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Time squad is a TV series that ran from 2001-2003. The show featured an Intellectuall orphan named Otto, a feminized egotistical Robot named Larry 3000, and a slighlty imature brute named Buck Tuddrussel. Together, the trio would go back in time to fix history when the people of that time made a choice to go through a different path in life.

Planet of the Flies [1.14][edit]

Tuddrussel: This is a mad house!... A MAD HOUSE!!!
Larry: Ya finished?
Tuddrussel: Pretty much...

Floundering Fathers [2.17][edit]

Buck Tuddrussel: Well, mission accomplished. It took some doing, but we talked Karl Marx out of building the world's largest igloo and back to writing the Communist Manifesto
The Larry 3000: Yes, once you kicked him in the belly.
Buck Tuddrussel: Hey, if you're gonna make an omelet, you gotta break a few eggs

Forget The Alamo [2.19][edit]

Otto: Let me hear that Time Squad motto.
Tuddrussel: Ensuring the pat to protect our farmers.
Otto: Close enough.