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Tomi Lahren (August 11, 1992 –) is an American television and online video host, and a conservative political commentator.


  • In order for me to give respect to what they're saying, I have to respect them," Lahren said. "And when they're on the internet trolling me, saying nasty, disgusting, vile things - which by the way is really a true testament to the unloving and intolerant left - I laugh it off

Quotes about Tomi Lahren[edit]

  • [A] lot of conservatives have been calling for Lahren‍'‍s head since her View appearance, insisting it's an embarrassment and an outrage that such a pro-choice harpy could be a public face of Republicanism.  As with Milo Yiannopoulos—who said all sorts of horrible things about women, Muslims, transgender people, etc., but was only ousted from polite conservatism after joking about pedophilic priests—it's telling (if predictable) that tepidly pro-choice views are the dealbreaker for the right with Lahren, while things like calling Black Lives Matter activists "the new KKK," referring to the Middle East as a "sandbox" that needs to be bombed, and defending the shooting of unarmed black men by cops never really rustled Republican jimmies.
  • Moreover, the pattern is repeating itself with the younger generation of conservative celebrities.  The sharp rise and meteoric fall of both Tomi Lauren [sic] and Milo Yiannopoulos were driven by much the same dynamic that sustained O'Reilly for years, even in the face of previous sexual harassment complaints—Lahren and Yiannopoulos were "fighters" who "tell it like it is."  O'Reilly was the master of the "no-spin zone" and seemed fearless in taking on his enemies.  ¶  What followed was a toxic culture of conservative celebrity, where the public elevated personalities more because of their pugnaciousness than anything else.  Indeed, the fastest way to become the next conservative star is to "destroy" the Left, feeding the same kind of instinct that causes leftists to lap up content from John Oliver, Samantha Bee, and Stephen Colbert.  Liberals use condescending mockery.  Conservatives use righteous indignation.  That's not much of a difference.
  • I'm not a big fan of right-wing infotainment personality Tomi Lahren.  I think she's a hack.  On the other hand, she ought to be defended from accusations of hypocrisy in the wake of Lahren‍'‍s public confession that she's still on her parents' healthcare plan.  …  Nor is it at all clear that Lahren would be without insurance in the absence of Obamacare.  Indeed, in the absence of Obamacare, premiums for high-deductible insurance for someone like Lahren would likely have been much lower, and Lahren may have easily been able to afford it.  In fact, it may be that Lahren would have rather been able to purchase a high-deductible plan rather than be on her parent's plan.  Maybe she hates having to go through her parents for coverage.  However, since Obamacare has massively increased premium costs for young people not on group plans, getting insurance through her parents may now be Lahren‍'‍s best option.  ¶  Thus, if we consider the unseen side effects of Obamacare regulations in this case, it may be that Lahren is actually a victim of Obamacare.

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