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Thomas & Friends Season 6

Season 6

Salty's Secret [6.1]

Salty: [sings] Yo-ho-ho and a bucket of prawns.
The tiller spins, and the captain yawns.

[Bill and Ben try sorting the trucks]
Salty: Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.
Bill and Ben: No, we don't. No, we don't. No, we don't, don't, don't!

Harvey to the Rescue [6.2]

Henry: Harvey's different.
Edward: He doesn't even look like an engine.
Gordon: Surely the Fat Controller won't let him pull coaches.
James: He's just Cranky on wheels.
Percy: He's not taking my mail!

Harvey: Maybe my coming here wasn't such a good idea, Sir.
The Fat Controller: Nonsense!
Harvey: But the engines don't like me. I'm too different.
The Fat Controller: Different is what makes you special.

No Sleep for Cranky [6.3]

Salty: [after Cranky accidentally knocks down the shed] You've blown the main now, matey!

Salty: It was a bitter cold winter. The brave little ship was stuck, until the ice melted the next spring. He barely made it around the cape. After 100 scary days at sea without a scratch, he sailed into port and crashed his bow, not 15 feet from my buffers! Luckily, no one was hurt.
Cranky: Except my ears!

A Bad Day for Harold the Helicopter (UK) / A Bad Day for Harold (US) [6.4]

[about the last time Harold took the mail when he was held up]
Percy: It made me feel like a really useless engine.

Pilot: Maybe we should take the mail bags a few at a time. They're very heavy.
Harold: I'd have to make too many trips, and then I'd be as slow as Percy!

Elizabeth the Vintage Lorry (UK) / Elizabeth the Vintage Quarry Truck (US) [6.5]

Elizabeth: Do you mind?! I'm trying to sleep!

Elizabeth: Oh, it's you. Have you learned to drive properly yet?
Thomas: She's in trouble now.
The Fat Controller: Elizabeth! My first lorry! I thought you had been lost!

The Fogman [6.6]

[after hearing a loud demonstration of the new foghorn]
Percy: That's loud!
James: Too loud!
Gordon: Sounds like a tugboat to me!

Percy: Oh, jeepers! That foghorn is so loud it rattles my dome! And it doesn't even make my axles tingle.

Jack Jumps In [6.7]

Jack: I'm Jack, the front loader. I can load, unload, and carry lots of things.
Thomas: I can haul and shunt.
Miss Jenny: And I can get you two chatterboxes off to the quarry.

[Max stops in front of the furious Jack]
Jack: Stop bullying!
Max: Can't you take a joke?

A Friend in Need [6.8]

[Ned loads Max too much]
Max: Careful, bumble bucket!
Ned: Sorry.

[after Jack has saved Thomas from the damaged bridge]
Miss Jenny: Spot on, Jack! You'd make a mother proud!
Thomas: And a tank engine grateful!
Miss Jenny: It's off to the fitters with you tomorrow, Jack. The Pack can't have a front loader with bent arms.
Jack: You mean, I can stay?
Miss Jenny: I wouldn't have it any other way.
Kelly: We're a cracking crew!
Isobella: And all the better that Jack's being here!
Alfie: Welcome to The Pack, Jack!

It's Only Snow [6.9]

Edward: Driver says there's more snow on the way.
James: We'll soon be wearing our snowplows.
Henry: You'll enjoy that, won't you, Thomas?
Thomas: You know I won't. I don't like my snowplow!

Thomas: [mutters about his snowplow] Big, horrid, awkward thing.

Twin Trouble [6.10]

Donald: May I go, Sir?
The Fat Controller: I only need one engine. Not 2.
Donald: I am only one engine, Sir. And I would like to work with Duck.
Narrator: The Fat Controller was surprised, but agreed.
Thomas: Won't you miss one another? I know I'd miss Annie and Clarabel.
Douglas: I'll work better on my own!
Donald: I have work to do.

Donald: Did you shunt those trucks onto the other line?
Duck: You said you wanted them on the other line!
Donald: Not that other line! The other other line! [to himself] Douglas would've known what I meant.

The World's Strongest Engine [6.11]

Gordon: Trucks are no one's friends.

Diesel: When the Fat Controller sees how good I am, he'll get rid of steam engines once and for all!

Scaredy Engines [6.12]

Edward: [tells one of his Halloween stories] They say that on Halloween, the ghost engine returns to the smelters, looking for his lost whistle. "Whoo! Whoo!"
Other engines: Ooh! Ahh! Spooky!

Duck: It was naughty of Thomas to tease you, Percy.
Percy: He was only playing. I hope he hurries up. I wouldn't want him to be late for the fireworks.
[Thomas races past]
Thomas: HE'S AFTER ME!
Duck: I don't think he'll be late.

Percy and the Haunted Mine [6.13]

[Percy tells the twins about the disappearing chimney]
Donald: It's the naughty gnomes.
Douglas: Wee fat men with big feet. They make strange things happen. It's legend. They steal your wheels and filch your funnels.

Percy: [after seeing another building at the mine sink] Double bouncing buffers!

Middle Engine [6.14]

Arry: Hello, James. Come to learn a thing or two from those who know?
James: Just get my trucks ready and stay out of my way!
Bert: Yes, sir!

Arry: Little red piggy in the middle!
Bert: Just like Percy!
James: I'm not like Percy! I'm not a middle engine, and I'm not moving!

James and the Red Balloon [6.15]

Donald: [about the balloon] Why, it's a floating basket with people in it!
Douglas: Whatever will they dream up next?

James: Passengers should travel on trains, not in silly balloons!

Jack Frost [6.16]

Percy: [frozen] Hello, J-J-J-J-James!

Elizabeth: [sees the frozen Percy] Oh, my dear! It looks like Jack Frost really got you!

Gordon Takes a Tumble [6.17]

Thomas: Why the rush, Gordon?
Gordon: If I must pull trucks, then I'll show Salty how an express engine pulls trucks.
Salty: Careful, cap'n. You don't wanna get too big for your buffers.

The Fat Controller: Well, Gordon, you wanted to show Salty a thing or two, and you've certainly done that. You've shown him how silly it is to ignore "go slow" signs.
Gordon: Sorry, Sir.

Percy's Chocolate Crunch [6.18]

Percy: [after all his literally dirty work] From now on, I am only doing work where I won't get dirty!

[Percy returns to the sheds, covered in chocolate]
Thomas: You look good enough to eat.
James: Bon-bon Percy!
Henry: Choc-ice on wheels!
Gordon: Disgraceful!

Buffer Bother [6.19]

Bill: You're only getting new buffers because you're clumsy!
Ben: No, I'm not!
Bill: Yes, you are!
Ben: No, I'm not!
Bill: Yes, you are!
Mavis: Will you two stop being crab pots?!

[Ben, with his new buffers, finds Bill stuck in the pit with busted buffers]
Bill: Bust my buffers!
Ben: I think you have.

Toby Had a Little Lamb [6.20]

Toby: Bitter cold, bitter cold, bitter cold. Still, I'll soon be back in my nice, dry shed.

Farmer McColl: My phone lines are down. All the roads are blocked. And my sheep have just started lambing. They're trapped on the hillsides, cut off by the snow.

Thomas, Percy and the Squeak [6.21]

Gordon: [after hearing Botti's scream] Definitely a coloratura!

Botti: [looks at Percy] Look at the little green engine. So sweet, and dirty! Like a proper steam engine!
Gordon: But he's filthy!
Percy: But I clean up nice.

Thomas the Jet Engine (UK) / Thomas and the Jet Engine (US) [6.22]

James: Speed isn't everything.
Thomas: But being reliable and useful is.
Gordon: You slow engines will never understand, because you'll never go as fast as me.

Thomas: [after his wild ride] Sorry for overtaking you back there, Gordon.
Gordon: Overtake me? I didn't notice.
Henry: You didn't notice the fastest engine on the Island of Sodor?
Thomas: Yes. I am the fastest.
Percy: Gordon doesn't have to go as fast as a jet engine. He's a steam engine.
James: But he's still full of hot air!

Edward the Very Useful Engine (UK) / Edward the Really Useful Engine (US) [6.23]

Gordon: Edward is a useless old steam pot. He should be retired.
Percy: But he doesn't have tires.
Thomas: Retired means taken out of service.
Gordon: And not a moment too soon.

Trucks: Duck should play with other ducks,
'cause he's no good at pulling trucks!
Quack, quack, quack, quack!
Hold back! Hold back! [laugh]

Dunkin' Duncan [6.24]

Duncan: I'm a plain-speaking engine, so collect your trucks, and be quick about it!
Rheneas: Bossy boots!
Skarloey: Pushy puffer!
Rusty: He just wants to get back to the bustle of the junction.

Duncan: [after his crash] Glub-glub-glub! Bluggle by boiler!

Rusty Saves the Day [6.25]

[Elizabeth passes Rusty, Skarloey, and Rheneas while they are busy clearing up the line]
Elizabeth: What a waste of time!
Skarloey: She's right. We'll never get it done in 2 weeks.
Rusty: We can't give up.

[after the line is successfully cleared]
The Fat Controller: Well done, Rusty! And well done, Elizabeth! We will open this line immediately. Maybe now, Rusty will have time to work at the quarry.

Faulty Whistles [6.26]

Peter Sam: [without his whistle] I can't run on the tracks without my whistle. It'd be too dangerous.
Duncan: An engine is not an engine without a whistle.

[after the whistle-less Duncan has returned with the headmaster, who is still playing his organ]
Rusty: Look! It's Duncan the musical engine!
Rheneas: Let's whistle along!