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Thomas Edwin Greenfield Ransom (November 29, 1834 – October 29, 1864) was a surveyor, civil engineer, real estate speculator, and a general in the Union Army during the American Civil War.

Quotes about Ransom[edit]

  • Ordinarily, he is of a quiet, modest disposition; but when in battle he becomes tiger like, fearing nothing and becoming terrible in action.
    • Freeport (Illinois) Journal. May 4, 1864.
  • [A soldier with] a record never surpassed, and hardly equaled in the history of this or any other war.
    • Chicago Tribune. June 6, 1863.
  • Men who thought a company was quite enough for them to command properly at the beginning (of the Siege of Vicksburg), would have made good regimental or brigade commanders; most of the brigade commanders were equal to the command of a division, and one, Ransom, would have been equal to the command of a corps at least.
  • Wounds are nothing new to this gallant officer, who bears ugly scars about his person, the tokens of Rebel attentions.
    • William Osman, editor of the Ottawa (Illinois) Free Trader. May 21, 1864.

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