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Tom and Jerry in Singapore is a series that follows the cat and mouse duo, Tom and Jerry explore in Singapore after leaving New York. It’s a much younger version of themselves.

Hanna-Barbera era (1940–1958)


The tales of the stink that came from the avocado (1940)

Mammy-Two-Shoes: Tomas! You have gone to war out of that avocado That you had! It’s stinking up in that apartment! See you need to return to regular cat food. Chunky chunky tuna that I had brought three dollars. (she offers one to Tom, but he merrily unaccepted. He returns to eating his avocado, smacking his lips as he eats) Thomas! What is wrong with you not accepting that food! You see, Michael Jordan Had that chunky chunky tuna that you had when he was about three years old! If you eat that avocado two times twice a day, you’ll become one large avocado! And I’m not joking, either! Now half is chunky chunky tuna before I get mad! (Pushes the chunky chunky tuna out the window, causing it to land straight on a garbage bin and scare off a dog that was trying to get some meat. Mammy glares at Tom and pick some up on the scruff of his neck, Much to Jerry’s amusement, who could not bear the odor) Now, that’s it. You’ve made me angry today, Thomas! Come on we’re going straight outside and you’re gonna have a good thing about what you did! And take this tuna out with you! (Tom is tossed out and he makes a pouty face, before taking one bite of the chunky chunky tuna but grabs a nearby avocado and begins to eat it)

Jerry: [Rushing as fast as he can away from Tom, before landing in an avocado bin that bakes avocados] For goodness sake! I don’t like this avocado! What kind of taste is this?!! It smells worse than stinky cheese, And I’m going to pass out before-! (He suddenly stops and discovers that chunky chunky tuna and begins to eat it, while Tom is shocked that Jerry actually enjoys the chunky chunky tuna) Say, this is so good like sushi! I could eat this all day!

(Mammy two shoes comes out to see Tom throwing a fit about eating, no avocados while the avocado man took the avocados for cleaning)

’’’Mammy’’’: Thomas, how many times did I tell you about not to worry about those avocados? You know they have that stinky odor! That’s it, no more avocado for you until you can eat what is in front of you! Now go to that timeout corner and sleep in there for the entire night before I get mad! (Tom walks shamefully before suddenly tripping and discovering that the avocado is mixed with a chunky chunky tuna. He begins to eat it Smiles before continuing to eat some more) , Thomas, you do love that kind of meal do you? Well for dinner, we’re having roasted chunky chunky tuna with roasted avocados! Do you mind if you want some roasted avocados for dinner tonight? (Shakes his head and walks with time of his life in the chunky chunky tuna cans. Mammy looks confused) Gee, Was it something that I said that cat?

colorful chase (1942)

Jerry: Ptooey! Talk about being covered in this type of paint! Never knew they had made this in San Francisco! [Tom Comes out with a painting of him, and Jerry being posed as a statue of Joseph Barbera. Jerry looks and lets out a smile] Good. Now I’m lucky this doesn’t taste sour like that broccoli pizza they had in San Francisco. It was even worse that they had Hawaiian Pizza The first time we went to Hawaii!
[Tom agrees and goes to sit down the painting]

suffering dogs! (1942)

Mammy-Two-Shoes: Well, what do we know? We just discovered that this pug knows dog has been snooping around in the alley taking rotten fish, and starving all night! Poor doggy. Don’t worry, you’ll be welcome here if you like. Say hello to Tom, my can, and Jerry, the mouse. You’d be lucky that you were doggy. I’m going to prepare some delicious fried rice and pork While you can meet your new roommates! You’re gonna share a bed with Tom. Now I’ll be in the kitchen cooking your dinner if you need me!

(As she leaves to go to the kitchen, the dog sniffs around Tom and Jerry, who make a face)

’’’Bulldog’’’: Hello, Bonjour! Welcome to the ze France Bonjour le house! You know my name be well France, bulldog, but everybody called me Judgy. Me looking for a new home to stay in. Mia got kicked out in mean owners. Ye need new place. Ye want supper?
’’’Tom’’’: no thanks. My owner, mammy two shoes is making chili. Thomas Barrie Cat.
’’’Jerry’’’: And my name is Jerry the perfect, amazing all brown mouse!

(Mammy comes in after the bulldog saves Jerry, who has fallen in the fishbowl)

’’’Mammy’’’: My goodness! What has happened here bulldog, what are you doing giving CPR to that mouse did you fall into that fishbowl by mistake, Thomas! You’re supposed to be watching that mouse and watching television all day listening to some 70s old cartoon! That mouse nearly drowned in that fishbowl!! That’s it! From now on, you’re going to not be sleeping under the table from now on! You’re gonna listen to some Aesop fables And learn what a real pad does! Now my site until dinner is ready! (Waterlogged and gives raspberry to, who immediately picks him up and gives him a spanking) How many times do I have to tell you not to make a raspberry at me!!! That’s it, you’re not getting dinner tonight! You’re gonna have some cold and watery beans with bread! Now, Dry that mouse with the fan! And don’t make me angry again!

(Transitions to waking up next to the fan)

The story of Edgar Allan Crow (1943)

Bulldog: The story begins here. One faithful night, in the old blowing and cold snow Of the southern east back in the 60s, a young Crow got injured nearby of the southern Plains. His injuries may not ye fatal. But, luckily, he got rescued by a young and wealthy man that took him in. They lived over a fence, similar to Bunnicula, Who lived about 45 years. But sadly, he passed away of a broken heart after his owner passed away. And, in this story, like Dracula, You can hear his growing from the roof like a Rooster.

(After Tom and Jerry have came to the Graveyard, They host a pretend funeral for Edgar Allan Crow)

’’’Tom’’’: We are all here gather today for The funeral of Edgar Allen, the crow that lived over an old wealthy house in the fence. The crow was found injured by a nearby fence, but was taken in by a man. Although you can count the Bulldogs intentions, though it may be Confusing. (Jerry: You’re doing great!) So, he lived more than 45 years like Dracula, the harmless old vampire. But sadly, he passed away of a broken heart and found in the elebeam of the dragon. Now let’s take a moment of silence and let’s play Amazing Grace To honor our precious friend.
’’’Jerry’’’: Hmmm…. Not a bad funeral, to say the least. But wait, where is the real crow?

(Just a nearby crow is perched on a tree branch, and Tom and Jerry look up amused to see the crow. The immediately swipe him and rush to show him to the bulldog)

Peter pumpkin pie eater (1943)

Jerry: [Laying unconscious and faking his death] Tom… Tom… My friend?
Tom: Yeah?
Jerry: [whispers] i’m afraid that I got swatted by flyswatter and may not leave very very long. You can tell Peter pumpkin pie eater that he can eat the pies we have in the fridge, and may may, explain the life, of the legendary tail that I used to find an local library, Moana and Fox, A loyal friend of pie pumpkin eater….. [He collapses and stick his tongue unconscious in the bed]
Tom: Jerry? Jerry, my dear friend, speak to me.
Jerry: And you... [A piece of crumbed cheese from the side of the bed] You can let Peter pie pumpkin eater That he can do whatever he wants, like sleep in your bed, France stories, work on magical fairytales, and that Snow White Will appear on his streams forever more…! I do know it’s a very very case that I may have. And I could not tell you anymore farewell, my friend.
Tom: Oh... Jerry, please please don’t leave me. You’re best friend a cat could ever ask for! Oh, Jerry! Wake up, pal!
Jerry: Hey, I’m not dead! I was just freaking! Hey, look you’ve got pumpkin either in that trap! Say, I bet mammy will be just a surprise when we tell her that we caught Peter pumpkin eater once and for all! [whispers again]
Tom: [Wipes away some tears and turn to Peter pumpkin eater, who is trapped in the net that his feet set] Woah-wee! Looks like we’d be happy to take a pumpkin back to where it was before!

Pumpkin eater: [After being sent to a pumpkin farm and teased at many pumpkins for his books, Especially Spookley] Why, I should’ve known! I don’t like this pumpkin farm! I don’t like this pumpkin pie farmer! I don’t like how it smell smells too bad here! What’s this? Armpit breath! Goodness, gracious of sugar, honey, iced tea! I would rather look for any solutions like sugar, salt, and more! Hey, is that something that I see? (He discovers a cat named mistletoe walking towards him to sleep near the farm) Oh, no! Cats and pumpkins and bears, oh my! I’m doomed! Doomed tell you! HELP! KITTY CAT! BROWN MOUSE! WHERE ARE YOU?! I am gone! I tell you I am gone! I’m going home! Say, aren’t you a cute little fella? Goochy Goochy… (Screams in pain when the cat bites him, and groans, ending the episode)

The Zoot Cat (1944)

Tom: [knocks on the door, and rings the doorbell] Yoo-hoo! HEY, TOOTS! [drops the box and hides behind he pillar on the porch]
[Toots opens the door and is pleasantly surprised at the box which she opens]
Jerry: Uh, what's cookin' Toots?

Toots: Jackson!
Tom: What's jumpin' chick?
[Jerry reappears and his eyes turn into Tom's suit. Tom then lights a cigar which causes the girl cat to exclaim]
Toots: You're really a sharp character! [Tom is showing off his suit, which still has a coat hanger in the back] A mellow little fellow. [the chain around his neck is a bathtub plug] Now you collar my jive. [he measured his trousers with the tape measure] You're on the right side, you alligator, you. Slip me some skin, my friend.
Tom: Well, all reet, well, all root, well, all right.
Toots: Let's dig a little righteous jive. Do you hear me? Latch on, Jackson. We're off.

The Million Dollar Cat (1944)

Tom: (while chasing after the bus after his fancy mansion has burnt down) Gee. I'm throwing away a million dollars. BUT I'M HAPPY! [he hopped into the van with Jerry and they drive off]

The Bodyguard (1944)

Judgy: we have to be careful so we don’t not break this valuable stuff. Remember, this vase was made in the year 1912 way before cats existed on the earth. Now, we need to act confident with these bagpipes. When I say you pick up these bagpipes, pick them up. See, I’m holding up a bagpipe myself. [Tom Pick up an accordion and begins to play The accordion, much to Jerry’s displeasure] Not that kind. It’s worse than the time we lost this old dusty. accordion.

(After Tom gets hurt and is put in a cast leg, mammy two shoes is offering him a lemon pie)

’’’Mammy two shoes’’’: While you were out, I found you and carried you to safety. And guess who broke your fault? It was Butch! He saved you right before you could fall on that hard ground but your leg sort of accidentally hit something, I don’t know who it was, but I’m gonna have a talk about this. And I guess your friends would like to pay you a visit. You can have this lemon pie while your leg heals for Four weeks.

(Grabs a piece of pie and gives it to Jerry and the bulldog)

’’’Jerry’’’: Gee, Tom. We are lucky that Butch came in and broke your fall. (Takes a bite out of the lemon tart)
’’’Bulldog’’’: And to think, to celebrate, I’ll play this bagpipe whenever you get the blues! (Tom Relaxes as he eats a Sunday with the bulldog playing the bagpipes)

Mouse Trouble (1944)

Tom: [after he finds himself in a place where dogs are playing cards] Don't you believe it!

Quiet Please! (1945)

Butch: Hey, can’t you see trying to do some yoga?! I’m trying to relax and be calm and chill, but all you’re doing is trying to bake and tripping on I’m fast asleep, and mouse and cat need to scream! Scream, I tell you! Scram! S-C-R-A-M. Now get out of here![Tom and Jerry run as fast as they can hiding inside a trashcan] Good riddance. Time for sleepy time.[He begins to doze off and fall asleep when all of a sudden he smells something. It turns out to be turkey] Oh, is that turkey? Or is that my tail?

Solid Serenade (1946)

Tom: [in a mock Charles Boyer voice while holding Jerry, who himself is wrestling with a tuna fish.]] Say, teach that Fishel lesson’ [The fish is a shoved down a toilet and then brought it back again] Throw him around and dump him in oil!. [Jerry dunk him in medicine oil] Now, toss him into the soup bin! '’[Thomas him into the superb] Now, show em! (Tries to run away, but Jerry grabbed him and starts ringing him around if he was a Rope. He throws him down and the fish tumbles out of the soup completely covered in soup. It turns out to be a fish they have found on videotape) Not bad for that VHS, huh? I watch this movie all day!

Part Time Pal (1947)

[First lines]
Mammy Two Shoes: say, look what that mouse has done a my kitchen! He ate half of that turkey leg. I had saved for Thomas! Then he tunneled his way through that white bread! (With a sudden, she sees that half of cake has gotten eaten) And, he even ate all of my chocolate cake! That’s it! Tom is going to be a big trouble! (She marches into the room where Tom and Jerry are enjoying their breakfast) Hey, look at yourself. You’re enjoying that nice fresh. Then you’re enjoying that nice fresh creamy creamy creamy cottage cheese that I have gotten. And also, you are enjoying your fresh milk cream, are you? (Tom and Jerry, not and with breakfast) Well, you’re happy. BECAUSE I AIN’T!!!!! (Tom and Jerry hold onto each other) There is one that has been eating my food and destroying my kitchen! And they are two of you! So, if you don’t figure something out, you’re out of here and you’re spending the night in the cold alleyway! Do I make myself clear huh? You too spoiled, pamper, rotten pants? (Tom and Jerry quickly run and look for the mouse) Never mind. I’m gonna have to take them to school.

Mammy Two Shoes: Land sakes, Time for me to grow grocery shopping in that old market. It’s supermarket day and it only lasts for four days.

Tom: [Holding as fast as he can in a while, Jerry is griping on tight to him] One, for the money. [Nearly slips off the branch with Jerry, gripping onto his tail] Two, for the show. [He gets ready to swing onto the cliff] Three to get ready. [Jerry uses a bear or trap, snapping heart onto his tail, causing Tom to leap up flying like a Dolphin.] And four to go!

A Mouse in the House (1947)

[First lines]
Mammy-Two-Shoes: Land sakes! That pesky mouse been havin' a jam session right here in my bread box! And look at the raided refrigerator! And the nibblings on my chocolate cake! Boy, what is this? A holiday for mice? And me with 2 cats in the house! [begins a search for the cats Tom and Butch] Boy when I lay my hands on those two good-for-nothin', lazy... [finds Tom and Butch resting] Oh...well, gentlemen. I'm glad to see you is enjoyin' your little siesta. [Tom and Butch nod in confirmation] You is comfortable, ain't you? [both confirm] And is both getting plenty of nice fresh cream? [both confirm] Well, I'm glad youse is satisfied... [enters a state of anger] 'CAUSE I AIN'T! [Tom and Butch gasp before holding on to one another in fear] There's a mouse in the house! And there's 2 cats! But there's only gonna be 1 cat in this house in the morning. And that's the cat that catches that mouse! Now get goin'!

[Last lines; after Tom and Butch accidentally smacked Mammy Two-Shoe's but with the frying pan and the coal shovel, which they thought they were in disguise to catch Jerry]
Mammy-Two-Shows: [angrily grabs Tom and Butch by their tails] Hold on there, you crazy cats! [viciously attacks the cats off-screen] Take this, you good-for-nothin', reckless, low-down! Here! Take that! [throws Butch onto the wall] And this and that! [throws Tom, which pushes Butch, out of the house]
[Jerry dusts his hands, thinking he has won, but then sees Mammy tapping her foot, causing the mouse to slowly exit the house himself. The cartoon begins to iris out, but not before Jerry waves goodbye at Mammy before closing the door and dashes away, meaning that he, Tom and Butch have all lost in the end. The screen then irises out completely, ending the cartoon on a downer note]

The Truce Hurts (1948)

Spike: Hey, wait a minute! What's all this fighting getting in us, huh? Cats can love dogs, can't they? [Tom nods yes] And mice can get along with cats, can't they? [Jerry shakes his head no, but then nods yes] Well then, let's bury the hatchet. Let's be pals. Buddies. Whadaya say, huh?

Old Rockin' Chair Tom (1948)

Mammy-Two-Shoes: Thomas, if you is a mouse catcher, I'm Lana Turner, which I ain't. The trouble with you is you is gettin' too old to catch mice. So I has decided to bring in a new and younger cat. Step up here and meet a real mouse catcher. Oh, Lightning!

Mammy-Two-Shoes: That's right, Lightning, take good care of poor old Uncle Tom. Well, goodnight, Lightning, see you in the morning. Hehehe. Love that cat.

Mouse Cleaning (1948)

Mammy-Two-Shoes: Hold on there, you no-good cat! Just look what you've done that I clean the floor! Get out there! Take this mop, now start clean!

Heavenly Puss (1949)

Gatekeeper: Thomas. Just a minute. [after reading Tom's evil biography] Hmm, apparently, your whole life was spent persecuting an innocent little mouse. With a record like that, I can't let you through. I'm sorry, Tom. However, the Heavenly Express doesn't leave for an hour. [then hands Tom a certificate of forgiveness] If, within that time, you can obtain the signature of that little mouse on this certificate of forgiveness, you will be permitted to pass. But if you fail, it's this... [a television screen shows an image of hell, where Spike is personified as the Devil]
Devil: [after a diabolical laugh] Let me have him! Send him down! Give him to me now! [laughs again]
[Tom looks on in fear]
Gatekeeper: Remember, you have only an hour.

Love That Pup (1949)

Spike: [to Tom] Hey, you! That's my boy you got in your hand! Listen, pussycat. If I catch you bothering my boy again, I'll tear you apart! Now, beat it!

Spike: Where's my boy?! [Tom shrugs] If he's under that barrel, I'll skin ya alive!

Jerry and the Lion (1950)

[First lines]
Radio Announcer: Attention. Attention everyone. We interrupt this program to bring you this warning. A ferocious lion has just escaped from the circus. I repeat, a ferocious lion has just escaped from the circus. You are advised to bar your windows and doors immediately.

The Framed Cat (1950)

Spike: Hey, you! Whatcha doin' with my bone? [Tom points at himself] Yeah, you! Listen, pussycat! If I catch you taking my bone again... [wallops Tom on the head] there's gonna be trouble! Understand?! [throws Tom into the tree. Tom sticks his tongue out at Spike who hits Tom with his bone, causing the cat to bite his tongue]

Jerry's Cousin (1951)

Cousin Muscles: [grabs Tom and eyes him closely] Listen Pussycat! Don't let me catch you pickin' on my little cousin while I'm around, y'understand? Now beat it! [throws Tom into a vase]

Sleepy-Time Tom (1951)

Mammy-Two-Shoes: Was you sleepin'?! You hadn't better be.

The Two Mouseketeers (1952)

Tuffy: He, attention-la! Vous pourez faire mal a quelqu'un, Monsieur Pussycat!...Pussycat?! Au secours! Au secours! Le pussycat! Le pussycat! C'est vraiment le pussycat! [calmly] Bonjour, Monsieur Pussycat. ["Hey, watch it! You could hurt someone, Mister Pussycat. Pussy Cat?! Help! Help! The pussycat! The pussycat! It's really the pussycat! Hello, Mr. Pussycat.]

Tuffy: Touche, Pussycat!

Smitten Kitten (1952)

Devil Mouse: There goes your little playmate. Every time he sees a dame, he falls in love. Every time he falls in love it means trouble for you.

Triplet Trouble (1952)

Mammy-Two-Shoes: Thomas! Oh, Thomas! Come in here and see what we got. Ain't they cute, Tom? And you get to take care of them. Now, you be good to them, and I'll run down to the store for some nice, fresh cream.

Mammy-Two-Shoes: Thomas! What's the idea picking on them poor little kittens?! If you don't take good care of them little angels while I'm gone, I'll pulverize you to pieces! You hear me?!

Fit to Be Tied (1952)

Spike: I learned this one on television! [spins and slams Tom]

The Dog House (1952)

Spike: Wait a minute, pussycat! Ever since I was a pup, I've wanted a little place of my own. And I still want it. But, if one more thing happens to my little dream house...there's going to be murder! [throws Tom]

The Missing Mouse (1953)

[First lines]
Radio Announcer: Your attention please! We interrupt this broadcast to bring you this urgent warning. A white mouse has just escaped from the experimental laboratories! Before escaping, he consumed enough of a new secret explosive to blow up an entire city! If you see this white mouse, telephone officials at once! And whatever you do, remember! The slightest jar will explode this white mouse and destroy the entire city! Be careful! Please, be careful!

Johann Mouse (1953)

Narrator:  :[first lines] This is the story of a waltzing mouse. His name was Johann and he lived in Vienna in the home of Johann Strauss.

That's My Pup! (1953)

Spike: [to Tyke] You know, son, now that you're grown up, it's time we have a heart to heart talk about the facts of life. First of all, you're a dog. And there's three things are dogs gonna know how to do. First: a dog's gonna know how to be man's best friend. That comes in two easy positions: the begging position with the big sad, soulful eyes, and the lyin' at the master's feet position also with the big sad, soulful eyes. Now the second thing that dog has to know is to how to bury bones. [buries his bone] Why? I don't know. I can never find them, after I bury them. [laughs] But that's what dogs are supposed to do. Third, and most important: all dogs gonna know how to chase cats. Which happens to be my specialty. Now, if we had a cat.

Spike: Listen, pussycat, my boy's learning to chase cats, and I don't want you to give him any trouble about it, understand? Every time he starts barking, you start climbing. Is that clear? [he nods] Okay, then, let's go.

Life with Tom (1953)

Radio Announcer: Yes, the whole world laughing at that hilarious new novel "Life with Tom". This book, by the new, brilliant author, Jerry Mouse, is on sale everywhere. Get your copy of "Life with Tom"! It's a SCREAM!

Hic-cup Pup (1954)

Spike: Hey! What's the idea waking up my boy?! [Tyke hiccups] Look at that! You gave him the hiccups too! Every time his sleep get disturbed, he gets the hiccups. [pats Tyke gently] There, there, son. [to Tom] If you wake my boy again, there's gonna be trouble!

Spike: Now he's got me doin' it! I'll moider that [hiccups] cat!

Pup on a Picnic (1955)

Spike: I don't know what's the matter with that cat, son, but he'd better keep away from our lunch, right?

Down Beat Bear (1956)

[Last lines]
Radio Announcer: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. This is your host at Melody Time bringing you six hours of continuous dance music.

Barbecue Brawl (1956)

Spike: [to Tyke] Son, now you know why dogs hate cats.

Spike: What's the matter with that crazy cat? He'd better not spoil our barbecue.

Mucho Mouse (1957)

Jerry: [to Tom, who is a bull] Haha! Toro! C'mon!

Tot Watchers (1958)

[Last lines]
Police Officer: A baby crawlin' down the street?! Now who would be after believin' that?!
[Just then, to their surprise, the baby crawls past the police car and away into the distance, as the cartoon ends]

Gene Deitch era (1961–1962)


Chuck Jones era (1963–1967)

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