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Tilda Swinton (2016)

Katherine Matilda Swinton (5 November 1960 –) is a Scottish actress.


  • What children, in fact all of us at any age, find frightening is unreliability and emotional coldness. The idea that you can't affect someone, that you can't see where they're coming from and can change tact at any moment.
  • There's this myth in drama, which I think comes from theatre, and I think it comes from writers, who are too articulate for their own good, that everyone is sincere and able to communicate their ideas exactly at the moment that they are having their ideas. And it's not the way it is. And you can explore that in cinema. I tend to make friends with film-makers who are interested in inarticulacy.
  • A practical observation that I’ve made over the years with ancient beloved people in my life—real spiritual youth is gained latterly.

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