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Thuraya AlArrayed:(Arabic: ثريا العريض‎) is an Arabic language, Saudi writer and poet she was born in 1948, and received a bachelor's degree from the College of Beirut, in 1966 , and then an MBA from American University of Beirut in 1969 and PhD from the University of North Carolina, United States General in 1975.

from Her Poems[edit]

Desert Dreams[edit]

I came into your world
Wrapped in my inherited desert shawls
All my ancestors nomadic uncontrollable souls
An immense mysterious heritage
Do you comprehend what that implies?
When you ask me to swap a desert infinite horizon
With a one way trip to a door and walls?


I caught a rainbow
A beautiful rainbow
And made it mine
But when the rain stopped
I lost my rainbow
My pretty rainbow
Amid the sunshine

he Stillborn[edit]

I want to burst , to shout
Speak up with all my force
With all my might
Open my swollen heart
Cry out
Until the word is heard
Until the word pierces the sky

The Doors ;the Game of Times[edit]

Every day

When the enchanted times child shares my solitude
She lifts me with fatal calmness
Out of the orbit of the four seasons
Through the worn out doors
Searching for the fifth Season
Where dreams should have poured.

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