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Thomas & Friends Season 12

Season 12[edit]

Thomas and the Billboard [12.1][edit]

Thomas: I've never been on a billboard before!

Steady Eddie [12.2][edit]

Edward: Edward the Steady, is at the ready!

Rosie's Funfair Special (UK) / Rosie's Carnival Special (US) [12.3][edit]

Emily: I have a lot to do today. After we pull the funfair/carnival special, I have to collect the milk from High Farm.

Rosie: This is a very long train! [couples up to the funfair/carnival special, not noticing that Emily is already coupled up on the other end and waiting for her] Emily will be pleased. [snaps off one of the couplings of the train while huffing and puffing and pulls half the train, leaving the other half behind with Emily] Hooray! I'm pulling the funfair/carnival special!

Rosie: He's whistling at my funfair/carnival special!
Stepney: Oh, my! (US only)

Sir Topham Hatt: [crossly to Rosie] I told you to be Emily's back engine!
Rosie: But I wanted to pull the funfair/carnival special all on my own, sir! I wanted to help Emily!
Sir Topham Hatt: You haven't helped anyone. You have caused confusion and delay. You left half the train. Now there'll be no funfair/carnival for the children.
Rosie: Please, sir. I know just what to do. I'm a very quick engine. I can collect all the cars. Then I will be Emily's back engine, and we will deliver the funfair/carnival special in time.

Rosie: I am so sorry, Emily. I only wanted to help you. Rocky will clear the line. I will collect the other cars. Then, we can deliver the funfair/carnival special together!
Emily: [happily] Thank you, Rosie.

[Later that evening, the children are all having fun at the funfair/carnival as Rosie and Emily watch]
Rosie: I hope we can work together on another special.
Emily: The sooner, the better.
Rosie: Working with you is the best of all.

Mountain Marvel [12.4][edit]

Peter Sam: [surprised after he discovers a statue of Proteus, on rusty old flatbed] Oh, my! Look! It's a statue of Proteus! It looks very old. [gets an idea; thoughtfully] No one must see the statue before the show. It will be my wonderful surprise, and I will be the star of the show! [to the two farm workers] Please, can you cover this statue? I'll be back to collect it soon.

Peter Sam: We are all stars of the show!

Henry Gets it Wrong [12.5][edit]

Sir Topham Hatt: A summer storm struck Sodor last night. The wishing tree was hit by lightning.

Henry: I wish the wishing tree would last forever and ever!

Heave Ho Thomas! [12.6][edit]

Sir Topham Hatt: Now, Thomas, I have three jobs for you. First, you must take new machines from the docks to the factory. Then, you are to pick up stone from the quarry and deliver it to the shunting yard. And lastly, you must pick up an old tractor from Farmer McColl's and take it to the repair yard.
Thomas: Yes, sir.
Sir Topham Hatt: And you must take Hank with you. Hank must see the important sights of Sodor. Be back by teatime for Hank's welcome party at Knapford.

Hank: Howdy, everybody. Thomas is overloaded right now. I'll whistle for him!

Toby's Special Surprise [12.7][edit]

Whiff: 'Hello, Toby! Why you looking at old tin cans?

Excellent Emily [12.8][edit]

Sir Topham Hatt: Jeremy cannot land at the airport, and my mother is on board. The storm has blown some metal tanks across the runway. You must collect Trevor from Farmer McColl's. Take him to the airport so that he can clear the runway. Then Jeremy can land.
Emily: Oh, yes, sir. Excellent Emily can do it.
Murdoch: [puffing in alongside her] I'm going to Farmer McColl's too. Lots of lines are flooded. Take the Wellsworth track.
Emily: I'm not going on that track. It's much quicker to go through the forest. I'm Excellent Emily. I can make it through.

The Party Surprise [12.9][edit]

Saved You! [12.10][edit]

Duncan and the Hot Air Balloon [12.11][edit]

[Duncan has his cab fixed with a special birthday flag to celebrate Mr. Percival's twins' birthday before Mr. Percival came to see him]
Duncan: Shall I pick up the twins now?
Mr. Percival: No, Duncan. This year, I am giving them a ride in a hot air balloon for their birthday. Duncan, you must collect the hot air balloon from the transfer yards.
Duncan: [disappointed] Yes, sir. [chuffs away, sadly]

James Works it Out [12.12][edit]

Trucks: James is silly!
James is slow!
James has got us stuck in the snow!

Tram Trouble [12.13][edit]

Don't Go Back [12.14][edit]

Gordon Takes a Shortcut [12.15][edit]

The Man in the Hills [12.16][edit]

Thomas Puts the Brakes On [12.17][edit]

Percy and the Bandstand [12.18][edit]

Push Me, Pull You [12.19][edit]

Rheneas: Those cars look heavy. I could help you.
Skarloey: No, thank you. I can pull these trucks on my own, Rheneas. I'm stronger than you.
Rheneas: No, you're not.
Skarloey: Oh, yes, I am. [gets an idea] We'll put the cars between us and pull our hardest. The strongest engine will pull the puppet show special.

Best Friends [12.20][edit]

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