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Tiwa Savage's studio portrait

Tiwa Savage (born 5 February 1980) is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and performing artist.


  • If we remove sex from relationship you will discover that most of we ladies have nothing to offer in relationships, search your conscience, what else do you offer aside from sex.”
  •  Finding someone you can truly connect with is like winning a lottery, it happens basically never. But when it does, don’t blow it.”
  •  And one day, you wake up and simply decide no more
  • Sometimes when you listen to what society says you miss what God has to say to you.
  • “If you see an angel passing. Tell him tell him to come my way.”[5]
  • “Look out for people who look out for you. Loyalty is everything.”[6]
  • “I feel like all genres from around the world originate from Africa.”[7]
  • “Strong women still need their hands held.”[8]
  • “I have a platform and that platform is so huge, I can’t just use it for music. I’ve got to use it for the voiceless as well.”[9]
  • I see myself as a new artist again who is hustling. That’s my mentality, I don’t walk into a room expecting anyone to know who I am. I’m just here to get a seat at the table”[10]
  • “Apart from the music and being able to touch people, there is a dark side to being in the limelight, and it comes with it and you deal with it, and I don’t want him to go through that.”[11]
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