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Three Kings is a 1999 film about a gold heist during the 1991 Iraqi uprising against Saddam Hussein following the end of the first Gulf War.

Written and directed by David O. Russel. Based on the story by John Ridley
It's good to be kings. (Taglines)

Archie Gates

  • Bush told the people to rise up against Saddam. They thought they'd have our support. They don't. Now they're getting slaughtered.


[Troy sees an Iraqi Army soldier up a small mound]
Troy Barlow: Are we shooting?
Soldier: What?
Barlow: Are we shooting people or what?
Soldier: Are we shooting?
Barlow: That's what I'm asking you!
Soldier: What's the answer?
Barlow: I don't know the answer! That's what I'm trying to find out!

[During an argument outside a tent when Archie Gates and Cathy Daitch are caught cleaning up after sex]
Cathy Daitch: Adriana, look at what's become of you.
Adriana Cruz: Hey, look at me, I've got my clothes on!

Archie Gates: Good afternoon. Would this be the proctology tent?
Chief Elgin: No, sir.
Gates: Maybe it's the urology tent. Or the neurology tent. Or the nose and throat tent.
Troy Barlow: Captain's at a staff meeting, sir.
Gates: Captain of proctologists?
Conrad Vig: What's a proctologist, sir?

Troy Barlow: Hey, would you take those fucking things off?
Walter: I never got to use night-vision.
Barlow: They do not work during the day!
Walter: Yeah, they kinda work.

Troy Barlow: I'm gonna buy a set of Lexus convertibles in every color.
Chief Elgin: I told you, Lexus don't make a convertible.
Barlow: I'll bet you a Lexus they do.
Elgin: Alright, but it won't be a convertible.

Amir Abdullah: You know what I think? You're stealing gold, that's what I think. We're fighting Saddam and dying, and you're stealing gold.
Archie Gates: You're wrong.
Abdullah: They have half a million men in the desert and they send four guys to pick up all this bullion? I don't think so.

Troy Barlow: Conrad, you've washed your hands like ten times.
Conrad Vig: Lord knows what kind of vermin live in the butt of a Dune Coon.
Chief Elgin: Why do you let this cracker hang around with you, man?
Barlow: He's all right, man. He's from a group home in Dallas. He's got no high school.
Vig: Don't tell people that.
Elgin: I don't care if he's from Johannesburg. I don't want to hear Dune Coon or Sand Nigger from him or anybody else.
Vig: Captain uses those terms.
Barlow: That's not the point, Conrad. The point is that Towel Head and Camel Jockey are perfectly good substitutes.
Elgin: Exactly!

Troy Barlow: I heard a lot of bad shit happened in Kuwait.
Capt. Said: Yes... bad shit happened... I'm not proud of that. Yes Saddam is very crazy, but then you are crazy for coming here.


  • It's good to be kings.
  • In a war without heroes they are kings.


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