Tom Higgenson

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Higgenson in 2011

Tom Higgenson (born 22 February 1979) is an American rock singer and the Plain White T's' frontman.


  • In 1998, I had a talk with a friend that was vegetarian, and he just made me think … Like, just because someone else can kill an animal for you and cut it up and do all the disgusting dirty work, all I have to do is walk into McDonald’s and order it and then I can eat it. … I still eat the same kinds of things I used to but without meat. So I think that if you love animals and deep down are sort of just over [eating them] or think it’s wrong and not the right thing to do, then just stop doing it. … Videos are also very effective—my friend saw a video about factory farming and stopped eating meat immediately afterward. Seeing is believing. Sometimes people don’t want to think about stuff like that or don’t care to think about stuff like that until it’s really just thrown in their face.