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Tinkle is a famous comic magazine published by Amar Chitra Katha in India.


Arguably one of the most famous characters of Tinkle, he is famous for his intelligence, or lack thereof.


Suppandi Chaos At The Airport (YouTube)[edit]

  1. "No.No.No. I don't need to change. I'm perfect.": in response to the taxi driver's request for change (money).
  2. "Hey! Hey! Hey! Please stop! Please take me to Gate 1B. Suppandi sir is getting late": he thought that baggage carriers were chauffers.
  3. "Wow! This looks like a big lollipop!": in response to the security officer manually searching him.
  4. "The security guard... he tried to remove my arms": in response to the instruction "NO ARMS ALLOWED ON THE PLANE".

Suppandi Bank Robbery (YouTube)[edit]

  1. "It's 9876544321!: he mistakes the account number as the phone number.
  2. "Am I a calculator?": he asks the bank robber why he's repeatedly questioned for numbers of different types
  3. "No more numbers!": he runs away at the mention of "numbers", even though it's congratulatory
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