Tim Shadbolt

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Tim Shadbolt

Tim Shadbolt (born 19 February 1947) is the mayor of the city of Invercargill, New Zealand, and former mayor of Waitemata City (now part of Waitakere City).


  • In Russia - Poets are considered a danger to the political system and are sent into Asylums.
    What a compliment to the Russian People
    that poetry could move them so.
    In NZ Poets are not considered a danger.
    No one reads poetry
    Poets aren't sent to Asylums but they are considered mad nonetheless
    • From the introduction to "Concrete Reality"


  • If 25 years of smoking "dope" has addled my brain, I must have been an intellectual giant in my youth.
  • I don't care where, as long as I'm mayor.
    • for a television advertisment, which involved people saying things they'd rather not