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Thomas & Friends Season 20

Henry Gets the Express

Rheneas: Hello, there, Gordon. Is your day going well?
Gordon: [scoffs] As well as any day hauling coal and stone can be.
[his trucks laugh]
Gordon: And I'll have none of your nonsense, thank you very much!
Truck: We'll give him nonsense.
[as Gordon pulls out, the trucks let their brakes slip on]
Trucks: Not so useful! Not so strong!
Gordon: Oh, do be quiet!
Truck: We'll give you quiet!
[the trucks let their brakes slip back off, causing Gordon to slam into the buffers; Gordon is furious]
Gordon: Uncouple me at once! I'm going back to my SHED!!!
Rheneas: [to Skarloey] I only asked how his day was going.

Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Trucks (UK) / Buckled Tracks and Bumpy Cars (US)

Tit for Tat

Narrator: By the time Rex and Mike came back, Bert was looking as shiny and clean as he had been in the morning.
Mike: Oh, we heard you had a little argument with some very rude visitors, Bert.
Rex: We heard you were covered in mud.
Bert: I was, but they cleaned me up again. They're actually very nice. They're even gonna write about me in a book and show me off in moving pictures, on the television too.
Mike: [laughs] Don't be silly, that's never gonna happen.
Rex: [laughs] He must be having you on. [chuckles]
Narrator: But it did happen, didn't it?
[Bert winks]

Mike's Whistle

Mike: If engines can't whistle properly, they shouldn't try.
Bert: Then why do you?
Mike: I was talking about Duck! Unlike him, I've an excellent whistle.
Rex: [luaghs] If I had a whistle like yours, Mike…
Mike: Yes…?
Rex: ...I'd lose it.
Mike: What?! Whistles are important, Rex! Engines without whistles aren't proper engines at all.

Useful Railway

Willie: Oh, crumbs! That's torn it! [hears and sees Rex; gasps] It's Rex. (I must warn him.)

Rex: [happily to himself] I said it was easy, I said it was easy!

Willie: Rex, watch out! Slow down!
Rex: (Huh?) [gasps] Stop, stop!

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