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Tom and Jerry is a series of the cat and mouse duo from 1940 to 1967.

Tom and Jerry[edit]

Jerry: Hey! You wanna get back in the house, don't you?
Tom: Yeah.
Jerry: ' Okay then, I'll.... [whispers again]
Tom: Uh-huh?
Jerry: And you.... [whispers again]
Tom: Oh...
Jerry: If that would load both..... [whispers again]
Tom: That's a Lulu!

Tom: [last lines]
Tom: [speaking like French actor Charles Boyer] Ah, I love you! Ah, you set my soul on fire. It is not just a little spark. It is a flame, a big, roaring flame! Ah, I can feel it now.
Tom: [Tom then realizes he is holding Spike, the bulldog, not his cat girlfriend]

Jerry: [after kicking Tom into a pie] Why that dirty, double crossing, good for nothing, two timing....

Tom: Gee. I'm throwing away a million dollars. BUT I'M HAPPY!! [goes back to attacking Jerry]

Tom: [drunk] One, for the money. [hiccups] Two, for the show. [hiccups] Three to get ready. [hiccups] And four to go!

Tom: Don't you believe it!

Tom: No!!!

Tom: (laughs evilly) In me power! (Resumes laughing evilly)

Little Quacker[edit]

  • Ah! My mommy! My nice mommy. [Jerry gets his attention to the mother duck] THAT'S NOT MY MOMMY! [smashes the book and runs away, then Jerry comes out with a flat body]


  • Land sakes!
  • Thomas! Why you double crossing no good cheat! GET OUT!
  • Land sakes! What's goin' on in here? Why you overstuffed Peckinese hound you! What you doing in here wreckin' up the house!? Get outta' here you pug nosed old messin' good for nothing! You know darn well you're ain't allowed in this house here, no how!
  • My goodness! What's going on in here? Why you overstuffed Pekinese dog you! What are you doing wrecking up the house!? Get out of here you pug nosed old messing good for nothing! You know darn well you are not allowed in this house, ever!
  • Well slap my face if this ain't a mess!
  • I'll mop this floor with his ornery hide.
  • Thomas, if you is a mouse catcher, I'm Lana Turner, which I ain't.
  • Thomas, if you are a mouse catcher, I'm Lana Turner, which I'm not.


  • [to Tyke] That's my boy.
  • [to Tom] Hey, you! That's my boy you got in your hand. Listen, pussycat, If I catch you bothering my boy, again, I'll tear you apart! Now, beat it!
  • [to Tom] Hey, you! What are you doing with my bone? Yeah, you! Listen, pussycat! If I catch you takin' my bone again, wallops Tom on the head] there's gonna be trouble! Understand?
  • [to Jerry] Babytalk! Ain't he cute? Just whistle.
  • [to Jerry] How am I doing pal?
  • [to Tom] Listen, pussycat, if anything happens to me pal, I'll poke you in the puss! I'll pulverize you! I'll pound you to pieces! That's what I'll do, pound you to pieces! Like this! [flattens Tom]
  • [to Tom] Listen, pussycat, I'm trying to take a nap, a little beauty rest, see? And you're driving me nuts! I'm a nervous wreck, look. "[pulls tounge out and mimics the noise]" Please, chum, take it easy, lay off with the noise, huh? 'Cause if I hear one more sound, i'm gonna skin you alive, get it?!? [Jerry Nods] Now scram!
  • [to Tom] Do me a favor, will ya, bud? GET OUT OF MY SALAD!!
  • [giving Tom Instructions] Listen, pussy cat, my boy's learning to chase cats and I don't want him to have any trouble, understand? When he starts barking, you start climbing. Is that clear? [Jerry Nods] Okay, then, let's go.
  • [to Tom] Where's my boy? If he's under that barrel, i'll skin you alive!


Spike: Cats can love dogs, can't they?
[Tom nods yes]
Spike: And mice can get along with cats, can't they?
[Jerry shakes no, but then nods yes]

Mammy Two Shoes: And this, Mister Thomas, is your last and final chance. Either you keep that mouse out of the icebox, or you goes out! Understand?! Remember, you is on guard.

Spike: Speak to me, son. Say something. [Tyke barks] What's the idea messing up my boy? Go clean him up! [Tom cleans Tyke up] Now put him down! [Tom puts Tyke down] Listen, pussycat. He's clean now, and he better be clean while I get back. And if he ain't, I'll tear your limb from limb! Understand?!
(Growls back at him)

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