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Tomb Raider is a series of action-adventure games centring around the adventures of the female fictional British archaeologist Lara Croft. The franchise also includes comic books, novels, theme park rides, and movies.

Tomb Raider[edit]

Larson: 'I've still got a pain in my Brain from you-and it's telling me funny ideas now, like to shoot you to hell!'
Bad Guy: You're firing to me? You're firing to me, huh? There ain't nobody else so you must be firing to me!
Natla: Left Larson sucking wind then, eh?
Lara Croft: If that is the phrase.
Natla: Well your little vacation riot's over now! Time to give back what you've hijacked off me.
Bad Guy 2: Howdy.
Lara Croft: Afternoon.
Lara Croft: Ah, Pierre you litterbug.

Tomb Raider 2[edit]

[At the end of the last level, Lara is about to undress to have a shower in her home, but she turns and notices the camera.]
Lara: Don't you think you've seen enough? (Lara then picks up her shotgun and shoots the camera. The screen then goes black and shows the credits.)

[After approaching the doors to the Temple of Xian, Lara is assaulted by an armed goon. She knocks him to the ground and points her guns at him.]
Lara: Pardon me, if that just your way of trying the doors for me.
Henchman: Heh heh.. With a Tommy gun on my key ring?
Lara: Though not anymore… so after you.
Henchman: Somehow… you don't behave like you got a monk's blood.
Lara: I understand that somehow is in my favour, so indulge me about the dagger. I'd be indebted with your life.
Henchman: These doors are waiting for the right one, the right time to arrive, and then the dagger's blade will honour the hearts of those who believe. So, unless you pledge your loyalty as well..
Lara: And which one is that?
Henchman: To the sins.. and fortunes.. of Marco Bartoli!

(The henchman has a drink from a flask and dies noisily.)

Lara: Perhaps not just yet then.

(Lara holsters her guns, then walks away from the door. In the camp nearby she finds a laptop, and starts reading)

Lara: Aha!! Gianni Bartoli!! Via Caravelli... Venice.

Tomb Raider: Legend[edit]

[A plane flies through a storm. Inside, Lady Croft and a young Lara Croft are looking at Lara's drawing book, which is open at pictures of yeti.]
Lara: Just because no-one's ever caught one, doesn't mean they're not real.
Lady Amelia Croft: That may be true, but perhaps they do not wish to be found. I've heard they're rather fierce.
Lara: Yeti only look fierce. They probably don't like being cold all the time. I shouldn't like it either.
Lady Amelia: You never have to be cold, my Lara, if you don't want to be.
[Lady Croft kisses Lara's head. Lara then raises her head to look out of the window, and sees the plane wing catch fire.]
Lara: Look!
[The plane shakes, forcing Lara and Lady Croft off their seat.]
Lady Croft: What's happening?
Co-pilot: Lady Croft, please stay seated.
[As the pilot speaks on the radio, Lady Croft drags Lara into a seat, and buckles the seat-belt.]
Lara: Are we going to crash?
Lady Croft: [Sitting down] Not unless it's absolutely necessary.
[A suitcase flies past them, and Lady Croft ducks to avoid it. The pilot's conversation becomes more frantic as the plane begins to nose-dive. Lady Croft sighs sadly, closing her eyes, before looking into her daughter's eyes.]
Lady Croft: Close your eyes, darling.
Lara: I don't want to close my eyes.
[The plane crashes into the mountains, and the screen turns white as snow fills the plane.]

[A cliff-face in Bolivia. The camera turns, and Lara Croft ascends the cliff.]
Zip: [via headset] You know, I think you forgot your climbing gear on purpose.
Lara: What would give you that idea?
[She looks behind her, and upwards. She then jumps up the cliff-face, and then behind her to grab a small ledge. The ledge crumbles, and Lara falls and grabs another ledge below.]
Lara: Really, Zip, it's just like going up a set of stairs, only far less boring.
Zip: [as Lara continues to traverse across the cliff] Well, I want to throw up every time you look down. Hey, Alister's back. Grab a headset.
Lara: Back so soon? [she jumps to a ledge above her] From Florence, wasn't it?
Alister: Decided on Geneva at the last minute. My dissertation will never see the light of day at this rate but never mind about that. What are you doing in Bolivia?
[Lara takes a deep breath, and leaps to the open ledge before her. She grabs it with one hand, and then reaches up with her other.]
Lara: Ascending.
[Lara performs a flip as she pulls herself up. In front of her is a small lake, waterfall and a cliff with a cavern.]
Lara: Alister, meet Tiwanaku. She's a lovely pre-Incan civilization, currently in ruins.
Alister: Delighted.


Introducing Natla[edit]

[(Larson puts Tomb Raider Magazine on table)]
Larson Conway: Now what's a man gotta do ta get that sort of attention from ya?
Lara Croft: If that's the sort of attention you want Larson, you're well on your way.
Larson: Sounds like fun, but I'm only here to make an introduction; Lara Croft, meet Jacqueline.

Natla of Natla Technologies.

Jacqueline Natla: Good afternoon Miss Croft, my research department has recently turned its focus to the study of ancient artifacts, and I'm led to believe that with the right incentive, you're just the woman to find them for me.
Lara: I'm afraid you've been misled, I only play for sport.
Natla: Which is precisely why I've come to you Miss Croft, this is a game you've played before, with your father. You both spent years searching for the Scion of Atlantis, all you needed was the location of Qualopecs' tomb.
Lara:: You've found Vilcabamba?
Natla:: How quickly can you get to Peru?


Richard Croft: (voiceover) Vilcabamba continues to elude us, and my insistence that we press on in spite of these failures has morale low. I suspect Jenkins to be the author of this sedition. He simply refuses to accept the possibility that Atlantis is the foundation upon which all known civilizations were built. Increasingly, I find it is Lara alone who remains untainted by academic dogma and open-minded enough to see the truth.
Peruvian Guide: (in Spanish) I'm sorry, I didn't bring enough rope.
Lara Croft: Not to worry, I'll find another way up.

Unexpected Company[edit]

Larson Conway: I'd love to join you, but I forgot my trunks.
Lara Croft: Why am I not surprised?
Larson: You've got your job, I got mine, I'll take it from here.
Lara: I hope Natla sent you here with more than that Shotgun.
Larson: Don't sweat it kitten, I prefer a more hands on approach!

A Heated Interrogation[edit]

Lara Croft: This is only one piece of the Scion, wheres the rest of it?
Larson Conway: Give me a minute, I'm thinking.
(Lara draws pistol and holds it to Larson's face)
Larson: Woooaaa, makes no difference to me, Pierre's probably already found his piece.
Lara: Pierre DuPont, where?
Larson: Now that I don't know.
Lara: Alright, I'm convinced. (Takes away pistol and stands up)
Larson: (Rolls over) Damn, you really had me going there (grabs shotgun and stands up).
(Lara kicks him rendering him unconscious and takes shotgun)

Late Night Reconnaissance[edit]

(Once broken into Natla Technologies building, turns on big screen, selects Larson)
Larson Conway: (on screen) Looks like our girl's pulled it off.
Jacqueline Natla: (Heard on speakers) Of course she has, now it's up to you.
Larson: Not that I'm complaining Boss, but what makes you so sure she's not gonna bring it back herself?
Natla: Lara would never part with the Scion, she's far too obsessed with it, just like her father.
(Lara changes channel to Pierre)
Natla: Ahh, Monsieur DuPont, you have something to report?
Pierre DuPont: Good news Madame, your information was correct, I've located my piece of the Scion. Viola, it is buried under a place called...
(Lara pauses it)
Lara Croft: St. Francis Folly.


Lara: Mother must have tried to use it to escape but didn't know how how. If pulling put these artifacts always brings you here, what will happen if I'm already here?
Amanda: Maybe you'll go to hell.

[Lara has just discovered the Eitr Stone, which is seemingly turning the ordinary water around it in to slimy eitr.]
Zip: I've heard of turning water in to wine, but *slime* is a new one.

Jacqueline': [speaking to the subservient doppelganger, who is identical to Lara] Now I give you your final order: Kill Lara Croft! And once you succeed, kill yourself as well.
[the doppelganger scowls at her]
Jacqueline: I don't wish to see her face ever again!

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