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Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends Season 2

Season 2

Thomas, Percy and the Coal (UK) / Double Trouble (US) [2.1]

Percy: Hello, Thomas! You look splendid!
Thomas: Yes, indeed! Blue is the only proper color for an engine.
Toby: Oh, I don't know. I like my brown paint.
Percy: I've always been green. I wouldn't wanna be any other color, either.
Thomas: Well, well, anyway, blue is the only color for a really useful engine. Everyone knows that!
[he huffs away]
Narrator: Percy said no more. He just grinned at Toby.

Thomas: [watches the hopper load coal into Percy's trucks] Careful. Watch out with those silly trucks!
Trucks: Go on! Go on! Go on!
Thomas: And by the way, those buffers don't look very safe to me!
[Percy accidentally hits said buffers; the last load of coal pours down on Thomas]
Narrator: The last load poured down.
Thomas: HELP! I'M CHOKING! Get me out!
Narrator: Percy was worried, but he couldn't help laughing. Thomas' smart blue paint was covered in coal dust, from smoke-box to bunker.
Percy: Ha-ha! You don't look really useful now, Thomas. You look really disgraceful!
Thomas: I'm not disgraceful! You did that on purpose! GET ME OUT!

Cows (UK) / A Cow on the Line (US) [2.2]

[after hearing about Edward's problem with his trucks]
Gordon: Fancy allowing cows to break your train!
Henry: They wouldn't dare do that to us. We'd show them!
Narrator: Toby was cross.
Toby: You couldn't help it, Edward. They've never met cows. I have, and I know the trouble they are!
Narrator: Some days later, Gordon rushed through Edward's Station.
Gordon: Boop, Boop! Mind the cows! Hurry, Hurry, Hurry!

[Henry finds Gordon on the bridge, where Bluebell is blocking his way]
Henry: What's this? A cow?! I'll soon settle her. Be off! Be off!
Bluebell: Moo!
Narrator: Henry backed away nervously.
Henry: I don't want to hurt her.

Bertie's Chase [2.3]

Edward: Beep! Beep! We're late! Where's Thomas?! He doesn't usually make us wait!
Fireman: [sings] Oh, dear. What can the matter be? Johnny's so long, and...
Driver: Never you mind about Johnny! Just you climb on the cab and look for Thomas.
[the fireman climbs on top of Edward's cab]
Driver: Can you see him?
Fireman: No. There's Bertie Bus in a tearing hurry. No need to bother with him, though. Likely, he's on a coach tour or something.

Bertie: [to the passengers, after his second attempt to catch up to Edward has failed] I'm sorry.
Passengers: Never mind. After him quickly. Third time lucky, you know. [to the driver] Do you think we'll catch him at the next station, Driver?
Driver: There's a good chance. Our road keeps close to the line, and we can climb hills better than Edward. I'll just make sure.
Narrator: He spoke to the stationmaster. Bertie and the passengers waited impatiently.
Driver: Yes! We'll do it this time!
Passengers: Hooray!

Saved From Scrap [2.4]

Edward: I'm going to the scrap yard today.
Thomas: What, already?! You're not that old!

Vicar: Hello, Edward. You look upset. [to the driver] What's the matter, Charlie?
Driver: There's a traction engine in the scrap yard, Vicar. He'll be broken up next week. Jem Cole says he never drove a better engine.
Edward: Do save him, sir. He saws wood and gives children rides!
Vicar: We'll see.

Old Iron [2.5]

James: Edward is impossible! He clanks about like a lot of old iron, and he is so slow, he makes us wait!
Narrator: Thomas and Percy were indignant.
Percy: Old iron, slow?!
Thomas: Why, Edward could beat you in a race any day!
James: Really?! I should like to see him do it!

Signalman: [to the fireman] Two boys were on James' footplate, fiddling with the controls.
Fireman: Whew.
Signalman: They tumbled off and ran when James started.
Narrator: The signalman answered the telephone.
Signalman: Yes. He's here. Right. I'll tell him. [to the fireman again] The inspector's coming at once. He wants a shunter's pole and a coil of wire rope.
Fireman: What for?
Signalman: Search me. But you'd better get them quickly.

Thomas and Trevor (UK) / A New Friend for Thomas (US) [2.6]

Trevor: I do like to keep busy all the time, and I do like company. Especially children's company.
Edward: Cheer up. The Fat Controller has work for you at his new harbor. I'm to take you to meet Thomas today.
Trevor: Oh! The harbor! The seaside! Children! That will be lovely!

Thomas: Now I understand how useful a traction engine can be.
Narrator: The coaches were full of children. Trevor gave them rides along the harbor. He liked this best of all.
Annie: He's very kind.
Clarabel: He reminds me of Thomas.

Percy and the Signal [2.7]

Inspector: Show a wheel, James. You can't stay here all day.
James: The Fat Controller told me to stay here. He sent a message this morning.
Inspector: He did not. How could he? He's away for a week.
James: Oh. Oh! Where's Percy?!
Narrator: Percy had wisely disappeared.

Percy: I say, you engines, I'm to take some trucks to Thomas' junction. The Fat Controller chose me especially. He must know I'm a really useful engine.
James: More likely, he wants you out of the way.
Narrator: Gordon looked across to James. They were making a plan.
Gordon: James and I were just speaking about signals at the junction. We can't be too careful about signals, but then, I needn't say that to a really useful engine like you, Percy.
Narrator: Percy felt flattered.
James: We had spoken of backing signals. They need extra special care, you know. Would you like me to explain?
Percy: No, thank you, James. I know all about signals.

Duck Takes Charge [2.8]

The Fat Controller: Hello, Percy. You look tired.
Percy: Yes, Sir. I am, Sir. I don't know if I'm standing on my dome or on my wheels!
The Fat Controller: You look the right way up to me. Cheer up! The new engine is bigger than you, and can probably do the work alone. Would you like to help build my new harbor? Thomas and Toby will help, too.
Percy: Oh, yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!

The Fat Controller: [to the bigger engines, who are whistling impatiently] Stop that noise!
Gordon: They won't let us in!
The Fat Controller: Duck, explain this behavior.
Duck: Beg pardon, Sir, but I'm a Great Western Engine. We do our work without fuss. But begging your pardon, Sir, Percy and I would be glad if you would inform these engines that we only take orders from you.
[the other engines furiously blow their whistles again]
The Fat Controller: SILENCE! Percy and Duck, I'm pleased with your work today, but not with your behavior tonight. You have caused a disturbance. [to the big engines] As for you, you've been worse! You made the disturbance! Duck is quite right. This is my railway, and I give the orders!

Percy and Harold (UK) / Percy Proves a Point (US) [2.9]

Percy: Hello. Who are you?
Harold: I'm Harold. Who are you?
Percy: I'm Percy. What whirly great arms you've got!
Harold: They're nice arms. I can hover like a bird. Don't you wish you could hover?
Percy: Certainly not. I like my rails, thank you.
Harold: I think railways are slow. They're not much use, and quite out of date.
Narrator: He whirled his arms and buzzed away. Percy found Toby at the top station.
Percy: I say, Toby, that Harold, that stuck-up whirlybird thing, says I'm slow and out of date! Just let him wait! I'll show him!

Fireman: Listen, boys. Here's a song for Percy. [singing] Said Harold the Helicopter to our Percy, You are slow! / Your railway is out of date and not much use you know! / But Percy with his stone trucks did the trip in record time / And we beat the helicopter on our old branch line!

The Runaway [2.10]

Annie and Clarabel: [about Duck] Such nice manners. It really is a pleasure to go out with him.

Harold: [after Thomas has finally stopped] Think nothing of it. Glad to be of service. Anytime!
Inspector: Thomas, we must never let this happen again.
Narrator: Wearily, Thomas agreed with him.

Percy Takes the Plunge [2.11]

Henry: [to the engines beside Percy] What are you engines doing here?! This shed is for the Fat Controller's engines. Go away! [to himself] Silly things.
[the engines leave]
Percy: They're not silly!
Henry: They are silly, and so are you. [mocks] "Water's nothing to an engine with determination." Ha!
Percy: Anyway, I'm not afraid of water. I like it!
Narrator: He ran off to the harbor singing.
Percy: [singing] Once an engine attached to a train
was afraid of a few drops of rain.
Henry: No one ever lets me forget the time I wouldn't come out of the tunnel in case the rain spoiled my paint.

Henry: [about to take Percy to the engine works] Well, well, well. Did you like the water?
Percy: No!
Henry: I am surprised. You need more determination, Percy. Water's nothing to an engine with determination, you know. Perhaps you will like it better next time.
Narrator: Percy is quite determined that there won't be a "next time"!

Pop Goes the Diesel [2.12]

Trucks: [groan while Diesel tries pulling them] We can't! We won't!

Trucks: [singing at Diesel] Trucks are waiting in the yard, tackling them with ease'll
Show the world what I can do. Gaily boasts the Diesel.
In and out, he creeps about, like a big black weasel.
When he pulls the wrong trucks out, POP goes the Diesel!

Dirty Work (UK) / Diesel's Devious Deed (US) [2.13]

Duck: Shut up! [bumps the noisy trucks hard] I'm sorry our trucks were rude to you, Diesel.
Narrator: Diesel was still furious.
Diesel: It's all your fault. You made them laugh at me.
Henry: Nonsense! Duck would never do that. We engines have our differences but we never talk about them to the trucks. That would be dis-dis...
Gordon: Disgraceful!
James: Disgusting!
Henry: Despicable!

[Duck arrives at Tidmouth Sheds, only to get blockaded by the 3 big engines]
Gordon, James, and Henry: [let off a lot of steam] WHOOSH!
James: Keep out!
Duck: Stop fooling! I'm tired!
Gordon, James, and Henry: So are we. We're tired of you. We like Diesel. We don't like you. You tell tales about us to the trucks.
Duck: I don't!
Gordon, James, and Henry: You do!
Duck: I don't!
Gordon, James, and Henry: You DO!
Narrator: The Fat Controller came to stop the noise.
Gordon: Duck called me a galloping sausage!
James: Rusty red scrap iron!
Henry: I'm old square wheels!
The Fat Controller: Well, Duck?
Narrator: Duck considered.
Duck: I only wish, Sir, that I thought of those names myself. If the dome fits...!
[the Fat Controller clears his throat]
Gordon, James, and Henry: He made trucks laugh at us.
Narrator: The Fat Director recovered. He'd been trying not to laugh himself.
The Fat Controller: Did you, Duck?
Duck: Certainly not, Sir! No steam engine would be as mean as that!

A Close Shave (UK) / A Close Shave for Duck (US) [2.14]

Trucks: Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! We've broken away! We've broken away! Chase him! Bump him! Throw him off the rails!

Duck: [after crashing into the barber shop] Beg pardon, sir. Excuse my intrusion.
Barber: No, I won't. You frightened my customers. I'll teach you!
Narrator: And he lathered Duck's face all over. Poor Duck. Thomas was helping to pull the trucks away when the Fat Controller arrived.
Barber: I do not like engines popping through my walls!
The Fat Controller: I appreciate your feeling, but you must know that this engine and his crew have prevented a serious accident. It was a very close shave.
Barber: Oh. Oh, excuse me!
Narrator: He filled a basin of water to wash Duck's face.
Barber: I'm sorry. I didn't know you were being a brave engine.
Duck: That's all right, sir. I didn't know that, either.
The Fat Controller: You were very brave, indeed. I'm proud of you!

Better Late Than Never [2.15]

Thomas: Time's time! Why should I keep my passengers waiting while Henry and James dawdle about all day on viaducts?
Henry: Don't blame me. If we hurried across the viaduct, it might collapse, and then, you'd have no passengers at all. What would you do then?
Thomas: Run my train on time, for one thing.

[Bertie's radiator is overheating]
Thomas: What's the matter? You should be at the station now. You're late!
Bertie: I feel dreadful. All upset inside! And driver says he can't make me better. Thank goodness you're late, too. Can you take my passengers, please? They'll never get home, otherwise.
Thomas: Of course!

Break Van (UK) / Donald and Douglas (US) [2.16]

Donald: Ye're a muckle nuisance! It's to leave ye behind I'd be wantin'.
Brake Van: You can't! I'm essential!
Donald: Och! Are you? Ye're naethin' but a screechin' an' a noise when all's said an' done. Spite Doggie, wad ye? TAKE THAT!
[he rams the van]
Brake Van: OW! OOH!
Donald: There's more comin' should ye misbehave!

[after Donald has crashed into a signal box]
The Fat Controller: I am disappointed, Donald. I didn't expect such clumsiness from you. I had decided to send Douglas back and keep you.
Donald: I'm sorry, Sir.
The Fat Controller: I should think so, too. You have upset my arrangements. Now, James will have to help with the goods work while you have your tender mended. James won't like that.

The Deputation [2.17]

Percy: Edward says we need... a... a depot station!
Gordon: Of course! The question is...
Henry: What is a... desperation?
Percy: It's when engines tell the Fat Controller something's wrong.
Duck: Did you say "tell the Fat Controller"?
Narrator: There was a long silence.
Gordon: I propose that Percy be our... uh... disputation.
Percy: I?! I can't!
Henry: Rubbish, Percy! It's easy.
Gordon: That's settled, then.
Narrator: Poor Percy wished it wasn't.

The Fat Controller: Hello, Percy. It's nice to be back.
Narrator: Percy jumped.
Percy: Uh, uh, yes, Sir! Yes, Sir! Please, Sir!
The Fat Controller: You look nervous, Percy. What's the matter?
Percy: Please, Sir, they've made me a "desperation", Sir, uh, to-to speak to you, Sir. I-I don't like it, Sir.
Narrator: The Fat Controller pondered.
The Fat Controller: Do you mean a deputation, Percy?
Percy: Yes, Sir, please, Sir. Uh, it's Donald and Douglas, Sir. They say, Sir, that if you send them away, Sir, well, they'll be turned into scrap, Sir. That would be dreadful, Sir. Uh, please, Sir, don't send them away!
The Fat Controller: Thank you, Percy. That will do.

Thomas Comes to Breakfast [2.18]

Driver: You know just where to stop, Thomas. You could almost manage it without me.
Narrator: Thomas had become conceited. He didn't realize his driver was joking.

The Fat Controller: [firmly] You are a very naughty engine.
Thomas: [with guilt] I know, Sir. I'm sorry, Sir.
Narrator: Thomas' voice was muffled behind his bush.
The Fat Controller: [calmly] You must go to the works and have your front mended. It will be a long job.
Thomas: Yes, Sir!
The Fat Controller: Meanwhile, a diesel rail car will do your work.
Thomas: A-A-A d-diesel, Sir?!
The Fat Controller: Yes, Thomas. Diesels always stay in their sheds till they are wanted. Diesels never gallivant off to breakfast in stationmasters' houses.

Daisy [2.19]

[after a milk truck has been coupled to her]
Daisy: Do they expect me to pull that?!
Driver: Surely. You can pull 1 van.
Daisy: I won't! Percy can do it! He loves messing about with trucks.
Narrator: She began to shudder violently.
Driver: Nonsense. Come on, now. Back down!
Narrator: Daisy lurched backwards, she was so cross that she blew a fuse.
Daisy: Told you!

Daisy: [having refused to pull the milk truck] It's fitter's orders!
Passengers: What is?
Daisy: My fitter's a very nice man. He comes every week and examines me carefully. "Daisy", he says, "Never, never pull. You're highly sprung, and pulling is bad for your swerves". So that's how it is.
Stationmaster: Stuff and nonsense!
Shunter: I can't understand. Whatever made Sir Topham Hatt send us such a feeble...?
Daisy: Feeble? FEEBLE?! Let me!
Passengers: Stop arguing! We're late already!

Percy's Predicament [2.20]

Toby: Hello, Percy. I see Daisy's left the milk behind again.
Percy: I'll have to make a special journey with it, I suppose. Anyone would think I had nothing to do.
Toby: Tell you what, I'll take the milk. You take my trucks.

The Fat Controller: My engines work hard. I send lazy engines away!
Narrator: Daisy was ashamed.
The Fat Controller: However, Toby says you worked hard after Percy's accident. So, you shall have another chance.
Daisy: Thank you, Sir! I will work hard, Sir. Toby says he'll help me.
The Fat Controller: Excellent! What Toby doesn't know about Branch Line problems isn't worth knowing. Our Toby's an experienced engine!

The Diseasel [2.21]

Drivers: [examine oil left at the scene of the crime] That's diesel.
Bill: It's a what'll?!
Ben: A diseasel, I think. There's a notice about them in our shed.
Bill: Coughs and sneezles spread diseasels.
Ben: You had a cough in your smokebox yesterday. It's your fault that the Diseasel came.
Bill: It isn't!
Ben: It is!
Drivers: Stop arguing, you 2. Let's go and rescue our trucks.
Narrator: Bill and Ben were horrified!
Bill and Ben: But the Diseasel will magic us away like the trucks!
Drivers: He won't magic us. We'll more likely magic him!

BoCo: [looks up at Bill] Do you mind?
Bill: Yes. I do. I want my trucks, please.
BoCo: These are mine. Go away!
Narrator: Bill pretended to be frightened.
Bill: You're a big bully! You'll be sorry!
Narrator: He ran back and hid behind the trucks on the other side. Ben now came forward.
Ben: Truck-stealer!
Narrator: He ran away too. Bill took his place.

Wrong Road [2.22]

Gordon: It's not fair.
Edward: What isn't fair?
Gordon: Letting branch line diesels pull main line trains.
Edward: Never mind, Gordon. I'm sure BoCo will let you pull his trucks sometimes.
Narrator: Gordon spluttered.
Gordon: I won't pull BoCo's dirty trucks! I won't run on branch lines!
Edward: Why not? It would be a nice change.
Gordon: The Fat Controller would never approve. Branch lines are vulgar!

Bill: What's that?
Ben: SHH! It's Gordon.
Bill: It looks like Gordon but it can't be. Gordon never comes on the branch lines. He thinks them vulgar.
Narrator: Gordon pretended he hadn't heard them.
Ben: If it isn't Gordon, it's just a pile of old iron.
Bill: Which we'd better take to the scrap yard.
Ben: No, Bill. This lot's useless for scrap. We'll take it to the harbor and dump it in the sea.
Narrator: Gordon was alarmed.
Gordon: I am Gordon! STOP! STOP!

Edward's Exploit [2.23]

[Edward struggles to pull his train]
Henry: Did you see him straining?
James: Positively painful.
Gordon: Just pathetic! He should give up and be preserved before it's too late!
Duck: Shut up! You're all jealous. Edward's better than any of you!
BoCo: You're right, Duck. Edward's old but he'll surprise us all.
Edward: [finally puffs out of Knapford] I've done it! We're off! I've done it! We're off!

Driver: We've loosened the couplings, Edward. Now you can pick up your coaches one by one, just as you do with trucks.
Edward: That'll be much easier. Come on!
Narrator: The first coach moving helped to start the second and the second helped the third.
Edward: I've done it! I've done it!
Driver: Steady, boy. Well done, boy. You've got them, you've got them.
Narrator: And he listened happily to Edward's steady beat, as he forged slowly but surely ahead. At last, battered, weary, but unbeaten, Edward steamed in the big station.

Ghost Train (UK) / Percy's Ghostly Trick (US) [2.24]

[in Percy's story, a ghost engine runs across the island]
Percy: And every year, on the date of the accident, it runs again as a warning to others, plunging into the gap, shrieking like a lost soul!
[cut back to the quarry]
Thomas: Percy, what are you talking about?
Percy: The ghost train. Driver saw it last night.
Thomas and Toby: Where?
Percy: He didn't say. Oh, it makes my wheels wobble to think of it!
Thomas: Ha! You're just a silly little engine. I'm not scared!

Toby: Percy's had an accident!
Thomas: Poor engine! Botheration! That means I'll be late!
Toby: They've cleared the line for you, but there's something worse!
Thomas: Out with it, Toby! I can't wait all evening!
Toby: I've just seen something! [stutters] It looked like Percy's ghost! It said it was coming here to warn us!
Thomas: Ha! Who cares?! Don't be frightened, Toby. I'll take care of you.
[Percy creeps up behind the sheds]
Percy: [imitates a ghost] Beep! Beep! Bip-bip-bip-BEEP! Let me in! Let me in!
Toby: No! No! Not by the smoke on my chimney-chim-chim!
Percy: I'll chuff, and I'll puff, and I'll break your door in!
[the doors slowly open]

Woolly Bear [2.25]

Percy: [whistles as if he were a ghost] WHEESH!
Narrator: Percy gave a ghostly whistle.
Percy: Don't be frightened, Thomas. It's only me!
Thomas: Your ugly fizz is enough to frighten everyone. You're like...
Percy: Ugly, indeed! I'm....
Thomas: A green caterpillar with red stripes. You crawl like one, too.
Percy: I don't!
Thomas: Who's been late every afternoon this week?
Percy: It's the hay!
Thomas: I can't help that. Time's time, and the Fat Controller relies on me to keep it. I can't if you crawl in the hay until all hours.
Percy: Green caterpillar, indeed!

Percy: [arrives at the station, covered in hay] Sorry I'm late!
Thomas: Look what's crawled out of the hay!
Percy: What's wrong?
Thomas: Talk about hairy caterpillars. It's worth being late to have seen you.

Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree [2.26]

Thomas: [in snow] Help!
Donald: Hush! I can hear something.
Douglas: Probably the wind.
Thomas: Help!
Donald: No! Listen!
Thomas: Over here!
Donald: Och! It's Thomas! Come on! The poor wee engine must be frozen to the frames in there!

Thomas: [last line] It's no fun getting stuck in the snow. But it was worth it for this party. Happy Christmas, Percy. Happy Christmas, everyone!