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Thomas & Friends Season 18

Old Reliable Edward

Edward: And what do you say?
Gordon: Oh, the indignity!
Edward: Sorry?
Gordon: I mean thank you. Thank you, Edward!
Edward: You're welcome, Gordon. Any time.

Not So Slow Coaches

Clarabel: This is the fastest we've ever been!
Annie: I don't like it... AT ALL!
Clarabel: I've got my eyes closed!
Annie: Does it help?
Clarabel: No, not really!

Flatbeds of Fear

Henry: I don't want to hear the Flatbeds of Fear, I don't want to hear the Flatbeds of Fear.

Disappearing Diesels

Diesel: I'm a truck load of sausages! Ha ha ha!
Paxton: Sausages? Diesel, wait! Come back!
Reg: Oh, what do you want to go chasing after him for?
Paxton: He's my friend!
Reg: Is he really?

Signals Crossed

Gordon: [to Toby] Look out, you silly little tram, and learn your signals!

Toad's Adventure

Dowager Hatt: [to Toad] You are a really useful and very brave brake van!

James: Thanks for your help today, Toad.
Toad: And thank you very much, sir.
James: Call me James.
[Oliver enters]
Toad: Hello, Mr. Oliver, I...
Oliver: Hello, Toad! You'll never beleave what happened to me today. Let me tell you all about it.
James: Actually, Oliver, I think you should ask Toad about the adventure he had today. [leaves]
Oliver: You, Toad? You had adventure?
Toad: Well, yes. As it happens, it all started when I was coupled to Mr. James, but he's started to go a bit too fast. By the time, we reached Gordon's hill, we were going so fast, my wheels were shaking!
Oliver: Well, that don't sound like much in the adventure, Toad.
Toad: But that's not all! That's what when we thought a branch had fallan on the line!
[other engines show up]
Oliver: No!
Toad: Yes! The thing was we were going so fast, we couldn't stop!
Oliver: [gasps in shock] So, what happened next?
Toad: That's what it got really scary.

Duck in the Water

James: Honestly, I thought ducks liked being in the water!

Duck and the Slip Coaches

Duck: [to the slip coaches] Hello, Slippies!

Thomas the Quarry Engine

Thomas: You're not Mavis and Diesel!
Toby: I never said we were, did I?
Henrietta: I would've noticed if you had.

Thomas and the Emergency Cable

[after the bird watcher pulls the emergency cable, Thomas stops]
Bird watcher: I'm sorry. I got a little overexcited. I thought I heard the sound of a very rare bird I've been lookin' for, and I wanted to see it. So I pulled the emergency cable. In any case, it's bound to have flown away now.
Guard: Seeing a rare bird is not an emergency. [shuts the door]
Annie: Quite right!
Clarabel: I couldn't have put it better myself!

Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger

Duncan: Why do people always think it's me who's always grumbling? I mean, I've never grumbled in my life! Me, grumbling? Don't think so!

Marion and the Pipe

Marion: Goodness gracious me! I found something!

Missing Gator

Salty: Aye, Percy, and who knows, but he might come back to Sodor one day!
Percy: I hope so, Salty. I really do.

No Steam without Coal

Porter: Hey! Watch out, Bill… or is it Ben?
Salty: Watch out, Ben... err, Bill… Well, whoever you are!

Spencer's VIP

Spencer: [to Sir Topham Hatt] Perhaps, you'd let me take the Deputy Minister home, after all! I can learn from my mistakes, sir. [to the Deputy Minister] I just need to be given one more chance.

Toad's Bright Idea

Oliver: See you later, Gator! In a while, umm… Toad.

Long Lost Friend

Percy: This'll be the best Christmas ever!

Last Train for Christmas

Santa: Ho, ho, ho, ho!

Duncan the Humbug

Mr. Percival/The Thin Controller: Merry Christmas to you, Duncan!
Luke: Merry Christmas to one and all!
Duncan: Bah humbug!

The Perfect Gift

Percy: It's a bit dark and gloomy around here, isn't it, Reg?
Reg: Not really, Percy. It's no different from usual.
Percy: Exactly, and this is a special time of year, when the rest of the island does look different from usual. All twinkly and lovely and magical.

Emily Saves the World

Salty: Clattering Columbus! The world's heading straight for us!

Timothy and the Rainbow Truck (UK) / Timothy and the Rainbow Car (US)

Bill: Phwoar! It's a bit pongy!
Ben: You mean you are!
Bill: Did you just call me pongy?
Ben: Yes, I did. You're pongy!
Bill: No, you are!
Ben: No, you are!
Bill: You are!
Ben: You are!
Bill: You are!

Marion and the Dinosaurs

Marion: Eeeeeeeeeek! Look out, look out! Steam shovel coming through!

Samson at Your Service

Peter Sam: Fancy bringing Gordon's coaches up the quarry! The stones would have been very comfortable!
Rheneas: Every stone would have had a seat to itself!

Samson Sent for Scrap

Reg: Oh, I do love a bit of the old scrunch 'n' munch!

Millie and the Volcano

Samson: The volcano! It's erupting!


Actor/Actress Region Role(s) Notes
Ben Small UK/US Rheneas, Owen and the Troublesome Trucks
UK Thomas and Toby
US Stanley and Charlie
Martin Sherman Thomas, Percy and Diesel
Keith Wickham UK/US Bill and Ben's drivers, Harvey, Salty, Den, Stafford, Skarloey, Bertie, Captain, Dowager Hatt, Thomas' guard, the Grumpy Passenger, some passengers, Santa Claus/Father Christmas, the Groundsman, a postman and a bird watcher
UK Edward, Henry, Gordon, James, Percy, the Fat Controller, the Thin Controller, the Wellsworth Stationmaster, some workmen, the Fat Controller's assistant, some passengers, Gator's driver and a Steamworks worker
Kerry Shale Diesel
US Henry, Gordon, James, Scruff, Sir Topham Hatt and some workmen
Mr. Percival/The Thin Controller
AUS Duncan and the Grumpy Passenger only
William Hope US Edward, Toby, Rocky and the Dock Manager
Teresa Gallagher UK Emily and a blond-haired boy
UK/US Mavis, Annie, Clarabel, a lady with a big hat, station speakers, some passengers and some children
The Teacher The Perfect Gift only
Jules de Jongh US Emily, a blond-haired boy, some passengers and some children
Glenn Wrage Gator's driver, Spencer, Cranky, a Steamworks worker and Sir Topham Hatt's assistant
Matt Wilkinson UK Spencer, Stanley, Charlie, Scruff, Rocky, Cranky, the Dock Manager and a man with a hat
UK/US Rusty and some workmen
Steven Kynman Duck, Dart, Paxton, Peter Sam and a slip coach
UK Porter
David Menkin US
Tim Whitnall A Man with a hat
UK/US Timothy, Reg and the Deputy Minister
Olivia Colman Marion
Clive Mantle Gator
Robert Wilfort Samson
Jonathan Broadbent Bill, Ben and a Slip Coach
Togo Igawa Hiro
David Bedella Victor
Michael Legge Luke
Rebecca O'Mara Caitlin and a slip coach
Bob Golding Stephen and Sidney
Miranda Raison Millie and the Knapford Station speaker
Mike Grady Sir Robert Norramby
Jonathan Forbes Connor
Joe Mills Oliver, Toad and the Welsh bird watcher
Maggie Ollerenshaw Henrietta
Tom Stourton Duncan
Mark Moraghan The Narrator

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