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Titans (2018-2023) is an American superhero streaming TV series created by Akiva Goldsman, Geoff Johns and Greg Berlanti. Based on the DC Comics team, the Teen Titans, the series focuses on a group of young heroes who join forces in their fight against evil.

Season 1[edit]

Titans [1.01][edit]

Amy Rohrbach: Hey, can I ask you something?
Dick Grayson: I'm kind in the middle of something.
Amy Rohrbach: So, what? You and your sidekick go bad?
Dick Grayson: I'm sorry?
Amy Rohrbach: Your partner at Gotham P.D. I mean, I'm no mind reader, it just seems kinda obvious.
Dick Grayson: I guess we had different ideas of how to do the job.
Amy Rohrbach: How's that? He on the take? I heard most of Gotham is.
Dick Grayson: No, not him. He was a hero to a lot of people. Including me. A stop-at-nothing guy who solved everything with his fists. I admired him at first, what he did... Or was trying to do. But eventually, I had to walk away.
Amy Rohrbach: Why?
Dick Grayson: Because I was becoming too much like him.
Amy Rohrbach: So, you're not really, huh?
Dick Grayson: What?
Amy Rohrbach: An asshole.
Dick Grayson: Don't tell. It will kill my rep.
Amy Rohrbach: Yeah. Well, your secret's safe with me.

The Acolyte: Rachel. That's what she calls you. But that is not who you are.
Rachel Roth: Let my mom go.
The Acolyte: This woman is not your mother. Tell her. Tell her!
Melissa Roth: I'm not your mother. But I do love you.
Rachel Roth: No.
Melissa Roth: You have good inside your heart, sweetheart. Don't do...
The Acolyte: [shooting her in the back of the head] There. Now, that's better.

The Acolyte: You've always known you were different, haven't you? That you have a destiny.
Rachel Roth: Please...
The Acolyte: I have been looking for you for so long.
Rachel Roth: Let me go.
The Acolyte: Nothing resembles itself tonight. This dirty room is a church. I appear the villain, but in truth, I am the savior. You... you pose as the innocent, but deep inside... you know you're fecund and damned. You have the skin of a lamb. The sheath by which he will penetrate this world and seed its destruction. But alas, you are the doorway he would walk through upright to put out our sun, and I... cannot allow that to happen. I have to save us all.

Rachel Roth: Don't leave me here.
Dick Grayson: Rachel, you vandalized a police car. You're not going anywhere.
Rachel Roth: You don't understand. You need to lock me up. Please. There is something inside of me. Something evil.
Dick Grayson: I can't give you the kind of help you need. But I will find someone who can.
Rachel Roth: Don't leave me here.
Dick Grayson: Look, I'm sorry. I really am.

Captain: [after Robin's appearance is reported] Are you guys sure it's him?
Cop #2: Absolutely, Captain.
Manny Wolf: We called Gotham PD. He hasn't been seen for over a year. Disappeared, they said.
Detective Jessica Perez: They thought he might be dead.
Captain: Why come here? Why Detroit?
Dick Grayson: The weather?
Captain: Let's just hope to hell he's just passing through. You know the problems that these masks bring with 'em. Painted freaks. Psychopaths in drag. Oh, we don't need that shit. We got enough of our own regular problems here.

Hawk and Dove [1.02][edit]

Hawk: You're late, Boy Wonder.
Dove: You know he always likes to make a dramatic entrance.
Robin: True.
Hawk: I thought your boss said to stay away from us.
Robin: I didn't tell him.
Hawk: So, what is this? A night out with the bad kids?
Robin: Something like that.

Dick Grayson: According to those files, the man who came after you may have been part of some doomsday cult. They apparently believe it's their destiny to prevent the end of the world. Does that mean anything to you?
Rachel Roth: Well, back when I was a kid, you didn't get too angry, or too scared. 'Cause bad things happen.
Dick Grayson: What kind of bad things?
Rachel Roth: I guess I'm an orphan, too, now. That billionaire, Bruce Wayne, he raised you?
Dick Grayson: Yeah.
Rachel Roth: Must've been cool.
Dick Grayson: It was complicated.
Rachel Roth: Does it ever go away?
Dick Grayson: What?
Rachel Roth: The feeling you got left behind.
Dick Grayson: Yeah. Well, no, not entirely.
Rachel Roth: You're gonna leave me, too, aren't you?
Dick Grayson: No. No, I'm not gonna do that.

Dawn Granger: I put Rachel in the spare room and Dick on the couch.
Hank Hall: It's goddamn summer camp. What's he doing here, anyway? Hell of a coincidence, him showing up night before a job.
Dawn Granger: Coincidences happen. What, you think I called him?
Hank Hall: Did you?
Dawn Granger: I'm with you, Hank. Have been, will be. I'm gonna chalk it up to stress that you don't know that. But now that he's here, we can use his help.
Hank Hall: We don't need him. We've been fine.
Dawn Granger: We have been. But "fine" might not be enough to shut this gun op down. The three of us are unstoppable. We could go out on the win you want. And then you can heal, get better. We can get better.
Hank Hall: He won't help us. He only watches out for himself. People don't change, babe.
Dawn Granger: We'll see.

Dawn Granger: It's a big responsibility.
Dick Grayson: What?
Dawn Granger: Taking her in. I mean, I know how healing it must be, doing what Bruce did for you when you lost your parents. But taking care of a kid is complicated, you know that better than anyone.
Dick Grayson: I'm not taking her in. I'm not good at the staying with people part. I don't have to tell you that. Look, I know things are tight around here, so I thought Alfred could give me some money, maybe help out a bit, help out Rachel at the same time. Two birds with one stone. Well, three, I guess.
Dawn Granger: Wait, you want to leave her here?
Dick Grayson: Just for a while, just until...
Dawn Granger: Until when?
Dick Grayson: You don't understand, Dawn. I'm no good at family. I can't... you don't know what I've become.
Dawn Granger: What are you talking about?
Dick Grayson: [his computer beeps] Dawn, do not hit this delivery. Look at the number of security contractors.
Dawn Granger: Hey, don't change the subject. What do you mean "what you've become"?

Amy Rohrbach: [suprised to find someone in her apartment crying] What the fuck? [approaching her] Hey, you okay? What's your name?
Nuclear Sis: [stopping the act, she stands up and turns around, revealing a pair of scissors in hand] I don't have a name. Where's your partner? [as she slices Amy's hand, her brother then kneecaps her with a baseball bat] Tell us.
Nuclear Biff: Where is Dick Grayson?
Nuclear Sis: Where's Dick Grayson? Tell us where he is.
Nuclear Biff: Where is he?
[Sis stabs her in the back, and Biff prevents her from reaching her gun]
Nuclear Dad: [coming in] You sneaky kids. Didn't save any fun for us.
Nuclear Mom: We can still have some fun, dear. [drawing a knife from its block] Can't we?

Origins [1.03][edit]

Sister Catherine: What now?
Kory Anders: Thought I'd find the answers here.
Sister Catherine: Don't give up so quickly.
Kory Anders: I know I feel danger. And I can't let her out of my sight. I just don't know why. [showing her the key from her purse] Hey, this doesn't mean anything to you, does it?
Sister Catherine: Oh, of course. It's from Scooter's Roller Palace just down the road. It's a lively place. The young people quite like it. Hmm. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

Dr. Adamson: Well, hello, family.
Nuclear Mom: Dr. Adamson.
Dr. Adamson: I'm making omelets. It seems I may have over-shopped. One less?
Nuclear Mom: We failed.
Dr. Adamson: Clearly. This being who took her from you is unique. We have only recently become aware of her. Granted she is formidable, but she is no Rachel. We built you better than this. [picking up what looks like a detonator] Any last words?
Nuclear Sis: What's so important about this Roth girl, anyway?
Nuclear Mom: Honey, seen, not heard.
Dr. Adamson: No. I appreciate a bit of spirit. This "girl" as you call her is far more than that. Look around you. Oppression. Indignity. Perversion. Pain. All hidden behind smiles of dishonor. Her father will reveal us. When he comes, he will scrub the flesh of this world clean and show us who we really are. But he can't arrive without an invitation. He can't come here without her welcome. But when he does... what dreams may come.
Nuclear Sis: I'd like to see a world like that.
Dr. Adamson: Would you, now? Well, I've already cracked the eggs. Be a shame for them to go to waste. Would you like another chance to bring her to me? To save your last words for another day?
Nuclear Mom, Nuclear Sis, Nuclear Biff: Yes, please.
Dr. Adamson: Research suggests two-parent families have a better chance at success. How about we get you another dad? [Biff and Sis take the butterscotches they were offered out of their pockets] Oh, I wouldn't eat the candies. Now, who likes cheese?

Dick Grayson: [answering a phone call] Grayson.
Detective Jessica Perez: Don't sound so excited.
Dick Grayson: Sorry. Caught me at a bad time.
Detective Jessica Perez: I thought you'd be on a beach sipping on a pina colada by now.
Dick Grayson: Yeah, something like that. What's up?
Detective Jessica Perez: Forensics came back on the Roth murder weapon. There are prints, but they don't belong to your girl Rachel Roth. Traverse City PD called for you this morning about her.
Dick Grayson: About Rachel?
Detective Jessica Perez: They had an intruder at the Roth crime scene. African-American female. Maybe six foot. Magenta hair. Apparently, she assaulted several officers. BOLO came back with a match on her at a gas station up your way off the 495. Security cameras caught her leaving with a girl matching the description of Rachel Roth. And she left behind a body.
Dick Grayson: I'm on my way.
Detective Jessica Perez: And Grayson, one more thing. About Rohrbach, she's dead. Murdered.

Ms. Bond: You know the first rule about running away? It's never about running away. It's about power, at a time in your life when you feel totally powerless. I know you don't think that you can handle what you're going through, but you can. If you just let other people help you. Mr. Wayne understands what you're feeling. He wants to give you a home. That is a gift, Dick. Give it another try. Please. He lost his parents, too.

Sister Catherine: You don't remember anything?
Kory Anders: Not a thing. Only that I was looking for...
Sister Catherine: Her.
Kory Anders: Mm-hmm. Did I say why?
Sister Catherine: You came here a year ago and said only that she was in danger, that they'd found her.
Kory Anders: Who had found her?
Sister Catherine: You only said you just had to find her. And you did. And you brought her back to us, right as rain and beautiful as ever. You came to us just a baby. You and your mother, Melissa. You stayed with us for a while.
Rachel Roth: You knew my mother?
Sister Catherine: Yes. How is she? [getting her answer from Rachel's reaction] Oh. Oh, I'm sorry.
Kory Anders: What were they doing here?
Sister Catherine: Your mother was worried about you. She was trying to protect you.
Rachel Roth: Protect me from what?
Sister Catherine: I cannot say. You don't remember anything about being here, child?
Rachel Roth: [looking around] That, maybe?
Sister Catherine: [seeing the painting she means] Oh. Mary meeting the divine. A favorite of mine. What does Mary see? Can forces we consider purely theological take corporeal form? Do you see a figure in the ether trying to emerge? A man?
Rachel Roth: Not sure.

Doom Patrol [1.04][edit]

Gar Logan: It's not too far from here. We'll just warm up for a bit.
Rachel Roth: What's not far from here? Where are we going?
Gar Logan: Someplace you can chill.
Rachel Roth: I can't chill. You don't understand... I'm changing and I can feel it. And it's getting worse.
Gar Logan: Well, no worse than the crew I live with. Trust me. We're, uh... special, too.
Rachel Roth: I'm not special. I'm dangerous. You saw what I did back there. I...
Gar Logan: And you saw what I did back there. You're not scared of me, right?
Rachel Roth: No. No. I blew the roof off a church. And you're still helping me, so...
Gar Logan: I got green hair.

Kory Anders: (to Dick) You may have gone through some bad shit. I may have, too. I don't know. But what I do know is that no one manages alone. I don't have to remember much to remember that.

Gar Logan: Relax. No one followed me. Kept a low profile.
Cliff Steele: You want to keep a low profile, you wear a hat.
Gar Logan: Ha, funny! You know, that's a good joke. I heard another good joke. Why was the robot mad? 'Cause someone kept pushing his buttons.
Cliff Steele: [laughs sarcastically] Keep pushing 'em, there'll be a green tiger-skin rug in my bedroom.

Dr. Niles Caulder: I can remove whatever it is inside you, Rachel. This is for your own good.

Dr. Niles Caulder: This isn't simply a sanctuary, Rachel. It's an incubation chamber, an experiment. The work I do on them will push medical science forward decades in a matter of years. What's happening here will one day save thousands, even millions, of lives.

Together [1.05][edit]

Gar Logan: It's uh... little weird if you guys watch me and all. The first time I transformed I tore through my clothes and uh... this is my favorite jacket.
Dick Grayson: Hold on. You have to be naked, too?
Gar Logan: Yeah, but it'll be worth it! I promise.
Kory Anders: Heard that before.

Dick Grayson: So have you eaten anyone before?
Gar Logan: "Eaten"? No. [Chuckles] Dude, I haven't even bitten anyone before. "Eaten anyone". [Scoffs]
Kory Anders: Be a lot scarier if he wasn't green. Or vegan.

Dick Grayson: (to Rachel) When I put on that mask... when I put it on, I become someone... someone I can't control. Someone that likes hurting people.

Dick Grayson: That's bullshit. People make up stories about things they don't understand.

Robin II: Dick Grayson in the flesh. Nice to meet you, bro. I'm the new Robin.

Jason Todd [1.06][edit]

Robin II: This is awesome! Robin and Robin in action.
Dick Grayson: Who the hell are you?
Robin II: Jason Todd, the new Robin. Robin 2.0, right?

Dick Grayson: All those years Bruce was helping me? He was turning me into a weapon. His weapon.

Robin II: That's the coolest part about being Robin. Wearin' a mask. I can do whatever the fuck I want.

Gar Logan: [Sees two cases on the table] Yo, when did you get another one?
Jason Todd: That one's mine.
Gar Logan: Yours? Wait, you're Robin, too?
Rachel Roth: I thought you were Robin.
Dick Grayson: I am.
Jason Todd: He was.
Gar Logan: Okay, how many Robins are there? Are there a lot? 'Cause I would love-...
Kory Anders: Okay, quiet. [to Gar and Rachel] Sit. [to Dick] Bathroom.
[They leave]
Gar Logan: [to Jason] Can I be Robin?

Nick Zucco: When the acid strikes your skin, it doesn't burn. It's much worse. It's like insects eating away at your flesh... burrowing inside of you. I can still feel them crawling all over me.
Robin: I didn't want this to happen to you, Nick.
Nick Zucco: I'm not Nick anymore. That's what the acid did for me. It changed me. You revealed your true self on that bridge. Just like the acid peeled away the surface to reveal my true self underneath.

Asylum [1.07][edit]

Rachel Roth: [about Dick] You're stronger than anyone I've ever met.

Donna Troy [1.08][edit]

Dick Grayson: (to Donna) You know, Bruce is good at a lot of things. Not so much the pep talk.

Kory Anders: This not knowing a thing about myself is getting fucking old.

Donna Troy: Batman was created to punish the guilty.

Young Donna Troy: (to Young Dick) Things get dark and you need someone to talk to, I'm always here. After all... us sidekicks gotta stick together.

Young Donna Troy: It's a Justice League thing.

Hank and Dawn [1.09][edit]

Hank Hall: (to Dawn) He was my younger brother. My only brother. My best friend.

Hank Hall: Nice catch.
Dawn Granger: Seven years of gymnastics, dance, and jiu-jitsu.
Hank Hall: Impressive.
Dawn Granger: I know, right?

Counselor: Life isn't fair.
Dawn Granger: Why not? Why can't we make it fair?

Koriand'r [1.10][edit]

Donna Troy: I almost took you down with one hit.
Koriand'r: I won't make that mistake again.

Rachel Roth: Bad things happen to people around me.

Koriand'r: Nothing makes sense... I can't make word of anything.

Angela Azarath: I'm sorry, but I'm in a relationship.

Trigon: (to Gar) So unusual. Boy or beast? You'll have a lifetime to decide.

Dick Grayson [1.11][edit]

Dick Grayson: Jason?
Jason Todd: What's up?
Dick Grayson: What are you doing here?
Jason Todd: It's Batman. He's in trouble.

Jason Todd: Gotham's gotten worse. Commissioner Gordon is dead. Batman is going to kill The Joker. You need to come back to Gotham and convince him not to do it.

Dick Grayson: Bruce Wayne is not my responsibility.
Dawn Granger-Grayson: But he saved you, Dick. What if you're the last person on Earth who could save him?

Jason Todd: He's the only hero that Gotham has left. If he goes bad, the city goes down.

Koriand'r: He lost his conscience.
Dick Grayson: He never had a conscience.

Season 2[edit]

Trigon [2.01][edit]

Jason Todd: Bruce is halfway across the world with the rest of the Justice League. Alfred, too. Got this place all to myself!
Dawn Granger: Clearly.
Jason Todd: Hey, look. Whatever you need Bruce for, if Dick needs help, I'm your guy. I mean, one Robin saving another? We'll never hear the end of it.
Dawn Granger: Your the new Robin?
Jason Todd: Present and accounted for, babe.
Dawn Granger: "Babe"?
Hank Hall: What did he just say? And that's a pass on the help from heroes-on-training-wheels department.
Jason Todd: First off, bro. I'd put you on your ass in three seconds.
Hank Hall: Okay, you little shit.
Jason Todd: And secondly, if Dick's really strapped, I wanna help him. Kinda freaked out on him last time and I owe him.

Robin: Titans are back, bitches!

Hank Hall: Don't tell me. You're Jason Todd.
Jason Todd: Yeah, and who the hell are you?
Dawn Granger: I'm Dawn Granger. This is Hank Hall. Rachel sent us to find you.
Jason Todd: Why me?
Hank Hall: Our hunch is she needs the guy you work for and not you.
Jason Todd: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
Dawn Granger: Relax, killer. I'm Dove. This is Hawk. We're friends of Dick Grayaon's.
Jason Todd: What kind of friends?
Hank Hall: The kind that know about the big, scary cave downstairs. Does that ring a bell? You want me to make bird sounds, too?

Robin: Hey, don't stop on my account. I like where that was heading.
Kory Anders: Jason?
Robin: That's right, the god damn cavalry has arrived.
Donna Troy: What the fuck is that and why is it wearing Dick's costume?
Everyone: Annoying new Robin.
Dawn Granger: Who's your friend?
Donna Troy: Hank, Dawn, this is Kory Anders. She's an alien.
Kory Anders: What?
Donna Troy: What, it's true.
Kory Anders: Could have put a little more love into that. Well, I wish we were meeting under better circumstances.

Rachel Roth: Father.
Trigon: My child. Join me.
Rachel Roth: I would, but you know, stuff to do. I do want to thank you though.
Trigon: For what?
Rachel Roth: For showing me who my family really is.
Trigon: This isn't the time to get sentimental.
Rachel Roth: I wouldn't worry. I know how to look after myself. Always have. You know what they say, genetics is destiny.

Rachel Roth: Save him!
Trigon: Not this time. I told you it would end. You should have listened to me. Maybe he could've lived. But now his death is on your hands. Your friends are murderers all because of you. You're a monster inside. A bringer of death. That's all you are. All you've ever been. Just.. like... me.
Rachel Roth: No.
Trigon: I'm sure it breaks your heart. Yes. I can see that it does. Good.

Donna Troy: Would you just stop blasting it? You're wasting all your power.
Kory Anders: Rachel is in there. Anything could be happening to her.
Donna Troy: Says the woman who was sent here to kill her. Now that she and Dick are in there with some intergalactic demon, maybe you could try something that might actually work.
Kory Anders: Like what, Donna? Or were you hoping the sheer force of your criticism would save her?
Donna Troy: At least I'm not draining my powers just because I can't sit still.
Kory Anders: Says the Titan who quits.
Donna Troy: You really wanna go there, right now?

Rachel Roth: Let him go.
Trigon: I'm afraid you're grounded -- no more magic.

Hank Hall: Kid should've asked us to get fucking Superman.

Robin: You think you can take my place. You can be Robin after I'm dead.
Robin II: If you insist.

Rachel Roth: Dick. It's me.
Dick Grayson: What's with the new look?
Rachel Roth: I could ask you the same question.
Dick Grayson: What are you doing here?
Rachel Roth: I came here to save you.
Dick Grayson: Do I look like I need saving?
Rachel Roth: Yes, you do. What just happened, what you just did, it was all planned by Trigon. He's been pulling the strings the entire time. Dick, you would never kill Batman.
Dick Grayson: Are you kidding? I've been dreaming about this since I was 12 years old. My only regret is waiting for so long.
Rachel Roth: You've taught me how to let go of the darkness. You have to let it go, too.
Dick Grayson: I have a better idea. Shut your fucking mouth!
Rachel Roth: This isn't you. I had a dream about you.
Dick Grayson: What dream?
Rachel Roth: I saw you at the circus. The boy from the circus. That's how I found you. We're supposed to save each other.
Dick Grayson: [grabs her throat] I'm sorry, Rachel. You caught me on a bad day.

Dick Grayson: (to Bruce) After I left, when I moved to Detroit, part of me was still back here... still trying to make sense about what happened to me, as a kid. I struggled. There was this darkness inside of me, and I didn't know what to do with it. It hurt me. And I hurt others. The whole time, I thought it was because of the way you raised me, the way you weaponized my childhood.

Rose [2.02][edit]

Bruce Wayne: (to Dick) You can't make an informed decision without information.

Jason Todd: If I'm Robin, who are you?
Dick Grayson: That's a good question.

Dick Grayson: I was mad at fate and death, but those are just concepts, you're a person.
Bruce Wayne: More or less.

Jason Todd: Fuck, man.
Gar Logan: You said don't hold back.
Jason Todd: Why would you do it when I was fucking blindfolded?
Gar Logan: You said... don't hold back.
Rachel Roth: Should I get the hose?
Dick Grayson: What's going on?
Jason Todd: We did what you said. The blindfold thing. Then he went nuts on me.
Gar Logan: You said don't hold back.
Jason Todd: Why do we even learn to fight like this, man? It's idiotic. We have eyes.
Dick Grayson: In battle, anything can be taken from you.

Barista: I have a coffee for Dirk.
Dick Grayson: Dirk?

Jason Todd: Yo, look, it's been three months, man. When do I get to go back to Gotham City?
Dick Grayson: Bruce doesn't think you're ready yet, and neither do I. I'm sorry, man. You blew your privileges.
Jason Todd: What?
Dick Grayson: The Batmobile joyrides, the motorcycle on the staircase...
Jason Todd: I was practicing my tactical maneuvers.
Dick Grayson: And those websites you bookmarked? You know that's not what the Batcomputer is used for.

Rachel Roth: So, have you put any thought into our new name?
Dick Grayson: What do you mean?
Rachel Roth: Well, you, Hank, Dawn, and Donna were the Titans. So, what are we? The New Titans? Titans 2.0?
Dick Grayson: Titans: The Next Generation?
Rachel Roth: You're not helping.
Dick Grayson: Look, Rach, it doesn't matter what you're called. It matters what you do. We're trained for whatever's next. There's never a shortage of people out there who wanna screw things up for the rest of us. You know what they say, "All it takes for evil to succeed..."
Rachel Roth: "Is good men and woman to do nothing."
Dick Grayson: That's Titans. Good men and women not doing anything.
Rachel Roth: You can put that on a T-shirt, Dirk.

News Reporter: The suspect actually, jumped, from the roof of the parking garage. Now, that's seven stories.

Ghosts [2.03][edit]

Rose Wilson: I'm gonna have to learn how to fight cyclops'-style sooner or later.
Dick Grayson: I don't think you're ready for that just yet.
Rose Wilson: All I need is one kill shot. Maybe you can teach me.
Dick Grayson: I don't teach kill shots.
Rose Wilson: What do you teach?
Dick Grayson: Defense
Rose Wilson: Defense is for pussies.
Dick Grayson: Or survivors.
Rose Wilson: Show me.

Rose Wilson: (to Dick) Things get hectic in my life and I fight. Happens to the best of us.

Slade Wilson: I'm glad we see eye to eye on this matter.
Dr. Light: Well, given that you've only got one, we fucking better, right? That was a joke. I was...
Slade Wilson: I see that.

Gar Logan: I thought this was reconnaissance only. You're overdressed.
Robin: Exactly. Reconnaissance on a homicidal psychopath. Safety first.
Gar Logan: I'm calling Dick.
Robin: Come on, man. Okay, you agreed to help me out. Please? Let's go. All right. Let's, uh... Let's split up.
Gar Logan: Huh?
Robin: Dude.
Gar Logan: No, no, no. Have you never seen a horror movie before?
Robin: You wanna get out of here fast, right? The two of us will get the job done in half the time.
Gar Logan: Okay. Dark, creepy tunnel it is.

Kory Anders: Remove them.
Faddei: A guy travels 20 million miles to give you a lift home, and you want to get royal on me?

Faddei: (to Kory) Some people spend their whole lives preparing, only to run away when their turn is called.

Dick Grayson: When were you planning on telling me?
Rose Wilson: What?
Dick Grayson: About your father?
Rose Wilson: Telling people about my father usually doesn't end well. Daddy's not well-liked.

Hank Hall: (to Dawn) Everybody needs a higher purpose.

Dawn Granger: (to Hank) What we are isn't as important as what we're not. And we're not this anymore.

Jason Todd: Where's Dr. Light?
Rachel Roth: Jason.
Jason Todd: Little stealth job when I got here shoots what? Head lamps? I mean, half the city is on fire and still no sign of Dr. Light.
Dick Grayson: Not the time, Jason.
Jason Todd: Look, I don't take orders from you anymore, man. I do what I want, when I want.
Dick Grayson: Get out of my way.
Jason Todd: I think you got it all wrong. You're in my way. Maybe you need to see your retirement package, huh?

Faddei: Don't.
Kory Anders: Sorry.
Faddei: What the hell?
Kory Anders: There's food in the galley... ten years worth of it.
Faddei: I'll burn my way out of here.
Kory Anders: Not a good idea, it's our only ride home. I'll be back as soon as I can.
Faddei: This won't end with me. More will come for you, legions of them.
Kory Anders: Let them come.

Dr. Light: (to Slade) It's time to light 'em up.

Kory Anders: Hey.
Rachel Roth: Hey.
Kory Anders: You're up late, kiddo.
Rachel Roth: I couldn't sleep. Did I catch you at a bad time?
Kory Anders: I got a minute or two. What's up?
Rachel Roth: I was worried.
Kory Anders: About me?
Rachel Roth: That you went back home.
Kory Anders: Rachel.
Rachel Roth: Everybody has come back home, but the thing is, nobody's staying. They're all moving on, and I wondered if you're moving on, too.
Kory Anders: I have to go home, too. I'm sorry.
Rachel Roth: I get it. I mean, you have your own people back there, and I'm just somebody you met. But I don't know, I don't know, I felt like you were my people. If you're going home, maybe I could come see you.
Kory Anders: You don't belong where I come from, Rachel. What's going on?
Rachel Roth: Something's happening to me.
Kory Anders: Like before, with your father?
Rachel Roth: No, this time it's different. When I fought my father, I became something. Something different. And that different thing wants me to be it... all the time, so I spend all day, and all night trying to hold it down, trying to hold it in, trying to keep it in. I'm so tired.
Kory Anders: What would happen if you just let it out?
Rachel Roth: I don't know. I think I would be like when I...
Kory Anders: When you killed your dad?
Rachel Roth: And I don't know if I want to be that all the time. I kind of just want to be normal.
Kory Anders: Have you talked to Dick?
Rachel Roth: No. I have caused enough trouble, that's why I'm telling you.
Kory Anders: It's okay. Sit tight.
Rachel Roth: What?
Kory Anders: I'm on my way.
Rachel Roth: I knew I could count on you.

Donna Troy: What are you doing?
Dick Grayson: Searching for power sources.
Donna Troy: I mean, coming back here. Starting all this again? It's like willful amnesia.
Dick Grayson: That was a long time ago. Everything's changed. I've changed.
Donna Troy: Changed how? You burned the suit, you're not Robin anymore, so, what now? You're Dick Grayson, camp counselor?
Dick Grayson: This isn't summer camp.
Donna Troy: Exactly. You made them Titans. Do they even know what happened last time?
Dick Grayson: I'm training them to be a better version of us. Write their own history.
Donna Troy: Ah. The kinder, gentler, Titans, huh?
Dick Grayson: What's your problem?
Donna Troy: I'm sorry. You know I love you and I want you to be happy, but there's ghosts in this place. They should know that.
Dick Grayson: They know enough.
Donna Troy: You wanna teach them to be better than us? Tell them what happened, our sins, so they won't repeat them.
Dick Grayson: Thanks for the tip. I'm sorry you can't stay around and lead the campfire stories about how I fucked up.

Jason Todd: [to Rachel] You need to have that shit looked at. By, like, a fucking priest.

Gar Logan: Select soldiers who underwent a series of experimental bio-enhancements." Huh. Out of the 35 trial subjects, the only one to survive was Slade Wilson.

Aqualad [2.04][edit]

Garth: Just the man I'm looking for.
Dick Grayson: Find any leads?
Garth: No, could use a little advice though, about Donna.
Dick Grayson: I'm not sure I'm the right guy to talk to.
Garth: Oh, right, I'm sorry, probably shouldn't be asking the guy with the whipsmart beautiful, blonde girlfriend.

Donna Troy: We got a hit... from the U.S. military?
Dick Grayson: Jacob's activator was for a laser that was developed to take down nuclear missiles.

Hank Hall: Sorry I couldn't fit all 90 candles on there. I tried.
Dick Grayson: My birthday gift to you is that I'm not gonna sing.
Garth: Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no. Come on, I want my Dick Grayson A cappella serenade. Let's go buddy. Make her rip.

Garth: No retreat, no surrender!

Jillian: (to Donna) Be careful. Vengeance is a dangerous path.

Jillian: This is about Garth. Next time don't waste so much energy deflecting. Atlanteans are highly skilled warriors and troublemakers. And clearly, Garth's been blessed with other... noble attributes.
Donna Troy: So, you've been following me?
Jillian: Surely you don't think I let you run around with your friends without keeping tabs. By the way, the next time you need a good birthday cake, I recommend Tartine on the mission. They have a divine deux cross.
Donna Troy: Hmm, since you know everything, I'll just shut up.
Jillian: Quite the contrary. You asked for more time here, I granted it. You still have six months left. Whether you want to use it or not, that's your choice.
Donna Troy: Sometimes it's not.

Jillian: Six months ago, you begged me to stay in San Francisco, insisting you deserve time to explore independence from Diana with your indie rock group of vigilante friends and now you wanna go home?
Donna Troy: I was procrastinating. As a young girl, the idea of becoming a warrior, I couldn't wait. But now that the time has come to actually become it...
Jillian: We wage the great battles and scars. That seems daunting.
Donna Troy: Yeah. This is my destiny. And I'm ready.

Garth: Say, that's your best shot, featherweight?
Hank Hall: Uh, I don't know. I had a question, though. What is 22 in fish years? Like, 90?
Garth: Ninety-year fish is still faster than a beer-bellied bird, my friend.

Garth: Donna! This is why you slept with me? 'Cause you knew you had an out?
Donna Troy: Can we please not do this right now?
Garth: No. I'm like you, looking for that damn clownfish. I don't give up that easily.
Jillian: What does this have to do with clownfish?

Adeline Wilson: (to Jericho) Never let your guard down!

Deathstroke [2.05][edit]

Robin: You really are a pathetic piece of shit. You know that? Rose deserves than you for a father. Yeah. Some freak in a ski mask whose name sounds like a bad case of VD. My friends will never give her up. You know that.
Deathstroke: Well, then, you're the price they pay.
Robin: Fuck you, you pretentious asshole. Hey, look at me. I'm not scared of you.
Deathstroke: You should be terrified. But instead, you're being played by that charlatan, Dick Grayson, who gives costumes to foolish kids, making them believe that they're heroes. Leading you, like lambs to the slaughter. But not to worry, soon you'll learn. For death leads to purification.

Gar Logan: Jason's strong. He'll fight back.

Kory Anders: (to Rachel) We're not born good or bad. The choices you make define your destiny. Trigon chose darkness. I have to choose what my future holds. You will, too.

Robin: Ah, Dr. Light. Did you come up with that shit by yourself, or did you parents saddle with that bullshit? I mean, come on. What a lame fucking name.
Dr. Light: Shut it.
Robin: What? Is my talking annoying you, dickweed? 'Cause that's the thing. I can do it all day. All night. And if you're nice, twice on a Sunday.

Rose Wilson: Get out of my way, Rachel.
Rachel Roth: You don't have to run, Rose. Dick will make sure you're safe. I promise.
Rose Wilson: You've been nice to me, but I won't ask you twice.
Rachel Roth: Rose, please.

Hank Hall: Look, I don't want to hurt you, kid.
Rose Wilson: Yeah, right. [Rose hits Hank]
Hank Hall: Ow, that fucking hurt. Okay, fuck this.

Hank Hall: Hey, look, don't do this. We can talk, and like, have cookies and milk or something.

Donna Troy: Hank, did you find anything?
Hank Hall: Do rats the size of my head count?
Dawn Granger: Stay positive, Hank.
Hank Hall: I got dragged out of bed to trudge through sewer water 'cause dip-shit decided to go off half-cocked.

Dick Grayson: He was attacked here. Then dragged. Tracks disappear a hundred yards down.
Dawn Granger: He could be anywhere.
Donna Troy: If he's still alive.
Dick Grayson: He's alive. Dr. Light's using him as bait to lure us out. If he was dead, he would have left him here.
Donna Troy: How does that make it any better?
Dick Grayson: I'm not saying it makes it better.
Hank Hall: Back up. So the kid is bait to you now? Is that right? That's rich, Dick.
Dick Grayson: You were bagging on him a minute ago, and now he's your best friend?
Hank Hall: Not about me, pal. This is all because of you and your big, dumb fuckin' idea to start up the Titans again!
Dawn Granger: I'm out.
Donna Troy: Yep, me too.
Hank Hall: What? Where are you going?
Dawn Granger: To get Jason. And for the record, this is all of our faults. Every single one of us. So get over it and move on.

Dr. Light: Why are you sitting there like a damn statue when our whole fuckin' plan is going up in smoke?
Deathstroke: This is good.
Dr. Light: Oh, yeah. Good. What exactly is good about four months of planning going down the fucking drain? When you broke me out, you told me you would kill these bastards as long as I herded them to San Francisco! And you just let our best chance of killing these masks slip through our fingers. And for what?
Deathstroke: For a reason you may not be capable of understanding.
Dr. Light: You know, ever since you found out that your daughter is running with the Titans, you're losing focus. I'm beginning to wonder just how different you are from them. With this ridiculous costume, swinging your sword around, nothing gets done.
Deathstroke: If you're looking for a result, I'm happy to provide you with one.

Dick Grayson: I know you're here. I'm sure this has nothing to do with Jason or Rose. You want your pound of flesh. Revenge for what happened. And I want this to end once and for all. So how about we make a deal, huh? You can have me instead of Rose or Jason. I'm pretty sure I'm the one you're mad at anyway. Here I am. Unarmed.
Deathstroke: You never learn, do you? Always the hero. But you're not gonna dictate how this will go. You're not a martyr. You're a con man. Preying on those weak enough to follow you. The problem with con men is that they never know when to stop. And someone else always pays.
Dick Grayson: Let's just get this over with, huh?

Conner [2.06][edit]

Robin: Who the fuck are you?
Conner: I'm not super sure yet.
Robin: Whoever you are, I don't know how to thank you.
Conner: I'm just glad I could help.

Walter Hawn: He's gone. Who the hell do you think did all this?
Eve Watson: That's impossible. How could that happen?
Mercy Graves: That's what you're supposed to tell us. Looks like someone got up on the wrong side of the glass tube. Mercy Graves. Personal Security Specialist to Mr. Luthor.
Walter Hawn: Yes, I've heard of you, Ms. Grave. I'm Walter Hawn, Vice President of Special Projects, and this is -
Mercy Graves: I know who she is. Big night, I see. Chanel or Chardonnay?
Eve Watson: What the hell are you doing here?
Mercy Graves: You've got a real problem on your hands. Mr. Luthor wants answers. And he wants his experiment back.

Mercy Graves: This thing you created must have been triggered by something. I'm assuming you know what that might've been?
Walter Hawn: Actually, uh, Eve's the expert on genetics and cloning, so.
Mercy Graves: Where'd your boy go, Doctor?
Eve Watson: If we're lucky, he's scared and hiding.
Mercy Graves: And if we're not?
Eve Watson: That's harder. Our predictions have him at the emotional age of a two-year-old, so he's feeling fear, curiosity, anger, confusion, wonder, everything that he's experiencing is for the very first time. Mentally, emotionally, physically, he's a child. He's absorbing the world like a sponge. Sights, smells, sounds... Even the people he meets will have an effect on his future behavior.

Man: Hey, what the hell's the matter with you?
Conner: I'm sorry, it was an accident.
Man: Take it easy. If you want the shirt, it costs money. 12.50, or, uh, two for 25.
Conner: We don't have any money.
Man: Then come back when you do.

Dr. Eve Watson: You'll be hunting the world's most dangerous infant. And I think it's safe to say he has not had his nap.
[the Cadmus guards laugh]
Mercy Graves: That's funny. You know what else is funny? I'm interviewing replacements today, 'cause not all of you are coming back.

Dr. Eve Watson: Please don't kill me.
Conner: Who are you?
Dr. Eve Watson: My name is Eve Watson.
Conner: Are you with them?
Dr. Eve Watson: I work with Cadmus Labs. But I did not want them to hurt you. They - They should not have shot at you. That was wrong.
Conner: Then why did they?
Dr. Eve Watson: I told them not to, but... I think they were afraid of you.
Conner: Why?
Dr. Eve Watson: Because they'd never seen anything like you.

Conner: Are you okay?
Mugged Woman: Yes. Thank you. He was trying to steal my money and I...
Conner: You have money?
Mugged Woman: Well, yes.
Conner: [tosses man across the alley] Can I have your money?

Dr. Eve Watson: You are... a genetic clone. You were designed with the whole... My whole point was to see if I could actually create a person...
Conner: You created me?
Dr. Eve Watson: You were created the way that every person is, the genetic material of two people blended together.
Conner: So, you and who else?
Dr. Eve Watson: Well, no. Not me. In your case, it was two men. Well, one man and one Superman.
Conner: Who is the Superman?
Dr. Eve Watson: Superman.
Conner: People like Superman. He saves people.
Dr. Eve Watson: Yes. Yes, people like Superman.
Conner: Who's my other dad?
Dr. Eve Watson: He's very smart, and... Well, he's very smart.
Conner: People don't love him, do they?

Bruce Wayne [2.07][edit]

Dick Grayson: Is he stable?
Dawn Granger: For the moment. Whatever they shot him with left something behind. Some sort of toxin.
Dick Grayson: Maybe we should take him to a hospital.
Bruce Wayne: Genius. A nice, quiet place where they can finish him off.
Kory Anders: The boy has special abilities.
Dawn Granger: Yeah, I think he's safest here.
Dick Grayson: Okay.
Dawn Granger: I think you should call Bruce. He catalogs these things. He might know who he is.
Bruce Wayne: Hello? Hey, Dick. Oh, sure. I can look the kid up. I just realized what your special skill is. The thing that makes you the natural leader in this group. You're the only one with my phone number.
Kory Anders: Dick?
Dick Grayson: I'll call Bruce.

Dick Grayson: You all right?
Jason Todd: All good.
Bruce Wayne: Of course he's alright. 15 stories of free-falling probably did him good.
Dick Grayson: It's past midnight, you should probably take it easy.
Jason Todd: I don't wanna take it easy. I feel good.
Bruce Wayne: More people should drop their problem children off buildings. It clarifies the mind and body.

Kory Anders: (to Conner) I don't know if you can hear me... but you're one of the strongest people I've ever seen. And I know, because I'm pretty strong, too.

Dick Grayson: Deathstroke's a gun guy.

Dick Grayson: That was quite the fall you took.
Jason Todd: Yeah, it was hellacious. How did it look from your angle?
Dick Grayson: Scary.
Jason Todd: Well, good thing Conner was there.
Dick Grayson: I'm sorry.
Bruce Wayne: That should do it. Sorry always makes things right. Ah, rest will fix him. Maybe a shrink. Maybe some meds. Uppers, downers, in-betweens. Kid'll be right as rain.

William Wintergreen: (to Dick) I don't know who's crazier, you or him?

Bruce Wayne: He's lured you away from where you need to be ... who you need to protect.
Dick Grayson: He killed my friend. Nearly killed Jason. He has to be stopped.
Bruce Wayne: Very heroic of you, except you don't give a shit.

Dr. Eve Watson: (to Conner) The world is a much better place with you in it.

Bruce Wayne: Where are you going?
Dick Grayson: I'll be back later.
Donna Troy: People were just shooting at us, and you're gonna go out?
Bruce Wayne: Nothing to worry about, kids. Just a mild psychic split. Anybody need anything? Milk, eggs? Body bags?

Dr. Eve Watson: Come on, go!
[Krypto and Eve fly off]

Kory Anders: Save the apologies. Can you help him?
Dr. Eve Watson: Maybe if I'd gotten here sooner, but... The kryptonite poisoning has gone too far.
Kory Anders: Seriously? Is that the best you've got?
Dr. Eve Watson: I'm a scientist. I'm not God.
Kory Anders: You just told me you created him. You're the closest thing to God he has. Half of this DNA is from a guy that lifts skyscrapers, and flies faster than the speed of light. At least fucking try.
Dr. Eve Watson: It's not about speed or strength, okay? In order to save him, we would need a level of radiation that can't be found on this Earth. We would need to fly him to the sun, and we don't have time for that. By now, in order to heal him, we would need to bring the sun here.
Kory Anders: Well, why didn't you say so?

Rachel Roth: [to Jason] Don't fucking walk away from me.
Dawn Granger: Whoa. Hey, what's happening here?
Rachel Roth: Jason drew crucifixes all over my mirror.
Jason Todd: Bullshit.
Dawn Granger: Jason, it's okay if you're angry.
Jason Todd: I didn't do shit, okay? Don't blame me for her voodoo issues.
Donna Troy: What's all the drama about?
Dawn Granger: Somebody drew crosses on Rachel's mirror and she thinks Jason did it.
Hank Hall: Cute idea with the bourbon bottle. Not my type, though. I'm more of a sour mash guy. You ever go in my room and pull that shit again, I'll forget what team you're on.
Donna Troy: Why Jason?
Jason Todd: I don't know what happened, guys, but I didn't do it.
Dawn Granger: What about the picture of Ellis?
Donna Troy: The orange soda bottle?
Rachel Roth: He did it to you guys, too?
Jason Todd: Fuck this.
Hank Hall: Hey, we're not done here, kid.
Jason Todd: You people are insane! I'd rather be with Deathstroke than you assholes. You think everything's my fault.

Jericho [2.08][edit]

Dawn Granger: This is who we are.
Dick Grayson: Titans.

Dawn Granger: Hey. Look what the surf dragged in.
Dick Grayson: I was beginning to think you blew us off.
Dawn Granger: He said, "Homework, it never ends."
Hank Hall: Aw, it did for me. One day I woke up, no school, no books.
Dawn Granger: Weren't you expelled?
Hank Hall: Some say.

William Wintergreen: Sorry. I don't read sign language. [Jericho flips him two middle fingers] Okay, maybe I do. Now shut up and listen. Your father wants to see you. I know Slade hasn't been much of a dad, but... these new friends of yours, the... Titans? They seriously call themselves that? The Titans were tragic Greek figures, got their asses handed to them by Zeus. Who names themselves after losers?

Hank Hall: [after Jericho body-hops out of his body] Did I just black out? And pull my groin?

Robin: You kill my friends, you murder the innocent. You're a monster.
Deathstroke: As are you. Only of a different breed. In the pantheon of sins, murder is far more honorable than betrayal. Watch closely, son. [to Jericho] This is what happens to Titans.

William Wintergreen: Yeah, I know. Go fuck myself.

Dick Grayson: You okay?
Dawn Granger: I hate this.
Dick Grayson: This is the only way. Trust me. If you start feeling weird, just think about Garth.
Dawn Granger: I just like the kid.
Dick Grayson: So do I. But he's Deathstroke's son.
Dawn Granger: Are we sure of that?
Dick Grayson: He's the one.

Adeline Wilson: (to Slade) He knows about you. What you did, what you've become. And now he's moved out to live with some people. I think they know about you too. They're the ones who told him.

Dick Grayson: I don't see how Jericho seeing his dad is a good idea.
Jericho: That's why he came to me to talk about it. He's afraid you're going to be disappointed in him.
Dick Grayson: And what did you tell him?
Dawn Granger: That you and I would talk about it. Jericho needs your approval for this, Dick. He won't talk to his dad without it.
Dick Grayson: He didn't need to tell us at all, he could've just gone.
Dawn Granger: Sure. But he didn't want to lie to you. Cards up, right? It took Jericho for someone to finally be honest around here.
Dick Grayson: You know, maybe it doesn't matter what we tell Jericho.
Donna Troy: So, we use him again. What's happening to you?
Dick Grayson: You told me. You told me, be Batman. Remember?
Donna Troy: I was wrong. This version of you...
Dick Grayson: What? You don't like it?
Donna Troy: You don't want me to answer that right now.

Jericho: Guess he changed his mind.
Slade Wilson: Was that you? Was that you? Did you control him?
Jericho: I was gonna tell you. I don't know where it came from.
Slade Wilson: Me. It came from me. You must inherited one of my... experiments. But... But yours is different.
Jericho: It's kind of cool, right? I can be like you.
Slade Wilson: You will never be like me. If people ever found out that you can do things like this, they will take you away. Never show people what you can do. Promise me, Jericho.

Slade Wilson: I can hear your heartbeat. I can hear your breathe. I knew you were coming before the thought entered your head.
Jericho: [in sign language] You promised!
Robin: I'm sorry, Jericho. Your father killed again. He has to be stopped.
Slade Wilson: You did this? You told him we were meeting?
Jericho: [in sign language] Dad, I didn't know he would follow me.
Slade Wilson: Don't blame yourself, son. The Titans act like heroes, but they're hypocrites. They used you.
Robin: He's lying to listen to him.
Slade Wilson: I can see right through you. You wear the pretty costume, say all the right things... but I can see what's underneath the mask. I can see your lies... the manipulation. Using a son's love for his father to complete your mission.

Adeline Wilson: Please stop. Whoever these "friends" are, if they're mixed up with your father, you can't trust them.
Jericho: [in sign language] I do trust them, more than you. They had the guts, to tell me you were lying. They said dad killed people for money. He killed their friend. You convinced me he was a hero.
Adeline Wilson: I-I-I lied to you because you've always idolized him. I know how much you love him. I didn't want to take that away from you.
Jericho: [in sign language] I don't love him. If you ever see him, tell him he's the one who needs protection.
Adeline Wilson: Where are you going?
Jericho: [in sign language] To stop him.
Adeline Wilson: Nobody stops your father. If that's what your friends told you, they're not your friends.

Atonement [2.09][edit]

Gar Logan: You know, think of all this, San Francisco, like one big, totally immersive, multi-dimensional videogame and you're player one, okay? And your job is to make sure that everyone stays safe and no one gets hurt.
Conner: Is that what the Titans do?
Gar Logan: Well, we don't. But the old Titans did. Dick, mostly just kept us locked up in a tower. Jason, Rachel, and I talked about how we wanted more real-life experience, and once the team is back together again, I think we'll get it. I know this sounds crazy, but once the team knows your awake, and can see what you do, they'll be back in a hurry.
Conner: So, Gar, what can you do?
Gar Logan: It's no big deal.
Conner: Come on. Can you show me?
Gar Logan: Now's not the best time.
Conner: Well, can you tell me?
Gar Logan: Yeah, yeah. It's kind of weird, but I can turn into a tiger.
Conner: [laughs] No way!
Gar Logan: Yeah.
Conner: What's a tiger?

Slade Wilson: Grayson! You came here to pay your debt, but there's no forgiveness here. Our war is over. But if you ever put the Titans back together, even for a weekend... I will kill every last one of you.

Slade Wilson: It's over. I won. You took my family and cast it into the sea forever. So I took away yours. You came here for forgiveness. To confess...
Dick Grayson: Not to you. You killed him. You're a murderer for hire. You kill without thinking, even your own son.
Slade Wilson: This isn't about me. You still haven't accepted your guilt. And so you must pay. I sentence you to live alone, Dick Grayson. Forever knowing that your Titans family lives and breathes somewhere out there in the world, but you can never be with them. Not until you've paid for your crime.
Dick Grayson: You didn't deserve him.
Slade Wilson: Excuse me?
Dick Grayson: Jericho. You didn't deserve a son like him. Neither did we. He was better than the rest of us and we all let him down.

Donna Troy: How many other fucking half-truths have you told us?
Rachel Roth: At least you got a half-truth.
Rose Wilson: My brother's dead because of you.

Conner: So, where is everyone? I mean, the Titans.
Gar Logan: I guess you could say they're taking a break.

Faddei: Ranch corn nuts and a yoo-hoo if they have it.
Kory Anders: So gross.
Faddei: Yeah, well that's just, like, your opinion, Mam.
Kory Anders: Watching way too much TV.

Conner: What is this place?
Gar Logan: Titans Tower. Yeah, I guess that might sound a little weird with no context. Um, okay. The Titans are a group of people like you, basically. Heroes. I mean, you're Superman's son, right?
Conner: And Lex Luthor's.
Gar Logan: Yeah, well, no one's perfect. You saved our friend, Jason Todd. He was falling from a building, and you caught him.
Conner: And then I got shot.
Gar Logan: But then the Titans saved you, and they brought you back here. That's what we do. We all have powers and special abilities. We choose to help people.
Conner: Eve said it's okay for me to help people. I remember that.
Gar Logan: Look, the important thing is you're awake now, which is good, because I was on the verge of losing my mind.

Gar Logan: Conner... how would you like to be a Titan?
Conner: I don't think I can, Gar. I mean, you guys, you're actual heroes. I'm not.
Gar Logan: Uh, yeah. You are.
Conner: Look, the guy who made me, he's not a nice guy. I have this, uh... other side.
Gar Logan: I hear you. But, dude... everybody does.

Peg: You think you can come back here, throw some funny names around, and us dumb country folk are gonna forget about everything? I'm Ellis' sister. That kid you got killed.
Dawn Granger: No, ma'am... we're so sorry about Ellis.
Peg: You do not deserve to say my brother's name. Do you know we're still trying to scrape up enough money to pay for a headstone? And where the hell have you been? Singing your titties off?
Hank Hall: Back off. We don't owe you shit.
Dawn Granger: Hank, don't.
Hank Hall: No. Her junkie boyfriend was the one that got him hooked in the first place. Where were you when Ellis OD'd and nearly died? Oh, that's right. You were in lockup on a possession beef. We took care of Ellis. We got him clean. Not you.
Peg: Yeah, you got him killed, too. Pat yourself on the back.
Hank Hall: Nice try. Crawl back under your log.
Peg: No, that's not gonna happen. 'Cause I plan to make your life a living hell. Maybe you got it in you to kill another one of us, but, uh... Maybe we get to you before you do. What was it that you liked to say to Ellis? Oh, yeah. One day at a time.

Kory Anders: What happened?
Faddei: Your sister happened?
Kory Anders: Blackfire's here?
Faddei: No. But she sent her friends to kill the both of us. Your extended field trip has had consequences.
Kory Anders: What does that mean?
Faddei: Blackfire now wears the crown. Your crown.
Kory Anders: That's impossible. She would have had to circumvent my entire court.
Faddei: They're all dead my queen. Just like she wanted you and me. She sent the royal goon squad.
Kory Anders: Fucking bitch.
Faddei: Queen fucking bitch.

Fallen [2.10][edit]

Mercy Graves: Mr. Logan. I'm Mercy Graves. It's an honor to meet you. Can I interest you in something else to eat? Grass-fed ribeye? Chia pudding? Name anything you'd like.
Gar Logan: How about letting me out of here?
Mercy Graves: I'm afraid that's not available on DoorDash.
Gar Logan: What have you done to Conner?
Mercy Graves: Exactly as he wanted. We didn't force him to come back. It was his choice.
Gar Logan: Yeah, 'cause you guys are about the free will here. Loving mine, by the way.
Mercy Graves: My apologies for any discontent. We just wanted to contain your transformation to ensure we has the opportunity to talk.
Gar Logan: Let me guess, you guy can "fix" me, too.
Mercy Graves: No. But I could help you. I could help you what Niles Caulder never did. Dr. Caulder and CADMUS Industries have crossed paths from time to time. He's a brilliant man. Though, not entirely altruistic, no matter how he wishes to appear. He saved you. Gave you the gift of life, but only as it suited his needs. His purpose. Did he ever ask you what you want, for yourself? Has anyone? Or do they just strong you along using you for their own ends, with little concern for you or your welfare? CADMUS will focus on you. Help you explore your powers to their fullest. Help you be everything you want to be.
Gar Logan: What I want to be is a Titan.

Walter Hawn: Subject 13 is in stasis.
Mercy Graves: I'll call Mr. Luthor to get instructions on recalibration. How's our other guest?
Walter Hawn: Well, I'd like to say all bark and no bite, I wouldn't put money on it.

Santos: Yo, we got a problem?
Dick Grayson: Nope.

Santos: Hey. So, what's up? You keeping an eye on us?
Dick Grayson: Just minding my own business.
Santos: Yeah, so am I.
Len Armstrong: Hey, best buds already? It melts my heart.

Conner: [about Krypto] Great. Dumbest dog ever.
Gar Logan: He can ring a doorbell with his nose. I've seen dumber.

Dick Grayson: When's the escape? I saw you looking at the guards.
Santos: So, you ratted us out, huh?
Dick Grayson: If I did, you'd all be in solitary. If I can see what you're up to, soon enough, they will.
Rafael: The fucking snitch giving us tips?
Dick Grayson: Just facts. Four guards on the ground. Two in the tower with M14s with 20 rounds each. You got no chance.
Santos: Yeah. You're so smart, huh? Why don't you tell us how we're gonna stay alive?
Dick Grayson: I'd kill me.

Rafael: [to Dick] I could fucking kill you. Make it easier for all of us. But that's not who I am. We're not murderers. That's why we left the Corto Maltese and tried to go clean. Immigration picked us up. And they're gonna deport us. At home, were deserters, just like in here. So, the Corto Maltese will slaughter us like pigs. We have no choice us but the break out. So, unless you have real answers... shut the fuck up.

Rachel Roth: I'm sorry. Being a lizard would be considerably less freaky.
Dani: You're fucking awesome.

Rafael: If you say we should have killed you, I'll break your fucking face.
Dick Grayson: Don't go through with this tonight.
Rafael: Now you fucking care?
Dick Grayson: With Santos, you had no chance. Without him... Santos being killed... that's your sign saying, don't do this. If you can't see that, you're blind.
Rafael: I'm blind? If God wants me dead, then it'll be my time. But if I'm still alive tomorrow, then that's my sign. And it means that I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be. Now, he's giving me a chance to be something else. Maybe you're the one who's blind.

E.L._.O. [2.11][edit]

Donna Troy: Did he just leave?
Dawn Granger: Yup.
Kory Anders: So, let me get this straight. Bruce Wayne somehow miraculously arranged for us all to meet in this diner in the middle of nowhere to mansplain us into putting the Titans back together?
Dawn Granger: Yup. I think that's exactly what just happened.

Bruce Wayne: You need to rest. Build up your strength for the escape.
Dick Grayson: No escapes for me.
Bruce Wayne: Deathstroke has taken hostages. And here you are.
Dick Grayson: We have a truce. He's not touching anybody.
Bruce Wayne: No one you can see. At Adeline's, Slade was there, you were there, and yet no killing. Why?
Dick Grayson: He was unarmed.
Bruce Wayne: And?
Dick Grayson: And I was in Adeline's house.
Bruce Wayne: Maybe you didn't want to. Maybe there's something inside Slade that you need.
Dick Grayson: Yeah, his tiny tin heart got to me.
Bruce Wayne: You both loved Jericho, and you both got him killed. A common bond of self-loathing. As long as you're both alive, you can always blame the other guy.

Bruce Wayne: (to Dick) Not Robin anymore. Stronger, faster... like a bird of prey.

Rachel Roth: Kory?
Kory Anders: Rachel?
Rachel Roth: What the hell are you doing here?
Kory Anders: Shit, I'm not completely sure.

Dawn Granger: Rachel?
[Door opens. Donna walks in.]
Kory Anders: Is this real, or am I going crazy?
Dawn Granger: It's definitely real.
Rachel Roth: Why are you following me?
Donna Troy: Following... what? You called me and told me to come here.

Child: You've been in there for an hour. You look rough.
Kory Anders: Thanks.
Child: Get your life right, lady.

Faux-Hawk [2.12][edit]

Adeline Wilson: Jericho told me... that you had some kind of special talent. That you could almost fly, take down legions of bad men, that you could do the impossible. Well, I've got one for you, Mr. Grayson. Bring my son back to me.
Dick Grayson: I'll try.

Donna Troy: (to Dawn) Look, I know Hank hasn't been the most reliable partner, but when he suits up, there's nobody better.

Hank Hall: Where's my fucking costume?

Dick Grayson: Stu, Lily... you've outdone yourselves.

Mercy Graves: What happened?
Walter Hawn: I'm not exactly sure.
Mercy Graves: Home invasion?
Walter Hawn: Uh, a brunette and a blonde. The delivered my sushi, they wanted to see my hydrofoil.

Slade Wilson: The Titans broke my family. So I'm gonna break theirs from the inside. It'll be surgical, and you'll be my scalpel.
Rose Wilson: You want me to kill them?
Slade Wilson: Just join them. Once you're inside, we'll turn them against each other, one by one.
Rose Wilson: So I just knock on their door and say, "Hey, Titans, I'd like to sign up"?
Slade Wilson: Their leader, Dick Grayson, he's got a weakness for strays. Especially ones that need to be saved.
Rose Wilson: Saved from what?
Slade Wilson: From me? They're gonna find you and me fighting, and I'm gonna cut out your eye.
Rose Wilson: Funny.
Slade Wilson: You're too pretty anyway.
Rose Wilson: Fuck you.

Rachel Roth: Hey, where are we going?
Kory Anders: Back to San Francisco.
Rachel Roth: What about Dick?
Kory Anders: We're going back!
Rachel Roth: Okay, so that's it? You know, I don't get a say. You're just gonna pull the adult card?
Kory Anders: Yeah, well, someone has to make some adult decisions around here. No more running after Dick Grayson 'cause some intergalactic space witch had a bad dream.
Rachel Roth: Oh, I'm the space witch?
Kory Anders: You're the space witch who has no idea where she's going or why.
Rachel Roth: Easy, Truth-Claw, you didn't even know your own name a couple months ago.
Kory Anders: Yeah, well, I know it now. Kory Anders.
Rachel Roth: Big whoop. Princess Alien Pink Hair from Planet Tam-O-Whatever...
Kory Anders: Tamaran!
Rachel Roth: Whatever!
Kory Anders: Get it right.
Rachel Roth: Do I look like I give a fuck?

Slade Wilson: (to Rose) You did very well with the prison guards. The crooked strikes, the rising cuts.

Slade Wilson: You shouldn't play with that. Somebody could get hurt.
Rose Wilson: I can't hurt you.
Slade Wilson: I didn't mean me.
Rose Wilson: I can't hurt me, either. [shoots herself in the hand and it heals] Hi, Daddy-o. I have questions.
Slade Wilson: Yeah?
Rose Wilson: We can start with this. I'm a freak.
Slade Wilson: The circus always needs us. Beats cubicle work.

Dick Grayson: Hey, Lily.
Lily: Hi ... Dick. Burning the suit?
Dick Grayson: I had a bad day.
Lily: Drama queen.
Stu: We're moving on, Lily. All behind us now. Let's show Dick what Master Wayne had us put together.

Dick Grayson: Hey, Stu, how you been? I, uh, need a new pair of shoes.
Stu: Sorry, I don't make those anymore.
Dick Grayson: Look, I don't have a lot of time.
Stu: I'm in the fruitcake trade now. Just haven't had time to change the signage.
Dick Grayson: Okay. I need a new fruitcake.
Stu: The maligning of the fruitcake, I will never understand. Come here.
Dick Grayson: Look, I'm sorry.
Stu: Don't be sorry. Have a slice.
Dick Grayson: It wasn't personal.
Stu: Fruitcake is my life. My passion. I mean, if you don't like my work, you--
Dick Grayson: I love your work. That's why I came back here.
Stu: Would you like to put a match to this before you have a slice? Oh, wait, I should know. Sure, this should do it. [Stu burns fruitcake] There, that's how Dick likes his fruitcake.
Dick Grayson: I'm sorry I burned your suit. I need your help, Stu. I need another one. Something different.
Stu: Well, Master Wayne said you'd be coming.
Dick Grayson: Of course he did.
Stu: Come on.

Lily: It's a Nomex, triple-weave Kevlar shell, electrically insulated and light-sensitive.
Stu: It has fewer body inlays than the old one, which will allow you to utilize your circus skills.

Nightwing [2.13][edit]

Bruce Wayne: We do not enter the field of battle lightly... neither in heart, nor body, nor mind. Nor do we exit it lightly. We leave a piece of us behind. And sometimes the cost of defending the innocent exceeds what we could ever think to pay. There's only one word for this. Sacrifice. And whether it be recognized in the present... or in some distant time, or never at all... this is the hero's duty.

Dick Grayson: (to Gar about Donna) What you saw was who she was. She cared for people. Cared for doing right.

Rachel Roth: I keep having these dreams about Dick being killed by Deathstroke and they're not going away. We need to do something about that.

Walter Hawn: Nice touch! Always leave 'em wanting more.
Mercy Graves: Walter, one more thing.
Walter Hawn: Yeah?
Mercy Graves: Conner? [Conner throws a bullet at Walter's head killing him] Good boy.

Mercy Graves: This is how it ends.

Mercy Graves: When we let evil win, it becomes our reality.

Hawk: Things are getting super fucking ugly out here!
Nightwing: You're not gonna make fun of my suit?
Hawk: I just did.
Nightwing: I've missed this.
Dove: We have a very angry Superboy. Any thoughts?
Wonder Girl: Other than yelling, "Hey, Conner."
Nightwing: Yeah. But we need Rachel.

Conner: You might wanna stand back.

Dove: Why is he looking at me like that?
Wonder Girl: Probably 'cause you're dressed like a giant bird. He has no clue who we are.
Dove: I think you should go talk to him.
Wonder Girl: Why me?
Dove: I don't know, he's Kryptonian. You're Themyscarian. Maybe he'll relate.

Deathstroke: I told you what would happen if the Titans ever reunited.

Ravager: Dad!
Deathstroke: I see you've changed your mind. She's the one who told me that you all got back together. She's been working for me the whole time.
Nightwing: I heard.
Ravager: Is that you?
Nightwing: The one and only. You finally accepted your true family.
Ravager: I have. [walks up next to Nightwing] Titans are my family. Don't make me kill you.
Deathstroke: Don't worry. You won't.

Season 3[edit]

Barbara Gordon [3.01][edit]

Conner: So, the Joker just killed him?
Kory Anders: Mmm-hmm. Sounds like Jason went after him the same way he went after Deathstroke. Alone and unprepared. I'm so angry.
Conner: At the Joker?
Kory Anders: No. At Jason.
Gar Logan: Jason, why?
Kory Anders: Because he never learned. When Jason left the Titans to return to Gotham he was alone and angry, and I get that, but... Dick was hoping he figured things out with Bruce but he never did. He clearly just kept making the same mistakes over and over, and it finally got him killed. Jason never evolved. He never grew past his own worst instincts. Don't let that happen to you. Keep learning. Keep growing. First Donna and now Jason. I'm sick of losing people.

Nightwing: Batman and I never waited around for the press back in Gotham.
Starfire: Maybe that's why all the press was so bad.
Nightwing: Maybe.

Dick Grayson: What was Jason doing studying chemistry?
Bruce Wayne: I don't know.
Dick Grayson: He barely read the back of a cereal box.

Bruce Wayne: (to Dick about the Joker) He started it, I ended it. You know what he was doing as I caved in his skull? He was laughing. He laughed at me because he won. You and Barbara were right. It's all a game I should have stopped playing a long time ago. It's over for me now.

Dick Grayson: [about Bruce] But did he seem off, or weird?
Barbara Gordon: Yeah. He always seems weird. He's a weird guy.

Jason Todd: (to Bruce about the Joker) I'm not afraid of him. I'm not afraid of anything anymore.

Starfire: I know. I'm hot.

Dick Grayson: (to Bruce) You know, Barb was right. You're just as bad as the Joker. You and he have been poisoning this city together.

Jason Todd: Fuck the Joker.

Barbara Gordon: (to Bruce) You're as crazy as the fucking Joker.

Red Hood [3.02][edit]

Red Hood: (to Nightwing) In living color. I got a new name now though, you'll be hearing it a lot around here... Red Hood.

Jonathan Crane: (to Dick about Red Hood) It's just his opening move.

Dick Grayson: (to Barbara about Crane) Batman put him in Arkham years ago for a reason.

Gar Logan: What are you doing? What? Don't put food on his books, man. Were you raised in a barn?
Conner: Hmm. Test tube, actually. Hey, does Superman have a library?
Gar Logan: Hmm, I don't know. I feel like he's got a whole bunch of space rocks and shit.

Dick Grayson: Thank you all for coming on short notice. I wish it was under better circumstance.
Kory Anders: Nobody calls us under "better circumstances".

Hank Hall: The break-up and work together thing is not for amateurs.

Hank Hall: You've still got it.
Dove: Always will.

Dick Grayson: Whatchu eating?
Hank Hall: I don't know. Gar made it, I think. Some kind of meat thing.
Dick Grayson: That's Krypto's.

Hank & Dove [3.03][edit]

Jason Todd: (to Hank) You've got to believe me, man. All of this shit I've done, it's not my fault. I don't know what's happening to me. Something's wrong with me.

Dove: What happened to you?
Red Hood: Same thing that happens to everybody. I grew up.

Hank Hall: [about Wayne Manor] You think this place has a big enough chandelier? Yeah, when bats have sex, they got to have something to hang from.

Dawn Granger: (to Hank) You're going to make it. You're not leaving me in this shithole world without you.

Conner: If Jason is alive and killing innocent people, we have to stop him. That's what Titans do.

Jonathan Crane: The abused becomes the abuser.

Hank Hall: (to Dawn) Was that a pity kiss because I'm dying?

Hank Hall: I never should have left my family. That's not what you do. No matter what.

Blackfire [3.04][edit]

Jonathan Crane: (to Dick) You were just a boy. Those were the lessons that he taught you. It's not your fault. But you need to make sure this doesn't happen to someone else. That it stops with you. Now you let Gotham take care of Gotham. The water will find its level. Stop trying to prove something here.

Kory Anders: (to Gar) Either I find out what's down that hatch, or I keep sleepwalking and punching you in the face. Your choice.

Conner: You can all do your happy dance now, because Superboy definitely did not save the day.

Jonathan Crane: I mean, you wouldn't shoot a bound and defenseless man, now, would you?
Dick Grayson: Depends.

Dick Grayson: (to Crane) I shouldn't have been afraid of the wolf. The wolf should have been afraid of me.

Kory Anders: Get out my way, or I'm going to burn your dick off.

Blackfire: I hate you.
Kory Anders: I know.

Dick Grayson: Deathstroke damaged us all, but none of us turned into a killer.

Conner: It was our job to save him.
Dawn Granger: It was our job to try.

Dawn Granger: (to Dick) I know in my heart there's a way out. There's something more on the other side. You could always come with me.

Kory Anders: (to Blackfire) I'm going to leave you in here. Let justice run its course.

Lazarus [3.05][edit]

Molly Jensen: How do you know that?
Jason Todd: I told you. I'm still me.
Molly Jensen: Right. That's one of those things that sounds real cool but it doesn't actually mean anything.

Jonathan Crane: [talking about Hawk] It's hard to keep you guys straight. So many of you are birds.

Jason Todd: I should fucking kill you right now.
Jonathan Crane: A lot of people should kill me.

Jason Todd: Please don't give up on me, Bruce.
Bruce Wayne: I never will.

Bruce Wayne: [to Jason] If this new girl likes cats, run!

Jonathan Crane: We'll bring fear back to this town.

Jason Todd: You still trying to save me?
Molly Jensen: Always.

Bruce Wayne: You sure you're okay?
Jason Todd: You shouldn't ask people if they're okay. You're not really good at it.

Bruce Wayne: Everything that made sense left my life in one moment.

Bruce Wayne: You can't make that promise, but I can keep it.

Jason Todd: The city owes us a lot, and I'm going to collect the bill.

Jason Todd: You shouldn't creep up on people.
Bruce Wayne: It's a skill that comes in handy.

Pete Hawkins: You haven't done enough time to look at me like that.
Jason Todd: You have no idea who I am.

Jonathan Crane: (to Jason) You're gonna give this city what it really needs with no hesitation, no guilt, no fear. New mask, new name, new you. We'll punish all of them for what this city has done to us and then you'll be their symbol. Gotham doesn't understand justice, it only understands terror. You'll be their mirror now. Stand tall Red Hood, show them what they are.

Jason Todd: (to Pete) I'm Fuck, and she's Off.

Molly Jensen: Jason?

Jonathan Crane: Get your chemistry kit, an RV, and you've got a TV show.

Lady Vic [3.06][edit]

Dick Grayson: The way I've been thinking, we make sense.
Barbara Gordon: You think we make sense.
Dick Grayson: Yeah.
Barbara Gordon: That's what every girl wants to hear.

Kory Anders: So that partnership seems to be off to a good start. Gunshot wound and a cock block, and we're not even at lunch yet.

Kory Anders: Don't touch anything.
Blackfire: Don't worry, I won't burn down your home. It's so... quaint.

Barbara Gordon: (to Dick) You work for my dad. You follow rules. I like to break them.

Dick Grayson: The person who killed your boyfriend. And your parents. In our kitchen.
Kory Anders: It's a long story.

Barbara Gordon: You hurt?
Dick Grayson: A little.
Barbara Gordon: Good.

Jason Todd: Fuck Scarecrow.

Kory Anders: You just got shot.
Dick Grayson: Bruce got shot all the time. It didn't stop him.
Kory Anders: Look how well that went.
Dick Grayson: Then I guess I'll just have to do better.

Blackfire: Have you heard stories of Krypton?
Conner: Wait, how did you know?
Blackfire: I can see the strength of Krypton running in your blood ... and something else.

Lady Vic: (to Crane about Barbara) The bitch still has moves.

Kory Anders: Maybe I should go have a word with her.
Gar Logan: I think there's been enough bloodshed for today.

Blackfire: Freedom means nothing if you choose to live like a servant.

Conner: I thought your idea was good... about getting intel from the people on the street.
Blackfire: Why are you sitting next to me?
Conner: I could use the company. I don't like lapse, bad memories.
Blackfire: Ditto.
Conner: So, what's Tamaran like?
Blackfire: It's not like Earth. No open skies, flowing water. The very air burns your skin. I miss that burn.
Conner: Why would you miss that?
Blackfire: We made life prosper from nothing but dust. Kori never appreciated Tamaran when she had it.

Robin: Barbara?
Barbara Gordon: Security here is a joke. It's my way of keeping my dad on his toes. Wanna grab a drink?

51% [3.07][edit]

Barbara Gordon: Why are you pushing me away?
Dick Grayson: Because you're getting in the way!

Jonathan Crane: The battle for Gotham ends tonight. Be ready.

Jonathan Crane: You know how I broke Batman? It wasn't with fear, it was with patience.

Blackfire: [after fighting goons] Okay. I see how Earth can be fun.

Jonathan Crane: How predictable are the righteous.

Gar Logan: 300,000 nebulizers destroyed tonight. His whole operation.
Blackfire: And dozens of Gotham's mobsters in jail.
Gar Logan: And a few in the hospital, thanks to Krypto.
Conner: Not a bad night.
Dick Grayson: It will be better when we bring down Crane and Jason. They're on their own now. They're getting sloppy. That's when we win. Good work.

Kory Anders: I promised him he would be safe.
Valeska Nox: Never make promises you can't keep.

Jonathan Crane: Like I said, I'm not the Batman.

Kory Anders: If we're breaking laws, I've got an unhappy mobster to track down.

Dick Grayson: One more?
Barbara Gordon: I think one's my limit. Thanks, though.
Dick Grayson: Okay.

Jonathan Crane: Anger's just fear in a little black dress.

Barbara Gordon: Congratulations, I'm gonna hit the road. Back at it tomorrow.
Dick Grayson: I'll see you out.
Barbara Gordon: I know the way. You kids have fun.

Kory Anders: This might sound insane, but I am dying for ice some ice cream.
Blackfire: Did anyone think to grab some when we were at Snowy Cones?
Kory Anders: Maybe Door Dash. A couple of gallons of Rocky Road?
Conner: I can beat Door Dash.

Home [3.08][edit]

Conner: You're not bad.
Blackfire: You're not bad, either.

Jonathan Crane: I am both the dreamer and the thief!

Blackfire: I guess home is just in us, whether we have one or not.

Tim Drake: (to Dick) You need help. I want to be the next Robin.

Tim Drake: I guess you want to finish him alone, like Batman would have done.
Dick Grayson: I don't know where you get these ideas, Tim. I'm just a regular guy doing regular things. I'm actually on a special investigation for the GCPD.

Tim Drake: (to Dick) I was there. At the beginning. At the end.

Tim Drake: (to Jason) I want... to be Robin.

Blackfire: (about Jason) I don't even know the dude, but I'm bullish on second chances.

Kory Anders: Fuck Jason. He killed kids.

Gar Logan: (about Jason) He wants to be saved.

Souls [3.09][edit]

Hank Hall: I kind of think of this as my home base.
Donna Troy: Classy for a guy who thinks flushing is optional.
Hank Hall: Thank you.

Tim Drake: Look, ma'am...
Donna Troy: Ma'am?

Donna Troy: [hearing about Hank's death] Dawn. She must be devastated.
Hank Hall: She'd better be.

Tim Drake: All I ever wanted was to be a hero. Like you. Instead I froze. And then I ran. I died a coward. That's why I have to go back. What happened down there, that can't be my story.

Donna Troy: I thought you weren't drinking.
Hank Hall: I wasn't. Then I died, so I figured out what the hell, I might as well live a little.

Donna Troy: What happened?
Hank Hall: Jason. Fucking. Todd.

Tim Drake: I'm from Gotham. And when I was alive, I spent a lot of time thinking about you. Researching, finding out everything I could.

Hank Hall: [describing Jason] He started dressing like Deathstroke met the Gimp.

Tim Drake: Miss Troy?
Donna Troy: Would you stop calling me "Miss Troy"? I mean, how old do you think I am, anyway?
Tim Drake: Old. Like, 30.

Hank Hall: Sorry, asshole. Not going to happen.

Donna Troy: Let's do this.
[Hank has throwing stars]
Hank Hall: Oh, really? Pretty sure I wasn't thinking about Grayson.

Hank Hall: We have to go back.
Donna Troy: Look, you don't even know if we can, and even if we could.
Hank Hall: You're telling me you wouldn't jump at the chance to go back down there and hand Jason his ass?
Donna Troy: Is that what this is about, revenge?
Hank Hall: You're god damn right it's about revenge. That little fucker blew me up.
Donna Troy: I think we're supposed to let that go, Hank.
Hank Hall: Donna Troy is lecturing me about letting stuff go? Did you let stuff go when Deathstroke killed Garth? I didn't fucking think so. What the hell happened to you?
Donna Troy: I died and so did you. It sucks. It is what it is.
Hank Hall: I had a lot of road left.
Donna Troy: And so did I. You think I'm happy about how I went out? I didn't save the planet from some asteroid. I died at a carnival, Hank. A carnival.
Hank Hall: Well, when you put it like that.
Donna Troy: I spent a lot of time struggling with it. Agonizing over it, trying to make some sense of it. You know what I realized? It doesn't make sense.
Hank Hall: You saved someone's life. You can sure as hell bet it made sense to them.
Donna Troy: I shouldn't have had to die to do it. We spent our whole lives on a hamster wheel. Running hard but not making much ground. We saved people, I know that, but it didn't change anything. So, when I was sitting on that train, I made a decision, I want to move forward. See what's next for Donna Troy. Who knows maybe I'll come back as a Clown Fish. At least that would make sense.

Hank Hall: Fucking hell. They're here.

Troubled Water [3.10][edit]

Jonathan Crane: I know a painter shouldn't be charmed by their own brush, but fuck me running.

Dick Grayson: I'm running out of good ideas. Resorting to bad ones.

Jonathan Crane: So you had a moment. I've had plenty of them myself. I'll let bygone by bygones, and forgive you.

Gar Logan: [talking about the Titans] Oh, we're not much of a gang, really. More like roommates.

Jonathan Crane: Come on, we have reached the summit. It's time for us to enjoy the view.

Gar Logan: Rachel? Did I die again, or are you really real?

Jonathan Crane: Welcome to Crane Manor.

Starfire: (to Blackfire) You stole my powers. Was that your plan all along?

Gar Logan: Is that you or is this a dream?

Blackfire: We need to get somewhere safe.
Starfire: I'm going back to help.

The Call Is Coming From Inside the House [3.11][edit]

Jonathan Crane: Jason. Ah, finally home. Finally home. I see you lost the hood, too. Good call. You know, the time for masks is over.

Bruce Wayne: Addendum, psych profile, Jonathan Crane. After a detailed study of Crane's criminal record, as well as an assessment of his particular form of psychosis, I can conclude that Crane's efforts are most effective via the use of proxies. Unwitting associates commonly drugged into submissive complacence, as opposed to any direct actions of the dominant personality. In other words, Jonathan Crane, the victim of abuse and neglect, was ill equipped for the Scarecrow's unique form of brutality. Taking into account that Crane's alter ego was the mastermind, while Crane himself, the scientist, the diligent student, was wholly ineffectual. It is my opinion that Crane is one of the most pitiable among Gotham's violent criminals. A broken man without a voice doomed to speak through others.

Gar Logan: Smell like bagels to you?
Rachel Roth: Yeah, Gar, I'm sure the creepy abandoned building sells bagels.
Gar Logan: A simple no would suffice.

Gar Logan: I guess bringing people back from the dead isn't all sunshine and rainbows.

Donna Troy: Classic Gotham bullshit.

Gar Logan: What's wrong?
Rachel Roth: Something's happening to Dick.

Jack Drake: This conversation isn't over.

Tim Drake: I live in Chinatown.
Donna Troy: Good old Gotham City.

Rachel Roth: This is the Lazarus Pit.

Prodigal [3.12][edit]

Jonathan Crane: The battle for your soul is over. And you lost.

Jonathan Crane: You felt fear. You dealt rage.

Jason Todd: Did you hear me? I said Nightwing is dead.
Jonathan Crane: So? Wasn't my monster. He's your monster. Do you want a cookie?

Jonathan Crane: Waves of fear and anger.

Dr. Artie Kind: My god. I'm dreaming. You're Superboy!
Conner: And you're an asshole.

Jonathan Crane: September has come. It is the month for dying.

Conner: Is it okay if I call you my girlfriend?
Blackfire: You'd better.

Blackfire: I see you're still hard at work doing the government's ill deeds.
Dr. Artie Kind: I prefer to call it research.

Donna Troy: [to Tim] I'm sorry. Your destiny will have to wait.

Jonathan Crane: (to Dick) Your story begins the night your parents died.

Jason Todd: How do I know you're not going to kill me?
Dick Grayson: Because now I know what it's like to die.

Blackfire: I know it's a lot to ask, but please, will you help me?

Cop: (about Barbara) Don't kill her. Crane wants her alive.

Connor: Why are you doing this? You know Kryptonians can't survive on Tamaran. Why do you even want to go back? You said it yourself, they never appreciated you.
Blackfire: But now it's different. Now I'm their Queen.
Connor: So you need to be a Queen to matter? You mattered to me from the moment I saw you. Komand'r, stay here with me. To hell with everyone else.
Blackfire: I wish I could. But it's not that simple.
Connor: So you're just like the rest of them. You promise one thing and then change the rules.
Blackfire: I meant what I said about wanting us to be together. But ever since I was a girl, there's been a voice inside me that says that I am meant to be more than what others make me out to be. Now I finally know. That voice was telling me who I really am. If I don't go back to Tamaran, I won't be home. If I don't go back now, I never will.

Purple Rain [3.13][edit]

Dick Grayson: You coming?
Tim Drake: Are you serious?
Dick Grayson: The question is, are you?

Jonathan Crane: [talking about Arkham] This house has many doors, and they all revolve.

Komand'r: Some of us have to fight for what we get. And do stupid things along the way.

Donna Troy: [after Tim karate kicks a cop] Where the hell did you learn how to do that?
Tim Drake: YouTube.

Tim Drake: Dick said to cut the red wire.
Gar Logan: It's never the red wire.

Rachel Roth: Geez, you look good for somebody who's undead.

Jonathan Crane: September has finally come, and the season of the harvest is upon you.

Donna Troy: I will say this. The one thing about dying, coming back, it sure sets your priorities straight.

Donna Troy: There's always more bad guys than good.

GCPD Cop #1: It's not personal. Just orders.
Margarita Vee: I was really hoping you wouldn't say that.

Barbara Gordon: Is "Vee" even your real name?
Margarita Vee: Depends. Do you like it?
Barbara Gordon: It suits you.
Margarita Vee: Good. I'll keep it.

Rachel Roth: Yeah, because who wouldn't want to use the Bat plane?

Barbara Gordon: What's a partnership without a little conflict?

Bruce Wayne: But fear is a bad mentor.

Dick Grayson: [to Bruce] Do me a favor. The next time you decide to leave town, don't.

Fletcher: Barbara Gordon isn't here to save your ass this time.
Nightwing: [knocking Fletcher out] I'll tell her you said "hi".

Starfire: Don't expect miracles here.
Dick Grayson: I absolutely expect miracles. Let me know when you have one.

Starfire: This is bullshit.

Barbara Gordon: Thanks, Dick.
Dick Grayson: Thank you.


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