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Tiger Cruise (released August 6, 2004) is the 54th Disney Channel Original Movie. It stars Hayden Panettiere and Bill Pullman. The film's fictional events are intertwined with the real-life events of the September 11, 2001 attacks. USS Constellation was, as depicted, actually returning from her 2001 Western Pacific deployment with "tigers" onboard when the September 11 terrorist attacks occurred.


Maddie: I mean, think of it. Brat. A spoiled, mischevious, ill-mannered child.
Tina: You actually looked it up.
Maddie: How would you feel going through your life known as that?

MA2: Is the XO your father?
Maddie: That's right.
MA2: So I guess that makes you a brat.
[Maddie salutes to her father and her father salutes back]
Maddie: Yeah, I'm a brat.

Maddie: Dad, when are you coming home?
Cmdr. Dolan: What do you mean? We're gonna be docking on Friday.
Maddie: No, I mean when are you coming home. For good.
Cmdr. Dolan: [Cmdr. Dolan realizes why she came] Is that why you came on board... to ask me that? This is my job.
Maddie: So get a new one. You got the degrees. You could do like anything you want.
Cmdr. Dolan: This is what I do.

Chuck: Guess this is my bed. I'm Chuck Horner.
Joey: Joey.
Chuck: You don't wet the bed, do you, Joey?
Joey: No... unless I have a lot of soda or something. [takes a sip of his soda]


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