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Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a 1992 American animated musical comedy film featuring cat-and-mouse duo Tom and Jerry, produced and directed by Phil Roman, released by Miramax Films and LIVE Entertainment in the U.S.

The world's most famous cat and mouse in their first motion picture.(taglines)


Puggsy: The name is Puggsy. What's yours?
Tom: I'm Tom.
Jerry: I'm Jerry.
Tom and Jerry: [Look at each other] You talked!
Tom: Well sure I talk, what do you think I am, a dummy?
Jerry: You said it, I didn't.
Tom: Hey, you little pipsqueak, I oughtta – Hey! How come you never spoke before?
Jerry: There was nothing I wanted to say that I thought you'd understand, and there still isn't!
Tom: All right, that does it, you little– oh, boy, you get me angry!

Robyn: I'm an orphan, my mother died when I was a baby.
Jerry: What about your father? What happened to him?
Robyn: My father was on an expedition climbing in the mountains when the snow gave way in a, a–
Tom: Avalanche?
Robyn: Uh huh, and he was the most wonderful father in the world. He had his own special place just for the two of us, and–
Jerry: And that's where you were going?
Robyn: Uh huh, and to get away from my Aunt Figg. She's not really my aunt, just my guardian, she's taken over the house, she moved my room to the attic and gave my room to her dog, Ferdinand.
Tom: Ferdinand?
Robyn: Aunt Figg was always calling me orphan. She even stole my locket and threw it out the window, but I climbed down and found it–
Jerry: And kept on running.
Robyn: As fast as I could, and I'm never going back.

Lickboot: [Discussing Robyn Starling] Just pray the police find her, or we're doomed to return to the ranks of the peasantry. And you'd better hope this rumor that dashing Daddy Starling may have survived the avalanche is just a rumor, or we'll be worse than ordinary. We'll be...
Aunt Pristine Figg: Don't say it!
Lickboot: Poor.
Aunt Pristine Figg: Penniless!
Lickboot: Bankrupt!
Aunt Pristine Figg: No more m-money?
Lickboot: [in a sinister tone] We've got to have... money!

Robyn Starling: There it is. There's the cabin, daddy built it just for me. We come up here every summer. He taught me to swim, and sail, and fish. Daddy will know where to find me, maybe he's here already. I bet he is. [Ties the boat to the dock, Robyn runs up the cabin stairs and enter the cabin] Daddy?
Aunt Pristine Figg: [A dark figure turns on an oil lamp, which reveals to be Aunt Figg] Daddy... is dead.
Robyn Starling: [screams in terror] AAAAAAAAAAAAH! TOM! JERRY! HELP!
[Lickboot closes the door, leaves poor Tom, Jerry, and Ferdinand outside, and locks the door.]
Lickboot: And if you know what's good for you. You'll never run away again. Never.
Robyn Starling: You're not taking back! You'll never take me back!
Lickboot: [Grabs Robyn by the wrist] Oh, yes we will!
Robyn Starling: [Screams in fear] AAAAHH!
Lickboot: [Kicked my knees] Ow, why, you little!
[The oil lamp gets knocked as the cabin is caught on fire.]
Aunt Pristine Figg: You fools! Look what you’ve done! Lickboot, grab the girl and let’s get out of here!
Lickboot: Robin, the house is burning down, you must get out before it's too late!
Robyn Starling: No! No, I won't go with you! You'll never take me back! [Screams in alarm] AAAAAGHHH!
Aunt Pristine Figg: Lickboot, let’s get out of here before we all fry!
Lickboot: But the girl.
Aunt Pristine Figg: Forget her! We got to save ourselves!


  • The world's most famous cat and mouse in their first motion picture.
  • A Big Hit Movie. Coming Soon.
  • To Save the Life of a Young Girl, This Cat and Mouse will have to do the impossible. They'll Have to Get Along.
  • Welcome to the 90's. The Cold War is over. Western Europe is unified. The whole world is a kindler, gentler place to be. Well... almost.


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