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Tom and Jerry: The Movie is a 1992 American animated musical comedy film featuring cat-and-mouse duo Tom and Jerry, produced and directed by Phil Roman, released by Miramax Films and LIVE Entertainment in the U.S.

The world's most famous cat and mouse in their first motion picture.(taglines)


Puggsy: The name is Puggsy. What's yours?
Tom: [Starts talking] I'm Tom.
Jerry: [Starts talking] I'm Jerry.
Tom and Jerry: [Look at each other] You talked!
Tom: Well, sure, I talk. What do you think I am, a dummy?
Jerry: You said it, I didn't.
Tom: Hey, you little pipsqueak, I oughtta– Hey! How come you never spoke before?
Jerry: Well, there was nothing I wanted to say that I thought you'd understand, and there still isn't!
Tom: Alright, that does it, you little– Oh, boy, you get me angry! [Grabs Jerry]

[Jerry has just saved Tom from the alley cats.]
Jerry: You okay, pal?
Tom: Yeah. I'm okay. But don't call me pal.
[Tom walks off, leaving Jerry dejected. Tom stops walking.]
Tom: Come on, mouse.
[Tom resumes walking, with Jerry walking behind him. As Tom and Jerry walk towards a bridge, a shadow looms behind them. Tom and Jerry notice and hide on the side of the bridge. After the shadow passes them, Tom and Jerry look up to see Robyn run across the bridge. Robyn looks around to see if no one was following her, then goes towards the stairs. Tom and Jerry climb back onto the bridge. They go towards the steps. Robyn jumps down the stairs and hides under the bridge. As Jerry climbs down the steps, Tom tip-toes down the steps. Tom accidentally hits a can, causing it to bounce down the steps. The can rolls over to Robyn's foot. As Tom makes it to the bottom, Robyn swings her backpack at him, but he dodges.]
Tom: Whoa! Hold it! Hold it!
Robyn: Who– Who are you?
Tom: Nobody.
Jerry: [Hops onto Tom's hand] Just us. He's Tom, and I'm Jerry.
Robyn: Oh. I thought you were somebody else. I thought you were following me.
Tom: Heck no.
Robyn: Well, then, what are you doing out here?
Tom: We're lost and we're looking for something to eat.
Jerry: Yeah. We're kinda hungry.
Robyn: Oh, well, um– [Opens her backpack and takes out an apple and a plastic bag of cookies] I've got cookies and an apple and–

[Tom, Jerry, and Robyn are sitting near a fire under a bridge.]
Jerry: So your name's Robyn and you ran away from home.
Robyn: How did you know?
Jerry: Your name's on your locket. [Points at Robyn's locket]
Robyn: Oh, yes. It's Robyn Starling. I'm afraid I don't have a home anymore. I– I'm an orphan. My mother died when I was a baby.
Jerry: What about your father? What happened to him?
Robyn: My father's on an expedition climbing a mountain, when the snow gave way in an avalanche.
Tom: Avalanche?
Robyn: Uh-huh, and he was the most wonderful father in the world. [Opens her locket and shows Tom and Jerry pictures of herself and her father] We had our own secret place just for the two of us, and–
Jerry: And that's where you were going?
Robyn: Uh-huh, and to get away from my Aunt Figg. She's not really my aunt, just my guardian. But she's taken over the house. She moved me into the attic and gave my room to her dog Ferdinand.
Tom: Ferdinand?
Robyn: Aunt Figg was always calling me orphan. She even stole my locket and threw it out the window, but I climbed down and found it, and– and–
Jerry: Kept on running.
Robyn: As fast as I could, and I'm never going back.
Tom: Oh, smart, real smart, kid. You got a roof over your head, three sure meals a day, a warm bed. Who'd wanna leave that?
Jerry: I hate to admit it, Robyn, but Tom's right. You never know what you're missing till you don't have it.
Robyn: You don't know Aunt Figg. She seems sweet, but underneath, she's mean, real mean.
Jerry: Aw, come on. I'll bet she's frantic looking for you.
Tom: Oh, sure. She's crying her eyes out for you right this minute.

Lickboot: [Discussing Robyn Starling] Just pray the police find her, or we're doomed to return to the ranks of the peasantry. And you'd better hope this rumor that dashing Daddy Starling may have survived the avalanche is just a rumor, or we'll be worse than ordinary. We'll be...
Aunt Pristine Figg: Don't say it!
Lickboot: Poor.
Aunt Pristine Figg: Penniless!
Lickboot: Bankrupt!
Aunt Pristine Figg: No more m-money?
Lickboot: [In a sinister tone] We've got to have– money!

[Tom is walking along the corridor when Jerry, holding the crumpled telegram, runs past him on his way to Robyn's bedroom. Tom catches up to Jerry.]
Tom: Hold it! [Picks up Jerry] What's the big rush? [Drops Jerry, then catches him]
Jerry: [Holds up the telegram in Tom's face] Read this. Robyn's father is alive.
Tom: "Daddy–" [Reads the telegram] "Tibet"? [Continues reading the telegram] Hey! She's not an orphan no more!
[Tom grabs the telegram from Jerry, drops him, and runs up to Robyn's bedroom. Jerry runs after him.]

[Tom and Jerry have just told Robyn that her father is alive.]
Robyn: He's alive? My daddy's alive? I've got to go find him. [Opens her drawer] He might be hurt. [Pulls clothing out of the drawer and throws them aside]
[As Robyn throws the clothing out of the drawer, a sock flies into Jerry's face. He removes it. Robyn throws a hat onto Tom's head.]
Robyn: [Takes the hat off Tom's head and puts it on her own head] I better wear a hat. [Sits on her bed and pulls up her sock]
Jerry: Tibet?
Robyn: If that's where my daddy is, that's where I'm going.
Tom: Do you have any idea where Tibet is?
Robyn: No.
[Robyn pulls the bedsheets off the bed.]
Jerry: It's– It's way, way, way out there.
Robyn: Put your finger here, please.
[Tom puts his finger on the knot, allowing Robyn to tie the line to the bed post.]
Tom: It's– It's across the river.
Jerry: Into the woods.
Tom: Over the hills.
Jerry: It's past Cleveland.
Robyn: [Picks up the bedsheets] Here, Tom. [Throws Tom the line of bedsheets] Throw this end out the window.
[Tom walks over to the window, opens it, and drops the line of bedsheets down the front of the house. Robyn puts on her backpack. She looks down to the ground, then climbs down the line. Robyn lands on the ground. Tom and Jerry look down from the window.]
Robyn: Tom, hurry!
[Tom starts to climb down the line. Jerry hops onto his paws.]
Jerry: Down, please.
Tom: I'll give you down.
[Tom grabs Jerry. Jerry points down. Tom looks down and realizes he has let go of the line. Tom and Jerry fall to the ground. Figg wakes up, turns on the lamp, and removes her sleeping eye pieces. She sees the line of bedsheets hanging outside her window.]
Aunt Pristine Figg: She's escaped again! I've got to call Lickboot. [Picks up her phone]

[Tom, Jerry, and Robyn are sleeping on the raft as it floats down the river. Jerry sleeps on Tom's arm, waking him up. Tom lifts his arm and goes back to sleep. Jerry snuggles up against Tom's right side. Annoyed, Tom moves off the raft and as he settles down, he falls into the river. Tom climbs onto the raft and is about to grab Jerry when he sees a ship coming their way. Tom lets out a horrified scream. Jerry and Robyn wake up and see the ship coming their way. They and Tom jump out of the raft as the ship smashes into it, breaking it into pieces. The ship disappears into the fog.]

[Daddy Starling speaks into a radio while flying his helicopter.]
Man on radio: Your daughter has run away, and no one knows where she is.
Daddy Starling: What? My daughter's run away? If Robyn's in trouble, there's only one place she'll go.
[Daddy Starling turns the helicopter around and flies back to find Robyn.]

[Tom and Jerry are floating down the river on their part of the raft. Tom is asleep while Jerry is sitting thinking. Jerry sees a fish jump out of the water two times and gets an idea. He grabs Tom's tail, licks his paw to curl the turf into a hook, and puts it into the water. Tom wakes up a bit, looks around, and goes back to sleep. The fish bites his tail, waking him up. Tom screams in pain and jumps into the air. Tom snatches his tail from the fish's mouth. The fish slaps Tom in the face with it's tail, spits water in his face, falls back into the water.]
Tom: [Lands on the raft and grabs Jerry] What are you doing?
Jerry: Catching your breakfast.
Tom: Okay, you wanna catch something?
[The raft hits the shore, making Tom fall off it.]
Jerry: Now where are we?
[Tom shakes the sand off his face.]
Jerry: [Sees Robyn's locket in the grass] Hey! I see something! [Runs over to Robyn's locket] Hey, Tom. [Picks up the locket] Look!
Tom: What's that?
Jerry: [Gives Tom Robyn's locket. Tom takes it] It's Robyn's locket.
Tom: She must be around here somewhere.

[The milk carton lands in front of Tom.]
Tom: [Picks up the carton] Oh, boy! [Opens the carton] Food! [Sips from the carton]
Jerry: [Sees Robyn's face on the carton] Hey!
Tom: [Gives Jerry the carton] Aw, sorry.
Jerry: No– [Points at Robyn's face] –look! It's Robyn!
Tom: Where? Where?
Jerry: [Jumps on the carton] Right there, on the milk carton!
Tom: Oh, yeah! That's her! Wow. [Looks at the million dollar reward on the carton] A million dollar reward. Hey, you don't suppose–
[Jerry falls into the carton. Tom pours the milk and Jerry out onto his hand.]
Jerry: No doubt about it. Robyn must be here.
Tom: Yeah. Let's take a look around.

[At the Starling Enterprises base, as the helicopter starts up, Daddy Starling runs to it. He boards the helicopter and flies off.]

[Tom, Jerry, and Robyn arrive at Robyn's nest.]
Robyn: There it is. There's the cabin, daddy built it just for me. We come up here every summer. He taught me to swim, and sail, and fish. Daddy will know where to find me, maybe he's here already. I bet he is. [Ties the boat to the dock, Robyn runs up the cabin stairs and enter the cabin] Daddy?
Aunt Pristine Figg: [A dark figure turns on an oil lamp, which reveals to be Aunt Figg] Daddy– is dead.
Robyn: [Screams in terror] AAAAAAAAAAAAH! TOM! JERRY! HELP!
[Lickboot closes the door, leaves poor Tom, Jerry, and Ferdinand outside, and locks the door.]
Lickboot: And if you know what's good for you. You'll never run away again. Never.
Robyn: You're not taking back! You'll never take me back!
Lickboot: [Grabs Robyn by the wrist] Oh, yes we will!
Robyn: [Screams in fear] AAAAHH!
Lickboot: [Kicked my knees] Ow, why, you little!
[The oil lamp gets knocked as the cabin is caught on fire.]
Aunt Pristine Figg: You fools! Look what you’ve done! Lickboot, grab the girl and let’s get out of here!
Lickboot: Robin, the house is burning down, you must get out before it's too late!
Robyn: No! No, I won't go with you! You'll never take me back! [Screams in alarm] AAAAAGHHH!
Aunt Pristine Figg: Lickboot, let’s get out of here before we all fry!
Lickboot: But the girl.
Aunt Pristine Figg: Forget her! We got to save ourselves!


  • The world's most famous cat and mouse in their first motion picture.
  • A Big Hit Movie. Coming Soon.
  • To Save the Life of a Young Girl, This Cat and Mouse will have to do the impossible. They'll Have to Get Along.
  • Welcome to the 90's. The Cold War is over. Western Europe is unified. The whole world is a kindler, gentler place to be. Well... almost.


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