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Thomas & Friends Season 14

Thomas' Tall Friend

Gordon: Will he blow over?
Edward: Why's he so spotty?
Percy: Does he sit down?

James in the Dark

James: This lamp will make me look silly! Everyone at the concert will look their best except me!

Pingy Pongy Pick Up

Emily: 2, 4, 6, 8! We're the team that won't be late! Sodor United!

Charlie and Eddie

Edward: Okay, Charlie. I have a joke for you! How do you know when an engine is eating?
Charlie: Errr, I don't know, Eddie. Tell me!
Eddie (Edward): You hear it "choo-ing"!
Charlie: That's a good one, Eddie! You really are the most fun of all!

Toby and the Whistling Woods

Toby: I'm not scared of the Whistling Woods. I'll puff straight on like Thomas would!

Henry's Health and Safety

Victor: [to Henry] Watch out now for health and safety. Anything dangerous must be taken away. If not… BAM!

Diesel's Special Delivery

The school children: Hooray for Diesel! Now we won't be wet! Hip, hip, hooray for Diesel! Well done, Diesel!

Pop Goes Thomas

Thomas: If I bounce along the track, perhaps that sound will soon come back. The sound that makes me smile and giggle when I puff on tracks that jiggle!

Victor Says Yes

'Arry and Bert: We were here first!

Thomas in Charge

The Fat Controller: Thomas, you are a really useful engine. I am very proud of you!
The Railway Inspector: And I am very pleased to see such a busy engine. I wasn't sure, but now I know the Fat Controller's Railway is the best!

Merry Winter Wish

Salty: It's called the Star of Knapford. It's a very special star. If an engine passes by it, they can make a wish and maybe, just maybe, their wish will come true.

Being Percy

Gordon: Out of my way! Express coming through!

Percy: Out of my way! Mail coming through!

The Fat Controller: Percy, why do you want to be Gordon? You're perfect being Percy and that's what I want you to be!

Henry's Magic Box

The Fat Controller: Henry, you are an old and kind engine, but you worry too much!

Thomas and the Snowman Party

Thomas: I found a hat, I found a hat! The children will be pleased with that!

Thomas' Crazy Day

Jumping Jobi Wood!

The Fat Controller: Thomas, what is going on?! The Mayor is waiting for the Jobi wood, Edward is swinging on a bridge. logs are jumping like frogs and–
James: My shiny red coat is ruined!

Thomas and Scruff

Gordon: Scruff, it's Gordon here. Would you like to see my express carriages? They're the grandest on the island!
Thomas: Thank you, Gordon. I don't think Scruff wants to see your Express.
Gordon: Oh, the indignity!

O the Indignity

Gordon: Oh, the indignity!
The Fat Controller: No, Gordon. "Oh, the silliness!"

Jitters and Japes

Thomas: Shake, shake! Make me quake!
Dowager Hatt: Make me quake until I shake!

Merry Misty Island

All the engines: Merry Misty Island! That's right!


Actor/Actress Region Role(s) Notes
Martin Sherman US Thomas and Percy
Henry Originally
Ben Small UK Thomas, Toby and Ferdinand
Keith Wickham Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, Whiff, Dash, Harold, The Fat Controller and Mr. Bubbles
US/UK Salty, Captain and Dowager Hatt
Kerry Shale 'Arry and Bert
UK Diesel
US Henry, Gordon, James, Scruff, Dash, Harold, Kevin, Sir Bertram Topham Hatt and the Railroad Inspector
William Hope Edward, Toby, Whiff, Bash, Rocky and Stephen Hatt
A blonde haired boy Merry Misty Island only
Matt Wilkinson UK
Spencer, Charlie, Bash, Scruff, Victor, Rocky, Cranky, Kevin, the Railway Inspector, The Ginger Haired Boy, and the Island Inspector
Teresa Gallagher Emily, Rosie, Mavis, Bridget Hatt, Stephen Hatt, The Laundry Lady, the School Children, a small boy and a ginger haired boy
Jules de Jongh US Emily, Rosie, Mavis, the Laundry Lady, the School Children, Bridget Hatt and a small boy
A ginger haired boy Diesel's Special Delivery and Pop Goes Thomas only
UK/US Alicia Botti
Togo Igawa Hiro
Glenn Wrage US Spencer, Charlie, Ferdinand and Cranky
David Bedella Victor
Michael Brandon Diesel, Mr. Bubbles and the Narrator
Michael Angelis UK The Narrator
Pierce Brosnan UK/US Originally

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