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Thomas & Friends Season 8

Season 8

Thomas and the Tuba [8.1]

Harvey: [after Thomas is put back onto the track] How did you get into this mess?
Thomas: I was looking for the tuba player.
Harvey: Look and listen. If he's a tuba player, he might be playing his tuba.

Percy's New Whistle [8.2]

Bert: [after Percy whistles to 'Arry and Bert] Call that a whistle? Just listen to this! [blasts his horn]
'Arry and Bert: Diesels can do anything better than steamies!
Percy: My whistle is just as good as your silly old horns!

The Fat Controller: [after Percy used his whistle properly] Well done, Percy! You blew your whistle at the right time, and saved Thomas from an accident. You are a really useful engine, and a safe one.

Thomas to the Rescue [8.3]

Thomas: [after Diesel shunts him under the hopper] Cinders and ashes!
Diesel: What's that horrible smell? Oh, it's just a stinky old steam engine.
Thomas: How rude!
Diesel: No wonder the Fat Controller is thinking of scrapping steamies.
Thomas: I don't believe you.

Salty: Ahoy there, me hearties! Fresh diesel from the Mainland!
[Diesel and Mavis get refueled and Diesel starts to rev his engine]
Diesel: Haha! This new fuel makes my axles tingle.
Thomas: Coal doesn't make my axles tingle. I wish I had fresh fuel from the depot.
Mavis: [about the new fuel] Oh, my!
Diesel: I'm the fastest engine in the world! Look at me go!
[suddenly, he breaks down]
Diesel: I feel sick.
Mavis: [breaking down as well] So do I.

Henry and the Wishing Tree [8.4]

Henry: What are those children doing?
Thomas: That's the old Sodor wishing tree.
Henry: A wishing tree?! How wonderful! Do you think it would make my wish come true?
Thomas: It might.
[Henry approaches the "wishing tree" and closes his eyes]
Henry: I wish I could pull the Express instead of Gordon.

Henry: My wish has made Gordon go the repair yard!

James Gets a New Coat [8.5]

James: [shows off his new coat of paint] Look at me! Don't I look fine?
Thomas: You should be at work.

Thomas: Looking splendid is not the same as being Really Useful.
James: But best of all is being Really Useful and splendid - like me!

Thomas Saves the Day [8.6]

Thomas: [after his accident with the difficult bend] I can't go around the difficult bend. I'm not a useful engine without Annie and Clarabel.
Harvey: You are a really useful engine, and a jolly good friend!

The Fat Controller: You have saved my new station. You are a very brave and useful engine.
Thomas: Thank you, sir.

Percy's Big Mistake [8.7]

Percy: Oh no! I'm sure to be scrapped now!
[Cranky is loading pipes onto Percy's trucks]
Percy: Hurry up, slow coach! I must be on time!
Cranky: I'll take as long as I like!

Gordon: Now look what you've done! What will Sir Topham Hatt say?!
The Fat Controller: Where is Percy? He has caused confusion and delay!
Gordon: He just left very quickly, sir!
Thomas: He heard you at the sheds, sir. He thought you were sending him to be scrapped!
The Fat Controller: I think I need a word with Percy. You must all help me find him!

Thomas, Emily and the Snowplough [8.8]

Emily: I told you to go and get your snowplough! Now look what's happened!
Thomas: You should be sorry for bossing me about!
Emily: I am sorry - sorry you didn't listen to me!

Thomas: I am never going to listening to Emily ever, ever again! So there!

Don't Tell Thomas [8.9]

Thomas: [notices the tree on Emily's flatbed] Is that part of the surprise?
Emily: That is for me to know and you to find out.

[The Fat Controller's engines are talking about Thomas' surprise]
Edward: I can't wait.
Percy: He'll love it.
[Thomas arrives]
James: Shh!
Henry: Don't tell Thomas!
Thomas: Hmph! If they won't tell me, I don't want to know! [leaves]

Emily's New Route [8.10]

The Fat Controller: This means I won't have any toast or crumpets for breakfast. If you are late again, you will have to do the Black Loch Run instead of James!
Emily: I must get the flour to the station on time.

Trucks: [teasing Emily] Emily the late engine! Emily the late engine!

Thomas and the Firework Display [8.11]

The Fat Controller: James has broken down. You must collect him, Thomas and bring him back or the fireworks display will be cancelled.
Thomas: Oh, no! Then all the children will be sad!

The Fat Controller: A sparkling dragon! It must be Thomas and James!

Gordon Takes Charge [8.12]

Gordon: You’re doing it all wrong, don’t wheesh until the passengers are on board, watch me.

Gordon: You’re learning a little bit, but you’re still NOT doing it right. Watch me.

The Fat Controller: [after Gordon has crashed into the snow] I asked you to teach Percy, not show off all afternoon.
Gordon: Yes, sir. Sorry, sir.

Percy: Did you see how smoothly I puffed?
Gordon: Yes, you have learned very well. But then again, I am a very good teacher!

Spic and Span [8.13]

[the engines are waiting for the railway inspector]
Gordon: The sunlight here makes my dome sparkle.
James: It makes my red paint look shinier than ever!
Emily: And my wheels glimmer.

Railway Inspector: These engines are filthy! I've never seen so much coal dust!

Edward the Great [8.14]

Narrator: Edward is the same color as Thomas and the same size as James.

Driver: You have beaten Gordon's record!
Spencer: Of course. I'm faster and finer than all the engines on Sodor put together.
Gordon: Spencer's just a big silver showoff.
[The Fat Controller shows up]
The Fat Controller: Spencer will take the Duke and Duchess to their Summer House. Another engine will take their furniture.
Thomas, Percy, Gordon and James: Please, sir, may I go?
The Fat Controller: You all have other work to do. Edward will take the furniture.
Gordon: Fancy sending a back engine to do an express engine's job!
James: He'll lose the race and let the old railway down!
Thomas: Spencer has a bigger boiler, but that just means more hot air.
Percy: An honest steamie can beat a pouty puffer any day!
Edward: [slowly puffs out of Knapford] Will do my best. Will do my best.

Gordon: Edward is a waste of steam.

Squeak, Rattle and Roll [8.15]

Gordon: [eyes Diesel on his line] Out of my way! Express train coming through!
[Diesel reverses onto another track]
Diesel: You steamies are old and clapped out! When the Fat Controller realises this, you will all be scrapped!
Gordon: Scrapped?! Pah! I'm as fast as I ever was!

Gordon: [after beginning to rattle] Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Diesel was right - I am falling apart! What if The Fat Controller scraps me?

Thomas and the Circus [8.16]

Salty: Arr, would you be needing a hand there, matey?
[Thomas hears the band playing and the cheering from the workmen]
Thomas: No, thank you, Salty. I can do it on my own.

James: [sees Thomas pulling the entire circus train] If you want to uncouple some trucks, I can take them for you.

Thomas Gets It Right [8.17]

Farmer McColl: Stop, Thomas! You have broken my eggs!
Thomas: Cinders and ashes! I'm sorry. I just wanted to be really useful.

The Fat Controller: You have all worked hard and been really useful engines.
Thomas: I've only made one journey, sir. And I've broken Farmer McColl's eggs.
The Fat Controller: But most of the eggs were delivered safely. Farmer McColl gave the broken ones to me, and I love having scrambled eggs for my tea! You, Thomas, are a really useful engine.

As Good as Gordon [8.18]

Emily: It doesn't matter if you are late.
James: You must wait your turn!
Emily: Express trains don't wait.

The Fat Controller: [upon hearing Emily's mischief] You should have waited, and now you have caused confusion and delay! You left the brake coach, stranded Bertie's passengers, and bumped your carriages. You must learn to be more patient.
Emily: I'm sorry, sir.

Note: This is the 200th episode of the series.

Fish [8.19]

Arthur: [to Thomas] Only take 5 trucks at a time and go slow and steady.

Thomas: [after the crash] Oops! Sorry!
Salty: Never mind, me hearty! The smell reminds me of the sea!

Emily's Adventure [8.20]

Emily: [spots a water tower obstructing her line] Oh, no! Hurry up! [whistles impatiently]
Elizabeth: Not if you ask like that!
Emily: I've got an urgent delivery!
[Elizabeth returns to try clearing the track, and Emily crossly blows her whistle again, Thomas arrives]
Thomas: Hello.
Emily: She won't do a thing I tell her.
Thomas: That's because you're a "big bossy boiler". You should try asking nicely for a change.
Emily: [takes a deep breath] I'm sorry I was rude, but can you help me get this timber to Farmer McColl's? Please? It's to help the baby calves.
Elizabeth: Why certainly! I'll get your track cleared in no time!
[she pushes the water tower very hard and soon clears the tracks]
Emily: Thank you!

Farmer McColl: Thank you, Emily. The calves will be nice and warm now.

Halloween [8.21]

Emily: [after hearing moaning and groaning] What was that? You said there was no such thing as ghosts.
Thomas: "Silly make-believe" you said.
[Arry and Bert rattle the flatbed trucks]
Thomas: Cinders and ashes!
Emily: Help! It's the ghost! Let's get away from here!

[after Arry and Bert exhibit their antics to Thomas and Emily]
The Fat Controller: What is all this fuss and bother?! It has caused confusion and delay!
Thomas: But sir, the flatbeds were rattling.
Emily: And we heard moaning...
Thomas: ...And groaning!
The Fat Controller: [to 'Arry and Bert] Do you know anything about this?
Bert: It was us, sir.
The Fat Controller: For your punishment, you will go back and collect the iron at once!
Arry and Bert: Yes, sir.

You Can Do it, Toby! [8.22]

[after Edward helps Gordon]
Gordon: Slow coach!
Toby: I'm trying me'ardest!

[Toby is helping Gordon up the hill]
Percy: You can do it, Toby! Go on!

Chickens to School [8.23]

Thomas: Sheep to market, children to the farm, chickens to school.

The Fat Controller: [having heard of Thomas' recent troubles] Thomas, you have caused confusion and delay. [tells Thomas what happened] Don't worry. All you need is some help.
Thomas: Gordon has said a really useful engine never needs help.
Edward: [laughs] Pah! I'm always helping Gordon up the Hill!
Narrator: Gordon was very embarrassed.
The Fat Controller: Percy and Edward, you are to help Thomas.

Too Hot for Thomas [8.24]

Ice Cream Factory Manager: [to Thomas] We have to make lots more ice cream. You must go and get the cream, the chocolate, and the strawberries.

Thomas: Why are all the children cheering?
Percy: They're cheering for you. They've been waiting for the ice cream.
[The Fat Controller shows up]
The Fat Controller: Today, you have worked extra hard. You are a really useful engine.
Thomas: Delivering ice cream is a fun job after all.

James Goes Too Far [8.25]

James: [running out of water] I don't feel well.
Driver: Your water tanks have run dry.
[Edward arrives]
James: Please push me to the water tank.
Edward: I'm sorry. You wouldn't take my slate trucks to the quarry and now I'm running late with my passenger train.

Salty: Why didn't you fill water this morning, matey? [James explains his troubles] I've heard you were too busy to help Edward too!
James: I was in a hurry! My job is the most important!
Salty: No job is more important than helping another engine.

Percy and the Magic Carpet [8.26]

Salty: What's so special about a carpet? Maybe it's a magic carpet! I've heard tiller that it can fly! Do you know any magic words?
Percy: You mean like "please"?
Salty: No, Percy. Other magic words like, "Hey, Presto", "Hocus Pocus", and "Abracadabra"!
Percy: [the carpet is loaded on his truck] It doesn't look very magic.

[after the carpet has blown onto the line that Thomas is approaching]
Percy: I know! I'll say a magic word - Hey, Presto! Hocus Pocus! Abracadabra! Please?