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Sir Thomas Overbury (1581 – 14 September 1613) was a British poet and essayist.


  • In part to blame is she,
    Which hath without consent bin only tride:
    He comes to neere that comes to be denide.
    • A Wife, stanza 36. Compare: "In part she is to blame that has been tried: He comes too late that comes to be denied", Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, The Lady’s Resolve (1713).
  • An Ambitious woman shewes her selfe to bee a troublesome disturber of the world, powerfull to make smale things great, and great monstrous
    • The Just Downfall of Ambition, Adultery and Murder.
  • He disdains all things above his reach, and preferreth all countries above his own.
    • Miscellaneous Works: An Affectate Traveller.

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