Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

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Thunderbolt and Lightfoot is a 1974 crime film starring Clint Eastwood, Jeff Bridges, George Kennedy, and Geoffrey Lewis, directed by Michael Cimino.


Lightfoot: You ain't no country preacher, Preacher.

Red: Does he know everything?

[at the same time]

John: No.
Lightfoot: Yes.

[Lightfoot is driving a truck and he sees a woman riding a motorcycle in shorts]

Lightfoot: Hey were did you get those pants?

[the womans pulls out a hammer, pounds the truck and rides off]

Lightfoot: You freak! I love you, come back!

John: You don't look so good, kid.
Lightfoot: I believe you're right.

Lightfoot: Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. That sounds like something.
Lightfoot: Hey. You stick with me, kid. You're going to live forever.

Red: Go... fuck... a duck.

[a woman runs out of a motel falsely crying rape]

Woman in car: You really want to stay here?
Husband: [smiling] Why not?

Lightfoot: So, why did you try to kill him then?
Red: Because we were friends.

John: What's your name, boy?
Lightfoot: Lightfoot.
John: You Indian?
Lightfoot: Nope. Just American.

Lightfoot: [John Doherty, aka Thunderbolt, dressed in preacher's garb, has jumped into Lightfoot's stolen Trans-Am] I thought you were the heat.
John: Do I look like heart?
Lightfoot: You look like one crazy son-of-a-bitch for a preacher, I'll tell you that.

Lightfoot: Howdy. How's business?
Station Attendant: In this business, you're always one step away from bankruptcy. Funny money, credit, speculation... Somewhere in this country's a little old lady with $79.25. The $0.05 is a buffalo nickel... If she crashes in her investment, whole thing'll collapse. General Motors, the Pentagon, the two-party system and the whole and the whole shebang... We're all running downhill. Got to keep running faster or we'll fall down.

John: I don't wish to be forward, but we'd like to exchange cars with you. So the faster you get out, the better it'll be for your ass.


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