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Timo Kustaa Mukka (17 December 1944 – 27 March 1973) was a Finnish author who wrote about the lives of people in Lapland.


'Laulu Sipirjan lapsista. 1974

Mukka, Timo K. 1974/1966: Laulu Sipirjan lapsista. as translated in: Leena Mäkelä-Marttinen. "The poetics of ressentiment. Case: Timo K. Mukka's novel Laulu Spirjan Lapsista - The Song of Sipirja's Children." Proceedings of the 10th World Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS/AIS) Universidade da Coruña (España / Spain), 2012. Pp. 1589-1596

  • It was told that when God long ago created Sipirja he settled it by the river and trampled the path nearby the houses: go wanderer, stay a while but not longer! In the houses of Sipirja people speak their own language so that no stranger can understand what they say; it remains unexplained. They are like mute, armless, eyeless and there is not heart in any one’s chest, only the possessed and lashed flesh. When a stranger comes to the village of Sipirja, they despise him like an animal and they laugh at his speech, and all the old painful things and injustices which everyone has suffered sometimes are exposed. Children and old hags stare after him when he has left, they imitate his speech and the way how he walked and moved his arm, and they say: a creature like that! so ugly! They ask the stranger inside and they fill his cup with delicious coffee and urge to drink, but when he is gone they speak about him with despise: a creature like that!
    • p. 29
  • As a child I was helpless and filled with trust, but now I am fortunately sick with fear and filled with distrust. Now I am sharp-sighted, but then I was stupid and blind goose, and I had to experience it over and over again.
    • p. 166
  • It would be madness to imagine that I or anybody else has private thoughts, private and independent: the self is the sum of the understanding the self, only when I can understand that there is also you, I can perceive my deeds and to be.
    • p. 166

Quotes about Timo K. Mukka[edit]

  • Timo Mukka (born 1944) is a very individual author; he can be frankly romantic and writes at times a directly poetic prose, but he also describes, in a realistic manner, rootless modern life and presents a slightly surrealistic but very efficient satire of all the brutality and stupidity of the present-day world.
    • Richard Dauenhauer, ‎Philip Binham (1978), Snow in May: An Anthology of Finnish Writing, 1945-1972. p. 39

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