthur anymore, so there won't be any Camelot. The idea of Camelot, a place where heroes gather in force, before going out to battle, that'll still be alive, and whatever building becomes the 55, it lives in every police station and fire station in the city, hell in the country, in the world for that matter. Bob Swersky retired as the deputy chief. He spends his days playing with his 12 grandkids; being our boss prepared him for that pretty well. DK took over the squad when Billy Walsh got promoted to battalion chief. Stu LottaZ's ended up taking over Jimmy Doherty's rescue squad. Stu, DK, and Walsh saved 17 people one day from a garment factory fire. They all won medals of honor. Carlos and Holly got married. Today they've got three kids and a big house on Staten Island. Ty says Carlos is a good father. He finally found the family he always wanted. Ty and Sasha are still seeing each other. They say they are going to get married once their careers slow down, but I think it's gonna be a while. He's an anti-crime Lt. in charge of half of Manhattan, and Sasha's running for city council. According to the papers I get up here, she's leading the polls. Brendan is Lt. Davis's sergeant on the anti crime task force. They make a pretty good team. Their troops have more arrests than any team in the city. Grace Foster put 3 more years on the street and then became an instructor for the EMS. She couldn't work out in the field anymore, being pregnant and all. In the end her mother was right, she became a teacher. She and Brendan are celebrating their first anniversary next week. When Faith reported to Major Crime, she got a surprise. Her boss, besides leading the department of homicide clearances, never lost her compassion for cases that involved a kid. She and Captain Miller are thinking about moving in together, after Emily finishes college that is. Maritza Cruz was awarded the medal of honor. Intelligence estimates that the amount of firearms recovered from that building saved numerous lives, mostly police officers. To this day, someone places a single rose on her grave every morning. Bosco, well Bosco's doing the same thing he's always done; balls out, every day, every job, kicking ass, taking names, and being the police. Me, I've found my own little piece of heaven, a small cabin, 108 feet away from a beautiful lake, nothing but peace and quiet, the one thing I do battle with now is the occasional northern. But I consider myself lucky to be a part of that brotherhood, even for a little while..... CRAP!

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