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Timothy Goes to School is a children's animated television series based on the series of Yoko and other individual books by Rosemary Wells such as "Shy Charles", "Fritz and the Mess Fairy", and "Noisy Nora", but is titled after the book of the same name.

It primarily features a young enthusiastic raccoon named Timothy (voiced by Austin Di Iulio), who attends a fictional primary school called "Hilltop School" along with ten other students (each of which are of different animals) or eleven (counting Juanita; who appears in the final two episodes), who are mainly friends of him and each other. The kindergarten class is taught by Mrs. Jenkins, a comforting teacher who enjoys educating and helping her students.

Season 1[edit]

Timothy Goes to School / Yoko [1.1][edit]

[first lines of the series; Timothy draws a picture of the sun]
Timothy's Mom: Timothy, you have mail.
Timothy: Really, Mom? For me?
Timothy's Dad: It has your name on it.
Timothy: Wow, what is it?
Timothy's Dad: There's only one way to find out.
Timothy: Hmm...
Timothy's Dad: Open it.
[Timothy's Mom hands the letter to Timothy. Timothy open the letter and it's a card. Timothy looks at the card]
Timothy: What does it say?
Timothy's Mom: It says: "Guess who's invited to Mrs. Jenkins' kindergarten class at Hilltop School?"
[Timothy opens the invitation and reveals a mirror]
Timothy: Me! I'm invited. Can I go, Mom?
Timothy's Mom: Yes, Timothy. It's time to go to school.
Timothy: Right now?
Timothy's Dad: Tomorrow, after one more sleep. Good luck.
Timothy: [looks through himself in a small mirror from the card] Wow.

[when Timothy stops running, he won't know anybody on the bus]
Timothy: [whispering] Mom.
Timothy's Mom: What's the matter, Timothy?
Timothy: I won't know anybody.
Timothy's Mom: Sure you will. [off-screen] Doris will be on the bus.
Timothy: [with an unhappy expression] Doris?
Timothy's Mom: [to her son] Have a great day. [kisses him] Good luck!
[Timothy waves good-bye to his mother and walks to the bus. He stops and sees the big yellow bus. A bus driver named Henry opens the doors and welcomes Timothy on board]
Henry: [first lines] Hi, Timothy. I'm Henry. [off-screen] All aboard for Hilltop School.
[Timothy climbs into Henry's bus and waves hello to Henry]
Timothy: Hi, Henry.
[Timothy suddenly sees everyone in the bus. Claude is wearing some school clothes while everyone stares at Timothy]
Doris: [first lines; off-screen] Hey, Timothy! [on-screen] Come sit with me! Ha, ha!
Timothy: [to Doris] Hi, Doris.
[Timothy walks all the way to the end of the seat where Doris is waving at him. He suddenly sees Yoko who is sitting next to Charles]
Yoko: [first lines; with a happy smile] Hello.
Timothy: [seeing Yoko for the first time] Hi.
[Timothy continues his way to the end of the seat. He now sits next to Doris and looks through the window. Then the bus drives away from Timothy's house as it heads to Hilltop school]

Timothy: Wow! you're wearing the same shirt I am.
Claude: No, silly, you're wearing the same shirt I am.

Yoko: [off-screen] How come no one wants to trade with me, Timothy? [on-screen] I don't understand. [opens the sushi box] Mama made all my favorite food.
Timothy: [sees Yoko's favourite food; which is sushi] The trouble with your favorite food is [off-screen] that it's no one else's favorite.
Yoko: But nothing beats sushi. [holds the sushi with chopsticks] There's a tasty treasure inside every piece.
Frank #1: [sniffing; groans in disgust] It's green. It's seaweed.
Frank #2: [sniffing] Oh-no, please do not tell me that It's raw fish.
Doris: Watch out, it's moving.
Nora: Yecch-o-rama!
Doris: [off-screen] Why can't your mother make you something normal?

[Mrs. Jenkins listens to one unhappy sound in her classroom and becomes concerned about this]
Mrs. Jenkins: [hears Yoko sobbing] There's an unhappy student in my classroom.
[Mrs. Jenkins walks up to Yoko's desk.]
Mrs. Jenkins: Yoko, what's wrong?
[The scene cuts to Yoko sobbing --Yoko is covering her eyes with her hands.]
Yoko: [sobs] Everybody laughed at my lunch. They think I'm weird.
Mrs. Jenkins: What did you bring for lunch?
[Yoko shows Mrs. Jenkins her sushi.]
Yoko: [in between tears, by which everyone won't be swayed] My favorite food.

[After International Food Day ends]
Timothy: How do you like International Food Day, Yoko?
Yoko: [sighs] I don't. How do you like International Food Day?
Timothy: It's hard to tell, I didn't get to try everything. Not Grace's Nigerian nut soup, Fritz's Italian spaghetti, Doris' Irish stew, Claude's mango smoothies, Nora's potato kannish, Charles' enchiladas, Lilly's quiche, or the Franks' Boston baked beans.
Yoko: And you did not try my deluxe sushi either. No one tried it, not even one piece.

On The Fritz / The Great Obstacle Course [1.2][edit]

Fritz: Mom, my volcano didn't go off.
[This is Cleo. She is Fritz's mom. This is her first appearance in the TV series.]
Cleo: Well, it certainly looks like a volcano went off in here. What about we tidy up before breakfast?
Fritz: Okay, Mom.

Timothy: Do you know about the Mess Fairy, Yoko?
Yoko: I know about the Tooth Fairy.
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Who's the Mess Fairy?
Timothy: I don't know. Ask Fritz.

[The episode's first half introduces Ms. Appleberry --Mrs. Jenkins's student teacher.]
Mrs. Jenkins: Children? Say hello to our new student teacher. Her name is Ms. Appleberry.
[Ms. Appleberry says a big, long, "GOOD MORNING" --completed with her face shaking with her hands on her hips.]
[The class responds back saying "Good morning" to Ms. Appleberry --also in a big, long, "GOOD MORNING".]
[Indeed the class's student teacher --Ms. Appleberry-- is here to help out.]

Fritz: It's the new Fritz, no more mess. Timothy, wait up!
[After Fritz leaves the classroom, the camera pans out to reveal the huge mess he has indeed left - included leaving on the sink, causing water to spill out of it and to the floor]

Timothy: Do you think I'll win a gold medal, Mom?
Timothy's Mom: [giggles] I think you'll have fun trying.

Nora: I can't wait until the egg and spoon race! It's my favorite! What's your favorite, Claude?
Claude: Winning.
Timothy: [shrugs his shoulders] Whatever.

Timothy: I hope I win. I've never won a gold medal before.
Claude: May the best man win.
Grace: Uh, you mean the best girl.

[Doris sees that nobody is left for her to team up with her. She does not have a partner]
Doris: [finds no team mate and sadly groans about it] Aw...!
Mrs. Jenkins: Doris, what's the matter?
[Doris --after finding no team mate-- she tells Mrs. Jenkins that she doesn't have a buddy.]
Doris: I don't have a team mate!
Mrs. Jenkins: Sure you do. [tells Doris her answer of who is going to be her buddy] Me!
Doris: Okay.

Mrs. Jenkins: [about the egg and spoon race part in the obstacle course] Children, I'm sorry to announce that the egg and spoon race has been cancelled (for this year's obstacle course on this year's obstacle course day). Because it's due to a misunderstanding.
[The Franks are eating boiled eggs while babbling]
Frank #2: Yeah, very sorry.
[Nora finds out the said race is cancelled from this year's field day due to a misunderstanding by the Franks. Then she turns to the Franks after they ate her favorite race in the obstacle course.]
Nora: [to the Franks] YOU ATE MY FAVORITE RACE!
Mrs. Jenkins: Not to worry, Nora. There are many more other races.

Timothy: Who wants some jelly sandwich? Jelly's good for jumping.
Yoko: Yes, please.
Nora: Sure.
Frank #1: I do.
Frank #2: Me too.
Fritz: Me too. Thanks, Timothy.
Doris: I'll have some, Timothy.
Timothy: Would you like some of my jelly sandwich, Claude? There's lots of jumping in the obstacle course.
Claude: No, thank you. We don't need it.

[as Claude and Grace runs to the finish line, they stop to a giant mud puddle]
Claude and Grace: Mud! Eww!!
Claude: I'm not jumping in that.
Grace: It's disgusting! It will ruined my clothes.
Nora: Yahoo! yeah!
[Charles, Nora, Lily and Doris jumps into the mud. Charles is covered in mud]
Claude: Come on Grace, We're losing.
Grace: Yecch.
Claude: Well, go around it.

Small Change / Shy Charles [1.3][edit]

[Nora can't find her red shirt. She has looked in her dresser drawer and calls her mom about her red shirt after not finding it.]
Nora: Mama? Where is my red shirt? I had it on yesterday...!
Nora's Dad: [adds the part of how Nora wore her favorite red shirt to school the day before yesterday; so he finishes Nora's sentence] And (you wore that shirt) on the day before that.
[After showing Nora her red shirt --even though he knows why it is her favorite-- he tells Nora why her red shirt that she had it on for three or four days before the said morning is in the laundry basket.]
Nora's Dad: It is dirty.
[Nora takes the red shirt out from the basket even though it is dirty. She wore that red shirt three or four days in a row. Now after three or four days, it is dirty]
Nora's Dad: It is time to change into something new, Nora.
[Nora does not want to change. Not liking change, she tries to grab her red shirt and argues that she doesn't want to and her red shirt is her favorite]
Nora: I do not want to change! It is my favorite!
[Nora's dad takes the red shirt from Nora because it is strictly speaking dirty. But Nora still doesn't want to change.]
Nora's Dad: [in hopes that Nora is going to listen] Nora...?
Nora: Uh-uh!
Nora's Dad: Uh-huh.

Nora: Mama, why do things have to change?
Nora's Mom: If things didn't change, you'd still be a baby like Jack. Everything changes.
[The sound of the Henry's bus horn honks]
Nora's Mom: Except for the school bus, that's always the same.

Lilly: What are you making?
Nora: Angry crocodiles.
Lilly: [giggles] Guess what I'm making.
Nora: A big mess. ... Okay, what is it?
Lilly: It's a tree. You want to see?

[Nora runs through the hall ways]
Nora: I'm going to play on the swings.
Frank #1: No, we are.
Nora: No, I am.
Frank #2: No, we are!
Nora: No, I am!
Frank #1: Ooh. you're a good shouter.
Frank #2: Yeah, you're the best shouter.
Frank #1: NO, I AM!!!
Nora: NO, I AM!!!
[Mrs. Jenkins walks through the halls]
Mrs. Jenkins: [tells Nora and the Franks to have their big voices outside] Big voices outside if you please.

Nora: Where were you at recess?
Timothy: I was playing with Charles.
Nora: Charles doesn't like to play with anyone. He's shy.
Timothy: Hmm, he wasn't shy at recess.

[Timothy stops running and founds a mop]
Timothy: Hey. [waves the mop] Wow, great flag. I better ask Henry.
[Timothy enters the janitorial closet]
Timothy: Henry? Henry?
[The mop falls down and pushes the door close and Timothy looked shocked. He tries to open the door but it won't open]
Timothy: Oh no, help! I'm stuck, let me out. Help! Get me out of here! [Charles looks worried] Help! help! help! [Charles slides down and takes off his helmet] Help! Get me out of here! [Charles enters the hall] Hello? Is anybody here? help! [Charles looks at the door] I'm stuck. Hello?
[Charles grabs the bucket, climbs up and looks through inside]
Charles: I'm here, Timothy.
Timothy: Charles, I think I'm locked in.
[Charles notices the emergency bell on the wall]
Charles: Don't worry, [pushes the bucket] I know what to do.
[Outside the school, Mrs. Jenkins looks at her watch. As she tries to pull the rope, she and the students heard the emergency bell]
Mrs. Jenkins: Oh my, an emergency!

Don't Lose It Lily / Frankless Frank [1.4][edit]

[Yoko is drawing lions and tigers]
Yoko: I'm drawing lions and tigers. What are you drawing, Timothy?
Timothy: A pirate ship.
Doris: Ewww!!
[Timothy looks surprised]
Doris: Charles is drawing creepy crawlies!
[Charles stops drawing]
Charles: It's a sunrise. [picks up the drawing] See?
[Charles' drawing is finished. Doris really believes the sun is a big yellow spider]
Doris: Eww! It's a spider! A big yellow spider! I'D HATE SPIDERS!! [runs away]

Grace: Lilly always forgets where she puts things.
Doris: She'd forget her head if it wasn't screwed on tight.

Charles: What's that on your finger?
Lilly: Mrs. Jenkins says if I tie a string around my finger, it'll help me remember where I put my things.
Charles: Does it work?
Lilly: Not yet.

Grace: [bought the last ice cream cone from the ice cream truck] Look!
[Grace then brags that she bought the last ice cream item saying it was the last one. Then she shows it in front of Lilly and Charles's faces.]
Grace: I have the last one! (laughs)
[Grace then runs away with the last ice cream. By the time Lilly and Charles get to the ice cream truck, the ice cream man/ice cream vendor which is shown to be possibly a beaver due to the paws shown, he closes the window. This means he's all sold out. Then it drives away. Lilly and Charles end up missing out with the ice cream for some reason.]
Ice Cream Vendor: [driving away and to Lilly and Charles about him being sold out] (Sorry! Sold out!)
[The ice cream man/ice cream vendor --off-screen-- puts a "SOLD OUT" sign near his selling window.]
Lilly: [about Grace getting the very last ice cream] I am sorry, Charles. I've lost your place in line.
Charles: [also about Grace getting the very last ice cream] I know.
[Sadly, both of them miss out with the ice cream. Grace got the very last ice cream item. Now Lilly and Charles cannot believe that Grace bought the very last one. The ice cream truck was out of product. So as a result, before Lilly or Charles could get to the ice cream, they have to miss out on it for one day]

[This episode's first half introduces Lilly's mom. Lilly's mom is named Susan. And this is Susan's first appearance in the TV series.]
Lilly: [telling her mom how her day was at school] I remember everything about it. We drew pictures, I traded lunches, and I played hide and seek.
[Lilly gets to the part about when she did not get ice cream after noting she didn't get it. She did not get any ice cream and neither did Charles. That is, not only did she forget her nickel but also, though Charles was supposed to share his ice cream cone with her, Grace had bought the last ice cream cone before Lily or Charles could get to it. Therefore, as she had to miss out with the ice cream, she tells her mom about the part when she didn't get ice cream]
Lilly: [at this, she mentions how she didn't get any ice cream] But...! I didn't...! I didn't get any ice cream.
Susan: That seems like a lot of things to do in one day.
[Susan remembers that the same afternoon is tomorrow --"ice cream". So she understands about Lily who wasn't able to get ice cream and prepares to give her a nickel for it so she does get ice cream.]
Susan: Good remembering.
Lilly: My friend Charles helps me sometimes.

[On the second "ice cream" day]
Charles: Lily, did you forget something?
[Now that Lilly has ice cream, she was going to give Charles the said ice cream cone after she ate the other one and does not know she has accidentally allowed the second to melt]
Lilly: Nope. Two zoom ice creams. One for me and one for...!
[The ice cream cone --for Charles-- is melted. The good news is, Lilly like the rest of her friends except Charles got to have ice cream. So she got ice cream this time. The bad news is, Charles did not get any ice cream even though Lilly got it as she remembered her nickel. The ice cream for Charles, it is now melted and inedible. Charles ends up missing out with the ice cream like Lilly did the day before, even though Lilly got ice cream this time]
Charles: Me...?
Lilly: Oh, Charles...! I am sorry.
[Lilly notes about her own and Charles's sympathy about their "ice cream" effort. Charles --reacting to this-- shrugs sadly and sighs as he had to miss out with the ice cream as a result. He has the same problem as Lilly did the previous day. Because the one that was for him had melted, even though Lilly was able to get ice cream for some reason. But he knows that there is always a "next time".]

Frank #2: [off-screen] Me before you, me first!
Frank #1: [off-screen] Me before you, me first!
Timothy: Here they go again.
[The Franks run past Timothy and Charles]
Frank #1: Me before you, me first!
[The Franks smile and giggle]
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Okay. We'll both go first.
[The two Franks tries to get inside until finally enter the school. Mrs. Jenkins shakes her head]
Frank #2: One more time!
[Frank #1's ears droop]
Frank #1: [groans] Nah, I don't want to.
Everyone: Ohh!
Mrs. Jenkins: Frank? Are you okay?
Frank #1: I guess so. Except I'm kinda itchy.
[He scratches his ear]
Mrs. Jenkins: Hmm... Let me feel your forehead. [touches Frank #1's forehead] It feels a little warm.
Frank #2: Am I a little warm too?
Mrs. Jenkins: No, (Frank). you seem to be okay, But Frank you may have a fever. Let's go see the nurse.
[Frank #1 holds Mrs. Jenkins hand. Frank #2 looks sad]

Mrs. Jenkins: Frank.
Frank #2: Huh? [turns around]
Mrs. Jenkins: [referring to Frank #1] Where is Frank?
Frank #2: He is sick.
Mrs. Jenkins: Oh dear. It certainly is going to be different with only one Frank.
Frank #2: Yeah.

Frank #2: I'd hate being the only Frank at school!
Big Frank: But if you don't go, there might be no Franks at school. You don't want that. Do you?
[By the meaning from Big Frank, he means that if there are no Franks at school thanks to Frank #2, the teacher and the other students would be counting on Frank #2 and hoping to see him in class. And they might see him missing since there would be no Franks]
Frank #2: I guess not.

Timothy: You want to be my puzzle partner?
Frank #2: Huh? Who, me?
Timothy: Yeah.
Frank #2: I've never had a partner who is not Frank.
Timothy: Come on. It'll be fun.

Timothy: Hey, Frank. You want to play?
Frank #2: Who, me? I've never played with anyone who is not Frank.
Timothy: We were good puzzle partners. Maybe we can be good football partners.
Frank #2: Okay, let's play!

Mrs. Jenkins: Frank, you're back.
Frank #1: Yeah, I'm not sick anymore.
Frank #2: Me before you, [laughs] me first! [runs to the door]
Frank #1: Me before you, me first!
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Okay. We'll both go first.
[The two Franks went through the door and finally enter the school]
Frank #1: [off-screen] One more time!
[Frank #2 groans. Mrs. Jenkins looked shocked]
Frank #2: Nah, I do not feel like it.
[Frank #2 rubs his head. Frank #1 pokes out the door]
Mrs. Jenkins: Uh-oh. [walks to Frank #2] Let me feel your forehead, Frank. [touches Frank #2's forehead] I think you got the fever Frank had (yesterday). Let's go see the nurse.
[Frank #1 watches Mrs. Jenkins and Frank #2 walks away from him. Frank #2 looks at Frank #1]
Frank #1: Me before you! [his frown turned upside down] Oh yeah, There is no you.
Timothy: Here we go again.
[Then after Timothy said "here we go again", it may result with Frank #1 by being his partner]

Paint By Numbers / The Sleepover [1.5][edit]

[Timothy uses yellow paint and red paint and he made orange]
Timothy: Hey, I mix red and yellow and I made orange.
[Yoko use yellow paint and blue paint and she made green]
Yoko: I mix yellow and blue and I made green.
[Claude uses red paint and blue paint and he made purple]
Claude: I made purple by mixing blue and red.
Mrs. Jenkins: See what happens if you add white or black to a color.
[Charles uses red paint and white paint and he made pink]
Mrs. Jenkins: Look, Charles mixed red and white and made pink.
Yoko: That's very pretty, Charles.
[Frank #1 and Frank #2 had both made football brown]
Frank #2: Ohh!
Frank #1: Look what we made.
Frank #2: Football brown.
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Go, Franks, go! [laughing]
[Doris uses a bunch of colors and she's making something that no-one has seen before]
Doris: I mix a bunch of colors and I got this.
Grace: What is that color?
[Doris have made teal]
Doris: I don't know. But I like it.
Frank #1: It's weird.
Frank #2: Yeah, I've never seen that football. That color.
[Charles walks to Doris]
Charles: I like it.
[Doris smiles]

[Doris is looking at abstract paintings in a museum]
Doris: Wow. I like these paintings. They look like mine. What do you think, Charles?
Charles: They're almost as good as yours.
Doris: Thanks, Charles.

Timothy's Mom: Guess what. Frank and Frank are going to sleep over tonight. Big Frank has to use his bulldozer to fix a bridge.
Timothy: What? Here? Tonight?
Timothy's Mom: Yes, dear.
Timothy: Oh.
Timothy's Mom: I thought you liked Frank and Frank.
Timothy: I do, but...
Timothy's Mom: What?
Timothy: Are they staying for dinner?
Timothy's Mom: Yes.
Timothy: Well, don't use those. Use the real plates.
Timothy's Mom: But I thought you liked those plates.
Timothy: Well, I just don't want Frank and Frank to think I'm a baby for some reason.
Timothy's Mom: Okay.

[In Timothy's room, Timothy holds a toy penguin named Pengy]
Timothy: Pengy, I have to hide you, or the Franks will laugh at me.
[under Timothy's bed]
Timothy: Don't worry, It's just for tonight. [puts Pengy under the bed]

[while the Frank twins packing their stuff]
Frank #2: Oh, I almost forgot this.
[Frank #2 put his toy bulldog named Bully inside the bag]
Frank #1: Hey, what was that?
Frank #2: Nothing.
Frank #1: Yeah, it was.
[The Franks grab the bag]
Frank #2: No.
Frank #1: What was it?
Frank #2: Get off, This is my bag.
Frank #1: Hey!
Frank #2: [grunts] No fair!
[The Franks tug over Frank #2's bag. Frank #1 touches Frank #2's cheek making him laugh. The Franks continue tugging over the bag]
Big Frank: Hey, hey, hey, hey! This isn't the time for fun and games, so you can play at Timothy's house if you wish.
Frank #2: [grabs his bag] Yeah!
[Frank #2 runs out of the room]

[Timothy turns on the lights. He holds Bully]
Timothy: What's this?
Frank #2: [grabs Bully] It's Bully.
Frank #1: You brought that baby toy? Is that what you were hiding? Now the whole school is going to find out and laugh with us.
Frank #2: But, Bully makes feel better at night.
Timothy: [off-screen] I have a favorite bedtime toy too. [on-screen when he gets Pengy out of his bed] He's Pengy.
Frank #2: We won't tell, If you won't tell.
Timothy: Yeah, I won't tell.
Frank #1: Promise?
Timothy: I'd promise.
[Timothy turns off the light while the house is outside, Frank #2 sleeps with Bully and Timothy sleeps with Pengy, Frank #1 hears strange sound downstairs and he looks scared and worried. Frank #1 hides in his sleeping bag as the episode ends]

The Music Tree / Team Project [1.6][edit]

[Henry is washing the bus until he can hear everyone practicing music]
Henry: There's nothing like music class to help get the chores done. [chuckles]
[The hose sprays him. Inside the school building, Mrs. Jenkins plays the xylophone]
Mrs. Jenkins: One, two. One, two. One, two. That's right, children.
[Everybody are playing their instruments. Yoko is playing her violin]
Timothy: Yoko practice her music everyday.
Doris: She sounds good.
[As Yoko plays the violin, she make an awful note]
Yoko: Why is everybody looking at me?
Fritz: Wow!
Doris: You're good, Yoko.
Nora: Yeah.
Mrs. Jenkins: Well done, everyone, and well done, Yoko.

Yoko: I'll make a mistake and everybody will laugh with me, Mama.
Yoko's Mom: That might happen. But if you don't play your violin for other people, they will never get to here the beautiful music you hear all the time like I do. It is your choice, Yoko. You can decide after rehearsal tomorrow if you wish. Good luck!

Timothy: What's the matter?
Yoko: I'm nervous about playing my violin in front of the music tree with everyone watching.
Timothy: Don't worry, Yoko. We'll be right behind you.

[The slurpee stars sit on the table while Claude works on the rocket]
Timothy: Hey, Claude, I got the slurpee stars.
Claude: [to Timothy] I already have some.
[Timothy looks at the other slurpee stars glue. He has a sad expression as the scene fades to black]

Timothy: Claude didn't let me do anything, Mom. Not anything. I don't care if our space shuttle wins the special prize. It's no fun being partners with Claude. Isn't it?
Timothy's Mom: Oh. I'm so sorry, honey.

Cherry Blossom / Talent Show [1.7][edit]

[During "In the Spotlight"]
Lilly: I'm a little seed beginning to grow. I'm a little seed growing up through the dirt. I'm a little seed bursting into a...
Doris: Flower! The seed grew into a flower!
Lilly: Yes, Doris! April showers bring May flowers and that's what I know about springtime. [the class applauds]
Mrs. Jenkins: Thank you for a wonderful In the Spotlight, Lilly.
Lilly: You're welcome, Mrs. Jenkins.

Claude: I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree.

Frank #1: Let's build a birdhouse!
Frank #2: Out of ice cream sticks!
Frank #1: Will we have to eat a lot of ice cream?
Frank #2: Only if we make a big one.
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Okay, let's build a big one! [begin to giggle]
Mrs. Jenkins: Frank and Frank, I have just the thing to help.
Frank #1: Maybe Mrs. J has some ice cream for us!
Frank #2: Yeah!
Mrs. Jenkins: [brings a jar full of ice cream sticks] I enjoy ice cream too, from time to time.
Frank #1: Huh?
Mrs. Jenkins: Here you go, boys.
Frank #1: [without enthusiasm] Gee, thanks, Mrs. Jenkins.
Frank #2: Yeah, thanks a lot. That's really swell.

Yoko: [after Timothy's kite gets stuck in a tree] Oh, no.
Timothy: That's okay. Maybe someday, my kite will get stuck in your cherry blossom tree.
Yoko: You really think so?
Timothy: Yep, I think it will, Yoko.

Doris: I'm a majorette, Mrs. Jenkins.
Mrs. Jenkins: You look wonderful, dear. [to Claude] Are you a prince, Claude?
Claude: I'm a king.
Mrs. Jenkins: Of course you are. [to the Franks] And you are?
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Football players.
[The Franks run away from Mrs. Jenkins]

Yoko: What happened to your ankle, Grace?
Grace: I'd hurt it.
Frank #1: Did you fall off a tree?
Grace: No, I'd hurt it, dancing. (And I fell.)
Nora: Maybe it will get better before the show...!
[Even though Nora thinks that Grace's sprained ankle may heal before the show, Grace says it won't. Then she breaks down because she cannot be in the show after breaking her ankle even though the talent show is on tonight. What she means by that is that it is on and she's not going due to her broken ankle.]
Grace: [sobs] No, it's not. I can't be in the show.
[Tears roll down Grace's cheeks.]
Mrs. Jenkins: I'm so sorry, Grace.
Grace: [sobs] I know, but I practiced and practiced, Mrs. Jenkins. Now I can't dance. I can't even do anything!
[Two more tears roll down Grace's cheeks.]
Mrs. Jenkins: We can think of something.
Doris: You can watch.
Grace: [stops crying and hears a plan or suggestion from Doris] I don't want to just watch.
Timothy: [to Grace] Can you pull a curtain, Grace?
Grace: Of course, I can pull a curtain.
Timothy: Well, then you can help me.
Grace: [looking at Timothy] Okay. [smiles]
[Grace as a result is able to be in the talent show after all. But she's not able to do her talent. Instead, she's being Timothy's assistant]

[In the talent show]
Timothy's Mom: [when Grace had to miss out with doing her talent in the talent show after breaking her ankle] It is such a shame about Grace's ankle.
Grace's Mom: [sitting next to Timothy's mom] She was so looking forward to the show.

Scary Monsters / Lifesaver Lilly [1.8][edit]

Claude: I know lots of dinosaurs, but I think T-Rex is the best. He's the king of all dinosaurs.
Timothy: Diplodocus was like a submarine. He can stay underwater forever because he had a nose on top of his head.
Lilly: I like Pterodactyl. She can fly, and she sleeps hanging upside down.
Frank #1: I like Stegosaurus.
Frank #2: Yeah, he had the brain of a meatball.
[The Franks begin to laugh]
Yoko: Brachiosaurus had a really stretchy, long neck to reach the highest trees. Which dinosaur do you like best, Nora?
Nora: Umm...well...I...uh...

Timothy: Nora is frightened of dinosaurs.
Frank #1: Frightened?
Frank #2: Of dinosaurs?
Yoko: Yes, and she needs our help.
Doris: I'm frightened of spiders. Will that help?
Charles: Spiders can't hurt you, Doris.
Timothy: And neither can dinosaurs. They died a long time ago.

[After the class --on the bus-- arrives at the science museum, Mrs. Jenkins and Ms. Appleberry get off the bus. Mrs. Jenkins gets off first, then, Ms. Appleberry comes off next to her. Next, she --Ms. Appleberry-- counts students off the bus as they --one by one-- get off the bus.]
Mrs. Jenkins: We are here, children. Quick sticks!
Ms. Appleberry: [counting] One, two, three, four...
[When Ms. Appleberry says this, she counts Grace as number 1, Doris as number 2, Yoko as number 3, and Timothy as number 4. As the "count" pauses, Timothy --before getting off-- becomes excited.]
Timothy: Oh boy! [gets off the bus] We are going to the museum. I cannot wait to go inside.
[It is revealed that Timothy's buddy/partner/team mate was Nora. In other words, "He was paired with Nora".]
Mrs. Jenkins: [to the rest of the class] Everybody, find your buddy.
[As Timothy races to the museum's double front doors --thinking that Nora is with him-- the scene cuts to Ms. Appleberry. And she continues counting. The students --one by one during the count-- get off the bus.]
Ms. Appleberry: [counting] ...nine, ten...! (Ten? Only ten?)
[Someone is missing even though Nora was supposed to be number 11.]
Ms. Appleberry: Oh, my! We are one short! Someone is missing!
[The scene cuts to Timothy.]
Timothy: Where is Nora?
[At first Timothy thinks he has Nora with him. But since she's scared and won't go in, he realizes that she isn't there.]
Henry: Here she is.
Nora: I really want to go, Timothy. But I am scared.
Mrs. Jenkins: Timothy? Nora? Is everything okay?
Timothy: It is okay, Mrs. J. If Nora wants to stay on the bus with Henry, I should stay too.
Nora: But, Timothy, you love dinosaurs. You must go.
Timothy: I am not going if you are not going.
[Everyone gasps if Nora is not going]
Nora: [changes her mind and decides to go] All right. But if you, Timothy, promise to hold my hand.

[Timothy takes Nora to the Megazostrodon]
Timothy: Nora, Meet Megazostrodon.
Nora: [gasps and covers her eyes] That sounds big and scary. [opens her right eye] That's it? He's so little.
Timothy: Just like you.
Nora: I'm bigger than him. He's not scary at all.
Timothy: [laughs] That's what Yoko thought to, when she found his picture in the book.
Nora: Hi, Megazostrodon. [laughs]
Timothy: Wanna go meet some other dinosaurs?
Nora: Okay.
[Timothy takes Nora to the next dinosaur as the camera zooms in to the Megazostrodon]

[Nora explains about her day to her family --about her field trip to the Science Museum.]
Nora: You're right. And then we saw Tyrannosaurus Rex. He is as tall as our house.
[Nora becomes excited to go to the dinosaur museum again --this time wanting to see the dinosaurs with her family too.]
Nora: [to her father] May we see the dinosaurs again? Please, Dad? My favorite is Megazostrodon.

Mrs. Jenkins: Taking care of a pet is a big responsibility. I suggest we each take turns caring for Goldie.
Frank #1: You mean like walking it?
Frank #2: Yeah, and giving it a bath?
Claude: Um, It's a fish.
Frank #2: All right, no bath.
[Frank #1 and Frank #2 laugh and Claude stares at them in disbelief. Goldie is in her fish tank and looks at Lilly]
Mrs. Jenkins: All right, Who wants to go first?
Lilly: Oh, oh! I do! I do!
Claude: I will.
Mrs. Jenkins: Lilly and Claude both want to go first. I suggest we take a vote.
Doris: It should be Claude, Lilly's forgetful. She wouldn't remember to feed him.
[Lilly frown is upside down]

Timothy: Hey, Claude, you want to play ball?
Claude: I would, but I have more important things to do, Timothy. I'm taking care of Goldie.

Lilly: [about how she saved Goldie from the power outage week due to the snow] Well, Mrs. Jenkins, I thought that Goldie would be cold. [tells the class how Goldie got to spend the week with her fish Treasure when the power was out for a week] And so, I brought him home to be with my own fish for the night.

Red Thunder / Putting It All Together [1.9][edit]

[The bus stops at Doris' house]
Henry: [off-screen] There you go, Doris.
Doris: Thanks, Henry.
Everybody: Bye, Doris.
Doris: [off-screen] Bye.
[Henry gets on his bus. Horace and Morris ride their bicycles doing ramp tricks]
Timothy: Wow! Did you see that?
Frank #1: Yeah. That was neat.
Frank #2: Very neat.
[Horace and Morris ride past Henry's bus]
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Let's do it!
Henry: Uh, uh, uh. Those boys are much bigger than you guys. Bike tricks like that are only for very experienced riders. All righty?
Timothy, Frank #1 and Frank #2: All righty.
[Timothy and the Franks sit on their bus seats]
Frank #1: Hey Timothy, Why don't you come to our place on the weekend?
Frank #2: You can ride bikes with Us.
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Yeah!
Timothy: Sure, I'll ask my parents.
[Timothy sees Horace and Morris doing ramp tricks on their bicycles]

[Timothy checks the ramp]
Timothy: It looks good, Who wants to go first?
Frank #1: Me before you, me first!
Frank #2: No, me before you, me first!
Frank #1: Frank, I'll go first.
Frank #2: Frank, I will go first.
Frank #1: Frank...
Timothy: I'll go first.
[Timothy is on his Red Thunder bicycle]
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Ohh! He'll go first.
[Timothy stares at the ramp and then he starts his Red Thunder. Timothy rides closer to the ramp and then he and his bike jumps off the ramp. The Franks watches hims flying off the ramp]
Timothy: [off-screen] WAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! Oof!
Frank #1: Timothy!
[The Red Thunder's wheel broke]
Frank #2: Are you okay?
Timothy: Yeah.
Big Frank: What happened? Timothy! [runs to Timothy]
Timothy: Um, I'm okay.
Big Frank: Now, what did I say about riding safely? You're not ready for ramps.
Frank #1 and Frank #2: But Dad...
Timothy: It wasn't their fault. It was my idea. I thought I was big enough to do it. But I wasn't.
Big Frank: Well, as long as you're all right.
Frank #1: Timothy may be all right.
Frank #2: But his bike is not.
Big Frank: Don't worry, Timothy. I can fix that.
Frank #1: That's right, Timothy.
Frank #2: Dad can fix anything.
[Timothy looks upset. Later, the wheel from the Red Thunder is fixed and round again]
Timothy: Wow! It looks as good as new! Thank you.
Frank #1: Told you Dad can fix it.
Frank #2: That is the best!
Timothy: He sure is.
Big Frank: Oh boys. [chuckles]

[while Timothy and his Dad walk home]
Timothy's Dad: Did you have fun with your Red Thunder?
Timothy: Well, it's kind of a long story, Dad. You see, first we set up this course to bike around, but the Franks kind of got tired of running into things. So then I had this idea to build a ramp, kind of like the one I saw Doris's brothers use...

[after Timothy puts the last piece into the puzzle]
Timothy: We did it!
Everybody: Yeah! Hooray!
Timothy: Wow.
[The puzzle shows a picture of a picnic]
Fritz: That is one giant ice cream sundae.
Claude: You can say that again.
Grace: Bright red balloons are my favorite.
[Mrs. Jenkins enters the classroom]
Mrs. Jenkins: Well done everyone!
Nora: Do we get our surprise?
Mrs. Jenkins: You certainly do. [checks her watch] Goodness me! It's almost lunch time.
Nora: But, What's our surprise!?
Mrs. Jenkins: [chuckles] Follow me, children.
[Everyone follows Mrs. Jenkins. outside the playground, everyone sees the surprise]
Everyone: Wow!
Nora: Look!
Timothy: That's neato.
Lilly: It looks delicious.
Yoko: It looks like the puzzle!
[A real picnic appears just like the puzzle]
Mrs. Jenkins: Congratulations. You did a wonderful job.
Yoko: We couldn't have done it without Timothy, Mrs. Jenkins.
Mrs. Jenkins: Nice job, Timothy. [Timothy smiles] Picnic time, everyone!
[Timothy, Yoko and the others went to the picnic table to have lunch. The camera zooms out of the picnic table as the episode ends]

The Big Snowfall / Forever Friends [1.10][edit]

[Doris sees the snow outside the window]
Doris: [gasps] It snowed!
[Horace, Morris and Boris are throwing snowballs]
Doris: It snowed when I was sleeping! I loved snow!
[Doris runs to the closet]
Doris: I can't wait to play outside. [wears her regular clothes] Oops. [runs back to the closet and now she's wear snow clothes] That's better. Snow, here I come!

Mrs. Jenkins: Lilly, where's your hat and scarf?
Lilly: Um... [hears the school bus horn honk and watches as it rolls away] Oh, I forgot them on the bus. I'm not used to snow stuff. This is my first snow day.
Mrs. Jenkins: Oh, Lilly. We are going to have such fun. But first, let's just find you something warm to wear.

Doris: Mrs. Jenkins, Frank and Frank are telling scary stories.
Mrs. Jenkins: Lots of people tell stories about the Abominable Snowman, Doris. They even have different names for him, like Bigfoot and Yeti and Sasquatch.
Frank #2: See?
Mrs. Jenkins: But they're just stories. There's nothing to worry about.
Doris: See?

Timothy's Mom: Where's Yoko?
Timothy: Oh, she doesn't like me any more. She found something better to do.
Timothy's Mom: What's she doing?
Timothy: She has to practice for a special dance recital.
Timothy's Mom: Oh, Yoko still likes you, honey. She's just busy, is all.
Timothy: Really?
Timothy's Mom: Of course.

[At school, Yoko gives Timothy the invitation]
Yoko: Here, It's an invitation to my dance recital on Friday. I hope you come.
Timothy: Thanks! I'll come for sure.
Yoko: Good. Bye, Timothy. [she leaves]
Timothy: Huh? Where you going? I thought were gonna play together.
[Yoko stops walking]
Yoko: You did?
Timothy: You said you want to meet me after school today.
Yoko: Yes! So I can give you this.
Timothy: You mean, You're not coming over?
Yoko: Sorry, Timothy.
Grace: Come on, Yoko. My mom is going to take us to dance rehearsal.
Yoko: Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
[Yoko follows Grace to the exit. Timothy has a sad expression, picks up his coat and walks away]

[At the dance recital, Yoko and Grace are practicing ballet]
Yoko: One, two...
Grace: Three, four...
[Every single ballet dancer hold their partners until they twirl them. Grace twirls too fast until Yoko stops her]
Grace and Yoko: Oops. [laughing]

Taking the Plunge / Timothy's Way [1.11][edit]

Mrs. Jenkins: [off-screen] Okay, everyone, [on-screen] who can tell me what we call Monday in Summer time?
[The kids --except Claude-- raises their hands up]
Mrs. Jenkins: Yes, Timothy?
Timothy: Swim Day.
Mrs. Jenkins: [off-screen] That's right. [on-screen] Swim Day is when we stop at Hilltop Park for a swim. [points to her student teacher Ms. Appleberry] And look who's here to help out?
Everyone: [greets Ms. Appleberry the student teacher who is going to be part of the Swim Day field trip] MS. APPLEBERRY!
[Ms. Appleberry responds and greets back the children. She responds in a big, long, "GOOD MORNING".]
[This phrase --said by Ms. Appleberry-- was heard again, reused, and said a second time from a previous Season 1 episode --that being the episode "On the Fritz".)

Timothy: Aren't you coming swimming, Claude?

Mrs. Jenkins: Quick sticks, children, I'm right behind you.
Frank #1: I'll race you.
Frank #2: Last one there!
Mrs. Jenkins: Slow down, so no running, Frank. Play safely.
[The Franks stop to run and looked at Mrs. Jenkins. They both continue running and run past Mrs. Appleberry]
Mrs. Appleberry: Oh my.
[The Franks run towards the purple slide. They climb up and slide down into the water]
Frank #1 and Frank #2: [laughing]
Frank #1: Let's try backwards.
Frank #2: Yeah.
[The Franks run out of the pool]

Timothy: Hey, Yoko, watch this!
[Timothy walks backwards, took a big drag, run to the pool, and jumps in it. He swam and he swam.]
Yoko: Good jumping, Timothy!
Lilly: Timothy is the best swimmer.

[Charles float on the water]
Timothy: Hey, what are you doing here, Charles?
Charles: Watching clouds. It's fun.
Timothy: Hey, that cloud looks like a cowboy hat.
[The cloud cowboy hat flies through the sky]
Charles: Wow. Apple pie, my favorite.
[The next cloud shows Henry's head]
Timothy: [laughs] It's Henry.

Claude: I'm not good at swimming.
Timothy: What? But you're good at everything.
Claude: Not swimming. I'm not good at it.
Timothy: It's easy.
Claude: Easy for you. You're a good swimmer.
Timothy: Thank you. I can teach you to kick and paddle.
Claude: Well, only if you don't tell anyone.
Timothy: Okay, I'm good at secrets.

[At school, Mrs. Jenkins hangs up pictures]
Mrs. Jenkins: These are all wonderful pictures, what fun we're going to have this summer.
[Mrs. Jenkins hangs up a picture of the Franks twins who are behind the garage. The camera moves to a picture of Claude swimming in the pool]
Yoko: Look, Timothy, Claude's swimming. He must be taking lessons.
Timothy: Yeah, he's pretty good. Although he doesn't like getting his head wet.
Yoko: Huh?

[The next morning, The bus arrives to Claude's house]
Timothy: Hi, Claude, you coming swimming?
[Claude stops for a second then smiles]
Claude: I sure am.
[Claude runs to the bus. At the pool, Charles watches some clouds]
Timothy: See anything?
Charles: Uh-huh. A big ship.
[The cloud ship flies through the sky]
Claude: Hey, Timothy, head's up!
[Claude closes his nose and dives into the water]
Charles: Told you he could swim. Claude's good at everything.
[Claude swim pasts Doris and Lilly]
Lilly: Claude's the best swimmer!
[Claude swim past Timothy, Yoko and Charles]
Timothy: Good swimming, Claude.
Yoko: Hey, isn't that your trick, Timothy?
Timothy: Uh... yeah.
[Yoko, Timothy and Charles get out of the pool]
Yoko: You must have a very good teacher, Claude.
[Claude looks at Timothy]
Claude: The best. [Timothy stops walking] Here, Timothy, use my towel.
[Claude throws the towel to Timothy]
Timothy: Thanks, Claude.
[Timothy dries himself with Claude's towel]

[Fritz rubs his head with a red balloon]
Fritz: This is called static electricity. It will give you a little shock when you touch your partner's finger.
[Fritz touches Frank #1's finger]
Frank #1: Oh, oh!
[The Franks feel the floor. Frank #1 touches Frank #2's finger and everyone laughs at the Franks. Yoko makes an origami dog]
Everyone: Wow!
Yoko: How did everyone else do?
Nora: Look at mine, Yoko!
Yoko: Oh, Nora. Your puppy is wonderful.
Nora: Thanks.
[The camera zooms in to Nora's blue origami dog. Grace in doing the pirouette]
Grace: This is called a pirouette. I'll do another one. Remember, on one foot.
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Oh!
Grace: [off-screen] Now, you try.
[Frank #1 walks to Grace. He tries to do a pirouette but he spins too fast]
Frank #1: Ahh!
[Grace gasps when she sees Frank #1 crashes]
Frank #2: Hey, that was pretty good, Frank. wasn't it, Grace? Huh?
Grace: Uh... It's a start.
[Frank #2 smiles]

Timothy's Mom: [looks for Timothy, who is naked in the tub, while holding a green towel] Timothy? Where are you?
Timothy: [pops out of his bubble bath] Here we are, Mom.
Timothy's Mom: [finds Timothy, who is naked, in his bubble bath] Timothy!
[Timothy, who is naked, climbs out of the bathtub and gets into the towel. Then, his mother starts drying him off]
Timothy's Mom: So, what did the kids teach at school today?
Timothy: Hmm. Fritz taught electricity. Yoko taught Origami, and Grace, she'd taught some ballet stuff.
Timothy's Mom: Really?
Timothy: Yeah. Mom, I still haven't thought of anything to teach. Can you think of anything?
Timothy's Mom: Well, I'm sure you'll think of something all on your own.
Timothy: You think so? I've only got one more day. [looks at his green towel] Hey, Mom, catch!
[Timothy, who took off the towel and gets naked, throws it to his mom]
Timothy's Mom: Timothy...
[A naked Timothy hugs his mom as the scene fades to black]

The Treefort and the Sandcastle / Get Well Soon [1.12][edit]

Doris: They're building a tree fort, for boys only!
Grace: Boys only?! [gasps] That's not fair!
Yoko: Why would they do that?
Nora: It's not fair!

Doris: Mrs. Jenkins!
Mrs. Jenkins: What is it, Doris?
Doris: The boys are building a tree fort, and they say it's for boys only.
Mrs. Jenkins: Oh. Well, at Hilltop School, we let everyone play.
Doris: That's what I thought.
Grace: We can play without the boys. We'll start our own club.
Yoko: A sandcastle club.
Nora: Just for girls.

Yoko, Grace, Nora and Doris: Girls are smart, girls are fun. Hilltop Girls are number one!
Timothy, Charles, Claude, Fritz, Frank #1 and Frank #2: We're the Boys of Hilltop School. We're the boys, and we rule!

[Before finding out that Ms. Appleberry is the substitute for Mrs. Jenkins.]
Yoko: [wants to know why Ms. Appleberry who is Mrs. Jenkins's student teacher is here] Are we going to the (Science) Museum?
[Yoko has mentioned the science museum which references the "Scary Monsters" episode, the first half of the eighth episode of Season 1 and the TV series "Scary Monsters / Lifesaver Lilly".]
Doris: Is it Game Day?
[Ms. Appleberry tells Doris about what really is happening today. But it's not a field trip to the museum nor Game Day. That is, even though Yoko thinks it is a field trip to the Science Museum while Doris thinks it is "Game Day". See in quote.]
Ms. Appleberry: [to Yoko and Doris] It's none of those things.
[She turns to the class about the real answer about why she is here.]
Ms. Appleberry: (I'm Ms. Appleberry.) I'm your substitute teacher today.
[Cut to Timothy and Yoko near the front doors. Timothy and Yoko are shocked to hear that. Then the scene cuts back to Ms. Appleberry.]
Ms. Appleberry: [to the class] Come on inside and I can explain.

[The Franks are trying to drink water from the faucet instead of using paper cups]
Frank #1: [whispering] You do it.
Frank #2: [whispering] No, you do it.
[Ms. Appleberry catches the Franks from trying to drink water from the faucet rather than paper cups.]
Ms. Appleberry: Paper cups, please, Frank and Frank.
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Huh?
[Frank #1 turns off the water faucet.]
Frank #2: But...! Mrs. Jenkins lets us!
Frank #1: Yeah. She does.
Ms. Appleberry: (Really?) I do not think so, unless we can work something out with you guys.
[Ms. Appleberry whips out a letter and reveals it. It's a letter from Mrs. Jenkins to the Franks. She reads it even though Frank #1 and Frank #2 say that Mrs. Jenkins lets them drink water from the faucet. Ms. Appleberry --after revealing the letter-- reads the letter out loud to the Franks. Then the Franks hear it read by Ms. Appleberry.]
Ms. Appleberry: [reading the letter] Dear Frank and Frank,
Please listen to Ms. Appleberry while I am away.
And no drinking from the faucet.
(So be careful.)
Mrs. Jenkins
Frank #1: Whoa!
Frank #2: [about Ms. Appleberry] She's magic.

Nora: Hey, what are you doing, Fritz?
Fritz: I'm collecting worms for Mrs. Jenkins.
Timothy: What?
Nora: Huh?
Grace: Ew!

Grace: What is Fritz doing? When you want someone to feel better, you make them a "get well soon" card. Not worms!
Doris: Maybe Fritz doesn't know that.

[The scene cuts from the school bus to Fritz's house. In Fritz's kitchen, Cleo --Fritz's mother-- is fixing Fritz an after-school snack.]
Fritz: Hi Mom.
Cleo: Hello, dear. How was your day at school?
Fritz: Okay. Well, Ms. Appleberry was our teacher today.
Cleo: I know. I heard that Mrs. Jenkins hurt her arm.
Fritz: Everyone made Mrs. Jenkins a "Get Well Soon" card. But I did not want to.
Cleo: Fritz?
[Cleo puts Fritz on the kitchen counter.]
Cleo: How do you feel about Mrs. Jenkins being away from school?
[Fritz --sitting on the counter-- he is close up to his mother's face --smelling the "stinky smell" from her skunk nose-- while he is telling his mom about school.]
Fritz: [about Ms. Appleberry] Sometimes Ms. Appleberry is fun.
[But then, he regards with Mrs. Jenkins --who wasn't at school today.]
Fritz: But I still miss Mrs. Jenkins.
Cleo: Then, why didn't you want to make her a card?
[While Fritz smells his mother's nose --while talking to her about school-- he doesn't mind the smell of her.]
Fritz: I wanted to make her something different.
Cleo: Oh, that is my Fritz.
[Cleo hugs Fritz.]
Cleo: So, what is in the bag?
[Cleo goes up to Fritz's bag. She looks in the bag and it's filled with bugs, leftovers and worms which he tried to collect from school.]
Cleo: Bugs, and leftovers, and worms? Oh Fritz! She is going to love it!

Fritz: Get well soon, Mrs. Jenkins.
Mrs. Jenkins: What's this?
Fritz: I made you something different.
[Fritz takes something out of the bag and it's a bird feeder; he had been planning to make a bird feeder all this time since the day before]
Fritz: It's mostly bugs, leftovers and worms.
Mrs. Jenkins: Thank you, Fritz. I love it!
Grace: What?! You do?
Mrs. Jenkins: This is just the thing I need to make me feel better.
Grace: [happily knows that Fritz's "junk plan" which was made from leftovers, bugs, and worms was for making a bird feeder all this time since the day before] Oh! A bird feeder. Fritz made a bird feeder.
[Fritz happily smiles]
Mrs. Jenkins: Now I can look at my birds along with my wonderful cards.

In the Spotlight / Fritz on the Move [1.13][edit]

Charles: I don't want to do "In the Spotlight."
Timothy: Why not? You really, really like leaves.
Charles: I'm not good at talking in front of everybody like you are, Timothy. "In the Spotlight" is scary.

Grace: Ballet slippers are great for dancing on your toes, but my favorite dance shoes are Irish dance shoes. [shows a picture] This is me when I won a prize at the Irish Ceilidha. I love to dance, and I'm really quite good at it.

Charles: I have to do "In the Spotlight."
Charles' Dad: Well, that's great.
Charles: Only, I don't know what to do.
Charles' Dad: Well, what do you want to do?

Fritz: Hi, Timothy.
Timothy: Hi, Fritz.
Fritz: Guess what?
Timothy: What?
Fritz: I'm moving away!
Timothy: What?!
Fritz: My mom told me last night, We're moving to a new town.
[Timothy gasps]
Fritz: Look, this is where I'm moving. [show Timothy the picture of the beach] There's a beach, and a science museum, and my mom even said there gonna be kids in my age to play with. Isn't that great?
Timothy: Uh-huh.
Fritz: And my mom said my room's gonna be bigger so I can have more space to do my experiments in. [Timothy put his shells inside his backpack] And there's a park near my house, and a big tree in the backyard, And...

[At Fritz's bye-now party]
Mrs. Jenkins: [off-screen] All ears, children. [a present box sits on the table] Fritz, each of your friends has brought you something that you take with you to your new home.
Fritz: Wow.
[The Franks went to Fritz]
Frank #1: Here's a can of franks and beans so you won't forget us.
[Fritz holds a can of franks and beans]
Frank #2: Yeah, we were going to give you two cans, but uh...
Frank #1: We kinda ate the other one.
Fritz: [laughs] Thanks, guys.
[Fritz puts the can into the box. Nora went to Fritz]
Nora: I made you a talking tube, So if you ever start missing me you can... JUST USE THIS!!
Fritz: [laughs] Thanks, Nora.
[Fritz put it in the box]
Grace: I wrote a poem for you.
Fritz: Thanks, Grace.
Grace: [clears her throat] "Goodbye Fritz, A poem by Grace. "Here at Hilltop school, we saw you everyday. So we'll never forget you even you move away." [gives Fritz the poem] Bye Bye!
[Fritz puts the poem in the box]
Yoko: This is from my cherry tree.
Fritz: Interesting.
Yoko: Put it in water as soon as you get to your new home.
Fritz: I will. Thanks, Yoko.
[Yoko walks away from Fritz]
Lilly: Here.
[Lilly shows Fritz the ribbon]
Fritz: What is it?
Lilly: It's a ribbon. To tie around your finger So you won't forget me. [ties the ribbon on Fritz's finger]
Fritz: I'll never forget you, Lilly.
[Lilly walks away. Doris show Fritz her painting]
Doris: I painted it just for you.
Fritz: Thanks, Doris.
[Doris smiles and gives Fritz the painting. Charles holds a jar full of leaves]
Charles: This is for you, Fritz. You can keep bugs in it at your new house.
Fritz: Wow, That's great. Thanks, Charles.
Claude: Here, It's a precise picture that I drew Hilltop school.
Fritz: Thanks, Claude. It I'll help me remember all of you.
[Fritz puts the jar and the picture into the box]
Timothy: Here, Fritz.
[Fritz opens the wrapper and the box. It's Timothy's shell]
Fritz: But Timothy, it's your favorite shell.
Timothy: I know. I want you to have it.
Fritz: Really?
Timothy: Uh-huh.
Fritz: Wow. Thank you.

Timothy: Promise to send me a letter as soon you get to your new home?
Fritz: I promise.
[Timothy has a sad expression as he going to miss his best friend. Henry's bus stops at Fritz's house and Henry opens the door]
Timothy: I'll miss you, Fritz.
Fritz: I'll miss you too, Timothy. [they both hug together] But I'll be coming back for the (summer) holidays to visit my grandmother.
[Fritz slowly climbs down the stairs of the bus and went to his house]
Yoko: Goodbye, Fritz!
Lilly: Goodbye, Fritz!
Timothy: Goodbye, Fritz!
Fritz: Goodbye, Tim!
[The bus drives away from Fritz's house as Fritz waves goodbye to his friends]

[At Timothy's house, Timothy got a package]
Timothy: Hey! This is for me!
[In Timothy's room, photos lay on the bed]
Timothy: Wow.
Fritz: [voice over] Dearest Timothy, Our new place is great. Mom was right. There's a big tree in the backyard, and my room is huge. I found this shell on the beach near my house. It's my favorite. And I want you to have for your collection. I miss you a lot, I can't wait to see you during the holidays. Bye for now. Your friend, Fritz.
[Timothy's mom enters the room]
Timothy's Mom: Wow! Where did you get this marvelous shell, Timothy?
Timothy: From my good friend, Fritz.
[The camera zooms up away from Timothy's house as the scene fades to black]

Season 2[edit]

Many Happy Returns / You're Invited [2.1][edit]

Timothy: Mom, in my last letter, Fritz said he had a big surprise for me. It sure is taking a long time.
Timothy's Mom: Yes, it has been a while.
Timothy: I like getting letters from him, and I like sending him letters, but--
Timothy's Mom: But you miss him, huh?
Timothy: I miss playing with him.
Timothy's Mom: Well, maybe you and Fritz can visit each other sometime?
Timothy: I guess.
Timothy's Mom: You can do all the fun things you used to do.
Timothy: I just wish he still lived here so I can play with him all the time.

Mrs. Jenkins: Is everything all right, Timothy?
Timothy: I miss Fritz.
Mrs. Jenkins: Well, tell me what you miss about him.
Timothy: I miss playing shells together. I remember when we made beaches with him.
Mrs. Jenkins: Why don't you draw a picture of that.
Timothy: Yeah.

[Grace sees Fritz's picture of a microscope and bugs and worms and says her gross statement out loud when Fritz used to collect bugs and worms.]
[Grace --after saying this-- shakes her head in disgust and with disgusted face]
Mrs. Jenkins: [regarding to the episode "Get Well Soon"; an episode from the first season] That also reminds me of the time when I got hurt and Fritz made me a bird feeder.

[The mailman puts the letters in the mailbox until he spots Horace, Morris and Boris trying to get through the doorway]
Boris: [off-screen] Hey, get out of my way.
Horace: [off-screen] Stop, [on-screen] I'm telling mom.
Morris: [pushes his brothers out of the way] Aw, get out of here! [grabs Boris and kicks Horace] Stop it!
Horace: It's my turn to get the mail!
[Horace, Morris and Boris begin to fight and argue who will get the mail. The mailman sees Doris' brothers race to the mailbox and runs away from Doris' house. The scene cuts to the mailbox]
Boris: [off-screen] Let me get it!
Morris: [races to the mailbox] Get out of my way, [opens the mailbox] It's my turn!
Horace: [pushes Morris] Excuse me!
Morris: [off-screen] Hey, no fair!
[Horace grabs the letters from the mailbox, but Boris bumps into Horace dropping the letters. Boris looks inside the mailbox and finds no Crunchy Puff flyer inside but darkness and emptiness]
Boris: [finds no Crunchy Puff flyer inside] Aw, no Crunchy Puff flyer. [closes the mailbox]
Horace, Morris and Boris: Aww!
Boris: [walks sadly back inside] Now we have to wait another whole day!
Morris: [sadly follows Boris] Aw, it's never going to get here.
Horace: Hey, what about the mail?
Morris: [off-screen] It's your turn.
Boris: [off-screen] Yeah, you can get it.
Horace: No fair, I'm telling.

Doris: Hello, Lilly.
Lilly: Hi, Doris.
Doris: Did you forget anything? Hmm?
Lilly: I don't think so.
Doris: Think a little bit harder.
Lilly: [thinks she forgot something] Hmm...
[Doris knows that Lilly had forgot to deliver her invitation]
Lilly: Yes, I did forget something.
Doris: I thought so.
Lilly: I have to give Mrs. Jenkins her invitation. [runs to the school building so she can give the invitation to Mrs. Jenkins] Thanks, Doris.

Yoko: You are trying really hard to be a good friend, Doris.
Doris: Lilly doesn't know that.
Timothy: She will. You'll see!

Doris: Lilly, want to trade lunches?
Lilly: Sure. Thanks, Doris.
Doris: You're welcome, Lilly.
Lilly: What did you bring?
Doris: Ham and cheese and lettuce and tomato.
Lilly: Mmm, I like ham and cheese and lettuce and tomato.
[Lilly takes a cottage cheese sandwich out of her lunchbox.]
Lilly: I have a cottage cheese sandwich.
[Doris sees the cottage cheese sandwich.]
Doris: Cottage cheese. Yum.
[Doris and Lilly trade sandwiches.]
Doris: [about to eat the cottage cheese sandwich] Mmm.
[Doris on-screen tries to take a bite from the sandwich. Lilly off-screen takes one bite of the sandwich, finds mustard on it, and throws the sandwich which had mustard.]
[Indeed, Lilly nearly gets sick from tasting the mustard on the sandwich --which had meat, cheese, lettuce, and tomato.]
Lilly: [sticks out her tongue in disgust] PAH!
[Lilly hates mustard on sandwiches. Then she washes it down with a glass of water.]

The Greatest / Rocky Friendship [2.2][edit]

Timothy: I am sort of busy, Nora.
Nora: [calls Timothy] BUT I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP!
Timothy: All right.
[Timothy stops playing ball with the Franks and runs to Nora who is playing on the teeter totter with Doris.]
Doris: Hop on, Timothy.
[Timothy goes on to Nora's end on the teeter totter and rides with her.]
Timothy: Okay.
Nora: Thanks, Timothy. You are the greatest.
Doris: This is way more fun.
Nora: I can ride the teeter totter all day. What about you, Timothy?
[Timothy is really worn out of Nora bossing him around 24 hours a day and always wanting him to be her "servant". In fact, he thinks about being released from this challenge after he does this --that being the teeter totter-- for Nora.]
Timothy: [hugging Nora] Yeah. All day.
[Timothy hugs Nora as he is helping her ride the teeter totter.]

Yoko: What are you doing?
Timothy: Hiding from Nora.
Yoko: How come?
Timothy: [about being Nora's servant] Being the greatest isn't so great after all. Nora keeps asking me to do stuff. I'm sick of it.
Yoko: Maybe you should tell her.
Timothy: Yeah, I should.

Mrs. Jenkins: Is there something wrong, Nora?
Frank #1: Norman?
Frank #2: Is gone?
Doris: Ooh, I hope he doesn't come near me!

[Fritz finds the red rock on Charles's castle. Even though it was not Charles's turn yet, Charles snuck to the box, took the red rock, then he added it to his castle again when it was Fritz's turn.]
Fritz: Hey!
[Fritz looks into his rock collection box. And he finds the red rock gone --that is, when Charles took it use it for his castle.]
Fritz: HE TOOK IT!
[He --after finding the red rock gone-- steals back the red rock by grabbing it off of Charles's castle; resulting the castle to get smashed a little]

Timothy: [thinking about the red rock while sharpening a pencil] If I give the rock to Fritz, Charles might get mad. And if I give it to Charles, then Fritz might get mad.
Mrs. Jenkins: Uh, I think that is sharpened enough, Timothy.
Timothy: [seeing that half the pencil is gone] Oh, I guess I wasn't paying attention.

Two for Tea / Abracadabra [2.3][edit]

Mrs. Jenkins: Oh, tell me about your painting, Yoko.
Yoko: The birds are cranes, and they are for peace and fortune.
Mrs. Jenkins: And what are the cherry blossoms for?
Yoko: Oh, they're just pretty.
Mrs. Jenkins: [giggles] Yes, they are.

Yoko: Mama?
Yoko's Mom: Yes, my little cherry blossom?
Yoko: Can we have juice at our tea ceremony tomorrow?
Yoko's Mom: It is not customary. We have green tea and sweet cakes made with care.
Yoko: Can we play games?
Yoko's Mom: Yoko, is something wrong?
Yoko: No, Mama. It's just that Nora says they do things differently at her house.
Yoko's Mom: Then (Nora), she should enjoy learning how we do things at our house. Don't worry, cherry blossom. Everyone will enjoy the tea ceremony.
[According to Yoko's mom, even though Nora does things differently at her house with her family, she is going to learn how Yoko does things at her house.]
Yoko: Thank you, Mama.

Yoko: [does admire Nora's treats; which are krispie squares] They are delicious, Nora. [but regards to her traditional treats which are the Japanese sweet cakes] But we have Japanese sweet cakes.

Yoko: Wait! There is more. Mama brought Japanese sweet cakes.
Yoko's Mom: [gasps] Oh dear!
Yoko: What is it, Mama?
Yoko's Mom: [about the traditional treats which are the sweet cakes; after she forgot to bring them] I forgot to bring the sweet cakes!
[It is revealed that Yoko's Mom forgot to bring the traditional sweets which are the sweet cakes. While it is unknown where Yoko's Mom left them, it is possibly maybe she left them at home and forgot to bring them.]
Yoko: But we made them special just to end the tea ceremony, Mama.
Yoko's Mom: I am sorry. What should we do?
[Yoko suggests to celebrate with Nora's treats which are the krispie squares.]
Yoko: I know. Nora made krispie squares.
[The scene cuts to Nora. Nora looks surprised, but smiles in a little smile. Then she --offscreen-- goes to her backpack and takes out her marshmallow bars.]

[Before recess.]
Mrs. Jenkins: [to the class] Before we go outside to recess, there is one thing I want you to all do. It's how to say, "Thank you" in Japanese.

Grace: Maybe you should sit with Fritz on the way home?
Timothy: I just don't want to sit with Fritz (on the way home)!
Fritz: Well, that is good! Because I do not want to sit with you!
Grace: Can't you two stop it? You're friends.
Timothy: Not any more. A good friend would trust me in the first place!
Fritz: And a good friend wouldn't show someone else how to do my trick!
Timothy: [off-screen] I didn't!
Fritz: [off-screen] You did too!
Timothy: [off-screen] I did not!
Fritz: [off-screen] Did too!
Timothy: [off-screen] Did too!
Fritz: [off-screen] Did...!
[Everyone looked at Grace and Timothy and Fritz fall silent. Grace sighs after stopping Timothy and Fritz's arguing about the blame.]
Grace: [to Timothy, Fritz, and the rest of the class] Timothy didn't show me the magic trick, I peeked in your magic book.
[Fritz knows that Timothy was right all along when Timothy had said he didn't show Grace the magic tricks. This eventually leads Grace to admit her mistake.]
Fritz: [to Grace] But, how did you do that? It was in my backpack.
Grace: Umm, I just took it out of your backpack.
Everyone else: [off-screen; gasping] GRACE...?!
[Claude, Charles, Doris, The Franks, Fritz, and Timothy stare at Grace.]
Grace: [confessing] I PUT IT BACK WHEN I WAS DONE!
[In the end, Timothy and Fritz's friendship is restored. Grace walks away --despite restoring Timothy and Fritz's friendship.]

The Taketombo / Having a Wonderful Time [2.4][edit]

Yoko: Mama! Mama, look! Look what came in the mail.
Yoko's Mom: It is from your grandmother, all the way from Japan. You can open it, Yoko. It is addressed to you.
Yoko: Okay.

Mrs. Jenkins: Okay, everyone, put away your thingies, then, sit down under the Learning Tree. [off-screen] It's Yoko's turn for "In the Spotlight".
[Everybody except the Franks sit down under the Learning Tree. Frank #1 holds the football while running through the classroom because he and Frank #2 are playing football inside]
Frank #1: [to Frank #2] Head's up, Frank. One, two, me to you!
[Frank #1 throws the football. But on his throw, Frank #2 bumps into the Earth globe as he catches and grabs the football. Then he catches the globe before it hits the floor as he almost had broken it.]
Frank #2: [cautiously because the globe almost breaking was a close call] Oh, that was close.
[Luckily, the globe is not broken. In fact, at first sight, nothing is. Then, Mrs. Jenkins goes over to the Franks. And she asks them to put away their football because there is no playing sports --baseball, basketball, football, or soccer-- inside.]
Mrs. Jenkins: [to Frank #1 and Frank #2] Frank and Frank, put your football in the Cloak Room, please. You know, we don't play sports inside.
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Yes, Mrs. Jenkins.
[Mrs. Jenkins leaves as Frank #2 put the globe back on the top of the drawer.]
Frank #1: Let me put it away. Throw me a running pass.
[Frank #2 sees Mrs. Jenkins helps Lilly untangling the jump rope. Then he turns back to his brother.]
Frank #2: OK. But you better not miss.
Frank #1: I'd never miss.
[Frank #1 and Frank #2 play sports in the classroom anyway. So, Frank #1 runs through the classroom just as Frank #2 throws the football to him. On Frank #2's throw, Frank #1 catches the football. But the football, it slipped out of his hands. And he --Frank #1-- missed it.]
Frank #1: Whoops!
[Suddenly, the football hits Yoko's taketombo breaking it into pieces. Yoko gasps after what the Franks have just done. Then Mrs. Jenkins and the other students --especially Yoko-- they stare at the broken pieces of the taketombo after the Franks broke it from playing football in the classroom.]
Frank #1: [to Frank #2 after he misses the football] I...! I missed.
[Mrs. Jenkins --offscreen-- picks up, catches, and grabs the football that Frank #1 and Frank #2 threw after they made it break Yoko's taketombo.]
Mrs. Jenkins: [holding the football which the Franks just threw and to the Franks] Frank and Frank, you two have broken Yoko's taketombo. [still holding the football and continuing to the Franks] What do you two say to Yoko?
Frank #1: I am... sorry, Yoko.
Frank #2: Yeah, we're sorry. We didn't mean to break it.
[Yoko stares sadly at the Frank twins and looks at the broken taketombo pieces.]
Mrs. Jenkins: [still holding the football and then to Yoko] I'm sorry, Yoko. Perhaps your mother can help you fix (or replace) it?
[Yoko becomes really upset as tears roll down her cheeks]
Mrs. Jenkins: Let me help you pick up the broken pieces. [to the students as "In the Spotlight" day is cancelled because of Frank #1 and Frank #2 after they broke the taketombo] We are not having "In the Spotlight" (day) today.
[Frank #1 and Frank #2 sadly watches Yoko picks up the broken taketombo pieces]
Grace: [regarding about Yoko's broken taketombo] Ooh! You wrecked everything, Frank and Frank!
Timothy: [also regarding about it; as the work from Yoko getting the taketombo as a present from her grandmother was for nothing] Her grandmother sent that to her all the way from Japan.
Lilly: Poor Yoko.
Doris: [as "In the Spotlight" day is cancelled and lost for good thanks to Frank #1 and Frank #2 who broke Yoko's taketombo] Aw! No more "In the Spotlight" (day)!
[Not only is Yoko's taketombo gone but "In the Spotlight" day is also gone too, all of it.]

Big Frank: [regarding about Yoko's broken taketombo] Is there something you boys want to tell me?
Frank #1 and Frank #2: [dealing about their guilty conscience after they broke Yoko's taketombo] We broke it.
Frank #2: We were playing football when we weren't supposed to.
Frank #1: And we made Yoko feel really bad.
Big Frank: I see. Well, do you two feel sorry?
Frank #2: Very sorry.
Frank #1: Really, really sorry.
Big Frank: And did you say "sorry" to Yoko?
Frank #1: Uh huh.
Frank #2: Yes, we did.
Big Frank: [tries to sort out the problem so the Franks can make it up] Well, then I guess there's only one thing left to do
Frank #1 and Frank #2: What, Dad?
Big Frank: Finish the "three sorries."
Frank #1: "Three sorries?"
Frank #2: I have never heard of the "three sorries".
Big Frank: [lays down the three "sorries"] Well, first, there's feeling sorry, second, there's saying "sorry," and third, there's doing something to show you're sorry.

Lilly: Do you have any extra ribbon, Charles?
Charles: Sure.
Lilly: Thanks.
Charles: I'm going to bring my new kite to Hilltop Park, Lilly. What are you going to bring?
Lilly: A blanket to sit on and an extra snack.
Grace: You need to bring more than that for a field trip! [lays down what Lilly really needs for an outdoor field trip and more than just a blanket and an extra snack] You need bug spray, and sunscreen, and a flashlight, just in case.
[Lilly tries to count the other three things. That is, the bug spray, the sunscreen and the flashlight. But she realizes she may not have enough fingers to remember them.]
Lilly: I am afraid that I don't have enough fingers to remember all of that.
Grace: Don't worry, Lilly. I'll bring enough for everybody.
Lilly: You always know what to do, Grace.
Grace: You can sit next to me on the bus, if you like.
Lilly: Thanks, Grace!

Lilly: Look, there's a bug on me!
Grace: Don't worry. I have cream for anyone who gets bug bites.
[Grace knows that she is prepared to "help" one of the other students if Lily or any of her schoolfriends get insect bites --from insects-- as she has said this.]
Lilly: That's okay, Grace. It's just a ladybug. [watches the ladybug fly away] And there it goes!

[It begins to rain]
Mrs. Jenkins: [after everyone else is on the bus] Well, boys and girls? I am afraid this rain isn't going to let up. We are going to have to say "Goodbye" to Hilltop Park for tonight.
Everyone: [their reaction when they hear that this year's day at Hilltop Park is cancelled due to the rain which causes their "Hilltop Park" day to be washed out] Awe.
Mrs. Jenkins: I hope everyone had a wonderful time.
[Then the bus starts moving and on the way back to school.]

The Shutterbug / The Friendship Stone [2.5][edit]

Timothy: I want to be a shutterbug.
Timothy's Dad: All right, I'll go get the camera.
Timothy: Really? I can use your camera?
Timothy's Mom: As long as you handle it carefully.
Timothy: Oh, I'll be really, really careful.

[During "Show and Share"]
Timothy: I'm learning how to be a shutterbug.
Frank #1: Uh, a shutterbug?
Frank #2: What kind of a bug is it?
Timothy: [giggles] A shutterbug is somebody who likes to take pictures.

Timothy: Mrs. Jenkins?
Mrs. Jenkins: Yes, Timothy.
Timothy: May I take a picture of the whole class for my photo album?
Mrs. Jenkins: A class picture. That's a grand idea!

Nora: That's not the friendship stone.
Lilly: I know. I've lost it, Nora.
Nora: What? You've lost the stone?
Lilly: Sorry, I didn't mean to lose it.
Nora: Why didn't you tell me?
Lilly: Because...I thought you wouldn't be my friend anymore.
Nora: Lilly, you'll always be my friend.
Lilly: Really? Thanks, Nora! You'll always be my friend, too.

New Found Franks / When I Grow Up [2.6][edit]

Claude: Hey, Frank. Do you want to ride on the teeter-totter with me?
Frank #1: Me?
Frank #2: Or me?
Claude: [laughs] It doesn't matter. I only need one of you on the other end.
Frank #1: Umm, no, thanks, Claude.
Frank #2: We play together.

Fritz: Frank and Frank, do you want to play with me?
Timothy: Do you want to play with me?
Frank #1: Yeah, okay.
Frank #2: Yeah, let's play!

Nora: I don't know what I want to do when I grow up, Yoko.
Yoko: It might help if you think about all the things you like to do.
Nora: [giggles] You sound a lot like Mrs. J.
Yoko: I do?
Nora: Yeah, you know, like a teacher.
Yoko: Really? Thank you. I wonder what it would be like to be a teacher.

Yoko: Mrs. Jenkins?
Mrs. Jenkins: Yes, Yoko.
Yoko: Why did you want to be a teacher?
Mrs. Jenkins: Well, I love working with children.
Yoko: Uh huh?
Mrs. Jenkins: And I like helping my students.

Yoko: Mrs. Jenkins, there are so many things I want to be when I grow up, but I can't decide on just one.
Mrs. Jenkins: You don't have to. I know you will do well of whatever you choose to do.
Yoko: Thanks, Mrs. Jenkins.

The School Play / Full of Beans [2.7][edit]

Claude: [off-screen] Mrs. Jenkins?
Mrs. Jenkins: Yes, Claude?
Claude: Since I'm the dentist, I should have a dentist drill. I'm going to bring in my dad's electric drill to use in the play. It goes "(insert drill imitation noises here)!".
[Claude mimics a dentist drill buzzing. Mrs. Jenkins reminds Claude the first time about the safety/prohibition of power tools.]
Mrs. Jenkins: We can't have (nor allow) power tools in school. (They are not safe.) But it sounds like you can make drill noises all by yourself.
[As a result, power tools --real or toy-- are not allowed in school. So Claude isn't allowed to bring his father's power drill/electric drill or a toy drill if he has any toy tools. This is the first time he is told --by Mrs. Jenkins-- that the answer is "No" to power drills.]

[Claude still wants to use his father's drill for a dentist drill in the play]
Claude: Mrs. Jenkins? I still think that this would be way better with a real drill.
[Mrs. Jenkins reminds Claude the second time about the safety/prohibition of power tools.]
Mrs. Jenkins: Ah, sorry, Claude. The answer is still "No", I'm afraid.
[Claude reacts when Mrs. Jenkins has told him the second time that the answer is "No" --"No" to power drills.]
Claude: Being the dentist isn't any fun. I wish I were something else.
Yoko: You can be the cavity, Claude. I don't mind being the dentist!
Claude: Why would I want to be the cavity, Yoko? You're the bad guy!
[Yoko looks rather upset.]

Yoko's Mom: Don't you like your costume, Yoko?
Yoko: No, I don't want to be a cavity. It's no fun, isn't it?
Yoko's Mom: Perhaps you will think of something to make your part more fun?
Yoko: I guess so, Mama.

[Yoko is in her bedroom. She imagines what would happen if she switched with Claude --that being if Claude was the cavity and Yoko was the dentist.]
Yoko: [pretending to be the dentist] I am the dentist! [in deep voice --as if to sound like the dentist speaking] DON'T WORRY! I CAN FIX IT! IT IS AS EASY AS CAN BE!

[In the play, the Franks are the junk food. Frank #1 is a candy bar, while Frank #2 is a bag of cracker jacks.]
[He gets off Yoko the tooth and creates a cavity.]
Yoko: [as the role of the cavity] (Ow!) I am a cavity from candy and from cake. If you do not see a dentist, I can cause a toothache.
Claude: [as the dentist] Let's have a look just to make sure that these teeth are healthy and strong.
[Claude --as the dentist-- he finds a cavity --and it is made by the Franks who are "the junk food".]
Claude: [as the dentist --and wants to know what the "mouth" is eating] OH NO! WHAT IS THIS!?
[Claude as the dentist find the Franks who are pretending to be junk food. Claude --as the dentist-- sees the cavity which is Yoko. Then he turns to the Franks who are the junk food items. They are a candy bar and a bag of clodhoppers --or cracker jacks-- respectively.]
Frank #1: [as one of the junk food items --that being the candy bar] A LUMPY, CRUNCHY, CANDY BAR! (AND FRANK #2 IS THE CRACKER JACKS!)
[Claude --as the dentist-- this is obviously not what he wanted to hear. He knows that the mouth has a cavity in one of its teeth.]
Claude: [to the Franks --who are the sweets/junk food] YOU NEVER ARE GOING TO BE HERE FOR LONG!
[Claude pretends to get them off the teeth and off the tooth with cavity. Because now --in the play-- the junk food items --that being the Franks who are the candy bar and cracker jacks-- have created a cavity. The cavity is Yoko. Claude "destroys" both the chocolate bar and cracker jacks --played by the Franks-- and makes the mouth cut down with the junk food.]

Henry: Good morning, Frank and Frank.
Frank #1: Good morning, Henry.
Frank #2: Hi, Henry.
[The Franks are trying to get inside the bus]
Frank #1: Me before you, me first.
Frank #2: No, me before you, me first.
Henry: [off-screen] Now, one at a time there, boys. [on-screen] Didn't you go first yesterday, Frank?
Frank #2: Uh-huh.
Henry: Then, it's your brother's turn today. [chuckles]
[Frank #2 lets his brother go in the bus first]
Frank #1: Me first! [giggling]

[The Franks had found a Saturn sticker on the floor]
Frank #1: Hey, look what I found.
[Frank #2 looks at the Saturn sticker. Frank #1 decided to put the sticker on the back of Claude's head]
Frank #2: What are you doing, Frank?
Frank #1: Shh.
[Frank #1 tiptoes and puts the Saturn sticker on Claude's back head. Claude turns and sees the Franks giggling]
Claude: What's so funny? [Charles, Nora and Doris laugh at Claude too] What?!
Doris: Frank put Saturn on the back of your head. [giggles]
Claude: Saturn? (What are you talking about?)
[Claude turns around and can't find the Saturn sticker. Doris, Charles and Nora laugh at him again until Claude takes off the Saturn sticker]
Claude: [to the Franks; angrily] Very funny.

[The Franks pretend to sneeze and blow Yoko's paper chrysanthemum]
Frank #1: Ah...
Frank #2: Ah...
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Ah-choo!
Yoko: [gasps] Oh, you ruined my flower!
Frank #1: I must have a cold.
Frank #2: I must have a cold too.
[The Franks begin to laugh.]
Yoko: That's not funny!
[Timothy and Yoko angrily watches the Franks walk away]

[The Franks put two pipe cleaner caterpillars on Doris' head]
Frank #1: Did you see that, Frank?
Frank #2: It looks like a caterpillar.
Frank #1: It looks like two caterpillars.
Doris: [gasps] Caterpillar?! (What caterpillars?) WHERE?!
Frank #1: [off-screen] They're not on the ground.
[The Franks snicker as Doris looks for the pipe cleaner caterpillars]
Frank #1 and Frank #2: [laughing] On your head!
[Doris looks up and freaks out]
[The Franks laugh so hard as Doris gets the pipe cleaner caterpillars out of her head]
Frank #1: [laughing] They're not real caterpillars.
Frank #2: [laughing] They are the pipe cleaner caterpillars.
Doris: [angrily] You (almost) scared me!

[Just before Charles and Nora could jump into the leaf pile, the Franks are pretended to be tornadoes]
Nora: Huh?
Charles: What are they doing?
Frank #1: Look out!
[Charles and Nora quickly run away before the Franks could destroy their leaf pile. The Franks begin to laugh as the leaves fly by]
Charles: [sighs sadly] Our leaf pile!
Nora: [to the Franks; angrily] You've ruined it!
Frank #1: It wasn't a real tornado.
Frank #2: [giggles] It was a Frank tornado!

[Grace is painting a picture of herself]
Grace: It's going to be perfect.
[The painting of Grace is almost finished. The Frank twins have decided to play a prank on her]
Frank #1: Do you want some help?
Grace: Help?
Frank #2: I can hold the (orange) paint for you, while you finish you picture.
Grace: [gives him the orange paint] Oh, all right.
[Grace uses a paintbrush and adds some orange paint to finish the picture. To play the "paint prank" on Grace, Frank #1 gives Frank #2 a can of green paint. Frank #2 gives the orange paint to his brother Frank #1. Frank #1 hides the orange paint behind his back. While Frank #2 is holding the green paint, Grace adds some green paint. Not knowing that it is green paint, she thinks that she still has the orange paint. Then the scene reveals to showing Grace's portrait face --which she just painted-- having green paint on it. When Grace finds out that she had used the green paint on her picture, she then gasps when she finds green paint on her picture.]
Grace: [gasping] MY PICTURE! My beautiful picture...
[Grace looks at her picture. The Franks begin to laugh after they pranked her. Grace sees one look of the green paint that Frank #2 is holding then one look at her picture. Then the scene cuts to the now-destroyed picture. Grace's picture is completely ruined thanks to the Franks who wrecked it by their prank. The scene cuts to Grace who looks hurt. But then her hurt expression turns into an outrage.]
Grace: [angrily after the prank] YOU WRECKED IT!
[Grace completed with her glaring at the Franks who pranked her with the green paint making her think it was orange paint when it was really green. Finding the Franks's prank not funny, Grace now is furious about their pranks and she off-screen vows to get revenge on them]

Mrs. Jenkins: Is everybody ready for square dancing?
Fritz: Uh-huh.
Timothy: Ready.
Frank #1: Yeah.
Mrs. Jenkins: Okay then, everybody find a partner.
[Everyone expect the Franks went to find a partner]
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Huh?
Frank #2: I don't want to be your partner! You squirted water in my face!
Frank #1: I do not want to be your partner! You put squeeze cheese on my chair!

Frank #1 and Frank #2: Mrs. Jenkins?
Frank #1: Nobody wants to be my partner.
Frank #2: Nobody wants to be my partner either, Mrs. Jenkins. [looks at his brother]
Frank #1 and Frank #2: Not even Frank.
Fritz: Nobody wants to be your partner because we don't like your mean jokes!
Frank #1: But we were just having fun (today, Fritz).
Frank #2: Yeah, we were just having fun (today).
Nora: [about Frank #1 and Frank #2's pranks] Well, maybe you were having fun! But we weren't!
[Nora and Fritz walk away from the Franks cause they don't wanna to dance with them. Not even anyone else wants to dance with Frank #1 or Frank #2]
Mrs. Jenkins: Well, Frank and Frank, it looks as though your funny business has gotten the two of you into quite a mess.
[The Franks look at each other and sigh sadly]

Frank #1 and Frank #2: [off-screen] Mrs. Jenkins?
[Frank #1 whispers through Mrs. Jenkins' ear]
Mrs. Jenkins: All right. [to the students] Frank and Frank have something they'd like to say, everyone.
[Fritz, Yoko, Lilly, Doris and Timothy walks to the Frank twins because they have something to say to all of them when they played some practical pranks on them]
Frank #1: [to Frank #2] You before me, you first.
Frank #2: [to Frank #1] You before me, you first.
Frank #1: [aplogizing everyone in the school for pranking them all day] I'm sorry.
Frank #2: [also aplogizing everyone in the school for pranking them all day] I am sorry, too.
Frank #1: [off-screen] We were just trying to be funny (today).
Nora: We like your funny jokes and riddles.
Timothy: Yeah. But not jokes that are mean.
Frank #1: Okay.
Frank #2: Okay.

Read Me a Story / The Gift [2.8][edit]

Nora: I don't want to learn how to read.
Timothy: Why not?
Nora: Because if I do, Mama won't read stories to me anymore. She says I'll be reading all by myself.
Timothy: Are you sure?
Nora: That's what she told me last night.

[At the school library.]
Mrs. Lightfoot: And this is where our science and nature books are.
Fritz: Interesting.
Mrs. Lightfoot: Are there any questions? [Doris raise her hand up] Yes, Doris.
Doris: Do you have any books about spiders?
Mrs. Lightfoot: Yes, indeed we do. [off-screen] Several of them, in fact.
Doris: [groans in disgust] I'm not going to borrow any of those!
[Timothy, Yoko, Fritz and Nora laugh]

Timothy: Aren't you going to borrow any books, Nora?
Nora: Nope.
Timothy: Why not?
Nora: I'd rather spin the globe.

Yoko: What about my B-day cake, Mama?
Yoko's Mom: Your party is on Saturday, Cherry Blossom. [giggles] It's a bit too soon to bake your cake.
Yoko: Okay.

Nora: [talking about the Gift Gallery] I just want to get something special for Yoko's birthday. They have very nice things there.
Nora's Mom: The things there cost a lot of money.
Nora: That's okay.
Nora's Mom: Well, not really, Nora. This week we needed to get you a soccer uniform, needed to get you a new wheel for your bike, and Jack needed a new stroller. But now, I still have to buy our groceries.
Nora: So, we can't go the gift gallery?
Nora's Mom: I am sorry. But you know what? We do not have the extra money sugar snap.

Measuring Up / Lost and Found [2.9][edit]

Frank #2: Look, I made eye holes.
Frank #1: [laughing] I'm going to do that too!
[The head from Frank #1's figure come off after Frank #1 accidentally cuts it off]
Frank #1: Oh, no! [picks up the figure's head]
Frank #2: Mrs. Jenkins, Frank's head came off!
Mrs. Jenkins: Don't worry, there's a quick fix. We'll just tape it back on.
[Later, the head from Frank #1's figure is completely fixed thanks to Mrs. Jenkins]
Frank #1: Hey! It's Frankenstein!
Frank #2: Yeah, it is.
Frank #1: Thank you, Mrs. J.
Mrs. Jenkins: You're welcome, Frank. [walks away]
[Frank #1 roars like Frankenstein as his brother laughs in joy]

[After making the craft models and hanging them up on the wall in the hallway, the scene then cuts to Mrs. Jenkins and her eleven kids looking at the models of themselves which they created]
Mrs. Jenkins: [off-screen] What fun! [sees the craft models of herself and her students] Just look at all of you!
Doris: [about the models/figures] I am the biggest.
[Doris puts her hand on Nora's head to compare the sizes.]
Doris: And Nora is the smallest.
Nora: Huh? Wait! I am bigger than Charles!
[Nora correctly knows that she is bigger than Charles. Then, not lying about what she stated with her size and Charles's, she looks at Charles's model. She indeed is telling the truth. She goes over to the figures and finds Charles's project then turns to him and asks him how on Earth he grew so big.]
Nora: How (in the Earth) did you get so big?
Charles: [tells Nora how he grew big] I'm growing.
Nora: You're not that big.
[Not believing Charles, Nora looks at Charles's figure and finds it not touching the floor like her figure and the other students's. Indeed, Charles's figure is supposed to be touching the floor. She sees that Charles has moved his figure a few inches higher up as big as the other "bigger" students. Just so he could be big like them. She knows that Charles was just playing a joke on her. She's the only one who does not believe Charles about him being big. Charles had moved his model a few inches higher so he could be that size. Nora --not fooled about Charles's false pretense to be big and finding out it was only a joke-- she also sees his figure in the incorrect spot. Charles has moved his model a few inches higher rather than touching the floor. It indeed was a joke.]
Nora: [to Charles about his figure project] Hey...!
[She turns to Charles.]
Nora: [gets annoyed about Charles's model, moves on closer, puts her nose in Charles's nose, and glares at him] IT IS SUPPOSED TO TOUCH THE GROUND LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE'S!
[So Nora is not going to get out of Charles's face --and let him go-- until he corrects his figure. When Charles seems reluctant to comply about his model --after Nora tells him it's supposed to touch the ground-- Nora threatens to keep her nose in his. This leads Charles to stick to glue with her until he corrects it. When Charles sees the look on Nora, he does as she asks. It's probably because he does not want to be stuck with Nora forever. Charles does not argue with Nora. However, he sighs sadly. But he --unwillingly-- listens to Nora and goes over to his figure to fix its position. He moves his figure project back down after Nora makes him get it to "touch the ground like everybody else's" when she told him it was supposed to touch the ground. He moves his figure into the correct place.]
Charles: Okay.
[After moving back down his figure, he sadly gives up his false tactics to be big. At last, after he has his project correctly moved to the right spot, he is the smallest again. He --standing with his project behind him-- faces in front of the class and tells them that he's the smallest really.]
Charles: [to Nora and the rest of the class] I'm the smallest.
[He admits he's the smallest. But he still wishes that he was bigger like his other kindergarten students after showing throughout the episode that he was bigger enough to do anything like the other "big students" in the classroom. He still wishes he could pretend that he was bigger like Timothy, Yoko, Lilly, or even "the biggest" Doris]
Claude: [to Charles] Huh, you are a shrimp!
[So Charles found out that he wasn't big but the smallest in the class. That is, even though he did all those things that he was good at all along before this to be "bigger". Since it annoyed Nora, he was forced to give up on it and admit he was smallest. That also means if he says the word "big" again --at least about his size-- it would annoy Nora again.]

Charles: What's it like to be big?
Doris: I don't know.
Charles: But you're the biggest in the class.
Doris: There are a lot of other times when I'm the smallest.
Charles: Like when?
Doris: Like all the time at home. I'm the smallest in my family.
Charles: Really? You're the smallest?
Doris: Uh-huh, I'm even too small to ride the bumper cars at the fair. I have to watch my brothers drive past, and stick their tongues out at me. They call me a shrimp! It made me so mad!
Charles: Hmm, I just don't like being called a shrimp either. If I see your big brothers sticking their tongues out, I'll tell them to stop it.
Doris: Thanks, Charles! [to Claude's figure] What do you think about that, Mr. Big Shot?!
[Charles and Doris giggle]
Doris: Do you want to come play at my house after school?
Charles: Okay.

Doris' Mom: Your big brothers can learn a thing or two from your little friend, Doris.
Doris: Charles is not little, Mom. He is just the smallest like me.
Doris' Mom: I see.

Mrs. Jenkins: Quick sticks, Yoko. The bus is waiting.
Yoko: But Mrs. Jenkins, I can't find the Netzke family.
Mrs. Jenkins: Oh dear. Did you look in your cubby?
Yoko: Uh huh.
Mrs. Jenkins: Did you check your backpack? [Yoko nods] It's going to be okay, Yoko. I'll call your mother to tell her that the Netzke family is missing. Tomorrow morning, we will all help you look for them.
Yoko: Okay.

[That night at Yoko's house]
Yoko's Mom: Yoko, I thought a glass of milk might help you go to sleep.
Yoko: Thanks, but I'm not very thirsty. I wish I never took the netsuke family to school, Mama.
Yoko's Mom: I know, but someone will find them tomorrow.
Yoko: But we looked everywhere today! Mama, do you think someone took them?
Yoko's Mom: Perhaps.
Yoko: If they did, I hope they bring them back.
Yoko's Mom: I do too. [kisses Yoko]
Yoko: Goodnight, Mama.
Yoko's Mom: Goodnight, my little cherry blossom.
[Yoko's Mom turns off the light and leaves off-screen]
Yoko: [still thinks someone might find them and bring them back] I hope someone finds them.

Professor Fritz / Two Tutu Friends [2.10][edit]

[after Fritz's rocket experiment goes wrong]
Mrs. Jenkins: [giggles] It looks like a safe landing.
Fritz: It looks like a fail landing.

Fritz: [talking about his science project] I started working on it after school yesterday. You can see it at "Show and Share." That's when I'll do the test flight.
Doris: Test flight?
Lilly: Today?
Timothy: I can't wait!

Fritz: I'm going to do an experiment that shows how a rocket works.
Timothy: A rocket?
Charles: A real rocket?
Doris: One that'll go into outer space?!
Fritz: It won't go that far, but it will fly up in the air.
Charles: Wow.
Lilly: I can't wait to see it.
Grace: That'll be great!

Timothy: Your rocket experiment was great!
Fritz: If it was so great, why was everyone laughing at me?
Timothy: We weren't laughing at you.
Charles: Yeah. We were laughing at the balloon.

[after Fritz's rocket experiment became a success during open house]
Timothy: Great launch, Fritz.
Fritz: You mean, Professor Fritz.

[When Grace takes a fall in ballet class]
Grace: [notices her "injury" after falling] Oh my goodness! Oh...!
Doris: Grace, are you okay?
[Grace starts to cry]
Grace: [sobs] No. Dancers don't fall like that!
Doris: How do you normally fall?
Grace: [sobs] I don't. I'm so embarrassed!
[Doris wants to know how dancers usually fall, when Grace told her they do not fall like that. But Grace says they don't.]
Doris: Maybe you hit a slippery spot, Grace. That's all.
Grace: Yes, I think you're right.
Doris: You're still the best dancer I've ever seen.
Grace: Thank you.

Grace: [to Doris after Doris tells the class about Grace's fall in ballet class] DORIS...!?
[Grace --before sobbing-- glares at Doris.]
Grace: [before sobbing] YOU ARE A BLABBERMOUTH!
[Everyone else gasps and look on as Grace begins to cry.]
Doris: WELL, YOU ARE A...!
[Grace bitterly sobs and hot tears roll down her cheeks. She bitterly bursts into tears, by which everyone won't be swayed.]
Doris: [looks at Grace bitterly sobbing] ...YOU ARE A CRY-BABY!
[Grace turns away.]
Grace: [sniffs and sobs bitterly] I AM NOT GOING TO SIT WITH A BLABBERMOUTH!
[Grace turns back and --holding back tears-- yells at Doris.]
Grace: [angrily and in between tears] AND I AM NOT (EVER AGAIN) GOING TO DANCE WITH YOU EITHER!
Doris: GOOD!
[Grace tearfully walks away --and resumes sobbing.]

Doris: Well, this isn't any fun. [to Grace] Grace, can you hear me?
Grace: What is it, Doris? (What do you want from me?)
Doris: I don't really like it when we're mad at each other.
Grace: [off-screen] Well, [on-screen] I don't like being called a crybaby.
Doris: But you called me a blabbermouth!
Grace: You told everyone I fell and they laughed at me. [closes her eyes] I was so embarrassed.
Doris: But Grace, you just slipped (yesterday).
Grace: It's still not funny.
Doris: [crawls towards Grace] I'm sorry I told everybody what happened (yesterday), Grace. I didn't mean to embarrass you. (It was just an accident.) I like being your friend.
Grace: I like being your friend too, Doris.
Doris: Do you want to dance?
Grace: Well, I'll have to think about it. [thinks for a second] All right, but don't step on my toes!
Doris: Okay!
[Doris and Grace danced together and then they both jump. Doris and Grace then begin to laugh as the camera zooms out of the dance recital. Then the scene fades to black as the episode ends]

My Family / Just in Time [2.11][edit]

Nora's Mom: Did you get your (butterscotch) pudding from the refrigerator?
Nora: I don't see it.
Nora's Mom: It's in the green container.
Nora: Found it.
[Nora gets her "butterscotch pudding" which is in the green container from the fridge. Not seeing that it is Jack's baby food, she thinks it's her "pudding" for dessert.]

Frank #2: We should trade all of our (chocolate chip) cookies for butterscotch pudding.
[To trade desserts, Timothy got Fritz's chocolate cake, while Fritz got Timothy's apple crisp. But Nora does not want to trade. Unlike Timothy and Fritz, she does not want to switch. And at this she does not want to trade her pudding for cookies brought from the Franks, apple crisp by Timothy, nor chocolate cake by Fritz.]
Nora: [to the Franks] (Nah!) I am not trading my pudding for anything.
[Nora spoons into her "butterscotch pudding" and takes one bite of it. Then after she takes a bite, she sticks out her tongue in disgust.]
Timothy: What's wrong?
Nora: It doesn't taste like butterscotch!
[Nora smacks her lips.]
Nora: YECCH! [spits]
[That is, as Nora continues of what she just ate --and thought it was her "pudding".]
[That is, after Nora's reaction when she took a bite from her "pudding", realized that her "pudding" was not really pudding, and smacked her lips from the baby food taste.]
Fritz: It doesn't look like pudding either.
[Nora's "pudding" is not really pudding. When she smells it, it smells like baby food. It's really her baby brother Jack's baby food though she had thought it was pudding. And therefore, she realizes that she grabbed Jack's baby food by accident rather than her pudding. When she smells it, it is Jack's baby food. After smelling it, she pinches up her nose from the baby food smell in disgust.]
Nora: [through pinched-up nose] UGH!
[Nora tells Timothy, Fritz, and the Franks it is not pudding but what it really is]
[It is really her baby brother Jack's baby food. It is not pudding. At this, Nora for the second time at school has mentioned her baby brother Jack after grabbing his baby food instead of her pudding by accident. She did not know she had Jack's baby food when she tried to grab her pudding that morning.]
Frank #1: What?
Frank #2: Huh?
Frank #1: Baby food?!
[Frank #2 is disgusted about Nora bringing baby food, he declines to trade or share any of his cookies with someone who would ever bring baby food.]
[Frank #2 pushes back his cookies in disgust.]
Frank #1: [agrees with Frank #2 and declines about trading or sharing any of his] NEITHER AM I!
[Frank #1 also pushes back his cookies in disgust.]

Timothy: Where's Jack?
Nora: I'm not drawing him on my poster.
Timothy: Why not?
Nora: I'm tired of having a little brother. He's always crying or making a mess or breaking things.
[At this, Nora has mentioned Jack for the third time.]
Timothy: [wishing he had a brother or sister] I think it would be fun to have a little brother.
Nora: That's because you don't have one.
[Nora's Mom approaches the kids --Timothy and Nora. And after she offscreen has met Timothy's mother --who is ready to pick up Timothy from Nora's house-- she tells him that his mom is here to pick him up.]
Nora's Mom: [to Timothy] Your mom is here, Timothy.

[After Jack scribbles on one of Nora's pictures --with one of Nora's crayons-- Nora enters the living room. She finds Jack and gasps.]
Nora: [gasps] JACK!
[Nora runs over to Jack. The scene cuts to Jack --who is still scribbling on Nora's picture. That is with a red crayon. He stops scribbling.]
Nora: [tries to stay calm, but regards about her picture] Oh, you have ruined my poster!
[Cut back to Jack, Jack --who hears that Nora has blamed him for scribbling on her picture-- cries.]
Jack: [crying] (Insert crying noises here.)
[Then back to Nora.]
Nora: [calls her mom in] MAMA!
[Nora's mom comes in.]
Nora's Mom: What is it Nora?
Nora: Jack scribbled all over my poster!
Nora's Mom: [sees Nora's picture] Oh dear!
Nora: It is ruined!

Henry: Can any of you guess which little boy in this photo is me?
[Henry shows the students his old school day photo]
Timothy: Hmm... [sees a young Henry in the photo] Hey, that's you, Henry.
Henry: You're right.
Charles: You were little (back then).
Henry: And there's my favorite teacher, Miss. Abercrombie.
[Timothy sees Miss. Abercrombie in the photo looks up at Mrs. Jenkins to believe that they're both the same teachers]
Timothy: Gee, she looks like Mrs. Jenkins.
Mrs. Jenkins: That's because it is me, my name was Miss. Abercrombie before I married Mr. Jenkins.
Henry: Your favorite teacher was my favorite teacher too.

Charles the Athlete / Be My Valentine [2.12][edit]

Frank #1: I'm first!
Frank #2: No, I'm ahead of you! I'm first!
Franks #1 and Frank #2: [reach the finish line together] We're both first...again!

Frank #1: Charles finished last again.
Frank #2: He must feel bad.
Frank #1: Yeah. He must feel really bad.

Lilly: I wanted to make a surprise valentine for Charles, but I forgot!
Yoko: You can make it when we get to school. I can help you.
Lilly: Good idea, Yoko!
Yoko: Just don't let him see it.
Lilly: I won't.

Lilly: Timothy and Charles keep looking at us again. Are they telling secrets?
Yoko: I don't know, but I hope they don't know about my secret.

Timothy: My valentine is for Yoko.
Charles: Mine is for Lilly. She will never guess who it's from.
Timothy: I didn't know Lilly liked Hot Red Zingers.
Charles: I didn't know Lilly liked Peppermint Hearts.

Yoko: [about the red hot zinger candy] But it has Red Hot Zingers on it. I cannot eat Red Hot Zingers. They burn my tongue (and lips).
NOTE: This episode is similarly, like Timothy and Charles traded Valentine cards for Yoko and Lilly, so did Franklin and Bear with their presents on Mother's Day.

Mama Don't Go / Making New Friends [2.13][edit]

Juanita: Papi, my new bedroom is pink!
Juanita's Dad: Do you like it pink, Juanita?
Juanita: Oh, yes. And guess what else?
Juanita's Dad: What else?
Juanita: It echos in here. [echos] Hello!
[Juanita's Dad chuckles and went back to work. Juanita runs to the front yard and sees some colorful flowers]
Juanita: Oh, what pretty flowers.
[Juanita's Dad and the mover --one of the movers-- put a dresser drawer down. Suddenly, Juanita's Dad hears a sound --someone saying "Mama!". It sounds like a dolly speaking. Juanita's Dad opens the drawer to see where the dolly sound has come from.]
María (Cat Doll): [from inside the drawer] Mama!
[Juanita's Dad opens the drawer and finds Juanita's cat doll María inside. Now he fully knows it's a toy as he knows where the sound came from. That is, which is Juanita's cat doll. Knowing it's a toy, he sees Maria laying there in drawer.]
María (Cat Doll): [camera faces the full doll Maria in the open drawer --and Maria says the same word] Mama!
Juanita's Dad: [to the cat doll] Well, hello, María.
[Juanita's Dad picks up Maria and mimics her. He waving her from side to side, as if Maria is speaking.]
Juanita's Dad: [impersonating the doll] "Juanita? Come and get me! I've fallen out of my box!"
[Before running up to get Maria, Juanita has not noticed that Maria was missing. But she turns to her father and says he was tricking her.]
Juanita: [giggles] Papi, you're funny.
[Juanita runs to her father and gets María.]
Juanita: Come on, María. I'll show you our new house. [to her mother] These are for you, Mama. They were growing in our yard.
Juanita's Mom: [smells the flower] Thank you. If only I knew where we parked the bus.
[Henry's bus drives past Juanita's new house]
Juanita: Look, Mama.
Juanita's Mom: [about Henry's bus] That's the bus that will take you to Hilltop school tomorrow.
Juanita: Oh, but... I won't know anyone at my new school.
Juanita's Mom: Well, not at first. But soon you will make new friends. [pause] Would you like it if I take you to school tomorrow?
Juanita: Yes, please come with me.

[After welcoming Juanita --the new student-- by Mrs. Jenkins and the rest of the class and before singing "The Welcome Song".]
Mrs. Jenkins: [before starting circle] Nora? Can you walk over Juanita and her mother to two front row seats.
Nora: Okay.
[Nora takes Juanita and her mother by the hands and walks them over to the circle for front row seats]
Nora: [to Juanita and her mother] This way, if you please.

Mrs. Jenkins: [opens the refrigerator and finding that she was all out of apple juice] Oh dear! I am out of apple juice.
[She is out of apple juice for snack time.]
Mrs. Jenkins: [turns to Juanita's mother] Perhaps you can help me with that.
[Mrs. Jenkins goes over to Juanita and tells her about it.]
Mrs. Jenkins: [to Juanita] Juanita? We are all out of apple juice for snack time. Can I ask your mother to buy us more juice?
Juanita: How long may it take?
Juanita's Mom: Not very long.

Yoko: [referring to Juanita's mom] She'll come back. Mothers always come back.
Juanita: But what if I need her?
[Yoko then tells Juanita a story about when Yoko herself needed her mother on the first day of kindergarten. That story told --to Juanita-- by Yoko convinces Juanita to let her mother leave when she's at school.]
Yoko: [tells her story to Juanita] I needed my mama on the first day of school too. But then, I was having so much fun. I didn't need her with me at school like I used to.

Juanita: Mama, you were gone for a long time. I missed you.
Juanita's Mom: I'm back now. I always come back.

Juanita's Mom: Juanita, here's a cookie for your pocket, in case you get hungry.
[Juanita's Mom gives Juanita the almond cookie]
Juanita: Thank you, Mama.
Juanita's Mom: I'm so proud of you going to school all by yourself today. [sees the bus coming] Oh, here comes your school bus.
Juanita: Mama?
Juanita's Mom: Yes, Juanita?
Juanita: Where will I sit on the bus?
Juanita's Mom: You can sit beside one of your new friends.
Juanita: But I don't have any new friends yet.

[after Juanita can't play with her friends]
Mrs. Jenkins: Aren't you having fun, Juanita?
Juanita: Well... not really, Mrs. Jenkins.
Mrs. Jenkins: I see. Is there something the matter?
Juanita: [sighs] It's just that... I don't know how to jump double dutch, or how to build a moon base and no one told me that Grace doesn't like almonds and I didn't know Captain Doris can steer the ship.
Mrs. Jenkins: Making new friends can be hard sometimes. But I think I have an idea that might help.

[last lines of the series]
Juanita's Mom: I see you made lots of new friends today.
Juanita: Yes I did. I like Hilltop School.
Juanita's Mom: Wonderful. I want to hear about everything you did today. Let's go inside. I made you snack.
Juanita: I tried sushi today, Mama.
Juanita's Mom: Sushi? I don't think I had sushi.
Juanita: It's really good. And Yoko likes (baby beans) burritos. She likes almond cookies too. Can you put an extra one in my lunch box tomorrow and some lettuce for Norman...
[The final episode ends when a butterfly flies over Juanita's house. Then the scene fades to black as the series ends itself]

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