Thoroughly Modern Millie

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Thoroughly Modern Millie is a 1967 American musical comedy film, in which Millie comes to town in the roaring Twenties to encounter flappers, sexuality and white slavers.


  • Love has everything to do with it.
  • (repeated line) Raspberries!


  • Dear Mr. Hudson:


  • A lot can happen in 7 days. Just read the bible.
  • (silent movie caption) Mrs. Meers certainly insists on a snowy wash.

Mrs. Meers[edit]

  • (repeated line) Sad to be all alone in the world.
  • Oh, pook!

Miss Dorothy[edit]

  • Bitch!

Judith Tremaine[edit]

  • SOY SAUCE!!!

Miss Flannery[edit]

  • I run a no-nonsense organization.
  • Youth today, going to hell in a wheelbarrow!

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