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Timeline is a 2003 science fiction/fantasy film, about a group of students from Yale, studying a medieval archeology site, when their professor mysteriously goes missing. The students are then taken back to the U.S. by a shadowy technology company and informed that the professor is trapped in 14th century France. In order to rescue him, the students must travel to 1357 France amid archaic war, deadly diseases, and other unexpected pitfalls.

Directed by Richard Donner. Written by Jeff Maguire and George Nolfi, based on the novel by Michael Crichton.
They had to travel into the past to save the future.taglines


  • The way I see it, we've got what... we've got 650 years of knowledge on these guys. If we put our heads together, there's no reason why we shouldn't be able to get out of here and home in twenty minutes.
  • [to his father] Last time you cut off your beard, I think you sold the house, and we moved to Kentucky for a year.


  • [about being trapped in medieval France] There's one thing worse than dying here and that's living here.

Lord Oliver[edit]

  • I'm at war with the French, as well as the Scottish. Have I forgotten anyone? The Spaniards, am I at war with them?


  • How many lives has been lost on the cutting edge of discovery?


[as they float down a river]
Marek: Are you, uh... married?
Lady Claire: No. We've been fighting the English since before I was born. There's no time for marriage.
Marek: Of course. Are you, uh... with... anyone?
Lady Claire: Am I with anyone?
Marek: Yeah.
Lady Claire: I'm with you.
Marek: I know, I know. What I mean is, is there, is there someone, is there someone... that you see?
Lady Claire: Do I see?
Marek: Yeah.
Lady Claire: [looks towards the river bank] Uh, nobody... It is possible they are hiding on the shore or... in the woods. They could be anywhere.

Doniger: [takes Francois' glasses] Sorry Francois. They didn't have these.
Francois: You know, I don't see too well without them.
Doniger: I'm sure you'll be fine. That's where we goofed up with the professor.

Doniger: Yeah, yeah, look. We need cultural experts, not scientists. My people simply don't know about the medieval world, or how to mingle with the locals, which is what we're gonna have to do, if we're going to find the professor and bring him back.
Marek: So that's it? We just step on that machine and whiz back to 1357?

Marek: I just delivered her to the French for safekeeping. How did the English get her?
Professor Johnston: It's history.
Marek: Then history will change.

Lord Oliver: Who speaks for you?
Marek: I do, my lord.
Lord Oliver: You speak strangely.
Marek: Yes. We are Scottish, my lord.
Lord Oliver: Scottish? (in Scottish accent) You've come to kill us all in our beds, eh? (goes back to original English accent) First the old man and now this group. Why do the Scottish find this village so pleasing?

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