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Three's Company is an American sitcom that aired from March 15, 1977, to September 18, 1984, on ABC. The show revolves around a man who must pretend to be gay in order to move in with two female roommates. It is based on the British sitcom, Man About the House.

Man About the House [1.01][edit]

Janet Wood: [to Jack] Let's get one thing straight first. This is your room. That is our room. One false move and we take you right to the vet.

Mr. Roper: Are you crazy, moving in with two girls? Not in my building, you don't!
Jack Tripper: Wait a minute, it'd be strictly platonic.
Mr. Roper: Well, I don't care what it is. [pause] What does that mean?
Mrs. Roper: Like you and me, Stanley.

Mr. Roper: Sorry to barge in on you again like this, but me and the wife are having a little disagreement about a certain matter of, uh... [coughs] sex.
Chrissy Snow: You wanna borrow a book?

And Mother Makes Four [1.02][edit]

Chrissy: You can't sit here while we get undressed.
Jack: Oh, I'm sorry. Will the view be better if I stand? [hiccups]
Janet: [shooing him out] Go cure your hiccups.
Jack: Whatever happened to the sexual revolution?
Chrissy: Your side lost.

Jack: [about Chrissy] Everywhere you look, she's a girl.
Janet: What am I, a gorilla?
Jack: No, no. You're very... bright.
Janet: Oh. More like a chimp?

Roper's Niece [1.03][edit]

Mrs. Roper: Stanley, will you stop that pacing and come to bed?
Mr. Roper: I'm not sleepy.
Mrs. Roper: [amorously] That's the best time to come to bed.

Janet: You know, Chrissy, there was something about that Karen that I didn't like.
Chrissy: She's a very beautiful girl.
Janet: That was it.

No Children, No Dogs [1.04][edit]

Chrissy: [after leaving the puppy at with Mrs. Roper] Well, she has a parakeet, and I figure anyone that loves parakeets must love dogs.
Jack: What about Mr. Roper?
Chrissy: Well, I guess she loves him too, otherwise she would have left him a long time ago.

Janet: Now, Chrissy, what's making you walk in your sleep this time? Chrissy, what's bothering you? What... Chrissy! What?
Chrissy: Oh, it must be Mr. Rogers. His secretary's out sick and I'm substituting for her this week.
Janet: Oh, is he giving you a rough time?
Chrissy: Oh, I just can't keep up with him!
Janet: He dictates too fast?
Chrissy: It's not his dictation, it's his hands. The girls in the office call him Christopher Columbus.
Janet: What?
Chrissy: The explorer.

Jack the Giant Killer [1.05][edit]

Chrissy: You know, Jack did the right thing. Fighting is uncivilized. You know, if women ran the world, there'd be none of these stupid wars.
Mr. Roper: Yeah, all the countries would nag each other to death.

Janet: Hey, how come we get the Sunday paper delivered? We don't have a subscription.
Chrissy: Oh, I don't know, I heard it land on the front balcony this morning, so I went out and got it. Ah, you know, that paper boy was so thoughtful, he waited for me to bend over and pick it up before he rode away.

It's Only Money [1.06][edit]

Chrissy: What are we gonna do about the rent? We can't go on avoiding Roper forever.
Janet: What about that boss of yours? The one that's always chasing you around. Think you can get an advance out of him?
Chrissy: Only if I let him catch me.

Mr. Roper: We all make mistakes.
Mrs. Roper: Don't put yourself down, Stanley; you do it better than anyone.