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Tom Van Grieken
Tom Van Grieken in 2016
Tom Van Grieken
Tom Van Grieken
Tom Van Grieken takes the oath at the Flemish Parliament
State formation demonstration May 6, 2007 NSV

Tom Jozef Irène Van Grieken (born 7 October 1986) is a Belgian politician and author who has serves as Leader of the Flemish Nationalist party Vlaams Belang since October 2014.


  • When expressing sympathy for the family of a deceased person is also categorised as hate speech, there is clearly something wrong with the arbitrary censorship by multimedia giants such as Facebook, It is therefore urgent that national legislation puts a stop to the silencing of right-wing and nationalist politicians. Because when you can be removed from Facebook simply for expressing sympathy for someone, this has nothing to do with ‘hate speech’ or ‘protecting democracy’ anymore, but everything with pure dictatorial arbitrariness.
  • There is a fundamental problem with one placing the word of Allah above civil law, just as there is a problem with not recognizing the separation of church and state. I'm not going to be so naughty and say that a Muslim can never be Flemish, everyone has to decide that for themselves. But I think Islam is not compatible with our Flemish identity.
  • What does Bart De Wever actually get when he repeatedly rules out a collaboration with Vlaams Belang? And in the same breath keep begging and begging at the Walloon Socialist Party? De Wever used to say that a vote for Vlaams Belang was a vote for the Walloon Socialist Party - but today the opposite is true. A vote for this New Flemish Allience and you will receive the Walloon Socialist party for free.
  • It is completely normal to invite a party that has won the elections. I was pleased with the invitation … I am not going to say it is unnatural. This is natural. What happened over the past 40 years was not democratic.
  • I've always hated September 1. This was further encouraged by left-wing teachers and professors who try to incorporate their multicultural nonsense into their lessons. But put your best foot forward, I hope you find the courage to make the most of it. And in 2024 we will present the bill to all those left-wing teachers.

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