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Tina Connolly is an American science fiction and fantasy writer and poet.


Ironskin (2012)[edit]

Nominated for the 2013 Nebula Award. All page numbers from the hardcover first edition published by Tor
  • Dorie smiled sideways up at her in the manner of children everywhere when they’d gotten away with something.
    • Chapter 2, “Fey Light” (p. 26)
  • “You are settling in?” he said. “Your rooms are sufficient; the fire is lit, the floors swept; all ets are ceteraed?”
    • Chapter 3, “Sequins and Bluepacks” (p. 43)
  • Anything that lives forever gets bored.
    • Chapter 5, “Fey Beauty” (p. 81)
  • Jane nodded, and she mentally thanked the several-greats-grandmother who had decided she’d rather risk royal displeasure than give up a book.
    • Chapter 9, “The Misses Ingel” (p. 149)
  • “The guests will arrive soon,” he said, as lightly as if they had been only talking about the weather. “For this tedious chore we call a ‘party.’ We pronounce mingling with uninspired souls ‘charming,’ and talking of unimportant topics ‘delightful.’ Oh, I despise it.”
    • Chapter 10, “The Edge of the Forest” (p. 170)
  • The thought flashed that this was what taking chances was—you always thought in the back of your mind that doing the right thing would lead you down the right path to the right outcome. But when it came down to it, you might still fail, and everything might end in disaster. Faith in your decision did not mean that the best was going to happen.
    • Chapter 13, “The Last Ray of Sunlight” (p. 222)

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