Thomas Fairfax

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Thomas Fairfax

Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax of Cameron (17 January 161212 November 1671) was a general and Parliamentary commander-in-chief during the English Civil War.


  • I must needs say my judgement was for the Parliament, as the King's, and Kingdom's, great and safest Council.
    • "Short Memorials of some things to be cleared during my Command in the Army [1645 to 1650 A.D.]", in Stuart Tracts 1603–1693, ed. C. H. Frith, p. 353

Quotes about Fairfax[edit]

  • Fairfax, whose name in arms through Europe rings
    Filling each mouths with envy or with praise,
    And all her jealous monarchs with amaze.
    • John Milton, "On the Lord General Fairfax at the Siege of Colchester" (1648)

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